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Hublot MP-05 “LaFerrari” sapphire

HUBLOT MP-07 907.JX.0001.RX 2017 NEW replica watch.The MP-05 “LaFerrari”, launched in 2013, is a tribute to the supermodel of the same name, showing its unique and ultra-complex architecture. The lines of the MP-05 LaFerrari are the result of a close collaboration between the designer and the watchmaker at Flavio Manzoni, director of design and tactics. The movement itself is fully designed, developed and produced by Hublot Manufacturing Engineers and Watchmakers. Its Tourbillon has an impressive 50-day power reserve – due to its 11 series coupling bucket set in the center of the watch’s spine. So far, its movement broke the Hublot movement with the largest number of records – a total of 637.

With MP-05 “LaFerrari” sapphire, Hublot is writing a new chapter in the history of the brand. The three-dimensional structure of the sapphire provides a special setting for the movement. Now you can enjoy the sport from all angles. In this custom setting of sapphire carving, it seems to be hanging in the air. In fact, this movement has finally had its carved physical! An ambitious project. Sapphire case consists of seven parts, made of seven sapphires, working more than 600 hours. The use of 3D processing from the sapphire carving case of the super complex architecture presents a further challenge. 18 months of development results were weighed, the wrist was 53.5 grams.

HUB9005.H1.PN.1 The motion function reveals its hypnotic nature, the 637 component and the suspension of the vertical tourbillon. Sports bridge even contained “Yu-ship table”, engineers carved into this transparent material, the most difficult after the diamond. In its vertical position, the small seconds are displayed by a transparent cylinder fixed to the suspended tourbillon cage. The time and minute on the right side of the barrel and the power storage on the left are also displayed through a transparent cylinder.Zenith EL PRIMERO watches replica

Hublot MP-05 “LaFerrari” sapphire with transparent silicone strap, with sapphire carved clasp. In order to meet the appearance of this ultra-watch, the watch uses a micro-drill mechanism to Formula 1 with a tire replacement tool based on MP-05 “LaFerrari” sapphire!


Luxury Hublot MP-09 Tourbillon Bi-Axis King Gold 2017 cheap Watch


Hublot Table MP-09 Double Axis Tourbillon

Hublot table is and always advocates special watches. Each Hengbao Falls is different, if one is suitable for luxury watches in general classification.

But with the constant treasure, there is an extraordinary increase. Masterpiece, soon MP, is a technical exception watch, find other places. The most famous, perhaps the most notable example is the MP-05 La Ferrari. 50 days (!) Power reserve, Tourbillon and MP-05 some of the variables, a sapphire crystal is the distinctive features of this excessive watch.

A sport is similar to the huge engine of the Ferrari. There are more MP-05 La Ferrari reading. A complete overview of all the previously released Hublot tables I have shown in the other things in this blog.Richard Mille RM 016 watches replica



Review HUBLOT masterpiece mp-05 ferrari 2013 NEW 905.ND.0001.RX men Watch


Hublot – masterpieces

In 2017 Basel Watch Fair, Hengbao now presents a new family member, MP-FAMILY: MP-09 Tourbillon dual-axis 5-day power reserve. At first glance, it is clear that the MP-09 is a special watch. Alone at the top of the clock continuous sapphire crystal, made one is a manual work. But the highlights of the watch, there are housing titanium case and gold gold is a biaxial tourbillon.

Probably few people will keep these watches live in their own hands and watch the wonderful look Tourbill features with their own eyes. So I did so I wanted to show two little movies here now. For this watch, Humbold has developed a brilliant masterpiece of these wonderful microfabrications called the HUB 9009.H1.RA. The new caliber from 356 pieces of Artemier, the best watchmaker created by Hobble’s complications.

For me, MP-09, next to the Ferrari Techframe, Hublot table in 2017, one of the highlights of the technology, which once again on the watch a watch built in the Yu-ship table can show.


Tag Heuer’s first smart watch

TAG Heuer revealed in November his first smart watch – this elegant and simple style, with Google and Intel together for $ 1,500. Simple and amazing clocks took a year to develop, described as the “Swiss watch Valley and the United States between the Silicon Valley marriage”, that is, cutting-edge technology and hundreds of years of traditional combination of watches and clocks.

The new Carrera Connected marks the “new chapter in wearable equipment” and brings the Swiss watch industry to the 21st century. To the details of the second titanium most concerned about this is the first combination of practical and class high-quality luxury smart watches. At present, the watch is sold in 20 US dealers.HYT SKULL watches replica

TAG’s new watch is unique in that the brand is far from the rigid design of smart watches and introduces some classic watch feel – Swiss watchmaker’s craftsmanship and expertise. They through the lightweight titanium structure and exquisite design, to achieve a balanced sense of luxury. Connected has a “semi-reflective” display that allows it to be read directly under direct sunlight and is always on.

Watch the software is Motorola, LG, Samsung, Huawei and others use Android Wear. Carrera Connected retains the charm of the classic TAG Heuer series, especially in dial design and shape. Large round screen with attractive male temperament. Each aspect of the watch with the Swiss watch aesthetics complement each other, and Apple’s modern watch dynamic and look of the appearance of Huawei watch. It looks just another Android watch that is actually a surprisingly comfortable and technologically advanced model that offers both functionality and



Richard Mille RM 038 Tourbillon – the fastest, lightest watch on earth

cheap RICHARD MILLE RM 38-01 BUBBA WATSON WATCH.What is the fastest and lightest watch in the world? There are a few stars, the most special star athletes know. When I studied another article, I met Richard Mille RM 038 Tourbillon. It is very strange to me, I do not know, but I know that I have been through this fabulous road before.

Then I realized that it was another one that I had long written that nobody should have five watches. Not because they really will never have, but because they are too special to have or have. It was the first time I had met the Richard Mille RM 038 Tourbillon, and for me, Nadal had worn it when he won Wimbledon.

I wrote a lot of articles, so it is not surprising that I do not remember that I have written this article, but I have not yet repeated any content, and now it is surprising, but this watch repeats, it is such a phenomenon.

cheap MB&F HM5 watches Price.Just in 2011 when SIHH, Richard Mill (Richard Mille) signed a new brand ambassador. Since 2008, they have signed Formula One racing driver Felipe Massa, who signed professional tennis player Rafael Nadal last year, and now they have signed the golfer Bubba Watson. For Felipe Massa and Rafael Nadal, Richard Mille created a special watch, as did Bubba Watson. Like Rafael and Felipe, Bubba wears a special edition of Richard Mille watches in all professional competitions.

The new RM 038 Tourbillon Bubba Watson watch is designed to withstand the tremendous impact of the impact of a golf club hit the ball. This shock is transferred from the golf club to the wearer’s arm and then transferred to the watch. So the main challenge is to suppress the negative effects of the impact to protect the movement. Specifically, the RM 038 has two cross brackets, even in the 18-hole golf golf game will have a constant impact and impact, allowing the delicate tourbillon action normal operation.

Richard Mill RM 038 Tourbillon
The case is made of magnesium-aluminum AZ91, one of the lightest metals used for construction
The housing is waterproof 50 meters and is secured by two Nitr O seals
The housing is assembled with 12 # 6 titanium screws and 316L stainless steel wear washers
9 jewelry, 3Hz beating, floor, bridge and balance cock made of 5 titanium
Skeleton floor


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Richard Mille RM 038’Bubba Watson ‘

With amazing shooting, fierce mamm like a drive, a hot pink driver and an electric character is known. Strength of the precise time, the power for the best player driver. This Bubba Watson inspired Richard Mille’s time slice to get your arm’s hair up.

So if you have free to change, you need buy RM038. Richard Mille is the French businessman Richard Mille in 1999 to set up the same name company’s Swiss watch brand. After training at Besançon, Richard Mille began working at Finhor, a watchmaker in 1974. Mille left in 1992 and started the watchmaking business of the jewelery company Mauboussin. In 1999, he co-founded Richard Mille SA with Audemars Piguet. Its first product RM001 listed in Breitling AVENGER BANDIT Watches

The RM038 Lightweight and Rising Billion Motion is impact resistant. Richard Mille had to make a special design, similar to Rafael Nadal’s RM027. The watch was created to endure the G force and shock in the Buba swing, so he did not have to worry that it was no longer working. Tourbillon with free spring balance, manual wounds, power reserve for 48 hours.



Copy Breitling Bentley watch comments

Today we will show you a Rolex copy watch version, and another amazing Breitling watch is from Brent’s second-hand collection. Of course, you can find this copy in our store by searching our BR.0.014 Breitling Bentley Auto Steel Men’s Watch.With years of Breitling watch sales, I found this watch to be one of the most popular designs on the market. You may want me to shut up because you are now strongly reading more of this model’s desire. it is good . Let’s take a look at this watch. First of all, you can look at my watch.

Sale cheap HUBLOT BIG BANG BLUE WATCH.what do you think ? I will use this watch to tell you my feelings. Very close, stainless steel is highly polished and very smooth. While it is a complete stainless steel watch that seems heavy, but I think we can handle it. Yes I do not know if you agree with me, I always think that the weight of the watch to make it higher quality.

Now we came to the Breiltling Bentley Replica watch dial, which is all black dial with 3 small sub dials: 3.00 – 12 months, 6.00 – 24 hours indication, 9.00 weeks (7 days). All functions will always work, but you can set the time and date via the 2.00 and 4.00 pushers. Then there is a date window displayed at 4.300, set by the crown.

A copy of the Breitling Bentley 6.75 with a one-way – directional baffle, sapphire crystal glass protects sharp things from damaged watches. Now we can take another photo from the store to see this watch stainless steel clasp, buckle a hundred years of the logo, which is a very safe security




Big bang singing Bleu

swiss replica watches.Located at the top of the New York City Museum of Art and Design, Robert – overlooking Central Park and Columbus Circle – Jean-Francois Sberro, General Manager of American Yuzhan, Swiss tattoo artist MaximeBüchi, introduced a new limited edition collaboration hublot watch clock called ” Big bang “.

For a little background, Maxim’s cloth was set up in Samburu Magazine in 2006 – Fusion Art, Fashion, Literature, Sociology, and Tattoo. Eventually led to the formation of 2014 Sang Bleu London Tattoo Studio, which includes more than a dozen A-list tattoo division. It is worth noting that Buchi’s most famous clients include Kanye West and Adam Lambert.

Big Bang Sang Bleu is a 45mm titanium alloy shell with a unique carved geometric pattern, drawn by Buchi, the same as the design tattoo.


Cheap Hublot BIG BANG SANG BLEU KING GOLD 415.OX.1118.VR.MXM1 men Watch for sale


The bezel has a hexagonal shape that matches the metal sculpture at the center of the dial. Matte black dial with black satin round flange, covered with an hour. Just inside is a plus plus a ring. Interestingly, the number created for this work is done by Maxime’s font design company SwissTypefaces SARL.replica Hublot Big Bang Sang Bleu watches

Time is displayed by three octagonal discs. Hour indicated by the outermost disc. Minutes by the disc in the disc. The second is marked with a black disc on the center marked with Habo’s H and Sang Bleu-style hourglass.

Sib Bleu’s limited edition of 200, powered by Unico’s action, has been completely redesigned with no chronograph function to show time through three dishes. The weight of the swing is characterized by the “triangular code” of the Samburu logo. Complete this work is engraved on the back of the calfskin / rubber band Sang Lan logo.replica Breitling AVENGER BLACKBIRD watches

Working with a watchmaker outside of the watchmaker to create a unique watch is nothing new, but the concept is very interesting, especially considering Hublot’s choice of tattoo artists. And in fact, they redesigned the center of the tattoo statue around the watch mechanism, which is actually quite innovative. Art and tabulation of the unique fusion, if you wish.



Watches and cars: TAG Heuer Monaco and racing pedigree

In this watch and car new products, we will once again see some of our favorite watches for racers. In 1971, a …

In this watch and car new products, we will once again see some of our favorite watches for racers.

In 1971, a film named Le Mans was released and starred in the name of Steve McQueen. He sounds like a cool person. The film was criticized as the main racing scene, there is no dialogue, but this is our car

However, this is a very accurate description of the racing movement of the times. Now it has an cult follower, not only for the car order, but by the legendary Steve McQueen and his iconic TAG Heuer.

I used to write about Monaco, but I thought you would never get too much. Movement 12 Monaco is a legendary Monaco Grand Prix race named square surface automatic chronograph. It has some different tastes but gets Caliber 12 with blue face, just like McQueen’s movie.

Watches and cars go well together, but many racing inspired watches the problem is that this often looks very im head. Like Chopard’s rubber strap, it looks like a tire tread, it looks cool for a minute, but eventually it seems like a g head to me. However, Monaco does not have this problem. It looks like an appropriate chronograph and exquisite watch. Looks very cute There are also many nice square watch, unfortunately.replica Tag Heuer MONACO 24 CALIBRE 36 watches

TAG Heuer also has a racing spectrum. Not only in the film, but also in real life. Some of the drivers who wear Monaco are KimiRäikkönen, Lewis Hamilton, the incredible Niki Lauda and the immortal Ayrton Senna. So Monaco is not a racing watch, in the jewelry section of Macy’s to attract boring husbands.

If you are interested in the car, because I assume you do, or you will not read this, then you may appreciate the exquisite watch. Monaco is the perfect table for gearboxes like ours because it is elegant enough to be respected by yourself, but it also has enough real racing pedigree to be treated by car nuts.replica Richard Mille RM 052 skull watches

Luxury Hublot KING POWER PARIS SAINT-GERMAIN 716.CI.0123.RX.PSG14 cheap Watch



Richard Mill new materials combine gold and composites in the world, Richard Mille and North Thin Ply Technology have introduced Gold Quartz-TPT® and Gold NTPT carbon.

The Gold Quartz-TPT® and Gold NTPT Carbon Display Cabins are the exclusive combination of quartz or carbon and gold foil. These new materials will be presented in two Richard Mille women styles: RM 07-01 and RM 037.

Richard Mille’s partnership with North Thin Ply Technology began with the development of NTPT Carbon and Quartz-TPT®. Since then, these materials have been used for case and motherboards, making Richard Mille a significant step forward in non-changeability and impact resistance. Their extreme physical properties make these composites particularly difficult to process, which means that both companies will take several hours to develop new processing procedures and study cutting tools for carbon and quartz. Therefore, in these new materials in the decoration of the watch can be immediately identified.

Hopefully to provide these materials to female customers, Richard Mille once again worked with NTPT to showcase Gold Quartz-TPT® and Gold NTPT carbon. This new explanation for NTPT technology is still based on the principle of inserting a quartz-TPT® or NTPT carbon layer at an angle of 45 °, in which case it is alternating with dozens of gold leaf layers, none of which is more than 10 microns thick.RICHARD MILLE RM 036 MONTRE CAPTEUR DE G TOURBILLON Watch cheap

This process highlights the specific characteristics of these materials, which in turn enhances the unique interpretation of the light they create, and the appearance of their very attractive gold hue graduation. The overall appearance is enhanced by satin brushed 5N red gold straps and polished columns with hundreds of diamonds and mother of pearl or black agate center.

Gold Quartz-TPT® and Gold NTPT Carbon will be specific to RM 07-01 and RM 037 ladies watch cases. With the footsteps of titanium, ceramics and sapphires, these two new additions therefore enrich the range of technical materials available for women.

Buy Replica Richard Mille RM 50-27-01 NTPT men Watch Review

Richard Mille Romain Grosjean and his RM 011 TPT quartz in red

At the time of the Haas F1 team test, the new photographs of Roman Gross were wearing watches.

Richard Mill announced a new partnership with Haas F1 team early this week. The US team will debut at the Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne on March 20, with drivers such as Gain and Esteban Gutierrez.HUBLOT MP-05 LAFERRARI ALL BLACK Watch cheap

Richard Mille sent us some photos of Rolans Grosjean, a friend who had recently been tested in the Haas F1 team since 2014. He was wearing a red RM 011 TPT quartz, and he would wear all the races on this year’s calendar.


SIHH: Richard Mille accepts the sky

RM 50-02 ACJ Tourbillon Split Chronograph Chronograph, Richard Mill and Airbus Company’s results of the partnership between the jet, the watchmaker’s iconic barrel-shaped shell and borrowed from ACJ Technology and form elements.

Airways has always been inspired by Richard Mill because the RM 039 Tourbillon Flight Chronograph Airplane E6B and RM 39-01 Automatic Flight Chronograph Airways E6B are inspired by the cockpit of the aircraft.



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This year, Richard Mille is refueling, working with Airbus Corporate Jet, a five-star subsidiary of Airbus, a European aircraft manufacturer, and The leading supplier of air palaces – RM 50-02 ACJ Tourbillon minute stopwatch chronograph. Two years ago, Sylvain Mariat, head of ACJ Creative Design Studios, began working closely with Julien Boillat and Salvador Arbona of Richard Mille’s research and development department to present a watch that reflects ACJ’s spirit. “The design of the watch is still true for the RM’s soul, but it also conveys the most distinctive features of ACJ The shape and style of the bezel comes from the porthole of the ACJ 320, which reflects many of the complex details of the ACJ cockpit, The fader on the chassis responds to the structure of the wing attached to the airplane,

RM 50-02 ACJ Smart use of the high-tech materials used in the aircraft industry: This is made of special titanium-aluminum alloy (TiAl) used in Airbus jet blades because of its high temperature and high pressure, and moving parts Of the many parts are treated with the same special coating to protect the ACJ engine from corrosion.

In function, the new Tourbillon movement RM 50-02 shows the time and minutes in the middle of the second hand chronograph, between 11 o’clock and 12 o’clock between the power storage counter and the torque indicator between 2 and 3 o’clock Tension of the main spike. The extensive skeleton of all the metal parts of the movement minimizes the weight of the watch.



Breitling Navitimer Cosmonaute

Breitling celebrates the 50th anniversary of the first space wrist chronograph.

On May 24, 1962, the Breitling Navitimer Chronograph became the first watch to share the conquest through the Aurora 7 flight. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of this historic feast, the brand is launching a new Navitimer Cosmonaute to the track, equipped with a high-performance manufacturing Breitling movement that is fully developed and produced in the company’s workshop.

This 1,962 limited edition feature features a 24-hour display, manual up-and-up mode – two points of the original 1962 chronograph, and engraved Aurora 7 mission badge on the back. Navitimer Cosmonaute. The legend continues.

Girl flying in space

Breitling Navitimer Heritage Watches cheap.In the early 1960s, all about the space race. Americans have launched a Mercury program designed to develop manned flights. They are looking for high-performance, accurate and reliable chronographs that can withstand anomalies. Taking this into account, they naturally turned to the “world aviation official supplier” Breitling, is also the best time in aviation history privilege partner. Navitimer was created in 1952 as a cult pilfer watch, with its famous circular slideshow rules, used to perform all operations related to airborne navigation, naturally considered the ideal tool to meet this challenge. It succeeded in passing all the necessary tests, and on May 24, 1962, Lt commander Scott Carpenter was on the Aurora 7 capsule three times the orbit Earth. On his wrist is a Navitimer equipped with a 24-hour scale for distinguishing between day and night – absolutely necessary space. mission completed.

This is an important new symbol of Breitling, and this leader of the occupation of the leader soon to Cosmonaute in the name of the brand into the series. Army commander Scott Carpenter (Scott Carpenter) in the Aurora 7 capsule around the earth three times. On his wrist is a Navitimer equipped with a 24-hour scale for distinguishing between day and night – absolutely necessary space. mission completed. This is an important new symbol of Breitling, and this leader of the occupation of the leader soon to Cosmonaute in the name of the brand into the series. Army commander Scott Carpenter (Scott Carpenter) in the Aurora 7 capsule around the earth three times. On his wrist is a Navitimer equipped with a 24-hour scale for distinguishing between day and night – absolutely necessary space. mission completed. This is an important new symbol of Breitling, and this leader of the occupation of the leadership soon to Cosmonaute in the name of the brand into the collection.

The new manufacturing Breitling movement 02 provides power for Navitimer Cosmonaute, and its 24-hour display and manual winding system highlights two unique features that correspond to Scott Carpenter’s model on the track. It is developed by Breitling engineers and watchmakers, based on Caliber 01, the world’s best chronograph movement, and has all the special “engine” assets – including the original wheel structure, the largest reliable Sex, safety and functionality, not straight through the COSC (Swiss official observatory test institute) issued by the timer certificate to confirm the ruggedness and excellent accuracy. Issued 1,962 limited edition, 50th anniversary Navitimer Cosmonaute with black dial with silver counter. The dial pattern is created using the exquisite “parépargne” craft on the sterling silver base, thus ensuring unparalleled light and the readability of the indications. In addition to the Aurora 7 mission badge, the carved bottom cover also features a Celsius / Fahrenheit scale – another detail is true to the design of the old Navitimer model.HYT H1 BLUE2 TITANIUM AND PINK GOLD Watches cheap

Review Cheap BRM 6-44 GOLF BLACK DIAL LIGHT BLUE GF6-44-SA-N-ABLC men watch price at

Review Cheap BRM GOLF WHITE SKELETON DIAL GREEN GF6-44-SA-SQ-AVP men watch price

Case Material: Stainless Steel
Brand Name:BRM
Water Resistance Depth: life proof water
Movement: Automatic
Dial Diameter: 44 mm
Dial: White skeleton design golf ball
Clasp Type: —
Boxes: common box package without paper
Gender: men
Band Material Type: leather
Functions: Hours, Minutes, Seconds
Year: 2017
Model Number:GF6-44-SA-SQ-AVP



BRM Martini Racing Series Limited Edition

Martini racing color history One of the most representative of the liver has been laid for nearly 50 years for the Grand Prix, Le Mans and the World Rally Championship car.

BRM, watchmaker most “racing”, became the official sponsor of one of the biggest sponsors of racing: Martini Racing. For racing enthusiasts, the French manufacturer presents a new collection of the first two pieces of the iconic red and blue: the V12-44 chronograph “Martini Racing” is white or navy blue. Start the engine!

Not to introduce BRM, who in 2003 knew the watch’s car was completely inspired by the well-deserved success of Bernard Richards founded. Review the traditional watchmaking code, which shows dynamic design and strict, well-known “racing spirit”. While she has been a sponsor of the prestigious racing sport sponsor since the relevant sponsor Bay famous car, the French manufacturer has been vibrating all the game enthusiasts’ partners: the Italian Martini car.replica BRM Golf watches

Since 1968, the Martini car is the name of several teams sponsored by the Italian brand absinthe Martini by Martini and Rossi Winery. His iconic colors, dark blue stripes, light blue and red are inseparable from Porsche in the endurance and Lancia rebound. If the automatic sponsorship begins with Alfa Romeo in 1962 at Daytona, his iconic color appeared for the first time in 1968 at Porsche 907 in endurance. From 1978 to 1992, Martini was committed to the world championship rally, especially with Ferrari Lancia and the unforgettable Lancia 037 and Delta HF Integrale. Since 1972, the brand has been present in Formula 1 with Brabham and Lotus, and from 2014 onwards with Team Williams Martini Racing. Synonyms victory martini racing, first on the podium, at Le Mans in 1971 24 hours Porsche 917. She will win several championship manufacturers and drivers for stamina and rally.

BRM and Martini Racing have now started their first collaboration. This partnership, through the art of racing, brings two unique iconic brands.replica JACOB & CO. ASTRONOMIA SKY watches

The artisans of the BRM have transplanted the art of the martini racing heritage and paired with the mechanically handmade watch. They led the team’s spirit and aesthetics and incorporated it into the BRM’s famous V12-44 series, which was completely elaborated by some of France’s finest watchmakers, the ETA Valjoux 7753 movement, assembled and perfused.

Chronograph BRM has been signed under the agreement to become the official watchmaker’s agreement Martini Racing. All racing enthusiasts and French factory enthusiasts good news! Through the same warmth of the racing movement, they launched the new collection of watches BRM Martini with the first two parts of the presentation will be available for pre-order in March 2017 and will be sold from June 2017 to each sold only 150 The timing tables V12-44-MR-01 and V12-44-MR-0 2 are distinguished by the implementation of the “Navy” in their white and blue colors.

Two watches by remembering the famous delivery of several details extend the famous iconic Italian brand of traditional martini racing.

Based on the iconic V12-44 chronograph, the BRM V12-44 martini racing shows the motor movement with the housing body Acinox stainless steel diameter 18/844 mm piston-shaped, angle and pusher forming lightweight valves and crowns MARTINI RACING logo. White V12-44-MR-01 and Martini Blue V12-44-MR-02.replica Breitling Avenger Watches



Brand Jacob & Co
Item Type Replica Grand Complication Masterpieces COLLECTION Watches
Movement Manual Winding
Case White Gold
Bracelet alligator
Dial Skeletonized
Diameter 47 mm
Gender Men
BUCKLE Pin Buckle
GLASS Sapphire
FUNCTIONS Hours, Minutes
Boxes common box
Model Number AT110.30.AA.SD.A

Jacobs has introduced a new Observatory watch and a $ 18 watch

This year, Jacob & Co. – Senior joaillerie watch owner – surprise again and surprise with lots of watches, from the complicated tourbillon to stunning emerald cuisine. Last year, the brand released the “Astronomia” watch – you can read it here. This year there are several new deductions – bringing the earth and the moon to all new heights in an updated format.

The new astronomical watch has been reconfigured with a larger, more open blue sapphire crystal for observing the sun, the moon and the tourbillon with multi-axis. Latest works: Astronomical Rectangle and Aventurine. Two by the JCEM01 movement to provide power, with orbital display, due to four independent satellites, every 20 minutes to make the ball turn a full circle. The moon is created using 288-hole spherical diamonds that reflect incident light in multiple directions around 60 seconds of rotation around an independent axis. Handprint Titanium sphere also rotates every 60 seconds. The Tourbillon, along with other objects, rotates the dial every twenty minutes and the fourth arm provides time and minutes.replica Audemars Piguet ROYAL OAK OFFSHORE watches

Unique JCEM01 caliber, with a Phillips curve balance spring and motor barrel, to promote its titanium alloy manufacturing lightweight watchmaking boundaries. The watch is placed in a 50 mm shell, the whole surface covered with diamonds.

In the field of diamonds and precious stones, Jacob’s founder Jacob Jacobo never let us down. This year’s main watch includes a $ 18 million billionaire with 260 carats of diamonds cut diamonds. Unique watches are created with Flavio Briatore and its Billionaire Lifestyle. The incredible 260-carat diamond consists of independent GIA-certified diamonds, each diamond up to 3 carats – inlaid with inverted pyramid-style jewels. Time is through the Tourbillon escapement hollow JCAM09 caliber description. We will bring more Jacobs news to the Basel world. stay tuned.replica watch sale




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Case:White gold,Round
Movement:Manual Winding
FUNCTIONS:Hours, Minutes, Power Reserve, Tourbillon
BUCKLE:Pin Buckle


Harry Winston Histoire De Tourbillon 7 watch

The Histoire de Tourbillon series will put Harry Winston in trouble. Every iteration of this series of incredible traditional watches has become increasingly complicated every year, and we are beginning to wonder how to provide things on earth that can start from the previous version. However, it seems that 2016 will not be like the “legend” of the climax of the past year, but for the Basel world to introduce the upright Harry Winston Hastowo de Tuo flywheel 7.

CHOPARD LUC WATCHES copy.So, what exactly is it, is to catch up with the dazzling $ 600,000 Tourbillon 6 in 2015, stunning is nearly 700 parts, two time indicators, an 80-hour power reserve and a three-axis tourbillon Is a Titanic 55mm case? simple. You do not have a double down, but the two biaxial tourbillers are combined with a spherical differential, averaging their behavior pattern relative to the position and gravity to produce a spectacular synchronized ballet with time. Is it easy?

On paper, the HW4502’s movement may be simpler because it contains only more than 500 components and 84 jewelry for hair. In addition, this latest version does not have as many different complications as the Tourbillon 6. Also, it is still roughly the same size as your modern (size) modern watch, measuring 43.5mm wide and 8.65mm thick. Those that are just the size of the sport! In any case, a significant reduction in the number of components seems to make Harry Winston Histoire de Tourbillon 7 sports engineers focus on the use of a single tourbillon complication witchcraft, using two different trajectories to drive the escapement and multiply – science To calculate the expertise of Winston description is based on “extraordinary technical strength” to complete.RICHARD MILLE skull WATCHES copy



Replica Harry Winston HISTOIRE DE TOURBILLON 8 watch HCOMDT51WW003

The two biaxial tourbillers each contain 117 components, each weighing 0.76 grams, ie … waiting for it … the average weight of each component in these “whirlwinds” is 0.0065 grams. The balance wheel in the Tourbillon is tilted 30 degrees (more about why in this epic hands-on practice Greubel Forsey Double Balancier) and knocked down at a relatively severe 3 Hz or 21,600 times per second. The biaxial representation of the two rotating axes, on the other hand, usually means two separate timings. In the case of Harry Winston Histoire de Tourbillon 7, the situation is no different because the interior retainer of the Tourbillon is fully rotated within 45 seconds and the outer cage is bypassed within 75 seconds. The dance lasted about 55 hours,

Concerned Tourbillon also simplifies the dial, making the watch as a whole more clear – we appreciate the achievements (if not more), further enhance the technical complexity. The dial is anodized aluminum rectangular, gently skeleton design, numbers and hands that you can read. In view of the size of the case of 18k white gold case diameter of 50.9mm, dial size should be roughly the same size in Reverso – so readability should not be a problem.HARRY WINSTON HISTOIRE DE TOURBILLON WATCHES copy


You will also notice that although the platinum case has been reduced to a diameter of about 51 mm, the thickness of 17.3 mm, but the earrings have been shortened by half, may further improve the wear resistance. Only twenty Harry Winston Histoire de Tourbillon 7 will be made – ten red dialing options, ten are anthracite versions, and whether the jury will still exceed last year’s price.







Technical Specifications
sapphire crystal
45 mm
15.06 mm
Manual Winding
Hours, Minutes, Seconds, Perpetual Calendar, Day, Date, Month, Moon Phase, Chronograph
Pin Buckle





Brand Bell & Ross
Item Type Replica BR-S Watches
Movement Quartz
Case Stainless steel,Square
Bracelet Alligator
Dial Color Blue
Diameter 39mm
Gender unisex
Thickness —
GLASS Sapphire
FUNCTIONS Hours, Minutes
Boxes common box
Model Number BRS-EA-ST/SCR



Bell and Ross Air

cheap Bell & Ross BRS Watches.While there are many well-known brands, where the production of multi-functional “tool watch”, almost no, as well as Bell and Ross.

Despite the great reputation, Bell and Ross are still a relatively young company. Founded in 1993, two friends Bruno Belamich and Carlo A. Rosillo as a university project, Bell & Ross is a shortened, Anglicised portfolio of their surnames.

From the beginning, the two Frenchmen knew the key to success was cooperation. Knowledgeable, but relatively inexperienced, they formed a team of designers and technical staff of the team, everyone has a useful skill to complement the spirit of the brand. They also established a strategic partnership with manufacturer Sinn to help them enter the luxury watchmaking industry for the first time. In 2002, when the fashion brand Chanel acquired Bell & Ross’s big stake, this arrangement is over. The focus of attention will be transferred to aesthetics rather than to prove that it is unfounded. Each model is a classic tool table, Bell and Ross have never deviated from the Swiss watch principle: reliability, elegance and Bell & Ross BRS Watches




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So far, Bell and Ross have released three collections: aviation, ocean and wine. Each providing excellent water repellency, super clear dial pad and precise mechanical movement. They are trusted in the most difficult and dangerous conditions of the work of the people of the time, by the astronauts, deep-sea divers and bomb handling experts confidence to wear.

Bell and Ross air collection is no exception. As the name implies, the series is inspired by the aerospace instrument on the cockpit display panel. The iconic and compelling design ensures that the aeronautical model is suitable for formal or casual wear and is also a necessary tool for pilots engaged in potential life or death situations.

Bell and Ross BR01 Airways
cheap watches online shop.The first Bell and Ross air model, still the most famous is BR01, published in 2005, and BR01-92 is considered to be an obvious classic. It is attractive because it is functional, it has a unique program case, it immediately draws attention, but there are a lot of interest on the surface extension. 46 mm diameter chassis with automatic mechanical movement, water depth of 100 meters. Dial black, with large white numbers or vice versa, with three hands, allowing pilots to easily check their flight time or rise speed. Everything about BR01-92 shows that it is a rugged watch that you can expect from a large piece of carbon finished stainless steel or ceramic to a rubber, leather or synthetic canvas.


Luxury Cheap Bell & Ross BR-X1 Carbon Forge men Watch Price

Also set in this iconic square case, BR01-94 is a chronograph with three sub dials, with higher accuracy for 60 seconds, 30 minutes and 12 hours. Bell & Ross expanded the selection of BR01-94 case material, including titanium and stainless steel case.

BR03 Airways
Meanwhile, Bell and Ross introduced the BR03-92, a slightly smaller version of the BR01, at 42mm, making it very suitable for men’s thinner wrist or those looking for a striking watch on a formal occasion. Bell and Ross BR03-92 continue to balance form and function, keeping readability and precision at the forefront of the design process.

BR-S aviation
In 2008, Bell and Ross Airways expanded the third line, BR-S. At 39 mm it has the smallest case, there are also several designs for women. The case is 18kt pink gold or ceramic, ivory, black or pearl dial and crocodile leather belt. While these watches are clearly suitable for formal occasions, their designs are still indispensable to aviation links and insist on Bell and Ross’s readability and functional HYT H1 watches

Despite their growing reputation as a luxury watchmaker, nobody can accuse Bell and Ross from stealing water. They recently launched a 610HP concept of F1 racing cars, not only from the history of the car, but also from aviation, its aerodynamic lines and features such as glass roofs and double exhaust reminiscent of jet fighters. Can a B & R car line be on the road?

Not just a stylish watch, Bell and Ross Air as an indispensable survival tool. This is tactical timing.



HUBLOG Big Bang Ferrari

HUBLOT table has always created a unique design and application of models for his cooperation with Ferrari, which began in 2011 with this new design, which incorporates the advanced concept of Humboldt with Ferrari’s design language. Contours and perfect proportions to enhance the aesthetic bangs of the Ferrari Chronograph, which also has a very strong functional detail and elegance.

cheap Michele watches.The minute timer and date window at the 3 o’clock position are drawn as a tachometer for the car and the style of the date is inspired by the Ferrari’s speedometer. The jumping sign in 6 appears carefully in the minute shape of the fan at the 9 o’clock position. Hour and minute hands, completely redesigned to provide better readability. Instead of being placed horizontally, the number is now displayed on the top with the appearance of the float, which gives the three-dimensional appearance of the cable. The profile of the baffle has been redesigned with a wire gap for 6 screws to create the perfect balance between the innovative and exquisite size and slender form and function; the more user-friendly design protects the screws from the cockpit inspired by the Ferrari. On the side of the crown, there is a red line in the middle of the memory, depicting the Ferrari Laferrari model behind the iconic groove. The slender button is set to the rotary lever as the pedal of the car. The crown, marked with the Hubble logo, has a more comprehensive and ergonomic protection that evokes the shape features of the TPE (Turbine Performance Engineer) inserted in the center of the Ferrari dashboard. Other profiles are inspired by the Ferrari styling. The name of “Ferrari” is shown on the back of the bright red sandwich box.



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The Big Bang Ferrari Chronograph is equipped with a unique movement – manufacturing Hengbao it integrates the guide column wheel from the side of the dial to see the flyback chronograph movement. The oscillating crowd recalls the sparkling landmark design of the Ferrari, while the sink, the bridge and the swinging masses through the dial and sapphire handle the black PVD visible. The Big Bang Ferrari Chronograph with 45mm Case Diameter is Titanium, Gold Gold and Unidirectional Carbon. Straps are made of black colored Alcantara fabric with red suture typical of the Ferrari interior or black Schedoni skin recalled by the Ferrari seat of the iconic design of the black rubber. Design, development, manufacturing and engineers and watchmakers Hengbao Merger Case Assembly Mobile has a flyback chronograph (which can be reset at any time – a unique tabulation in the industry), two buttons, date, its characteristic mechanism Double coupling and guide column wheel visible from the side of the dial. The hour counter is driven directly from the barrel and in the timer mechanism does not exist without tripping: which adds to the simplicity of reliability and durability. Once again and the escapement wheel is fixed to a removable platform in silicon, its brightness ensures excellent



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Item Type Replica SIHH 2017 SERPENT Collection Watches
Movement Self Winding/Automatic
Case Titanium,Round
Bracelet Alligator
Dial Color White
Diameter 42 mm
Gender men
BUCKLE Pin Buckle
Year 2017
GLASS Sapphire
FUNCTIONS Hours, Minutes, Seconds, Date
Boxes common box
Model Number 10006-05


Speake-Marin crazy skull watch Speake-Marin is an admirable watchmaker. Like most independent watchmakers, his brand of the same name is very young. Was founded in 2002, which means Speake-Marin, this brand, only 15 years old. However, in the past decade and a half, the brand has succeeded in presenting aesthetics that it is undeniable that they are. Large, strong drill bit and that signature flames blue shovel hour hand just screamed for those who are familiar with his work at Speake Marlin. The latest watch from Speake-Marin is called the crazy skeleton, which is in line with the brand’s clear reputation.

Speake-Marin Crazy Skull Watch is equipped with a 42mm wide 5-level titanium case, but with a platinum bezel and table back. Like all other Speake-Marin watches, the crazy skull watch is equipped with branded signature studs, which they call “Piccadilly’s shoulder”. In addition to giving the watch a unique beauty, they also make the belt easy to change. Water resistance is only 30 meters, so keep the liquid clear.URWERK UR-210 WATCHES replica

Speake-Marin Crazy Skull Watch is part of Speake-Marin’s more complex and artistic Cabinet desMystères series, so its sleeves have several tips. If you look carefully, you will see a slider at 8 o’clock. Yes, this watch is a three-comment timer. It has three hammers and three gongs, it can hit the time as needed.

But even more impressive is that when three minutes of Zhong Qin Zhong Qin was activated, the hollow dial on the two aluminum skull will be separated, revealing the bottom of the 60 seconds tourbillon. Tourbillon, as you would expect, has a perfect handmade tourbillon cage. But this is not all – look at 12 o’clock, you will also see the big flames blue 12 o’clock Roman numerals … separate. Interestingly, this is the first time that Speake-Marin has created a watch with a tourbillon, a three-minute repeater and an animated dial.

replica SPEAKE-MARIN SIHH 2017 watches.Once completed, the two skulls will be rejoined at 6 o’clock to hide the tourbillon, and the 12-point Roman numerals will transform themselves. This is not just a frivolous practice. Look carefully, you will see two skulls actually in the middle to form a small heart. Thus, the activation of the three asked the timer means the separation of the two lovers, and the end of the bell marks their reunion. All in all, Speake-Marin Crazy Skull Watch is a pretty line of sight and does make the three questions time complicated, which is already a feat, itself, more interesting and visually exciting to watch.

Its internal movement is the movement SMC01, can be seen from behind the sapphire display cabinet. This is a manual winding movement, which provides 72 hours of power reserve. From behind, people can easily see the three hammers and gongs, as well as three asked the time of the centrifugal regulator, when the three asked the timer to start, the centrifugal governor rotates. Large bridges and motherboards have rounded sand and are beveled. The screw head and counterbore used for gemstones are also polished.

For Speake-Marin fans, Speake-Marin Crazy Skull Watch will be a wonderful addition, especially with its unique three-time reporting mechanism and animated dialing. However, there is a problem. Only two are made by Speake-Marin’s crazy skull watch – one with a black skull and the other with a gray skull.replica Oris Royal Flying Doctor watches





Item Type Replica SIHH 2017 CRAZY Collection Watches
Movement Manual Winding
Case Titanium,Round
Bracelet Alligator
Dial Color Skeletonized
Diameter 42 mm
Gender men
BUCKLE Pin Buckle
Year 2017
GLASS Sapphire
FUNCTIONS Hours, Minutes
Boxes common box






Brand Richard Mille
Item Type Replica RM 027 Watches
Movement Manual Winding
Case Carbon,Tonneau
Bracelet Rubber
Dial Color Skeletonized
Diameter 47.77mm x 39.70mm
Gender Men
Thickness 12.25 mm
GLASS Sapphire
FUNCTIONS Hours, Minutes, Tourbillon
Boxes common box



Introduction to Richard Mille RM 27-02 Tourbillon Rafael Nadal are sports watches and watches for sports, which means that the watch is designed to wear when practicing extreme sports. Whether they are tied to the wrist of an F1 driver, wrist in a golfer’s wrist or ultra-fast sprinter (too), the watch created by Richard Miller can resist various difficult situations. These famous ambassadors are RM’s logo, the most famous ambassador is Rafael Nadal. With the beginning of the French Open (Roland Garros 2015), it is time to introduce the latest achievements of this partnership, Richard Mille RM 27-02 Tourbillon Rafael Nadal.

A common and impressive feature shared by Richard Mille’s all sports-oriented watches is the ability to be used in the field. We are not here to provide some sports visual cues to the existing watch, but rather to design the watch properly, can exercise in the extreme level, you can use the watch, can withstand the worst case, is not intended for athletes. For example, RM 36-01 designed Rally racing driver Sebastien Loeb was able to measure the G force, RM 055 envisioned with the golf champions Bubba Watson could resist the vibration of the drive and RM 59-01 the tourbillon created the sprinter Yohan Blake had a light Shell and aerodynamic shape.replica ZENITH PILOT EXTRA SPECIAL 29.2430.4069/21.C800 WATCH

RM’s latest work is the result of one of the greatest tennis players in our time: Richard Mille RM 27-02 Tourbillon Rafael Nadal. We are here again as an ultra-light watch, a complex sport, impressive architectural case, innovative and amazing material and very high impact resistance. The first thing that comes directly to your eyes is that this particular case has a rather strange color … admit whether you like it or not, borders and Richard Miller RM 27-02 Tourbillon Rafael Nadal’s bottom cover is special. It is by TPT quartz – again the first of the clock. This unique black and white appearance comes from the layer structure (totaling more than 600 layers), alternating quartz and carbon fiber. Richard Mille’s engineers developed a highly original material called TPT Quartz, consisting of hundreds of layers of quartz filaments stacked on top of each other. The silicon dioxide layer is inserted between the NTPT carbon layers (where you can read more about this material), where the positioning system changes the fiber orientation between each layer by 45 degrees. The machining will display the randomly placed layers, creating a unique look for each watch.HYT H4 WATCHES replica

The second innovation comes from the construction of watches. Typically, the shell and movement are two completely separate portions that are rejoined at the end of the assembly process and are connected by screws. Here, Richard Miller from the car chassis to create a “one” substrate inspiration. In fact, the black belt around Richard Mille RM 27-02 (with bezel and bottom cover mounted on it) and the skeleton bridge that holds the moving parts are a single NTPT carbon. Like the car, the engine is directly integrated on the chassis. It creates a watch that is light on the wrist for the first time, but is very resistant to shock (up to 5000g) – useful when this watch is tied to Rafael Nadal’s wrist and can hit a ball at 215 km / Hour (130 mph).

The movement will not be forgotten here. We have a complete skeleton and a highly completed tourbillon caliber. It shows two huge 5-level titanium bridges to keep the tourbillon in 6 and fast-rotating barrels at 12 (6 hours instead of 7.5 hours to better torque and regular force). A minute Tourbillon uses a free spring balance with variable inertia to achieve better timing results. In short, this movement can withstand extreme shocks, can provide 70 hours of power reserve, and has some exquisite Tourbillon only 3.35 grams. This does not prevent Richard Miller RM 27-02 Tourbillon Raphael Nadal from perfect finish because all the parts are beveled, shot peened or hand-satin brushes.

The Richard Mille RM 27-02 Tourbillon Rafael Nadal once again proved the role of modern and high-end watches. Forget the appearance or strange color of the case. Just remember the amazing innovations and techniques used.URWERK UR-105 WATCHES replica





Item Type Replica PILOT Collection Watches
Movement Self Winding/Automatic
Case Bronze,Round
Bracelet Nubuck
Dial Color Black
Diameter 45 mm
Gender unisex
BUCKLE Pin Buckle
Thickness 14.25 mm
Year 2017
GLASS Sapphire
FUNCTIONS Hours, Minutes, Seconds, Chronograph
Boxes common box
Model Number 29.2430.4069/21.C800





Brand Harry Winston
Item Type Replica THE PREMIER Collection Watches
Movement Quartz
Case Pink Gold,Diamond,Round
Bracelet Alligator
Dial Color White
Diameter 36 mm
Gender Women
BUCKLE Pin Buckle
Thickness 7.9 mm
GLASS Sapphire
FUNCTIONS Hours, Minutes, Date, Moon Phase
Boxes common box
Model Number PRNQMP36RR001



Complex watch: Harry Winston’s Histoire de Tourbillon 4

This year is the fourth year, the respected Harry Winston brand launched the Histoire de Tourbillon – this is the Histoire de Tourbillon 4 – one of the most complex mechanical timers. The table has a three-axis tourbillon design to ensure that the Tourbillon escapement is always in a different position, thus providing excellent accuracy. The first cage (accommodating the oscillator and escapement) rotates every 45 seconds; the intermediate cage is rotated every 75 seconds; and the outermost cage rotates every 300 seconds. Watch movement includes 345 parts, providing 50 hours of power reserve. Each Zalium casing watch takes 160 hours or more. Only 20 will be

Time Capsule: Products – Harry Winston Post Ms. Moon Watch

At the recent New York Times exhibition, iconic luxury watches and jewelry maker Harry Winston introduced the latest, attractive midnight moon table.

Midnight Collection ™ part, these two new wristwatches provide a romantic interpretation of the moon phase complexity, in which the moon and stars are carefully carved from the branches of the tree and finished with luxury finish on the dial.

Offering 18 carat rose gold or 18 carat white gold, these two charming timepieces are each simple and beautiful, almost fantasy. Both versions are embedded in diamonds, inlaid dial, dial decorated with 91 bright cut diamonds.Replica Urwerk UR-203 men watches

Time Capsule: Products – Harry Winston’s amazing work 12 – Wrist on the magic show

By the latest Harry Winston Opus-12 tab, with the watchmaker Emmanuel Bouchet together to break all the traditional tabulation rules. While it really is a mechanical masterpiece, what it is, we used to see it show and change the time and minutes. In the Opus12 watch, in the hourly change, rotate the hands of the system to jump into the action. Exercise the execution and elaborate gear dance and rotate the hand to indicate the time. In fact, every hour of the needle rotates, or every hour of replacement, displays a blue hour hand in the other 11 silver hands per hour. A longer minute every five minutes to complete a similar exercise – amazing beauty and harmony.

Manual winding mechanical movement consists of 607 parts, 80 gems and two barrels – one is the rotation of the hand, the other is timing. In order to carry out its magical dance and time to change the instructions, it includes 24 hands. The watch provides 45 hours of power storage, as well as every 5 minutes between the minutes of the reverse jump time display. In fact, on this watch, you can read minutes carefully – half minutes. It also has a second hand dial. It is housed in a 46mm white gold box.

“For me this project is a dream come true.I can not fail to achieve it, no Harry Winston,” Bouchet, who conceived the idea three years ago and presented its brand in 2012.Replica MB&F MOONMACHINE watches


Time Capsule: Product – Deconstruction Time with Harry Winston Opus 11

It’s no secret that since 2001 Harry Winston first started its Opus series – which was one of the most anticipated watches of the year. In essence, Opus is in the brand selection and independent watchmaker cooperation, their talent to the front desk began – this symbiotic relationship into an annual event. Some of the most incredible watches are created from this relationship.

replica Harry Winston watches.This year, the new Opus Eleven was co-founded with the watch brand MCT engineer, watchmaker and founder Denis Giguet, which was an extraordinary mechanical engineering work and also showed time. The watch is limited to 111 pieces, with three overlapping cylinders or circles, divided into three levels: center or main circle for hours; two auxiliary dials on the main round side showing minutes (for jumpers for ten On the running plate for the unit) and the titanium balance wheel.

However, this watch is not surprising design, but its action. This watch is about time to explode – or deconstruct and then rebuild before your eyes. Each hour, the number of times indicating the time of the main circle (through the pallet display) is split into small bits and debris – split and disorderly exploded – and then almost immediately with the new hour instruction. Then all keep calm, in the next 60 minutes, until the explosive heat to inspire the senses again. The whole action through a complex rotary gear mechanism to complete 24 rotating placards, is a wonderful scene.replica HYT H1 FULL GOLD 148-PG-15-NF-AG WATCH




Brand Harry Winston
Item Type Replica THE PREMIER Collection Watches
Movement Quartz
Case Rose gold,Diamond,Round
Bracelet Alligator
Dial Color Tahitian mother-of-pearl
Diameter 40 mm
Gender Women
BUCKLE Pin Buckle
Thickness 9.5 mm
GLASS Sapphire
FUNCTIONS Hours, Minutes, Seconds, Date, Chronograph
Boxes common box
Model Number PRNQCH40RR002