Richard Mille RM 011 Felipe Massa Night NTPT Carbon Watch Review

hot RICHARD MILLE RM 011 FLYBACK watches replica.Frankly, I did not hesitate to wear the Richard Mille RM 011 Felipe Massa Black Night NTPT Carbon watch every day, and had reviewed it in the last few weeks, just like the last minute, the convertible super The sports car parked in front of the house, if finally gave the opportunity … irresistible force, pure curiosity and excitement will not let you do anything else but use this fascinating situation. But what is fuss?

This week, finally let me get a better idea and want to live on a Richard Mill on the wrist and see if it is as excellent as I expected. Rise and fall, all have to know, let’s take a look!

Because Richard Mille’s watches are expensive, fairly complex, and tend to use some new high-tech materials, they will be a problem. We consider a lot of factors, including those who can help us answer Richard Mille (Richard Mille) why ask them to do the price reasons, and why they can continue to produce more than 4000 per year.

So, first of all, let’s put this concept in a context – you know that this incredible six-digit – calendar – chronograph – the idea of a non-precious metal case.

Since the beginning of the new millennium, Richard Mille has been this, and I mean super expensive, very successful avant-garde watch brand in the watch industry – it’s just a fact. However, for anyone without an oligarchy or directly getting the annual turnover of the refinery, Richard Mille said the price may seem very HYT H1 Alumen Blue watch replica


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So we can compare, here is the basis of the normal pricing process for the normal luxury brand: In general, a company first determines its specific market segments, its target audiences, and the respective price points that these factors require. Only take this into account, it began to develop and complete the product itself. Needless to say, this method imposes restrictions on the product itself, as it will eventually have to meet these predetermined costs and pricing requirements.

As Richard Mille himself explains, his watch (and hence his brand) is priced differently from most other pricing strategies because what they are doing is the idea of first presenting a product , And then they develop this idea, the final product as close as possible to him and his team dream of. Only this has been achieved, the cost of all these efforts are taken into account, they determine the final price.

Sounds very luxurious, but what the brand says, and what they actually offer is often two different things – so let’s take a look at (if any) into reality.

Of course, when you see their price tag, the lack of such a cost-free limitation of Richard Mill’s watch becomes apparent. This could make some super sports cars suddenly seem to be a low budget alternative. However, when you carefully observe the product itself and their manufacturing methods and methods, things will be consistent with this method.

Just as most of the modern, very complex and super-expensive watch brands (which actually have more than a few days), there is no single facility, where all the manufacturing processes are executed at the same time. The reason is that there is no place where, under the same roof, they can simultaneously watch the watch from the body, the machine hundreds of different types of subtle sports parts, create complex mobile phone and dial, and then assemble all these parts into a watch.

Richard Meyer and Woqi manufacturing, relatively simple movements, such as ultra-thin movement, annual calendar chronograph, etc .; and with Audemars Piguet Renaud & Papi in the minds of complex movement with new complications. For case and other components, they relied heavily on their own only a few years old Les Breuleux’s most advanced case manufacturing plant ProArt, while the final assembly of the watch took place mainly at a distance of a few minutes by car from the engineering Mille headquarters of ProArt.pre owned replica watches

One of the key summaries I visit these places is that they immediately show “any possible” approach. At any place, I see that I see energetic (usually very young) engineers programming new machines and researching new materials and high-tech composites (such as NTPT carbon, for the subject matter of this review, but more More is further under). In other departments, they are trying to reassemble the super complex movement that seems to be the perfect sport. All this makes things easy, and I have to remind myself how to not simply cut the simple steel shell or repair the base of the ETA caliber. They look easy, but the engineering challenges and novelty of these products ensure that these people’s ”


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All this is fine, but you may feel that it is not enough to explain that a brand can sell more than 3,000 pieces a year – the average price is close to six digits.

In order to discover missing puzzles, I will ask you to simply say a plain and tasteless, and I am trying to show that there are a lot of people in the world who are willing to pay almost any amount of money they like and appreciate. The real question is not whether these people have enough – because there are – but how do modern brands contact them and convince them about the value of their particular product?

The real concern for these people is not a waste of X or 100 times the money, but in the peer shame some did not meet the expected things. Compared with other competing brands of products, a short period of time things are relatively poor. Their cars, boats, helicopters, etc. must be the fastest, if they have paid the price, not as expected to deliver the price, then the failure of the brand is about to close. There are several brands that can not continue to drive their design and engineering design – today’s ubiquitous. So the real challenge for Richard Mille is to continually improve their design by constantly using the new materials, constantly pushing their limits, and in short, never let the customer marvel.

In the stratospheric high-priced super-plane workshop, the automaker McLaren has been perfectly matched, and because of their very similar positions and techniques, I have already thought that Richard Mill is the watch brand’s McLaren. McLaren, who has actually started making his own road car, has the same way as Richard Mille has done with the watch industry, and must overcome the auto industry giants, and their secret of success is the same.




How these companies effectively meet the needs of these customers is their extremely limited instant identification design, they continue to use the latest technology to refine and upgrade. This makes it possible for them to provide bold new choices for wealthy people, and at this point it is boring to get another boring thing from a big sign, but to find the ultimate toy. They want it to be the lightest, fastest, yes, and most expensive – they want it to be instantly recognized, at least in their own circles.

This is the recipe they have to follow: There are not a few different Richard Meyer or McLaren designs, but only one logo to look for, in turn, relentlessly update and improve with the latest technology.

With this (not -) a brief introduction to its origins, let’s see how this all translates into the subject of this review: Richard Miller RM 011 Philip Massa Night NTPT watch. RM 011 does not have a no doubt that the impact of Richard Mill is by far the most recognized and successful model. Its round shell with no hook design, twelve 5-node screws in the border, plus the curved side, there are obvious curved shell outline … This package is the appearance of Richard Mille.

Brazilian Formula One racing driver Felipe Massa is already a brand friend for more than a decade, and his name is already part of every RM 011 model. He even wore Richard Mille watches on the wrist in the car – he had left the wreckage as long as he had seen the car races he had been killed in the Canadian Grand Prix a few years ago. It is here that we will say that from the beginning of the 2016 season, at least 10 years, Richard Mille and McLaren F1 racing team official cooperation.

Now, despite being a fan of Formula One racing, I appreciate Massa’s famous athletic skills and driving skills, but I am pleased to find that the special version of RM01 does not list his name on the dial, Inexplicable way, his acronym is abbreviated in the model and is shown below the 8 o’clock. Although of course not everyone will share this feeling, but I personally prefer only watch the watch on the watch / brand name, no other people.Urwerk watches replica for men

The more fascinating part of this name is “NTPT” because it refers to the special material of Richard Mille RM 011 Felipe Massa Black Night NTPT. In the case of the so-called ProArt case of RM, I can see myself, how this unusual material eventually becomes a case of Toni Mille. The base material has been developed by the NTPT company of the same name for the mast of the rowing sailboat, so the material is very rigid and very light and should not be surprising.

Oddly enough, even when looking at watches from afar, these details add up. Richard Miller RM 011 is the closest to me wearing a perfectly presented digital image, which is a strange, inexplicable way to achieve it. Accuracy with the parts assembled together, and how they appeared (not just that, but every time Richard Mill, I ever dealt with) seems to be inconceivable, and show that they are not only made just enough to just combine together and function, Or looks good, but really incredible is the precise processing.

One can say that from a distance, there is too much progress in the design. It may seem as if it is trying to be too impressed with these small details – but when it is handy (or better: worn on the wrist), things are a matter of course.

Richard Miller RM 011 Philip Massa Night NTPT is not a solid painted brass dial, but uses a piece of sapphire, and of course there is a handful of bracelets. Given the curved profile of the case, the sapphire crystal inlaid in the bezel conforms to this shape and is also curved, while the inner sapphire dial is completely flat. It sounds pretty beautiful; however, there is a curved crystal on a plane that really looks a bit strange, making it difficult to choose how the transparency and layers of the dials work together.

At the center, the location below 12 o’clock is a large jump date displayed as an almanac – a mechanism that only needs to be adjusted only at the end of each month – and a month indicator between 4 and 5 points. The more interesting point is how two separate chronograph dials work: 6 o’clock the time to show the elapsed time and minutes while the 9th sub dial as the 60 minute countdown. An interesting choice, though rather clumsy, helps to build a RM 011 symmetrical design while providing some of the smallest extra features beyond the typical minute minute sub-dials that you found on most chronographs.

Most of the Richard Mille RM 011 watch movement is RMAC1 caliber, which is a cooperation with Vaucher Manufacture produced automatic calendar chronograph movement. What makes it quite unique and rare is the use of not brass, but the titanium bridge has been tilted and tilted hands – although the high-tech appearance provides the shape of the parts, as well as their grayscale surface treatment really killing every point of tradition Of the senior watch atmosphere. The movement looks great, but is more like a machine than the usual polished polished surface. If I want to see the progress of RM 011 there is an aspect, it must be a movement. Looks good,

The RM 011 has a 50.00 mm earring (although the design clearly omit this conventional part) with a width of 40 mm due to its curved profile of 16.15 mm thick. The strap integration is excellent – but according to the knowledge I learned from ProArt’s engineers, it was almost surprising: it took five years to develop how the Richard Mille rubber belt was seamlessly integrated into the case. In terms of wearability, their work is worth it because the light is relatively reasonable in size Richard Mille RM 011 Felipe Massa Black Night NTPT Carbon is comfortable and comfortable sitting on the LOUIS MOINET NOVELTIES WATCHES replica




Bovet flight tourbillon Ottantasei designed by Pininfarina

Bovet TIMEPIECES BOVET BY PININFARINA OTTANTASEI copy watch.Bovet Flying Tourbillon Ottantasei 10 days finger watch earlier this year to the world debut, Pininfarina series Bovet development of an important turning point. The watch shows Pininfarina’s unique design specifications and also responds to the influence of the first Tourbillon Otunda® in 2010. “Light” with its double connotation of the luminosity and limited weight is the development of each stage of the slogan of this interesting item.

Manufacturing DIMIER 1738 technical staff and watchmakers and Pininfarina designers in this movement in the release of new technologies, and brought together four large sapphire crystal, show excellent technology. The watch case is supplied with titanium 15.54 grams or gold (51.66 grams), which raises the appearance of the best cockpit of the car, with excellent ergonomic appeal. The balance and harmony of the dial show the complexity of the watch from the single barrel and the power reserve indicator at 10:00 to the flight tourbillon at 6:00.HYT H1 Chrysoberyl Dome Black DLC 148-DL-21-GF-RU-YS copy watch



Tourbillon Ottantasei’s 10-day autonomy should be twice the number of crowns required by the DIMIER 1738 watchmaker to develop and obtain a patented spherical differential. The miniaturization of this mechanism inspired them to submit the second patented three-dimensional multi-tooth meshing teeth, while optimizing the watch operation, while greatly reducing the clutter. Therefore, the watch can be quickly wound twice so that it reaches the power required for 10 days of autonomy.



The flat that supports the whole movement highlights the perfect finish and subtle synergies between light and transparency, on the one hand, and adds structural rigidity on the other. Need half a day of processing and EDM to produce veneer. The craftsmen of the decoration workshop need a whole day to ensure unparalleled quality. Sandblasting, drawing, beads, Geneva and hand chamfering are just some handicrafts that go into this process and the slightest accident can cause irreparable damage. Please note that this true three-dimensional magic feat involves decorating, especially on both sides of the chamfer and all its vertical walls.wholesale copy men watches


Each wheel in the gear train has been carefully angled and manually chamfered, while the shaft of the shaft with the traditional quality and performance to scroll. The highly original flywheel Tourbillon consists of 104 components. Many of its innovations include a unique bridge in its axis. In addition to the balance of quality and the consequent reduction in the leverage effect, the tourbillon compartment seems more freely than ever to move in its own space. The building is a patented double-sided tourbillon with an escapement on both sides of the central fixed point and a balance spring to enhance the timing performance of the watch by clearly displaying both the escapement and the balance spring Aesthetic quality side of the caliber.copy RICHARD MILLE RM 11-02 JAPAN BLUE WATCH



Other factors in the BOVET series of the Pininfarina series of OTTANTASEI flagship series include the development and design of a surface treatment system designed for collection to expand the alternating surfaces and volumes of the movement. There are 34 shadows – from black to white – for the various levels that make up the volume of this action. The same applies to Paris round baroque round decors designed for the collection of tourbillon, where the two hammers are circled to the barrel. Each interpretation – titanium, black DLC titanium or gold – built-in limited edition only 86 pieces. A single digital plate for each movement will be carefully screwed onto the back of the





Richard Mille launches version 4 of the ultra-light Rafael Nadal Tourbillon

RM 27-03 Tourbillon Raphael Nadal is yellow, red and shock RICHARD MILLE TOURBILLON RM 27-03 RAFAEL NADAL REPLICA WATCH

With the opening of the French Open in 2017, Richard Mille unveiled the fourth in the Rafael Nadal series on the front page. The new RM 27-03 is one of Mille’s boldest and most mechanical watches. Its main innovation lies in its tourbillon’s ability to withstand the impact of up to 10,000 grams, but its strong red and yellow tones of the TPT really make this watch stand out: Please note that the color of the situation on the Rafa of the Spanish native Person is an obvious tribute torque limit crown is also made of quartz TPT, was tennis ball.

Without fail, Rafael Nadal will wear Richard Mille watches on his right wrist – the Spaniards are in the left – even in the big game. Richard Mill has just released the latest timepiece for the tennis championship, RM 27-03 Tourbillon Raphael Nadal.replica JACOB & CO. GRAND COMPLICATION MASTERPIECES – ASTRONOMIA SKY watch

Like last year’s only RM 35-02 Nadal, the new Tourbillon has a red and yellow palette, little to Nadal’s motherland, while the spherical yellow is dubbed tennis.

Made of quartz TPT (a carbon composite), which obtains its color from the resin used for the carbon fibers in the adhesive material. Case size is 40.3mm, 47.77mm long, 12.75mm high, slightly larger than the previous RM 27-02 Nadal tourbillon.




Richard Mille x Rafael Nadal RM 27-03 Tourbillon

The motion substrate is made of a similar composite material and is a new “one” structure in which the base and the housing are integral and the structure is first used in RM 27-02. The front of the angle of the titanium bridge is a stylized bull head, Nadal’s personal logo, also a symbol of Spanish animals.wrist replica watches for men

Like all Richard Mille’s tourbillon movement, this movement is produced by Audemars Piguet’s sports expert Renaud & Papi. Manual wounded 70 hours power reserve.




From the first day of cooperation, these watches are the power to resist one of the world’s best tennis players, and this new work is no exception. Richard Mille attaches great importance to the seismic performance of the watch, but I believe this is his most advanced seismic performance, and Mille is countless hours of research and development and testing, especially the “pendulum impact test”, which simulates the occurrence of linear acceleration due to The sudden movement or impact of the wearer. The ultra-light tourbillon movement is located on the carbon TPT skeleton’s single substrate; the quick-winding barrel provides uninterrupted energy flow throughout the 70-hour operation. The number of parts has been reduced to as little as possible in order to add extra


You can see the magnificent building and RM 27-03 caliber finish. Hand-polished tapered angle, satin and finely crushed surfaces, and other finely shaped components all flow into the dial.

The colored resin is immersed in the layer by heating it to 120 ° C according to a patented process (developed by the Northern Thin Layer Technology of Switzerland) to achieve a colorful housing. Quartz fibers provide a very favorable strength / weight ratio, as well as non-allergenic and highly resistant to UV rays.



Tudor David Beckham and New Zealand all blacks are ambassadors

The watchmaker continues to reshape his own sports HUBLOT MASTERPIECE MP-05 FERRARI 905.ND.0001.RX replica watch

Tudor was the last time the brand ambassador won his first professional in 1997 and signed an upcoming golfer. The five-year deal ended in 2002, and Tiger Woods set off TAG Heuer (now with Rolex).

Now, Tudor has just signed two huge sports names: retired football player David Beckham and all black, perhaps the world’s most famous football team.





The news is the latest development of Tudor’s many years of strategy, it will play with their parents Rolex different brands.

Following the previous steps, the introduction of cheap sports watch – “Traditional Black Bay” is a bestseller, but also to expand its retail network; the brand after a decade of absence, in 2013 to re-enter the US market.

All Blacks has a 77% winning test record, will wear black and dark, consistent with their monochrome uniform. Beckham in the Manchester United and the England national team most famous time, won the two-color black Bay S & G and Black Bay Chronograph, these two new cars are 2017 new.MB & F HM6 ALIEN NATION 2017 WATCH replica






Richard Miller RM 016 Automatic Slim: Explode in Daytona mode

Richard Mille combines traditional, decorative and state-of-the-art watches with RM 016 automatic slim. However, the unique works meet the brand style.

Richard Mille recently launched RM 67-01 Automatic Extra-Thin on SIHH 2016. It is now a trip and found the manufacturer’s first ultra-thin watch RM 016. This work is worth it because it raises the wonderful gardens of the Châteaude Chantilly (Châteaude Chantilly Châteaude Chantilly) designed by LeNôtre and is held at the famous Chantilly Art and Elegance Richard Mille. Very beautiful place, and collected some of the world’s most beautiful cars. So it’s perfect for this elegant and precious watch.



Richard Mille RM 016 devant la Ferrari 365 GTB / 4

This is the best place to organize this elegant watch, and its performance and decoration evokes the legendary Ferrari 365 GTB / 4. This car, which is “Daytona” (its unofficial nickname), is committed to the 3304 victory over the 24 hours of Tonana in the 1960s, which is not surprising Since the launch of RM 001, the car has been working on the brand. Due to the movement of the lines and their typical formula 1 materials (ceramic, titanium and carbon nanofibers), the association obtained the brand “F1 watch” brand. In its perfect pursuit, in 2004, Richard Mille asked the Brazilian F1 driver Felipe Massa to wear a different watch for each Grand Prix, Seat to test, to prove its degree of impact resistance. Their partnership is still active today.



replica men watches brands.In 2007, Richard Mill (Richard Mille) revealed its first invasion of the ultra-thin results, causing a buzz. This is a flagship: RM 016 Automatic Slim is a stylish and traditional and eternal clip. Richard Mille, the flagship product of the new generation of watchmaking, has introduced his own view of the ultra-thin watch. It should be remembered that manufacturing was the first attempt to release RM 009 in the hands of ultra-light watches in 2005. At that time, this is the world’s lightest tourbillon watch, the weight of the chassis components is less than 30 grams.

RM 016 automatic ultra-thin notebook to create a new chapter in the history of the brand, creating a novel brand for the ultra-thin rectangular shell, is its iconic “skeleton” case of a wise re-interpretation. So, RM 016 still irreversibly reminds us of a Richard Miller watch, as the 12 spline grade 5 titanium screws and its crown are equipped with a conical round. The medium size 49.8 x 38 mm shell stands out due to its incredible thinness; only 8.25 mm. Its tightened lines like Pininfarina designed Ferrari 365 GTB / 4 long hood as curved; therefore, it perfectly fits the wrist and ensures comfort. The entire case of the three parts, formed and assembled more than 200 different operations.



Ferrari 365 GTB / 4 Daytona

Double-sided anti-reflective sapphire dial with a large white digital brand signature code, the half-moment date at 7 o’clock. It provides an unobstructed view of the skeleton movement of the high-end finishes, revealing platinum and bridge in PVD treated Titanium or Titalyt. Self-winding RM 005S also features a unique titanium and palladium rotor, and its variable geometry helps to adapt the winding to the user’s movement. It offers a comfortable 55-hour power reserve dual-barrel system that helps to improve the long-term stability of the MICHELE SIGNATURE DECO MWW06P000108 watch replica

All in all, thanks to its elegance, balance and modern style, this particular style is shocking, which will certainly bring some attention to its lucky owner. 2010, RM 016 to RM 017, in the case of ultra-thin embedded in the hand-shaped tourbillon movement. Only 8.70 mm thick, it is one of the thinnest tourbillon watches created.



Richard Miller RM 57-01 Phoenix Dragon – Jackie Chan: Power Balance

This collection of jewels and watches gives Richard Mille the opportunity to showcase its leading technological advances in creativity and design. RM 57-01 Phoenix and Dragon – Jackie Chan is proof of material.

We all know that futuristic watchmakers have a sixth sense of the trend. After careful examination, it was found that the integration of the three-dimensional (ie, volume) fable decoration in the mechanical movement was a new feature and was still rare. Cartier tried to use its iconic animals (crocodiles and leopards). Roger Dubuis and the round table knight ride on the dial. But only these two examples are really famous with Richard Mill’s work.

In the latter case, the implementation was very good and almost escaped our understanding. In fact, the two fantastic animals that share the very detailed skeletal scene have received such attention, and they seem to be almost real details, and although they do not move, you will think they are still alive. We find an Asian dragon (Ryu) and a bird, we face as a Phoenix face to face. Phoenix is a fabulous bird, embodies the benevolence, integrity, morality, wisdom and honesty of the five virtues.replica JACOB & CO. GRAND COMPLICATION MASTERPIECES – ASTRONOMIA SKY watch



A powerful and lucky tool

Two supernatural and supportive animals are made of 3N pink gold, equipped with a manual winding movement (equipped with dual-cylinder 48-hour power reserve) and adjusted by the tourbillon. Richard Mill gathered them together and attacked those superstitious people, so he wanted to bring the power of all power and luck closer together. Putting these two people on the watch makes sense, because time is the master of the game, who master the time to dominate the world. Time is eternal and has become a physical tool of power, because people try to put it in the “case”.

This very male work here introduces the gemstone version, which produced 15 limited edition watches. The sports plate is made of PVD-treated titanium, and the crown is equipped with a force-breaking device. Watch is a symbol of absolute power, no one in the right circle can not grasp this point. But the power tag can not be multiplied by. As a result, RM 57-01 Phoenix and Dragon from Watches & Wonders has been selected by young manufacturers and their designers for the days prior to 2015 (“Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie”).

Obviously, other miracles are coming, and every year more technical means are available. After release, there will be time to analyze and describe its operating principle. Now we only need to seize the advantage of this opportunity, have a certain mindset of a landmark product, and consider it as MAISON express the best wishes of a very promising way of


Review Replica Richard Mille - RM 038 Tourbillon Bubba Watson men Watch


YOHAN BLAKE wearing prototype donations to ONLY WATCH

Richard Mille donated RM 59-01 Tourbillon Yohan Blake for the fifth charity auction for the only watch. A prototype, during the last Olympic Games, Yohan Blake’s sprinter.

Always at the forefront of creativity, the Richard Mille brand donated a unique fluorescent film with a distinctive pattern; it was a great auction that would be famous at the end of September 2013 in Monaco Watches and timer brands. This watch will be in this special day will be fascinated by amateurs, dedicated to muscular malnutrition Association of Monaco, directed by the only watch organizer Luc Pettavino.

Richard Mille Tourbillon Yohan Blake Only
In the focus of the world, this work marks the arrival of the times. During the 2012 Olympic Games, watchmaker Richard Mille received media coverage of three gold medals won by Yohan Blake. This watch reflects the color of the Jamaican flag; the flange and the crown are green, the minute hand and the Velcro wristbands are yellow, and the whole is in stark contrast to the sober white situation. As for the complex caliber, it consists of 19 rubies.

Back to the watch case, it must be noted that it is made of very strong alloy, which is now one of the lightest manufacturing of metal. After a long period of fine processing, the alloy uses the exclusive Richard Mille electro-plasma oxidation process.

Richard Mille Tourbillon prototype, tested under extreme conditions

The plating improves the hardness of the alloy, thereby improving its impact and corrosion resistance. In sprint history, the manufacturer first tested the product under extreme conditions to ensure its resistance, performance and comfort. The result is a particularly suitable for the special features of the sprint




Glashütte original exclusive summer blues choice

richard mille rm 027 tourbillon watch fake.Blue in the summer, so irritability get soothing, so that noisy calm, for the heat to bring cool. Love the blue, mysterious and romantic, whom drunk. German romanticist literary theorist Novalis (Novalis) in his masterpiece “Henry? Von · Overtin root” in the shape of a dream “blue flower”, the blue achievements for the German romantic The spirit of the color. In this summer, Glashütte original launch of the exclusive blue tones, 60’s watch midnight dark blue dial with the new soul child watch quiet lake blue, easy interpretation of elegant fashion charm.

Modern retro – 60 years dark blue

60 years watch in addition to a popular nostalgic fans flocked, the watch is elegant, retro modern and minimalist charm of the design. Dial charming midnight dark blue, to people infinite surprise. So fashionable and eye-catching, as if in a flash, the 60’s unique charm will be completely




60 years watch the strong blue dial on the plating process requirements are extremely high. Glashütte original in the town of Glashütte 600 km from the gold city of Pforzheim has its own dial factory. Gold and senior jewelry produced a strong historical atmosphere of the dial factory to learn the dial production of the profound knowledge. In order to create a unique blue tones, superb master after 40 processes, and throughout the electroplating process to be precisely controlled to ensure that the voltage is maintained at the correct level, dial in the plating pool soak the length of time and plating pool The original distance between the original to ensure that every piece of the original 60 years of the original 60s watch are noble, unique.wholesale fake watches



Stainless steel case diameter 39 mm, in the extremely complex manufacturing process requirements of the arched sapphire crystal glass cover, with a blue dial set off a white figure, return to the traditional interpretation of the traditional process. The watch flip, watch the bottom of the arched sapphire crystal glass people can be a broader perspective of the watch movement movement. Polished steel components, geese neck fine-tuning device, 21K gold hollow pendulum and brand unique 3/4 splint with striped decoration and other brand logo design glance. Coupled with the 60’s perfect match for the dark blue Louisiana short crocodile leather strap, close to the strap on the steel buckle, elegant and easy to watch the wrist on the wrist.Glashuette Original Senator fake watches

Low-key fantasy – Pavonina Linghu Lake Blue

Smart and elegant style, elegant decoration and exquisite details of the artistic charm. The new Turquoise watch uses a unique lake blue mother of pearl dial, the same in Pforzheim’s own watch factory production. The difficulty of the process is to brush the blue coating on the back of a cup of pearl frit with a thickness of only 0.4 mm and attach a 0.4 mm brass sheet to reinforce. Coating by the mother of pearl face of the positive reveals a shallow lake blue, Yun Yun Huaguang, magnificent. And then through the fine and complex carving processing, pressing the Arabic numerals, convex round or bright cut diamonds time scale, inlaid 42 bright cut diamond lugs and with elegant and elegant lake blue satin strap, the new spirit Bird series watch full of women’s infinite charm and multiple personality.Ulysse Nardin Hourstriker Watches fake


Iconic “pillow” shaped case, derived from the 1920s inspiration. In the creation of the first series of Lingai watch, Glashütte original designers to improve the classic shape, making it more suitable for contemporary women, their patented technology integration of the ear, so that the table fit female wrist The Ling bird watch has three times the standard magnetic protection, fully protect the movement from the impact of modern mobile electronic devices. Movement Plywood decorated with a classic Glashütte column ornamentation, polished bottom cover for engraving private decoration and personalized lettering provides plenty of space.Discount Hublot Key of Time watch online



swiss Richard Mille RM 022 2015 replica Watch RM 022 Aerodyne Dual Time Zone Tourbillon Asia Edition for sale



Richard Mill RH 022 Tourbillon “Aerodyne”

swiss Richard Mille RM 022 watches replica.First, pay attention to the dual time zone and titanium combined with orthorhombic aluminum compounds and carbon nanofibers external structure.

In 2009, “Aérodyne” RM 021 “Aérodyne” greatly affected the introduction of the industry because it encapsulated the unique modern material of the watch and created a new RM 022 “Aérodyne” dual time zone design path.

As for RM 021, the new RM 022 since 2001 will convey the space and supersonic, inspired the brand. However, the Tourbillon has another feature: it is the first combination of dual time zones with external structures, combined with orthorhombic * titanium aluminides and carbon nanofibers.



This dual time zone indicator is technically very complex, but also very user friendly. In the center of the dial, engraved with a few hours of transparent sapphire crystal disc permanent rotation. The number on the disc is only visible on a clear background at 03 hours. This dual time zone can be easily and quickly adjusted with a 09 hour fine propeller. Each impulse will increase the time zone.

Combined with tourbillon with special timing features, RM 022 once again demonstrates that innovative design and the latest technology are fully consistent with the unique and traditional values of the 21st century watch.


Wholesale Swiss RICHARD MILLE RM 022 TOURBILLON AERODYNE DUAL TIME ZONE Replica Watch Carbon 522.72A.91A Tourbillon


* Orthogonal titanium aluminide is a new type of alloy, developed by the main type of aluminum aluminum, with Ti2AlNb in the orthogonal phase of the specific crystalline molecular structure. Its use in cellular geometric patterns was originally the subject of NASA’s research, and as the core material of the supersonic aircraft wings, it was crucial to withstand extreme temperatures and torsion. This honeycomb form alloy has unparalleled stiffness, low coefficient of thermal expansion and excellent resistance to torsion. From the dial side, the actual shape of the floor itself is similar to the groove-shaped V-shaped profile of the flying wing aircraft, where the wing tip is positioned higher than the center of the aircraft itself.Wholesale replica watches for women

CALIBER RM 022: Manual winding tourbillon movement with hour, minute, double time zone, power reserve, torque indicator and function selector.

Size: Length 48mm x 39.70mm (the widest point) × 13.85mm (the thickest area).

Provide titanium or 18 carat red or platinum, crocodile leather strap and matching buckle.



Richard Mille Limited Edition Tourbillon RM 022 Carbon

Richard Mille is pleased to announce the launch of the new limited edition RM 022 Carbon. The exciting version of the RM 022 Tourbillon “Aerodyne” dual time zone combines orthorhombic honeycomb-like titanium compounds and carbon nanofiber substrates while innovating, tough but lightweight carbon nanotubes. RM 022 Carbon emissions are limited to five and will be available for retail outlets in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Russia in July hublot MP-02 KEY OF TIME watch replica

RM 022 carbon is formed by injecting carbon nanotubes into black polymers under high pressure to form a robust composite. Carbon nanotubes are very durable (200 times stronger than steel), especially light. Because of their excellent surface volume ratio, they are able to absorb more powerful effects than conventional carbon fibers. RM 022 Carbon size is 50 mm x 40 mm x 16.15 mm, significantly larger than standard RM 022. The housing is assembled with 25-size titanium alloy spline screws and 316L stainless steel wear washers.


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Movement RM022 is a manual on the tourbillon movement, with a transparent sapphire crystal disc, with a few hours, minutes and double time zone, hanging in the 3 o’clock on the light field. It also has a power reserve indicator (70 hours) between 11 and 12, a torque indicator that shows the internal tension of the main spring and a function selector for displaying the watch status at each location, Around, neutral and handset.F.P.Journe LINESPORT watches replica

Orthogonal aluminum titanate is a novel alloy developed from a major type of titanium aluminum compound having a specific crystalline molecular structure arranged on the orthogonal phase of Ti2AlNb. Its use in cellular geometric patterns was originally the subject of NASA’s research, and as the core material of the supersonic aircraft wings, it was crucial to withstand extreme temperatures and torsion. This honeycomb form alloy has unparalleled stiffness, low coefficient of thermal expansion and excellent torsion resistance.


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This new RM 022 Carbon is a low-key watch that embodies Richard Mille’s philosophy,

RM 022 “AERODYNE” double time zone
Technical specifications

Honeycomb oblique square base aluminum titanate / carbon nanofibers
Power reserve: about 70 hours
Torque indicator
Dual time zone indicator
Power storage indicator
Function selector
Variable inertia, free spring balance
Quickly rotate the barrel (6 hours per run instead of 7.5 hours)
Winding gear and a three-wheeled pinion with a center involute profile
Progressive recoil of the barrel pawl
The modular time setting mechanism is mounted on the rear of the cabinet
Wheel-based time setting system (rear movement)
Close the barrel cover with eccentric screws
Ceramic base for tourbillon cage
The central bridge is hardened in the ARCAP
Spline Screws 5 Titanium for Bridge and Case


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online RICHARD MILLE FELIPE MASSA replica watches.Let us first “the history of the lightest watch”, Richard Mille Richard Mill’s RM 27-01 Rafael Nadal Tourbillon watch, for example, let us know Richard Mille Richard Mill in what kind of concept And cost do tourbillon watch? Why is it so expensive? So much to the truth of the “truth” where.

The lightest watch in the history of the lightest flywheel watch: Richard Mille Richard Mill’s RM 27-01 Rafael Nadal Tourbillon watch.

RM 27-01 Rafael Nadal Tourbillon watch predecessor: RM 027 Tourbillon watch. RM 027 Tourbillon watch body bottom plate made of titanium and LITAL ® alloy, which is a containing aluminum, copper, magnesium, zirconium high lithium alloy, the density of 2.55. Adding lithium metal to the alloy (one of the lightest elements) provides both ideal strength and unnecessary weight. For the same reason, this special alloy is also used by the aerospace industry for the construction of A380 airliners, helicopters, rockets and satellites, as well as for F1 racing. The result, it was born the world’s lightest mechanical Tourbillon watch (including less than 20 grams of the strap), the movement weighs only 3.83 Longines Heritage Watches replica


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What is this concept? That is to say this table is no one in the world today to challenge the well-deserved first light. There is a disdain for Richard Mille Richard Mill, you do a 19 grams of the watch to hyun a hyun? The fact is: Since 2006, Richard Mille Richard Mill has been the world’s lightest flywheel watch record holder. From the earliest RM 006, to the subsequent RM 009, are basically more than 40 grams of ultra-light weight (the general watch are in the weight of one or two hundred grams and above), the watch material, using the most cutting-edge For satellite and other aerospace materials. To the band with only 19 grams of RM 27-01, Richard Mille Richard Mill in the ultra-light Tourbillon watch, in the field of high-level watch away. RM 27-01 after the advent of the past few years, there is no one to challenge this record. Ranked second “second light watch” we do not know where it is. And Richard Mille Richard Mill has early to “ultra-light” concept into the field of advanced watchmaking, and terrible is: this may be, or almost become a senior watch in one of the fashion trends.Popular watches replica



Richard Mille Richard Mill is another sporty ride for the RM 27-02 Tourbillon watch. Today, many top athletes choose to wear RM 27-02 in the game. In the past, can not see the athletes in the real game wearing any watch

In the pursuit of light on the road, Richard Mille Richard Mill has been walking in all the top of the senior watch brand, also go farthest, the other people far behind. In fact, with ultra-light Tourbillon watch, and lead the ultra-light tourbillon watch to wear the wave itself is Richard Mille Richard Mill brand one of the important factors of

Richard Mille How can Richard make a complex mechanical watch so hard to imagine such a “light”? This requires a lot of effort and cost. On the one hand the watch must first ensure that the Swiss watch must have advanced precision and advanced quality (here to save a million words …), but also try and develop a variety of rare special materials (such as aerospace Material. Omitted 1 million words to explain … to be the next article on the RM material details) for the watch manufacturing: both harder than the traditional metal, but also to achieve extraordinary light. Just to produce dozens of small watch, which requires unimaginable human and material resources and capital investment, as well as the pursuit of the brand, patience and perseverance.




BELL & ROSS BR 03-92 BLACK CAMO FABRIC replica watch.RM 27-01 Rafael Nadal Tourbillon watch movement weight can be greatly reduced, mainly rely on high-end materials applications: bridge and tourbillon frame made of five titanium alloy, winding box bridge and gear Institutions are made of lithium-aluminum alloy. The RM 27-01 case with an integrated bottom-to-bottom structure is made of carbon material. Dark gray color from the structure of high concentration of carbon nanotubes, bringing the perfect anti-impact and scratch performance, and provides Rafael Nadal in the tennis game can not lack the comfort of wearing




Richard Mille Richard Mill has subverted the concept of advanced tabulation. Before it, the high-level watch in the Need, most are precious metal material, with real “weight.” And Richard Mille Richard Mill let its owner get a higher and more dazzling value: wear wrist —- easy, if nothing “light”.

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online CORUM BUBBLE 47 SQUELETTE 2017 Copy watches



Corum is the perfect height of beautiful and bold technology. Through a variety of collections, learn from the traditional watchmaking industry fundamentals, manufacturing continue to pursue the trend of free dissemination of influence.

René Bannwart was born in Zurich in 1915. By virtue of the tabulation experience with the most prestigious companies, in 1955 he founded Corum with his uncle Gaston Ries. This new manufacturer will show the creativity, put themselves in the forefront of the watch industry, while the movement itself is also very important to the design.Richard Mille RM 057 Copy watches

Soon after, Maison presented the first model. As early as 1956, it was clear that Corum’s designers allowed creativity to guide the technical aspects, not the opposite. The company’s “coin watch” – its dial is the American coin – Peacock Feather Watch (1970) and Rolls-Royce models are left a deep impression. The latter once again highlights the brand’s groundbreaking, marking the 1976 partnership with the premier partnership with prestigious car brands.

In 1960, the company introduced what was to become one of its iconic watches – the Admiral Cup. The first explanation has a square case engraved with a sailboat, the back is the legendary sailboat name. In the 1980s, the collection changed, forming the current shape: the twelve face of the case with posters on the banner, as the hour mark.Sale HUBLOT MP-09 TOURBILLON BI-AXIS Copy watches

In 1980, the manufacturer introduced the second symbolic watch, the “Golden Bridge”, featuring modern legends of straight-line rectangles.

In 2000, entrepreneur Severin Wunderman joined Corum as a new owner and chief executive officer. In 2005, he asked Antonio Carls to join him; the latter was two years later to become chief executive officer.

In 2010, René Bannwart, the historic founder, died at the age of 95.

In 2013, Citychamp watches and jewelery groups acquired Corum and continued to develop the brand’s iconic style. The series is based on three pillars: the chic Navy Admiral Cup series, inherited more than 50 years of legend, its twelve corners and its maritime triangle, the Golden Bridge series in the watch industry still stand out, line rectangle movement with 18 Carat gold plate and bridge, as well as reflect the brand rich history and creativity of the art line with feather dial or other, famous coin watch.nice copy watches for sale



Corum is designed by artist Elisabetta Fantone’s new bubble

Corum announced a new art collaboration: Elisabetta Fantone, a multifaceted Canadian artist, who created a new limited edition iconic watch bubble.

In keeping with the unique style of Fantone, her work quotes and re-imagines the Mona Lisa that everyone can see. Fantone wrote: “In my latest work, I was inspired by yesterday’s and some of the world’s greatest

The artist’s inspiration and Corum Bubble’s classical fashion style fusion. First launched in 2000, the bubble was built in 1960 after Rolex’s Deep Sea, which was an experimental dive watch that kept falling from the bottom of the sea. In this striking innovation, there has been a new style, surrounded by thick sapphire crystal and enlarged the center dial. Through this unique original design of the gem-like lens produced optical illusion.

Although Fantone often found fuel for her work in the 1950s, the 1960s, and the 1970s pop arts, she found a more appropriate face for the work. Looking out from a layer of crystal, tilted head and Mona Lisa’s familiar smile and white chest contend, hanging on the color collage tapestry. Silver or vibrant violet case selection compliment the image while the hand of the silver curve is carefully tracked the Ulysse Nardin Triple Jack Minute Repeater copy watches







Item Type Replica ROYAL COLLECTION Watches
Movement Manual Winding
Case Pink Gold,Round
Bracelet Alligator
Dial Skeletonized
Diameter 44 mm
Gender Men
Thickness 9.89 mm
BUCKLE Pin Buckle
GLASS Sapphire
FUNCTIONS Hours, Minutes, Seconds, Time Zone
YEAR 2017
Boxes common box
Model Number 1DGAP.S10A.C120P


Arnold & Son DBG watch evaluation

Perhaps you notice that in the past few years, Arnold & Son has become a top classic, avant-garde watch brand, paying close attention. This population includes brands such as Po, FP Journe, Jaeger-LeCoultre. While each brand is unique, the products they offer have a common theme: represent the best history of watches in a contemporary and interesting way, suitable for harsh high-end watch enthusiasts. Let’s take a look at my final table of satisfaction with Arnold & Son DBG, which was originally released in 2012.

copy Graham London Watches.First covered by DBG and sister here to watch DBS. The collection is a surprise release, but it’s not like the recent, many Arnold and son of the best timepiece is really amazing and cool. Of course, it was a difficult motive to maintain, but now we are very pleased with Arnold and son has been raised. In the same year, Arnold & Son released DBG and DBS two almost the same watch, marked with a small functional differences. “DB” means “double balance”. DBS is “double balance star time”, while DBG is “double balance GMT”. The front of the watch has local time and the sun (stellar) time, and the more practical DBG is more useful with two time zones – one on each dial.



Why do you want a watch with “civilian” time and sun time to show up at DBS Bank? I still do not know. Maybe there are a few people out there who might prefer this model. For the rest of us, I think DBG is a more attractive watch because every dial on the display can be used. It is a good travel watch. The main dial contains two dials, each dial has a unique design so that you will not confuse them, a larger central second hand, they share, and a small dial, two hands, as two time zones Of the AM / PM indicator. The lower part of the main dial exposes a part of the movement and provides a view of the double balance wheel. This is my friend is a dialing so very worth a look. In fact, I found myself starting from it, forgetting to check the time …

Inside the watch is Arnold & Son movement A & S1209 manual winding movement. It is quite thin, only 3.9mm thick, with 40 hours of power stored at 3Hz run. You need to know the architecture of the A & S1209 is that it is basically two sports in a shared one winding system and the mainspring. The two dials each have their own independent gear train. The rear of the movement allows you to understand this because its symmetrical design helps to highlight the fact that a single movement is basically a combination of two. This means that the setup time is set for each completely independent. On both sides of the DBG there is a crown that allows you to set each time you choose any way. Most dual time zone watches allow you to set each time, but minutes are shared. In this case, you can set each time you like. The AM / PM indicator represented by a synchronized 24-hour dial is useful, so are you now in the day or night of the other time zone.


I suspect that the large running second hand is actually only linked to one of the gears, but in essence as their indicator. I usually do not like having two main child tables that offer different time zones because I find a lot of them look ugly watches. For example, I am not a big fan of a rectangular case made of a double-sided dial made by Philip Stein. Just not my stuff. However, such a watch is doing well. The trick is to make each different time dialing very clear, but also provides a useful way to fill the rest of the face. Beautiful symmetry, texture and surface perfect, as well as other features on the DBG dial, which makes me a winning design in my opinion.copy Richard Mille RM 010 watches

Indeed, in some ways, DBG is designed with the Jaeger-LeCoultre Duometre watch series logo. We have heard people mention this at least several times. Both have two large sub-dials, and some versions of Duometre have exposed areas in the lower part of the dial. However, when it comes down, these collections from different brands are very obvious. Most Duometre watches do not even use two dialers to indicate the time and use their dialing to include a large number of other features that are unrelated to displaying both time zones. Thus, although there are some rough similarities between the two sets, these are similar from a functional point of view. We just think it’s worth mentioning anyone who is confused.



I really like the DBG dial – except for the rich details and brittleness that is relatively lacking in reflective surfaces. This makes everything very clear. Many cheap watch manufacturers do not seem to understand that dial-up reflectivity is not your friend. Most of the time causes the dial to be unrecognizable when exposed to light. Arnold & Son uses a series of different textures in a pleasant way to produce stunning, highly clear dials, further enhanced by a fine AR-coated sapphire crystal. One of the time dials uses Roman numerals while the other uses Arabic numerals. Behind the dial also “fill” the hand, and the front of the dial has a hollow hand. These are further reflected in the 24 hour dial, so it is clear which finger is which dial. Of course, night observation lacks luminous body, but this is more common in more formal or traditional style watches, for example. The hand is blue and very attractive.copy Franck Muller HEART Watches

We once again have the opportunity to anthropomorphize the surface. It is not difficult to imagine two larger sub-surfaces as eyes, while the bottom opening of the watch is a large opening with a balance wheel for the teeth. Having a balanced balance wheel shows that the watch’s “heartbeat” is always always attractive. Here, Arnold & Son doubles the double balance wheel. This not only enhances the design of visual interest, but also adds a unique harmony as each wheel swings in the union. There are some highly fascinating watches with two exposed balances on the dial. Balancing the bridge, as well as the rest of the movement, beautifully decorated with high-end watches and clocks, and provide a reassuring and expensive feeling.

I would like to give Arnold & Son a DBG series with 18k rose gold and steel, which opens up a collection for more people (but that does not mean it’s cheap). This case is 44mm wide, sitting on a pleasant low on the wrist with a relatively thin shell size. Those who desire to put the watch under the shirt sleeve people will not have DBG problem. The watch is also very comfortable sitting on the wrist, with a comfortable crocodile leather strap. For me, the size of the case and the overall feeling are highlighted with today’s expectations, this example of the timepiece should look like.

From the perspective of style, DBG provides the traditional taste and the feeling of box thinking. This is a unique watch, but one is not surprising or too “wild”. Arnold & Son DBG in steel is a reference. 1DGAS.S01A.C121S, in 18k rose gold it is a reference.




Item No.: 512-TD-45-GF-RN
Case Size: 51.00 mm
Case: Titanium
FUNCTIONS: Retrograde hours, Minutes, Seconds
Glass: Sapphire
Dial colour: Skeletonized
BUCKLE: Deployment Buckle
Strap: Alligator
Movement: Manual Winding




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Item Type Replica ROYAL COLLECTION Watches
Movement Manual Winding
Case Rose Gold,Round
Bracelet leather
Dial Open dial. Golden facetted hands, polished and brushed,Skeletonized
Diameter 46 mm
Gender Men
BUCKLE Pin Buckle
GLASS Sapphire
FUNCTIONS hours, minutes, true beat seconds at 8 o’clock
Boxes common box
Model Number 1TBAR.B01A.C113A




Arnold & Son Constant Force Tourbillon

Why such a review today? Why use this watch? Often, our comments, do not know the lack of explanation, is that we can call the deep story (there is no self, just pure facts). But today, we will not look like this watch as we usually do. We do not argue about aesthetics (even if Arnold & Son Constant Force Tourbillon is first class), we will not go to see wearability or finishing, or at least not in the same way. Today we will look at accuracy, and we will argue that if you stack double barrels in a single watch, Tourbillon and Tire (constant force device), really interested.

replica Hublot Big Bang Unico watches.Why are we not in other comments? In fact there are many reasons. First of all, we received the comments are 1. News watches, from one program to another, from one boutique to another, from journalists to bloggers. So they are usually quite improper, the condition is poor 2. They can be something particularly sent to us, of course, especially the provisions are more accurate than the commercial version. In both cases the objectivity is affected and the results may be better / worse than the conventional ones. In a column written by Hodgling, Jack Foster explains why they never test the accuracy. In many ways, I must agree with him. Conditions are not always perfect, we (the reporter) is not enough to understand, can not correctly explain these results. Then, there is a problem that requires such a test. Do we need to test the watch with ETA movement? of course not. There is no specific timer certification (Geneva seal, COSC, Metas, Rolex top …) watches are monitored on average, from one to another, can see big changes. Finally, does an ETA-driven watch require super precision …? May not.

However, when you have a tourbillon like Arnold and son Henri in your hand, it is actually a shame not to test what makes this watch so special, so complicated and so expensive. We talk about a precise watch, all the features have this single reason. In fact, we will not conduct a regular review. That’s why we look at it in a different, timed-oriented way.

It makes me understand the technical, feel the beauty of the movement, feel the watch in my wrist. However, it does not allow me to properly test the watch to see if the deployed technology is useful. That’s why, at the end of my last article, I ended up saying that on paper, this watch has all the arguments that are very precise – here you can easily see an invitation to our today test. Fortunately, Arnold & Son’s director of sports design and the development of this Tourbillon Sebastien Chaulmontet are all good friends of Monochrome (do not worry, we are still completely fair) and someone on behalf of his product. He was nice to let us test his watch. So here we have a 20 million watch in front of a Witschi test equipment and a professional watchmaker (someone independent, not in Switzerland, very knowledgeable, not connected in any way to Arnold & Son or monochrome).replica RICHARD MILLE RM 011 FELIPE MASSA FLYBACK watch

Arnold and son Hengli Tourbillon are not equipped with one, but two main springs, you are located in the upper half of the dial. Why two? First of all, the simplest explanation is longer power reserve. In fact, this watch provides 90 hours of energy; a good result, but not an exception. There are two barrels in this watch that are not here. To understand why, we have to go back to the basic rules. The energy of the watch is delivered by spring, wound on the barrel, and when deployed, it provides energy to the escapement. However, when fully wound, the spring tends to provide greater torque than when it is deployed. This problem is worse for larger springs. The greater the spring, the more unstable the torque transmission. To make up for this problem, watchmakers looking for longer power reserves tend to use two smaller main springs instead of a big one. This double master spring will pass through the torque that has been smoothed over the entire power reserve will help the remontoire’s work.

The Tourbillon was developed and patented during the 18th century in the late 18th century. Abraham Louis Breguet was a specific type of escapement, the sailing astronomical clock, watch and pocket watch had the same problem: they were worn or placed in a resting position – on the desk , On the deck of the ship, in the pocket (usually placed vertically). The main problem is gravity. The speed of the watch is adversely affected by the gravity of the earth, especially the oscillation of which is the basis of the balance of motion. In order to prevent this fluctuation, Abraham-Louis Breguet has an idea that the watch adjuster (balance, balance spring and escapement) is placed in a small cage, rotating itself, usually in a minute to complete a replica watches online

Even if the tourbillon function is now more debatable – our watch is a watch, so wear in multiple locations – the tourbillon is still a useful device to find the highest timing results. In addition, some of us have desk activities, our watches are usually lying in bedside tables or boxes at night, so in a static location. Arnold and son Hengli Tourbillon equipped with a minute Tourbillon, which is also quite concrete in construction. The balance is not made of metal from the whole circle, but with two arched (Z-shaped) shapes to make the balance wheel lighter, more aerodynamically and more balanced. Which of course has a slight impact, but then again, all these little details show Arnold and son doing the intense work.

To understand why such a device, we must understand how the watch works. The watch is powered by the spring torque. However, we have seen the spring unstable. They tend to give more energy when they are completely wounded and are barely near when unlocked. This has a direct effect on the amplitude of the balance wheel, and the amplitude of the balance wheel is easily changed from 320 degrees to 200 degrees in the normal watch. Of course, this is not good accuracy. This is why watches with long power reserves are usually adjusted at the maximum wound position, which is why the use of a 7 or 8-day power reserve watch is almost unlocked (the accuracy will be poor) is not good.HYT SKULL replica watches

Arnold & Son The solution chosen in Constant Force Tourbillon is a replacement. This is a small spring that charges it in a second and releases its energy directly to the escapement. Whether or not the main spring is full and has a large amount of torque, or whether the main spring is almost unfolded, the weight will always release the same energy. When the power from the mainspring drops below the power required to charge the small spring of the constant force mechanism, the movement stops rather than at a lower precision. On paper, a table with relocated will always run at the same amount of torque and therefore have the same amplitude when it is around or near stop.

This Arnold & Son Constant Tourbillon has a high precision, yes, it does have a constant amplitude – it should be named “constant force”. For those suspected of remontoires or tourbillon, we can see the impact here. Does this mean that the normal watch is not accurate? No, of course. But it will never be stable over the entire range of power reserves, and there will be a higher difference depending on the position of the watch. This piece is for chronograph games, for those who really understand a lot about the watchmakers, or for the accuracy of madness. This watch in real life it is declared on paper. It works during.