Basel World 2017: Zenith Defy El Primero 21 launched the new El Primero watch and movement under the “Defy” nickname of the Basel world in 2017. Although the aesthetics of watches and clocks have become the extreme topic of discussion in the audience community (due to similar to Hublot) which is the importance of sporting watches, Will certainly make those who seriously watch the watchmakers impressed.

The despised El Primero 21 borrowed its mobile architecture from LVMH Brother TAG Heuer Mikrograph – it was we made a last year’s in-depth review – but that’s not just a shared caliber that has been aesthetically changed to suit another brand. We will discuss some of the major technological changes below, which means that for the famous Le Locle watch manufacturers expect the future.

Defy El Primero 21 Enclosure is made of brushed titanium or black ceramic aluminum with a fixed bezel, 44 mm x 14.50 mm in front, with a dome sapphire crystal in front and a flat sapphire crystal on the back. Water resistance of 100 meters.HUBLOT MP-05 LAFERRARI 905.NX.0001.RX WATCH replica

Protruding, rhodium-plated, faceted and luminescent coating indicators marked hours, rhodium-plated, faceted and luminous coating hours and minute hands to indicate the time. A rhodium-plated, centrally mounted chronograph second hand with a red tip that, when the chronograph is activated, rotates every second to provide 1/100 sec accuracy and can be easily read from 0-100 Flange once stopped.

There are three versions of the watch, two with open dial (brushed titanium or black ceramic aluminum), and the other with a closed dial (with drawing of titanium).


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Graham Chronofighter Watches replica.Providing this amazing timing feature is the new El Primero caliber 9004 automatic movement, which is El Primero, which is naturally defeated at 5Hz (36,000 kph). The movement size is 32.80 mm x 7.9 mm, with only 203 components, 53 gems and a star pendulum. It is worth noting that the power reserve is 50 hours while the Mikrograph has a 100 hour power reserve.

Similar to the “Mickroot” movement, 1/100 second is achieved by a double balancing system that utilizes the entire adjustment classification (balance spring, balance wheel) and clockwork power cartridge for chronograph. However, this movement is the same at 5 Hz (compared to 4 Hz for Mikrograph) and 50 Hz (360,000 vph) of chronograph (same as Mikrograph).

In addition, unlike Mikrograph, the balance wheel and gossamer are made of composite carbon and carbon nanotube matrix, which is a material that increases durability by reducing friction and is insensitive to magnetic and temperature gradients, thus improving timing accuracy.

Whether or not the defenseless El Primero 21 looks too much like Humboldt is debatable. I personally do not think it looks like a Yu ship table, but I understand if you do that And the second timing accuracy and the basic benchmark of 1/100 and Mikrograph the same, this is a and TAG Heuer (Tak Heuer) as a zodiac par. In addition, using the hollow version, you can see the double balance wheel at the side of the dial at work, not the bottom cover. Most importantly, the price is about half of the latest Mikograph retail, I can not wait to see the future of the 9004 movement of the iteration, may be integrated throughout the Zenith El Primero series.

Defy El Primero 21 comes with black crocodile leather strap, rubber coating and titanium double discount. (Reference 95.9000.9004 / 78.R582 – titanium opening, 24.9000.9004 / 78.R582 – black ceramic aluminum, 95.9001.9004 / 01.R582 – titanium closed dial).RICHARD MILLE RM 011 FLYBACK CHRONOGRAPH BLACK WATCH replica



Zenith has come back with a new El Primero – Defy El Primero 21. This series adds a new classic with a titanium case, a skeleton dial and a new sport. Since Georges Favre-Jacot began manufacturing in 1865, Defy (or formerly known as Defi) is already part of the brand fabric. In 1969, “i” was discarded, “y” was added to create the Defy collection. These collections were not valid until the late 1990s, with some rather loud design. Today, Defy returned to Defy El Primero 21, its style is completely different.

Let’s start from the basics. Defy El Primero 21 with 44 mm shell, reminiscent of the original El Primero, with a large step-by-step timing button. There will be three versions, two titanium, one in ceramic aluminum. The dial is open with aluminum, with two registers and timing power reserve (slightly more). Titanium version with open or closed dial. More importantly, it uses a new movement El Primero 21 (named after the 21st century – yes, really), with COSC Observatory

El Primero 21 has two independent escapement, each escapement has a new patented carbon-based carbon nanotubes made of balanced spring (for example, five times faster). An escapement is just time, the other is just a chronograph, the first run at 36,000 vph, the latter running at 360,000 vph. This means that when the chronograph is in motion, the second hand rotates every second. And then count the clock at six o’clock in the 60 second register, three o’clock in the 30 minutes register count. Due to the power required to run the chronograph at 360,000 vph, the chronograph function can only run for up to 50 minutes, so the power reserve is at 12 o’clock.

The high-tempo chronograph has always been part of Zenith’s core competencies, and seeing the manufacturer launch the signal here is cool. Of course this is not the most practical chronograph on the earth, but it is really technically interesting stuff, especially for hard chronographs.ZENITH DEFY EL PRIMERO 21 95.9000.9004/78.R582 WATCH replica




Richard Mille RM 011 Felipe Massa Night NTPT Carbon Watch Review

replica RICHARD MILLE RM 011 DOUX MEN WATCH.Frankly, I did not hesitate to wear the Richard Mille RM 011 Felipe Massa Black Night NTPT Carbon watch every day, and had reviewed it in the last few weeks, just like the last minute, the convertible super The sports car parked in front of the house, if finally had the chance … irresistible force, pure curiosity and excitement will not let you do anything else but use this fascinating environment. But what is fuss?

This week, finally let me get a better idea and want to live on a $ 140 million Richard Mill on his wrist and see if it is as excellent as I expected. Rise and fall, all have to know, let’s take a look!

Because Richard Mille’s watches are expensive, fairly complex, and tend to use some new high-tech materials, they will be a problem. We consider a lot of factors, including those who can help us answer Richard Mille (Richard Mille) why ask them to do the price reasons, and why they can continue to produce more than 4000 per year.

So, first of all, let’s put this concept in a context – you know that this incredible six-digit – calendar – chronograph – the idea of a non-precious metal case.

Since the beginning of the new millennium, Richard Mille has been this, and I mean super expensive, very successful avant-garde watch brand in the watch industry – it’s just a fact. However, Richard Mille, who is optimistic about the demand, may be very difficult for anyone who does not have an oligarchy or a direct access to the annual turnover of the refinery.

replica BRM V12-44 watches.So we can compare, here is the basis of the normal pricing process for the normal luxury brand: In general, a company first determines its specific market segments, its target audiences, and the respective price points that these factors require. Only take this into account, it began to develop and complete the product itself. Needless to say, this method imposes restrictions on the product itself, as it will eventually have to meet these predetermined costs and pricing requirements.

Review Richard Mille RM 011 RM 11-01 ROBERTO MANCINI CHRONOGRAPHE FLYBACK men Watch


As Richard Mille himself explains, his watch (and hence his brand) is priced differently from most other pricing strategies because what they are doing is the idea of first presenting a product , And then they develop this idea, the final product as close as possible to him and his team dream of. Only this has been achieved, the cost of all these efforts are taken into account, they determine the final price.

Sounds very luxurious, but the brand says what they actually provide is often two different things, so let’s take a look at (if any) into reality.

Of course, when you see their price tag, the lack of such a cost-free limitation of Richard Mill’s watch becomes apparent. This could make some super sports cars suddenly seem to be a low budget alternative. However, when you carefully observe the product itself and their manufacturing methods and methods, things will be consistent with this method. So let’s first focus on the origins of the latter thing, first and foremost, because when I visited Richard Mille’s manufacturer in Switzerland, we had a more in-depth article on the subject.

Just as most of the modern, very complex and super-expensive watch brands (which actually have more than a few days), there is no single facility, where all the manufacturing processes are executed at the same time. The reason is that there is no place where, under the same roof, they can simultaneously watch the watch from the body, the machine hundreds of different types of subtle sports parts, create complex mobile phone and dial, and then assemble all these parts into a



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Relatively simple movements, such as ultra-thin movements, annual calendar chronographs; and with Audemars Piguet Renaud & Papi in the minds of complex movements with new complications. For case and other components, they rely heavily on their own only a few years old Les Breuleux’s most advanced case manufacturing plant ProArt, while the final assembly of the watch took place mainly in a few minutes by car from the engineering Mille headquarters of ProArt.

One of the key summaries I visit these places is that they immediately show “any possible” approach. At any place, I see that I see energetic (usually very young) engineers programming new machines and researching new materials and high-tech composites (such as NTPT carbon, for the subject matter of this review, but more More is further under). In other departments, they are trying to reassemble the super complex movement that seems to be the perfect sport. All this makes things easy, and I have to remind myself how to not simply cut the simple steel shell or repair the base of the ETA caliber. They look easy, but the engineering challenges and novelty of these products ensure that these people’s ”

All this is fine, but you may feel that it is not enough to explain that a brand can sell more than 3,000 pieces a year – the average price is close to six digits.

replica Urwerk 110 watches.In order to discover missing puzzles, I will ask you to simply say a plain and tasteless, and I am trying to show that there are a lot of people in the world who are willing to pay almost any amount of money they like and appreciate. The real question is not whether these people have enough – because there are – but how do modern brands contact them and convince them about the value of their particular product?

The real concern for these people is not a waste of X or 100 times the money, but in the peer shame some did not meet the expected things. Compared with other competing brands of products, a short period of time things are relatively poor. Their cars, boats, helicopters, etc. must be the fastest, if they have paid the price, not as expected to deliver the price, then the failure of the brand is about to close. There are several brands that can not continue to drive their design and engineering design – today’s ubiquitous. So the real challenge for Richard Mille is to continually improve their design by constantly using the new materials, constantly pushing their limits, and in short, never let the customer marvel.

In the stratospheric high-priced super-plane workshop, the automaker McLaren has been perfectly matched, and because of their very similar positions and techniques, I have already thought that Richard Mill is the watch brand’s McLaren. McLaren, who has actually started making his own road car, has to do the same with the watch industry in the same way as Richard Mille has to overcome the auto industry giants, and their secret of success is the same.

How these companies effectively meet the needs of these customers is their extremely limited instant identification design, they continue to use the latest technology to refine and upgrade. This makes it possible for them to provide bold new choices for wealthy people, and at this point it is boring to get another boring thing from a big sign, but to find the ultimate toy. They want it to be the lightest, fastest, yes, and most expensive – they want it to be instantly identified, at least in their own circles.

replica Tonino Lamborghini Spyder 1000 watches.This is the recipe they must follow: There are not a few different Richard Meyer or McLaren designs, but only one logo to look for, in turn, relentlessly update and improve with the latest technology.

With this (not -) brief introduction to its origins, let’s take a look at all these translations into this commentary on the subject: Richard Miller RM 011 Philip Massa Night NTPT watch. RM 011 does not have a no doubt that the impact of Richard Mill is by far the most recognized and successful model. Its round shell with no hook design, twelve 5-node screws in the border, plus the curved side, there are obvious curved shell outline … This package is the appearance of Richard Mille.

Brazilian Formula One racing driver Felipe Massa is already a brand friend for more than a decade, and his name is already part of every RM 011 model. He even wore Richard Mille watches on the wrist in the car – he had left the wreckage, just looking at the car racing he had been killed in the Canadian Grand Prix a few years ago. It is here that we will say that from the beginning of the 2016 season, at least 10 years, Richard Mille and McLaren F1 racing team official cooperation.

Now, despite the fans of Formula One racing, I appreciate Massa’s famous athletic skills and driving skills, but I am pleased to find that this special version of RM01 does not show his name on the dial, Almost no obvious way to put his initials in the model, shown below the 8 o’clock. Although of course not everyone will share this feeling, but I personally prefer only watch the watch on the watch / brand name, no other people.

The more fascinating part of this name is “NTPT” because it refers to the special material of Richard Mille RM 011 Felipe Massa Black Night NTPT. In the case of the so-called ProArt case of RM, I can see myself, how this unusual material eventually becomes a case of Toni Mille. The base material has been developed by the NTPT company of the same name for the mast of the rowing sailboats, so the material is very rigid and very light and should not be surprising.replica watches for sale







Review Cheap BRM MK-44 SCG003S CHRONOGRAPH MK-44-SCG men watch price

Item Type: Replica MK-44 SCG003S CHRONOGRAPH Watches
Case Material:Makrolon (also available in titanium and aluminium)
Brand Name:BRM
Water Resistance Depth: life proof water
Movement: Automatic
Dial Diameter: 44 mm
Dial: Skeleton
Clasp Type: —
Boxes: common box package without paper
Gender: men
Band Material Type:Leather
Functions:Hours, minutes, second and chronograph
Year: 2017
Model Number: MK-44-SCG


Graham Chronofighter Super Navy SEAL Foundation Limited Edition watch

“The only easy day yesterday” is the motto of the US Navy seals. Watch industry can be determined. The goal of the advanced watch is to be improved every second. It is not in the literal sense of concern about life and death, but is responsible for recording all the time. With the release of the Graham Chronofighter Super Navy SEAL Foundation limited edition watch, Swiss watchmaker Graham is honored to support this famous US military. Watches and the army have long contact, time is clearly in the war is essential, but the conditions faced in the battle to stimulate the design of the watch some of the features and aesthetic changes – some of which continue BRM MK-44 SCG003S watch

Those who want to synchronize the watch to the second person, this “hacker” second hand is essential. The blacklist function simply stops the second hand by “stop lever” or “brake” engaged with the balance when the crown is pulled out to the handheld position. Graham Chronofighter Super Navy SEAL basic watch powered by the G1747 movement, with hacker function, 48 hours power reserve, 8 o’clock date window, 28,800vph running speed, and scale rotor weight, responsible for automatic winding look.

This watch is the most suitable military equipment must be camouflage dial design. This watch uses pixelated camouflage pattern printing, with the appearance of stealth tools. In addition to camouflage printing, the large size of the case on the left side of the large chronograph trigger is made of carbon fiber, and on the shell continuation mottled theme. I do not like this dial design, but after the summer release of HYT H1 Air Black Pixel soon after seeing it again, it also uses a little print pattern. Maybe this is a growing trend, but I have not seen that it has become completely mainstream (although I can not see it as an idea).

47mm black PVD coated stainless steel case, once again evoke the feeling of secret and night activities, and no dial Lume means that if the active service professionals use this watch, this watch will not produce too much visual impact. Regardless of whether the watch is glowing in the dark, the press release can not be shown, but the low-cost black perfume seems likely to have been used to make the wearer see the watch, but not the enemy.

This dial has one thing, I feel cool, that is, contains a telemetry scale. The telemetry instrument is a scale running around the chronograph in the same way as the speedometer (the speed used to measure the object at a known distance), a pulse meter (for measuring the heart rate), and various other less common scales

The distance between the telemetry meter used to measure the object (from the military point of view, which is usually the enemy), how long it takes to reach your location from the sound of the object. It can also be used in lightning to calculate the distance from the center. It is useful to see these days is a rare thing, not a more common speed table. I like to now see strange scales pop up and then remind people that they exist. In this case, it is very appropriate to put it on a military watch, so get a thumb from me.vintage cheap watches for sale

What is worthy of affirmation, is Graham hopes to help the Navy Seal Foundation release this watch help. The National Science Foundation is relentlessly committed to supporting active servicemen and veterans serving the United States throughout the career. Since the establishment of the Navy Seal Force in 1962, the base has been lagging behind front-line forces to help deal with the personal and incidental effects of conflict. Navy seals must be carried out in a series of hostile environments: the desert; jungle; Arctic tundra. Graham said Graham Chronofighter Super Navy SEAL Foundation watches have been placed under all these conditions, despite the harsh conditions, but can play a role.

cheap GRAHAM CHRONOFIGHTER OVERSIZE 20VKT.B36A watch.The watch is gray in all areas, but for the vibrant colors on the back. Print Crystal Split Opinion, but this one needs one that I have not seen before. Rather than some of the old Omega military fragments or recently published IWC Worldtimer see such prints, but with a series of lines printed, revealing the glass behind the movement, and show it in a flattering American flag. It may not be a classic look, but it is a halfway house, I really like it. It offers a lot of possibilities and tacit compromise. This is also a clever move because the movement does not need to be done to the same high standard as an ordinary glass case, and can actually benefit from a more uniform surface treatment, such as media blasting, which is not necessary by the gap projection in color printing The glare. Since the G1747 is based on the Valjoux 7750, there is nothing like a watch, but many people will agree, no matter its novelty, to see the movement is still very happy. I like this presentation and see the case as a highlight of this watch.

Graham Chronofighter The Super Navy SEAL Foundation is waterproof 100 meters and uses a carbon fiber reinforced rubber strap. It with “Paris BMW” ceramic black buckle. With only 500 options available, Graham will contribute to the Navy Seal Foundation, which will fund warrior support and family service programs, tragedy assistance, survivor support, educational opportunities and heritage protection for each Hublot Mp 05 LAFERRARI 905.ND.0001.RX watch



Brand Richard Mille
Item Type Replica RM 055 Watches
Movement Manual
Case Black Rubberized Titanium,Tonneau
Bracelet Rubber
Dial Color Skeletonized
Diameter 42.70 x 49.90 mm
Gender Men
Thickness 13.05mm
BUCKLE Pin Buckle
GLASS Sapphire
FUNCTIONS Hours, Minutes, Seconds
Boxes common box
Model Number RM 055 Bubba Watson Black Rubber Titanium




Brand Hublot
Movement Self Winding/Automatic
Case Sapphire Crystal,Round
Bracelet Black Rubber and Schedoni Leather Straps
Dial Color Diamonds
Diameter 45 mm
Gender unisex
Thickness —
BUCKLE Deployment Buckle
GLASS Sapphire
FUNCTIONS Hours, Minutes, Seconds
Boxes common box
Model Number 406.JX.0120.RT


2017 Basel Watch New] HUBLOT Table Big Bang One Click “Independent Italy” watch

“For me, the real luxury lies in the personalization of items. Customized with the individual’s wishes, specifically for personal customization. With One-Click quick replacement strap system, our first female models watch series will achieve this great This is our ‘Velvet Revolution’, the fashion with the mood and change! “Italia Independent independent Italian founder, the soul of Lapu Elkann (Lapo Elkann) said.replica HUBLOT BIG BANG UNICO WATCHES

The new “independent Italian” watch, the integration of the black ceramic, sparkling diamonds and top velvet three different styles of innovative materials, to create a mouth-watering modern feast! HUBLOT table unique One-Click quick replacement strap system, giving the watch a new look of changing fashion. Big Bang One Click “independent Italian” watch ingenuity with a velvet, extended from the strap to the dial, highlighting the noble and elegant femininity. At present, the watch has black, blue and purple three colors to choose from. Only need to gently press, you can achieve free mix and match, the style determined by me.

Richard Mille RM 022 replica watches.”Our partnership with Italia Independent is Italy,” said Ricardo Guadalupe, global chief executive officer, said: “Lapo Elkann’s infinite Creative and HUBLOT watch watchmaker’s superb skills, so far four extraordinary extraordinary watch has come out.Therefore, we feel proud, and this unique dream magic to expand to the female form, coincides with the time now , We achieve this goal.With the trend of fashion and professional watchmaking tradition is perfect fusion, the new Big Bang One Click ‘independent Italy’ watch is the best example.



Big Bang One Click watch series debut in 2016, not only in the visual continuation of the Big Bang Unico’s contemporary style, more beautiful diamond-studded bezel and more compact exquisite dial full highlight of the female wind. One-click quick-change strap system with patented certification makes “facelift” quick.replica HYT H2 Titanium Watches

HUBLOT table and Italia Independent independent Italian cooperation began in 2014, this is the first time to launch women’s watch. With 39 mm diameter dial, black ceramic case, the new Big Bang One Click “independent Italian” women’s watch equipped with HUBLOT table production HUB1710 automatic winding mechanical movement, vibration frequency 28,800 times / hour, 50 hours Power reserve. “Diamond is a woman’s best friend”, which watch the table is more inlaid with 42 bright diamonds, the dial is also decorated with 10 diamonds carefully, HUBLOT table and Italia Independent independent Italian common brand logo shine during the period, Highlight the extraordinary characteristics of both.

Three colors, three times experience, for the modern women to bring a unique Italian style, thousands of style, arbitrary.replica Franck Muller MASTER SQUARE Watches


Luxury Hublot SPIRIT OF BIG BANG SAPPHIRE 2017 601.JX.0120.RT cheap Watch

Big Bang One Click “independent Italian” watch

Serial number: 465.CS.277J.NR.1204.ITI17
Diameter: 39 mm
Thickness: 12.95 mm
Waterproof depth: 10 standard atmospheric pressure (about 100 meters underwater)
Case: polished black ceramic
Bezel: polished satin brushed handle black, inlaid 42 diamonds, the total weight of 1.00 carats, 6 “H” -type black titanium screws
Lugs: Black synthetic resin
Table mirror: sapphire mirror anti-glare coating
Table back: polished black ceramic, sapphire mirror
Dial: blue, blue velvet (blue velvet)
Dark blue, dark blue velvet (dark blue velvet)
Purple, Purple Velvet (Purple Velvet)
Movement: HUB1710, automatic winding mechanical movement
Date: 3 o’clock position window
Number of parts: 185 (27 ruby bearings)
Vibration frequency: 4 Hz (28,800 vibrations / hour)
Power reserve: about 50 hours
Strap: blue, dark blue or purple velvet strap, lined with black natural rubber
Plated black steel folding clasp


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Shopping Copy HYT H2 Titanium & White Gold Blue 248-TW-00-BF-RA men watch price

Item Type: Replica H2 Titanium & White Gold Blue Watches
Case Material: Titanium
Brand Name: HYT
Water Resistance Depth: life proof water
Movement: Manual Wind
Dial Diameter: 48.80 mm
Case Thickness: 17.9 mm
Dial: Skeleton
Clasp Type: pin buckle
Boxes: common box package without paper
Gender: men
Band Material Type:Alligator
Functions: Hours, Minutes, Seconds, Power reserve indicator
Model Number: 248-TW-00-BF-RA







Case: Titanium,Rectangular
Case diameter : 46.70mm x 46.90mm
Movement: Manual Winding
FUNCTIONS: Hours, Minutes
Dial: Skeletonized
STRAP: Ostrich
Buckle: Deployment Buckle
GLASS: Sapphire
Thickness: 19.5 mm



Rebellion T-1000 Gotham watch

Rebellion T-1000 is a watch (?) Has been there for several years, but earlier this year, I finally saw it in the fun … no matter what it was by it just happened. Because the rebellion T-1000 – seems to love at first sight is not obvious – unlike your average rebellion. At 52.2 x 47.9 and 18.2 mm thick, it is hardly fit under the sleeves of the space suit – but then again, you should wear it in the most obvious place; and you do not mind what to wear for more than forty

Yes, as T-1000 As the name implies, the six (2 × 3) vertical arrangement of the barrel provides a total of 1,000 hours of power reserve – which in its release, is the longest ever, although since then, Yu-ship table MP -05 LaFerrari claims to have its own operating power of 1200 hours (50 days) due to its eleven barrels.


Buy Replica Richard Mille RM 27-02 TOURBILLON - RAFAEL NADAL men Watch Review

The six barrels diluted to forty days of the reserve will be a (literally) painful experience, just when your fingers on the skin recover from the rotation crown a million times, you can start again. Fortunately, this problem has been solved by installing the 693 component REB T-1000 movement (why not all the brands have such a direct sport name?), The lever is fixed in the shell and fit in the back of the recessed area – Another version of the Rebellion T-1000, it’s in front, and recesses into the border area.replica Hublot ONE MILLION watches

Along the left side of the box is a corner sapphire crystal that provides a look at the movement of the internal work, especially the three star wheels, a miniature bicycle chain arrangement, under them, three barrels. The top part – although the chain can remind you of the fuses and chain mechanisms seen in the other watch – in this case, the action responsible for helping to divert the lever towards the six barrels in the movement, vertical positioning, three sides on each side.

Speaking of a vertical arrangement, just every wheel in the movement is perpendicular to the motherboard – which explains why you can not really see any of the above images in the wheel because you only see the metal part from the thinner end. At the top and front of the table there is a bigger sapphire crystal lens that can see the depths of the watch and because of the layout of the wheels because they are not flat on the board but instead “stand up” – the depth of the caliber than in the Most other watches are more noticeable.replica REBELLION T-1000 T1K watches



Sale Replica HYT H2 AVIATOR 248-DL-01-GF-KG Men Watch


Those who are familiar with his work will not be surprised that the Rebellion T-1000 is designed by a handful of top watch designers Eric Giroud today. Saw him sign more watches, and in his work really highlights his attention to the details. Whether he is designing a restricted watch, such as Badollet, as complex as MB & F and Urwerk’s C3H5N309, or as solid as the Rebellion T-1000, I find that in his design, the details of the case and movement are smaller , There is nothing to look like where … or, as you can argue, when it comes to rebellion T-1000: everything that looks no place.

Time, because it is a watch after all, shown on two large rollers, the hours and minutes of the number have been laser etched and painted on the drum. Readability should be relatively nice thanks to the big numbers, though not very easy to tell the accuracy of time and minutes … not you will care too much because not only can 1000 hours of power reserve have torque transmission ups and downs – affect time to maintain accuracy A bit – but also because you are wearing a huge watch, inspired by Batman.replica HYT H4 ALINGHI 515-CB-03-RF-RV watch



Fashion Replica Greubel Forsey GMT BLACK ADLC TITANIUM watch Price


In nude color and black DLC treated Titanium, Rebellion T-1000 Gaum is an awesome watch to see. It is so big, so complicated, it seems that it is a feeling overload, because the watch may be. Put it on the back, I tried to assess the damage: how much it stretched beyond the edge of my wrist, it was so uncomfortable (it proved to be just the opposite, actually) how it was over size and weird proportions of all this.

But then, I gave up, but just tried – failed – wiped my smile on the face, this terrible stunning watch was placed on it. If you want a watch with some interesting works in its intestines and looks, shouting “I do not care less,” ok, it’s it. Gossa, Godzilla, Sarah Jessica Parker … You can call it a lot of things, but no one will match the terrible impression of rebellious T-1000 Gaantan.replica GREUBEL FORSEY DOUBLE BALANCIER watches




Case: Titanium,Rectangular
Case diameter : 52.20mm x 47.90mm
Movement: Manual Winding
FUNCTIONS: Hours, Minutes
Dial: Skeletonized
STRAP: Ostrich
Buckle: Deployment Buckle
GLASS: Sapphire
Thickness: 18.20 mm





Item No.: 148-AB-52-GF-TB
Case Size: 48.80 mm
Case: Aluminium
FUNCTIONS: Retrograde hours, Minutes, Seconds, Power Reserve
Glass: Sapphire
Dial colour: Skeletonized
BUCKLE: Pin Buckle
Strap: Alligator
Movement: Manual Winding


HYT or HYT BASELWORLD. A comprehensive review of H1

The main buzz in the Basel world is of course HYT.
The launch buzz is successfully like a spacecraft entering the orbit, it takes a propeller, but it also needs an astronaut. However, most of the time the bugs fail because an element is missing …

Basel’s previous marketing campaign is really well planned: a team worthy of A team, a booth for Tron Uprising, and most importantly a set of fancy fluorescent green decorations.

Most importantly, the engineer used the German accent to explain the success of a machine, how to fill the capillaries of the watch. But which watch, by the way?

With regard to the general design, it reminds us of the days of Vader who will borrow Flash Gordon’s

HYT H1 is a 45mm rounded watch (actually 48.8mm, but it looks much smaller when it is sitting on the wrist), a gold or titanium case, the top of an impressive convex From the crystal.

This is a classic watch, swaying between sports and science fiction; the end result is really original, refreshing the style of a round watch, proving it is still viable. So that this particular feature is the two rhodium-coated pistons that push the two fluids, a colorless and other luminescent green, to the furry. For this, these pistons and their expertise in metallurgy are unfortunately covered by fluid display systems; people will want them to be pushed to the forefront.
Wholesale HYT H1 CHRYSOBERYL DOME BLACK DLC TITANIUM watch.The luminous liquid shows retrograde hours between 7:15 and 5:45. Minute display on the 12 o’clock sub-dial, power reserve at 3 o’clock position, the operation indicator is located at 9 o’clock position.

These indices remind us of some of the Zenith Defy Extreme from the Nataf period; they are compared with the magnificent classic surface of the movement in an outdated way, which is done by the Chronode workshop (Locle, led by Jean-François Mojon).



Item No.: 248-TT-02-NF-BN
Case Size: 48.80 mm
Case: Titanium,Round
FUNCTIONS: Retrograde hours, Minutes
Glass: Sapphire
Dial colour: Skeletonized
BUCKLE: Deployment Buckle
Strap: Alligator
Movement: Manual Winding


The device works very simply: the bucket (65 hours power reserve – 28800v / h) drives the bellows, which moves the fluid in the transparent tube.

The most impressive stage of course is when the retrograde indicator returns to zero: within a few seconds, the transparent fluid pushes the colored fluid back to its starting position.

The most interesting person among us will set the time a little more than what we need because the sequence is so impressive.BREITLING B55 CONNECTED replica watch

In terms of design, it is the opposite of the Opus 12: when the latter uses a super complex display, the use of 27 hands, HYT can (and should) almost the content itself with its retrograde display; with only the aperture of the display fan disk will have more Big influence.

These two watches are the biggest highlights of the 2012 Basel Watch Fair (with the Tudor couple) …

If the concept is simple, because it is the case of any hydraulic technology, development is a nightmare.
Starting from the psychological barrier of the watchmaker, put the liquid into the case (for example, Rolex’s core business is waterproof). For this, it is Preciflex, a company from Bienne, which has been developed by HYT to develop a shockproof hydraulic microcircuit.

Let’s be honest, even if the watch is a technical expertise, it is also a showcase project: imagine your neighbors in Saint-Tropez’s private beach, green (hydraulic) envy because they do not have new kick ass watches …replica Porsche Design CHRONOTIMER COLLECTION watches

But the reason for this success in the blog circle is deeper than these limited views. Do you all know that watch enthusiasts have a taste of outdated technology?

At the bottom, HYT is heaven back to the mechanical front watch. Before using wheels, springs and chains, one depends on the flow of water and its regularity tells the time, even without sunshine. Chocolate is the oldest ancestor of mechanical regularity.

Even in HYT H1, the liquid is only for the display, the future of hydraulic power applied to the development of the watch industry may produce new complexity and restore the watch “Haut-Jurassic” era. In addition to the “back to the future”, although it represents a feat of technology, the amazing function of this watch is that it will not be too serious about yourself … in the eternal vanity show of the watchmaking, humor is from the fluorescent green fire hose The.replica RICHARD MILLE RM 056 Sapphire watches



Item No.: 515-CB-03-RF-RV
Case Size: 51.00 mm
Case: Carbon
FUNCTIONS: Retrograde hours, Minutes, Seconds
Glass: Sapphire
Dial colour: Skeletonized
BUCKLE: Deployment Buckle
Strap: Alligator
Movement: Manual Winding




Brand Hublot
Item Type Replica Big Bang Unico Italia Independent Watches
Movement Self Winding/Automatic
Case Texalium,Round
Bracelet Blue Color,Leather
Dial Color Skeleton
Diameter 45 mm
Gender men
Thickness —
BUCKLE Deployment Buckle
GLASS Sapphire
FUNCTIONS Hours, Minutes, Small seconds, Date, Flyback chronograph
Boxes common box
Model Number 411.YL.5190.NR.ITI15


Hengbao Big Bomb Unico Italy Independence

The latest version of the tab icon, the Unico Italian Unlimited Limited Edition of the Big Bang, is the result of collaboration between Humboldt’s watchmaking company and independent Italian and Italian brands, co-founded by Lapo watches for sale

Universe of the Universe The independent limited edition of the Italian version is a long line in the innovative watch that combines the traditional superb watchmaking process with the latest models of high-end materials.

In the classic model, the 45mm shell of the Big Unique Unico Italian independent Hengbao show its unique innovative material Texalium®. It is a carbon fiber material attached to aluminum, which retains the brightness due to the carbon fiber and aluminum, and also has a glossy glossy HUBLOT BIG BANG UNICO ITALIA 411.YL.5190.NR.ITI15 watch

Hengbao Big Bomb Unico Italian Independence is available in two colors – blue and gray. Strap with titanium and carbon fiber switch embedded in bolts with blue or gray denim, but due to the special second-hand hamburger now standard and simple barter system “click” owner (carrier), can be selected from a variety of belts and Change its appearance for a few seconds during his watch.

The watch is in its own special mechanism of Unico, the automatic flyback chronograph with a reset for any time and reserve capacity after the winding 72 hours, by virtue of its unique geographical position with dual clutches and the famous ” At the edge of the MB&F HM4 watches

Sports mergers and acquisitions, its development has lasted for at least four years, is the pinnacle of high-level watches – high hodinařiny. Its development, construction and production took place only in the internal – constant treasure they joined all the 330 components of the market’s top watchmakers and micro mechanics and sports is their masterpiece. Humboldt’s Unico Italy’s independence is equipped with glass, through which you can see the whole mechanism. It is the perfect combination of the limited edition of the 500 pieces of innovation and design. Each piece is made of personalized box, they are independent of the Italian sunglasses designed for Yu-ship table. They use high-performance accommodating glasses and frames are the same innovative material Texalium® as a case handmade.




Case: titanium and sapphire,Uncommon
Case diameter : 54.00mm x 52.00mm
Movement: Manual Winding
FUNCTIONS: Minutes,Hours
Dial: —
STRAP: Alligator
Buckle: Deployment Buckle
GLASS: Sapphire
Thickness: 24 mm


Unique Big Unique Italian Independence

cheap Richard Mille RM 008 watches.Creative Entrepreneur and Italian independent co-founder and chairman Lapo Elkann set his talent, combined with genre, showing a good taste, and always in the forefront of fashion. Again, due to the synergies between Hublot and Italian independent companies, both brands have increased their search for unusual materials and avant-garde style.

Fusion Carbon Fibers and Texalium, the Big Bang Unico Italia independently maintains the strength and lightness of carbon while providing Texalium with an ever-changing color and compelling metal effect. The best of both worlds. With this second creation, Hublot is building on the technical mastery of Texalium1 and the possibilities it offers. Achieving the uniformity of color and the best combination of materials in this brand new material, exclusive brand, is a real challenge.

Even in the camouflage mode, the Big Bang Unico Italy alone can not fail to say it.

The Uni-Big Unique Unico Italian Independence can be in the artistic range of hue. In blue, green or black HYT H1 watches



GREUBEL FORSEY launches PLATINUM TOURBILLON 24 SECONDES VISION is one of the most visionary watch brands on the market today, and Greubel Forsey continues to surprise and delight us with the finest high clocks. Recently, the brand launched its amazing new version of the Tourbillon 24 Seconds Vision watch – platinum surface with copper dial, showing a sharp contrast.

At the La Chaux-de-Fonds seminar, Greubel Forsey conducted some incredible research and development, one can imagine. Here, the brand also in accordance with strict specifications to produce its innovative watches. Tourbillon 24 Secondes Vision watch is such a paragraph. Won several top watchmaking awards, this watch provides a Tourbillon sapphire crystal under the tourbillon cage, so every 24 seconds a revolution (hence the name).

Now this watch with platinum case, the brand will use platinum to produce one of the four watch series. The watch is even more noticeable through the PVD (physical vapor deposition) process applied to the unique salmon color of 18K white gold dial. We invite you to watch our selected high-level watch Greubel Forsey watches at any time.

Today you will see the most crazy thing: Greubel Forsey Art Piece 1, a watch with a micro-carved Willard Wigan

If the most advanced tourbillon watch Robert Greubel and Stephen Forthy usually do not produce enough, this pair of artists and artist Willard Wigan collaborates to create Art Piece 1. The watch houses a Greubel Forsey 30 degree double tourbillon and a dimension You can pass the magnifying glass at the 9 o’clock crown. Sometimes we talk about watches and clocks as works of art, but the artwork 1 takes this to a whole new level. Click through the complete explanation and tons of hands-on photos.


Fake Greubel Forsey Double Tourbillon 30° watch Invention Piece 1 Vision White gold black dial Online

British artist Willard Wigan may not be a household name, but in the art world he is a legend that he was raised by the Knights of Prince Charles in 2007. For decades, Wigan has been sculpting, fit in the head and inside the needle’s eyes, some even less than human erythrocytes. Very crazy, right? More strongly how he made these tiny objects – using tools such as diamonds and hair from the house flies, Wigan in his own heartbeat time, under the microscope shape to avoid shaking. One of these sculptures is located in works of art.replica RICHARD MILLE RM 11-02 LE MANS CLASSIC WATCH

The sculpture with Wigan is Greubel Forsey’s signature 30 degree double tourbillon. The inner cage is a 30-degree sloping inner cage, one revolution per minute, and the outer cage is parallel to the dial and is rotated every four minutes. A huge curve bridge keeps the double tourbillon hanging between the sapphire crystal and the case you can see through it. Clarky side, where the implementation is what you really need to see to appreciate.

The dial itself is a beautiful blue, the motherboard (visible through the sapphire bottom) engraved with three artists’ names: Robert Greubel, Stephen Forsey and Willard Wigan. The Tourbillon’s 72-hour power reserve indicator is located around 4 o’clock. Just above is a plate to read “GF Art Piece 1”. When you press the button on the box at 4 o’clock, the tray is moved to the side, and the red arrow points to the time on the 12-hour disc. Time only when you need it, let Wigan’s sculpture and tourbillon take all the attention.replica GREUBEL FORSEY DOUBLE TOURBILLON 30° WATCHES


Fake Greubel Forsey Double Tourbillon 30° watch Invention Piece 1 Secret White gold Online

The real treatment comes from the 9 o’clock magnifying glass, and its style looks like a second crown. You will notice a dark blue bridge that looks from the dial while looking like a golden spot, but through the 23x magnifying glass into the crystal, you can see Wigan’s sculpture clear and clear. Here we have a three mast sailboat that seems to be in blue support for sailing. All the open work allows tons of light so that you get a great look at the sculpture without any manual assistance.

As you might expect, a handful of Art Piece 1 will be made, each containing a completely unique sculpture from Wigan. The “Golden Sail” version is sold for $ 2 million, but official pricing is only available on request. Enjoy the following galleries, visit the high Perfus and Willard Wigan more.replica HUBLOT BIG BANG DARK BLUE WATCHES

Luxury Replica Urwerk UR-T8 2017 NEW men watch price at


Luxury Replica Urwerk UR-T8 2017 NEW men watch price

Item Type: Replica Urwerk 106 Watches
Case Material: Titanium,Uncommon
Brand Name: Urwerk
Water Resistance Depth: life proof water
Movement: Automatic
Dial Diameter:60.23mm x 48.35mm
Case Thickness: 20.02mm
Dial: Openwork
Clasp Type: Pin Buckle
Boxes: common box package without paper
Gender: Men
Year: 2017
Band Material Type: Alligator
Functions: Hours
Model Number: UR-T8


Hands-on URWERK UR-T8 in SIHH 2017 & Exclusive video w / Martin Frei

If you already want to know what Reverso and Tyrannosaurus Rex love may look like: Introducing Urwerk UR-T8 ‘Transformers’Replica Urwerk UR-T8 2017 NEW men watch

It is no exaggeration to say that at Quill & Pad, we are a big fan of Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso (see why I bought my wife an engraved rebellious classic, why should not you (though I am happy) and why I bought it: Jaeger-LeCoultre).



Naturally, the concept of a high-level watch watch, you can flip on the wrist to protect the crystal and dial damage, while playing a strong sport, such as polo is a tempting.

However, Urelk’s Felix Baumgartner and Martin Frei (they do not really think so, but it’s a better story, are not they?), Reverso covers polo players, but people engage in truly dangerous activities such as cowboy racing And Stunt Man?

What they need is a watch that when overturned protects the skin like Rex Rex. . . The Titanium!Replica RICHARD MILLE NEW men RM 50-03 watch



Show Urwerk UR-T8 “Transformers”
UR-T8 “Transformers” to commemorate the twentieth anniversary of Urwerk in 2017, and this watch more than reversible cases.

“Our UR-T8, of course, recalls Reverso watches and we have an unstructured concept to create a real Urwerk model,” explained Frei. “The UR-T8 has all of our own characteristics: a huge crown, organic-shaped sapphires Crystal glass, textured cases, inviting your touch, strong personality, and recognizable visual signatures.

The UR-T8’s complex planetary gears rotate the three-arm satellite turret every three hours, presenting a new hour marker that turns arcs per hour; once the transfer micro-arc is completed, the hourly disk rotates, making it ready for the next time it Is the front and center when presenting its next four-hour number. The hour trays are continuously adjusted as they pass through the microcircle so that they are always oriented in perfect parallel with the minute.

The disk in which the planetary gear unit rotates is made of aluminum and titanium to achieve maximum strength and rigidity with minimum mass.

The automatic winding system is regulated by Urwerk’s innovative air micro-turbine, which automatically increases resistance during heavy activity to reduce wear on the winding mechanism. Micro-turbines can be embedded in a hidden hole to protect the back of the significant dinosaur scale-like twist-like decoration.


Reversible case
Reversing the UR-T8 is simple and safe. You simultaneously press the two almost flush buttons on the front of the strap, and the case is unlocked from its “base” so that it can lift and rotate.

A smart security mechanism ensures that the housing can not be lowered back unless it is perfectly oriented to avoid stuck or scratched. This perfect location is easy to find because it can be clearly felt.

It is operated by a reversible box, and you can feel the quality of the mechanism: it works like a Mercedes S class design.Replica RICHARD MILLE NEW men RM 50-03 watch

The & quot; 8 & quot; in T8 comes from the fact that the box draws the course of FIG. 8 as it ascends, rotates, and descends.

UR-T8 is not just a high-level watchmaking process from a performance time to a male shield for anything that might try to hurt it. It also represents the end of an era and the transition of Urwerk to a new era.

After twenty years of creating a fantastic collection of watches united by their satellite directives, Urwerk is now developing watches that will indicate the time in other ways. More will be announced in 2017 Basel World Expo.

The Urwerk UR-T8 is the Reverso of the more rugged sport than polo!

UR-T8 is Urwerk’s first deformable watch and its latest version of the roaming hour indicator. The black titanium case measures 48.35 mm wide x 60.23 mm long x 20 mm high and comes with a caliber UR-8.01 automatic movement with Urwerk’s largest and finest turntable configuration. Each arm supports a satellite dial with a four-hour number. The texture box is inductive and invites touch, as well as flip display time, or flip the protective dial again.replica Glashuette Original Senator Watches

2016 NEW Review Hublot Big Bang FERRARI Unico TITANIUM 402.NX.0123.WR Replica Watch at


Hublot Big Bang FERRARI Unico NEW cheap watches


Review Hublot Big Bang FERRARI Unico CARBON 402.QU.0113.WR Replica Watch

Item Type: Replica Hublot Big Bang FERRARI Unico CARBON Watches
Case Material: Carbon
Brand Name: Hublot
Water Resistance Depth: life proof water
Movement: Automatic
Dial Diameter: 45 mm
Case Thickness: —
Dial: Skeleton
Clasp Type: Deployment Folding Clasp
Boxes: common box package without paper
Gender: men
Band Material Type:Alligator,Leather,Rubber
Functions: Seconds, Minutes, Hours, Date
Model Number: 402.QU.0113.WR


Discover 3 new Hublot Chronographs from the Hubble universe

2011 HUBLOT teamed up with the Italian sports car manufacturer to share design and technology as well as its branded watches with the Ferrari logo and the famous Puma. The new chronograph once again strongly reflects the Ferrari’s design language …

We all know that the HUBLOT table is the ultimate mastery of the profitable niche. The brand has an incredible visibility and offers everything like any other model. The good thing is that you are always able to identify the warship tables. Whatever you may wish to consider about partnerships, you will always know that it is a Hubble. This is also the new real big bang Ferrari which was launched in Maranello on Wednesday to time the Ferrari headquarters in Italy. When I first saw the new, ugly and tell what’s really new, but a closer look, I found some very powerful Ferrari which was taken from the recent sports sedan, the design language of the Ferrari 488 GTB and Ferrari watches for sale




You will find in a larger size is used in the legendary 12-cylinder engine baffle screws on the chronograph’s layout to dial as a use in the dashboard when the crown is part of the air shape -nozzle-interior design, and with the red And black, you will find all the delicate play in these Ferrari’s.

The entire design process, along with no one under control of Flavio Manzoni, Ferrari’s design director. It is also his who insists that the pony should be placed accurately on the monitor’s column-wheel. This is the only flaw I would like to point out on these chronographs, but Flavio Manzoni tells me that there is no other place to put the pommel to achieve a symmetrical balanced dial design. Well, let’s take his decision, so …cheap Tag heuer MONACO TWENTY watch CAL5112.FC6298

A small detail that makes so many other watches of great difference, and even some are more expensive and exclusive.

The Big Bang Ferrari is equipped with an internal caliber for the M & A case, integrating and positioning the chronograph at the side of the dial wheel on the side-wheel. The oscillating weight echoes the iconic star-spoke Ferrari wheel design, while the motherboard, bridge, and pendulum are handled with black PVD, visible through the dial and sapphire case.

and one-way carbon, the Ferrari Chronograph in the Big Bang has been made from black rubber black Alcantara fabric, with a red-on over a 45 mm diameter and offers titanium Mosaic Interior Ferrari style or black Schedoni leather reference Ferrari seats iconic Richard Mille RM 039 Watches



Review Hublot BIG BANG SUGAR SKULL HOT PINK 343.CS.6590.NR.AKS16 Replica Watch

Item Type: Replica Hublot BIG BANG SUGAR SKULL HOT PINK Watches
Case Material: ceramic
Brand Name: Hublot
Water Resistance Depth: life proof water
Movement: Automatic
Dial Diameter: 44 mm
Case Thickness: —
Dial: Skeleton
Clasp Type: Deployment Folding Clasp
Boxes: common box package without paper
Gender: men
Band Material Type:Alligator,Leather,Rubber
Functions: Seconds, Minutes, Hours, Date
Model Number: 343.CS.6590.NR.AKS16