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Devon Tires 2: Good News in Basel

In Basel, in addition to the usual well-known watchmaking names, I went to see watch manufacturers that can only be defined as reductions. Under the leadership of its founder Scott Devon, DEVON has been known for its incredible creativity in recent years, and these ideas have challenged the tradition of the watch industry. Tread 2 continues to use the same patented technology as previous tread 1, using the innovative Time Belts© system, nylon ribbon, and glass fiber reinforcement.

These 0.5 mm thick ribbons are manufactured using a process that directly attracts aircraft cockpit instruments, which shows important measures such as wind speed and liquid level. The belt is mounted on the central frame and is driven by two very compact stepper motors. These engines and all other clock functions are controlled by a microprocessor located in the center of the watch. This small computer has DEVON-developed software that manages all the functions of the timepiece and ensures time accuracy, with a tolerance of only half a second per replica Richard Mille RM 019 watches

In order for the watch to function, DEVON designs a movement that is neither purely mechanical nor purely electronic, but rather a hybrid – combining a high-tech masterpiece of moving parts with a system for storing battery energy, a lithium polymer, as a traditional spring / Barrel mechanical system alternatives. This innovation means that the starting price of Pedal 2 is relatively low, about US$10,000, while providing considerable autonomy (up to two weeks for a single charge). As with tread 1, when it is time to charge, simply place the watch on a wireless charger that works with an electromagnetic induction system for hours.

Finally, we saw the main features: a 44 mm case (no problem with even a thin wrist), sapphire crystal glass, waterproofness of 10 meters (1 atmosphere), and a leather and rubber replica Bell & Ross BR-X1 watches


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Greubel Forsey quadruple tourbillon: watch or watch?

Yes, I admit that the title is a bit “breakthrough”; but in some cases it is necessary to understand this world around a certain number of clocks. The watch is priced at 725,000 euros. A beautiful apartment in a large city or villa with swimming pool in a more decentralized area.
Is this money worth it? Does the existence of these works make sense?

Let’s start with a concept: When they think of a tourbillon manufacturer, the watch’s big fans and connoisseurs think of Greubel Forsey. Robert Greubel and Stephen Forsey met at Renaud & Papi in the early 90s, so there was a gentleman at Giulio

This watch collects two double 30° Tourbillons: then four turbines. The two external tourbillons complete a turn in 4 minutes, while the internal tourbillon tilts 30° in one minute. 531 pieces (128 pieces per twin turbine cage, weighing only 1.17 grams) must be coordinated to make this watchmaking prodigy function. Greubel Forsey patented and implemented a very sophisticated mechanism. Surprisingly, these four torubillon, these 594 pieces are assembled in a 43.5 mm diameter case, with a thickness of 16.11 mm: smaller than many complicated watches. This makes this watch wearable (if you are not afraid to wear such a value). If you look at the photo studio, you will see a photo of it wearing a very beautiful watch.

The charge reserve for this complex clock is 50 hours, which may be attributed to the coaxial fast rotation series under the dual clock dial.replica Tonino Lamborghini SPYDER watches

Sapphire glass is convex and asymmetric.

None of the above can explain the price. I can also say that it takes more than two years to produce one. I can add another thousand things. The only way to understand certain prices is to compare these watches (which are produced in small quantities and sold before production) with works of art whose prices are caused by many factors other than pure production costs. These works eventually fell into the hands of enthusiastic collectors who did not care about spending to win this type of work.

For mortals, understanding and accepting certain prices is difficult, but for the lucky ones, the price is not a problem, if the problem can even find replica Devon watches



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UR-210 – part is human

UR-210: There will never be a clock showing such feedback and attachments to its owner. In URWERK’s UR-210 watch, URWERK’s first watch highlights and monitors the symbiotic relationship between human and mechanical watches. Although the UR-210 features the original URWERK time display, the same reason – is the UR-210’s personalized communication with its owner. If the UR-210 shows precise timing accuracy while timing, it will play an emotional card when it echoes your life rhythm: “The UR-210 embodies the symbiotic relationship between man and watch. This quasi-biological machine It may be more revealing about you than any other object you have, “explains Martin Frei.

The UR-210’s dial has a traditional power reserve indicator at one o’clock. In the mirror near 11 o’clock, we found similar signs. No, it is not a repetitive failure protection, but an important factor that deserves our full attention because it is actually the world’s first complication that illustrates the efficiency of windings over the past two hours. luxury cheap URWERK UR-210 BLACK PLATINUM watch


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When you sit comfortably in an armchair, the indicator light will tend toward the red area, telling you that the UR-210 is not entangled enough by the automatic rotor and is storing energy. However, if you are moving vigorously, the indicator light will point to the green area, which means that you are replenishing the watch with new energy. This new indicator does not measure the mainspring torque, but calculates the difference between the mainspring energy consumption and the power generation energy.

Once you have mastered winding efficiency and available power reserve knowledge, you can now intervene. If your UR-210 shows insufficient energy supply, you can set the winding efficiency selector (located on the back of the watch) to “FULL”.

The rotor then converts the slightest movement into stored energy. In this configuration, the turbine connected to the rotor provides smooth and unobstructed power. However, if you are more active then you may provide more power than needed and wear out the mechanism unnecessarily. In this case, you need to set the winding efficiency selector to “reduce” to engage the rotor damping system. The air turbine compressor mounted on the ruby bearing rotates and generates internal resistance – sufficient friction to slow or inhibit the automatic winding of the rotor. In “Stop” mode, the automatic winding system is completely deactivated and the UR-210 runs on standby power and may need to be manually wound cheap Richard Mille RM 11-03 AUTOMATIC FLYBACK watches


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Back in dialing, the UR-210’s retrograde minute satellite complexity is very primitive and completely explosive. The main features are high-tech, super-large, three-dimensional retrograde minute hand. Its function is to surround the hourly satellite and indicate that time spans 0 to 60 minutes. This one-hour journey traces an arc of 120°, smooth and smooth. However, the authenticity of this work was revealed at the end of the 59th minute. Then a clear “click” indicates that the minute hand returns to its starting point. In less than 0.1 seconds, the hand returned to the position where it docked with the next hour’s satellite. This lightning-like retrograde system is based on three key elements:

The central axis set with ruby bearings provides excellent stability for satellite/retrograde complications. The cylindrical ocean chronograph spring moves vertically about the axis and produces the optimal tension required for a retrograde minute cheap BREITLING watches

One minute also constitutes an hourly satellite framework that displays time in an extraordinary way. From aluminum milling to tight tolerances of about 3 microns, the total weight of the entire structure is only 0.302 grams and is balanced by the weight of the brass. This three-dimensional cage provides rigidity because it transfers energy from the cylindrical flyback spring in the center of the top of the Carrousel to the underlying double-star gear.

The double coaxial star cam regulates the retrograde mechanism by its transmission and its rotation defines the trajectory of the minute hand. When the minute hand reaches 60, the binary star jumps over a hockey stick spring (one of them) under the mechanism, thus liberating minutes to fly back to the satellite for the next hour at 0 replica watches for sale

“As far as the evolution of satellites is concerned, I think the UR-210 has reached the peak of what we can do with this complication,” explains Felix Baumgartner. “After our complex UR-1001 Zeit device was released, we wanted to try again on a grand scale. The UR-210 heart’s minute hand is not only great, but it’s great! However, it has brought us considerable challenges. Because it requires a delicate process, it surrounds the hourly satellites and requires extremely fine processing.”

Martin Frei added: “The UR-210 is more eye-catching than any other URWERK product. The eyes are inevitably wound up to the winding efficiency indicator…it’s almost a magnetic attraction. UR -210 is not a real watch, but a vivid mechanism grafted onto the wrist.We nicknamed UR-210 Malta Falcon because we think it is an integral part of dreams.

The UR-210 represents a major achievement of URWERK. This timepiece opens a new chapter for the evolution of our complexity. It not only measures universal value in a completely original way, but also begins a real dialogue between the watch and the wearer. The UR-210 shows your personal activities; this is yours, someone else’s.GRAHAM LONDON 2CCBK.B07A CHRONOFIGHTER OVERSIZE SUPERLIGHT cheap watch






Case: Stainless Steel,Round
Case diameter : 39 mm
Thickness : —
Dial: Mat blue dial
FUNCTIONS: Hours,Minutes,Seconds,Date, Chronograph
BUCKLE: pin Buckle
GLASS: Sapphire
Year: 2018
STRAP: calfskin



Since the TAG Heuer Monaco 1133B debuted in 1969 (at the time not a TAG), Monaco has enjoyed countless re-editing and tribute works until the belt-driven, high-tech version of the tourbillon equipment, such as the V4 (hands-on here). What we see today is the TAG Heuer Calibre 11 “McQueen” reference CAW211P. There are many interesting reasons for this: a) This is a beautiful blue Monaco, b) It promises to be an original worth re-launching, and c ) Prices are consistent with TAG Heuer’s recent (and indeed very popular) pricing strategies that are more competitive.

Fans of TAG Heuer or Monaco (or indeed both) will certainly be familiar with the history of this famous square chronograph – only a small part of the square dial watch can attract people. Despite this, a little refreshment in our memory does not hurt us, so let’s start by doing replica Richard Mille RM 050 Watches

March 3, 1969, Tag Heuer launched the first square waterproof automatic chronograph – but there is another “big first”: The original TAG Heuer Monaco 1133B uses Chronomatic Caliber 11, which is the first ever Automatic chronograph movement sold in the history of watchmaking. These all show two important premiers and breakthroughs. There is no doubt that part of the eternal appeal of Monaco is driven by these achievements.

An intriguing example of how history repeats itself, let us know today that the main role of Monaco as a globally recognised watch icon is TAG Heuer’s appointment… You guessed it: brand ambassador. In 1970, Jo Siffert became the first racer to be sponsored by a watch brand, and Siffert thought that Monaco had already stepped on the track – and thus became the focus.

A year later, Steve McQueen (slightly illustrated above) insisted on “wearing Monaco” during the Le Mans filming in 1971, which pushed Monaco from the track to the track, but on the big screen. 70s (and Before), brand ambassadors and sponsors are powerful and effective marketing tools. This is not news, but it is still interesting to see this, but how can this apply to watches and watchmaking? best replica watches for sale

Over the years, TAG Heuer has created many original 1133B tributes since 2003, but in addition to the 1,000 limited edition of Monaco’s 40th Anniversary in 2009, it has always (arguably deliberately) avoided introducing something. For people who may be close to actual transactions, it turns out… Until now.

At the 2015 Basel Watch Fair, TAG Heuer quietly rolled out the TAG Heuer Monaco Calibre 11 Reference CAW211P that we see today. In addition to a few really small differences, it allows the TAG Heuer Monaco fans to enjoy the original taste – About half of the price of this limited edition of the thousand yuan was sold in 2009 before selling like a hot cake.

The crown on the left, as the original: tick. The red hour and minute hands on the dial, the horizontal hand and the red five minute mark: all are there. The name “Calibre 11” is: tick. Caliber 11 inside? No – it was impossible for obvious reasons. The biggest difference between the original and the 2015 model is its internal movement: in addition to the ETA replacing the Sellita automatic base, the Dubois-Depraz chronograph module is also responsible for the stopwatch function and the dual sub 2015 TAG Heuer the dial on the Calibre 11 dial in Monaco design.wholesale Rado HyperChrome replica Watches

Since 1969, the TAG Heuer Calibre 11 movement has been considered the first automatic chronograph calibre by many people. It is one of the few important movements that are really worth noting. Every watch enthusiast should at least understand a little.. …. This is why it is puzzling why TAG Heuer decided to name a Calibre 11 modern movement – although it is very different from the previous ones – and it is also known as the modern timepiece “Caliber 11”. . Frankly speaking, although tributes and re-published works are well maintained and active in the preservation of traditions and icons, they still have a delicate line in the decades after their inception, which can be used to show respect and cause confusion. .

This movement is beautifully decorated – as always, at this price point, with comparable calibre, and the decoration is very good, but of course, you will find no manual chamfering on the edges or other high-end clock witchcraft. Tag Heuer decided to use the sapphire crystal case – this is the most popular change from the previous version (and the original) of the rugged steel case back. This movement is without a doubt enough to prove this deviation from the original reason – I even think that purists must not agree.



The movement brings a second notable difference: the dial layout of the square dial includes a 9-minute chronograph and a 3-second chronograph – the 1969 manuscript has 12-hour and 30-minute counters respectively No seconds will be run anywhere on the watch. Once again, only a few hardcore fans will notice a subtle difference – and the “animation” added from the 3 second running cleanup is once again a welcome change.

The new TAG Heuer Monaco Calibre 11 dial is very handsome: Although it is a bit faded, non-metallic blue, but it is very close to the original – the previous version of the blue Monaco from 2003 to 2010 features a shiny metal blue dial It seems that part, but it runs counter to the original dial. As mentioned above, the central hand now has an orange-red line in the center and has a beautiful edge – a perfect combination with the same coloured 5-minute mark around the circular minute replica Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Tourbillon watches

The new 2015 TAG Heuer logo on the Calibre 11 dial in Monaco represents the Monaco logo and uses the vintage Heuer logo – the TAG logo is omitted and historically as accurate as the original logo 46 years ago. TAG entered the picture as early as 1985, when the private holding company of Technologys d’Avant Garde owned shares in aviation and car racing related companies and purchased most of TAG Heuer’s shares.

Even if it is “Swiss Made” text, it should be more than 6 in square date apertures – although the original just said that Switzerland, today TAG feels inclined to spell it out for you. Although there are such subtle differences in the details, the 2015 edition also demonstrated outstanding performance while replicating the charm and relaxed elegance of the original racing inspired dial.

The TAG Heuer Calibre 11 in Monaco has a case size of 39 x 39 mm, which is 1 mm higher than the original case, and has seen 1,000 cases since 2009. In addition to the simple size, the case also replaces the square round putter, adds more earrings, and has raised sapphire crystals on the front.

Although it looked simple at first, the square-backed case, the sharp, perfectly vertical case shape, the rough defined lugs, and the immediately compelling position of the crown and putter made Monaco stand out – The raised sapphire crystal is really just the icing on the cake. This box feels and looks very strong, but it is also very elegant. If we can say this, it is related today in an unusual way. The steel case is accompanied by a perforated calfskin strap with a folding clasp and a sporty vintage TAG Heuer that adds a touch of vintage style.

Since there is no real visual difference, TAG Heuer spent 46 years to basically re-release the original Monaco – but in 2015, this is exactly what happened. If you want the charm of the original Calibre 11, you will have to go retro – but with the new, go to enjoy better quality materials, beautiful execution, you can say greater long-term reliability, in fact, you can put Miles to itself.TAG HEUER MONACO CALIBRE 11 CAW211R.FC6401 replica watch







Brand Franck Muller
Item Type Replica Vanguard Collection Watches
Movement manual winding
Case Stainless steel
Bracelet Rubber
Dial Color Blue
Diameter 44 x 53.7 mm
Gender Men
BUCKLE folding clasp
Thickness 15.8 mm
GLASS Sapphire
FUNCTIONS Minutes,Power reserve indicator,Seconds,Hours
Year 2018
Boxes common box
Model Number V45 S6 YACHT ST


FRANCK MULLER VANGUARD glacier watch opens

It is undeniable that it has been a while since I spent some time with Frank Muller. Swiss watchmakers are a modern legend, and Franck Muller Group is a series of luxury brands, including brands such as Backes & Strauss. In the past, the group was even larger, including Rodolphe, Pierre Kunz and Martin Braun. Now, Franck Muller himself and co-founder Vartan Sirmakes continue to produce watches at the “Watchland” headquarters outside Geneva, Switzerland. Today, I want to look at the difference between Franck Muller, which represents the brand’s modernization. This watch is from the new Vanguard Glacier Vanguard glacier.

Franck Muller was founded in 1991 and is known as a brand including their popular Cintrée Curvex case and some complex watches. The brand usually likes to call itself “the owner of complexity.” This watch is simpler, only providing time and date, but with a sophisticated design, I think it is very attractive.replica Rado 2018 HyperChrome Skeleton Limited Edition Watch

I will soon admit that the Franck Muller Vanguard series did not attract me until I personally saw one and put it on the wrist. In computer-rendered images, the Vanguard looks overwhelming and likes to work at the same time. In a sense, some people might say Franck Muller Cintrée Curvex watch. Put any of these models on your wrist, and you will have a completely different experience – at least, I do it.

The Franck Muller Cintrée Curvex series started with a barrel-shaped wine box, perhaps one of the few wine box-shaped wine boxes I like on the market. Others will include those made by Richard Mille. This is a long-established design dating back to the 1920s, but Frank Muller has once again become a hot spot. In fact, I can even say that Frank Müller was the first “funky” watch brand in the modern timepiece era. Only (some accounts) are victims of their own success and face the same problems that most other luxury brands do today in marketing and distribution. Compared with others, I think Frank Muller has always been quiet. They chose to keep a low profile and stick to it until they have a solid strategy. At least, they have a stable and interesting replica men watches price

I would not recommend reading it on the website of Franck Muller to read about Vanguard’s collection, as this will not tell you much. In fact, this is a good type of writing. It does not explain the problem, but it occupies space on the luxury brand’s website. My opinion of Vanguard is that this is simply a modern interpretation of the design that makes Franck Muller a popular brand. Say that some people who wear a brand or show off their brand have a reputation for brands that not everyone likes… but the core content “Franck Muller’s appearance” has been doing very well until now when it comes to their classics The appearance of Cintrée Curvex was really caught by others better.

So, consider the Franck Muller Vanguard series with a classic Art Deco look that makes it feel more modern. This includes cases and dials – the application of the Arabic numerals hour markers and the color dial you see on the more traditional Franck Muller timepieces. Then you also have a situation where Vanguard’s wine is flatter and more ergonomic than the curve case. It fits nicely on the wrist, and the right color and material choices give it a bold and elegant look without sacrificing legibility. Please note the compass mark on the internal flange ring – I think this is the style. Better than another tachymeter – this is for replica Richard Mille RM 027-02 Watches



A special version of this Franck Muller Vanguard is referenced to the V 45 SC DT AC.GL Vanguard Glacier because of the special PVD coating surface treatment used on the steel case and the use of a white rubber strap and matching dial accent. Please note that this is one of the rare steel Vanguard watches (because of special PVD processing), but most non-gold watch titanium. The case is steel, 44 mm wide, 53.70 mm high and only 12.8 mm thick. The curved Vanguard case features an integrated rubber strap that fits comfortably on the wrist. Visually, the appearance of the strap runs through the box with a clever appearance, making the box look as if it is strapped. In order to give the rubber a more high-end look, the rubber lining on the strap has a white alligator – it makes people look good (because people know who’s already wearing other brands of belts like Hublot).

The wise design is that the modern “bold” overall appearance will invite some people and defeat others. This is very good, because the watch that Franck Muller makes is hardly universally attractive. For those who like to show off a little, these are perfect watches… If you don’t like to show off this way, their timepieces may not appeal to you. Again, don’t judge any of these watches until you put them on your wrist. I am personally surprised.wholesale replica Hublot Big Bang Sang Bleu watches

The interior of the three-hand Franck Muller Vanguard watch is the FM 0800 automatic movement with a frequency of 4Hz (28,800 bph) and a power reserve of 42 hours. I do not believe these are internal movements (Franck Muller confirmed these are the foundations of the Swiss ETA movement), but of course in other Franck Muller watches they have their own actions. The movement provides time and date (6 points display). Without the trunk of the exhibition, I think it should be on the watch. It makes more sense to write “complex function masters” on a watch that is not mechanically complicated. Franck Muller Vanguard Glacier itself is not a limited edition, but it is a single numbered watch with the serial number placed on the back cover.

Franck Muller has no shortage of changes for their popular timepieces. In addition to providing a range of vanguard models (from three-hand automatic chronographs and even some tourbillons), each model also seems to offer a series of versions (most of which are not even on Franck Muller’s website, by the way). This “prudent information” culture is part of the unique nature of the brand and is one of the reasons why Frank Muller did not have an information-hungry Internet age.

The funky “Gold Glowing Copper” application is PVD-finished on a steel case with white tones, giving the Franck Muller Vanguard Glacier a fun and interesting look, but many other versions are available. It is not cheap, but it fits perfectly with the Franck Muller brand and the next generation who are interested in the brand. Again, this is not a brand of conservative brands, but the range of talents the brand has and their technical achievements mean that Frankmüller may just be the brand that is once again (or the first time) concerned.TAG-HEUER CARRERA CALIBRE 16 CHRONOGRAPH replica watches


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Item Type: Replica THE OCEAN Watches
Case Material: White Gold,Diamond,Round
Brand Name: Harry Winston
Water Resistance Depth: life proof water
Movement: Automatic
Dial Diameter: 42.20 mm
Case Thickness: 11.92 mm
Dial: Brown
Clasp Type: Pin Buckle
Boxes: common box package without paper
Gender: unisex
Band Material Type: Alligator Strap
Functions: Hours,Minutes,Perpetual Calendar,Day,Retrograde Date,Month,Moon Phase,Leap Year Cycle
Year: 2018
Model Number: OCEAPC42RR001


Our Favorite Harry Winston Creations in Basel World 2018

In the jungle of Baselworld – there is space for poetry and gentleness. Harry Winston offers us these calm moments with an exquisite and colorful collection. Always with its unique originality.

We started with the ocean series that celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2018. Harry Winston has introduced several new styles, highlighting the coding of the jewelry house, delicate and sensitive. Using high-end Swiss quartz, this Moon Phase brings two new 18K gold versions with an incredibly identifiable case with 57 delicate diamonds set around the mother-of-pearl dial. Inviting us to dream and dive into the diamond waves under Havana’s brown or blue to pink gradient sky, just like sunrise. Harry Winston’s romanticism has fully demonstrated these two exquisite 36mm models with 10 bar waterproof performance.Replica Harry Winston Ocean Biretrograde Perpetual Calendar watches

The jewellery store also released new original watchmaking complex issues. Includes two new dials on Lady Biretrograde 36mm. In the spring, the lotus flowers bloom on both sides of the dial into stopwatches (0 to 30 jumps 5) and the Peace Day Index. They created a balance under the eccentric hour and minute dials at the 12 o’clock position and four diamonds at 3, 6, 9 and 12 o’clock. The last double petal with diamond indicates the date of 6 o’clock. Vivid colors – raspberry and royal blue – are original images, and Harry Winston’s spirit dares to deal with useful complex issues with bold colors. Crimping is the direct display of superb precision jewelers’ exquisite watchmaking techniques in mother-of-pearl.wholesale replica watches for sale



The show’s virtuosity is complemented with Ocean’s 20th anniversary Bi-retrograde Automatic and its 36mm 18K white gold case with 57 brilliant cut diamonds. This 20-piece limited series is inspired by the shape of classic navigation tools with all the logo’s aesthetic features. We dive into the ocean with 70 sparkling diamonds and a shiny mother-of-pearl dial with an exquisite 97 Paraiba tourmaline tourmaline, with an enchanting blue lagoon hue, around all 3 counter. The eccentric time index at 12 o’clock is an 18K white gold decal and a 12 o’clock beautiful emerald cut diamond. A rare beautiful gorgeous ballerina who dances on the starboard side of the retrograde port side and weekdays. The same timbre is used for the self-winding movement that powers this watch gem. Equipped with a silicon spiral, it can provide 65 hours of power storage and show elegant hand finishing. The swing mass component features 23 sparkling blue Paraiba tourmaline. This watch is waterproof to a depth of 10 bar and is enclosed in 18-carat white gold Adirondx buckles with 42 brilliant-cut diamonds. It is both sporty and replica Richard Mille RM 035 Watches price

Accounting for 40% of Maison’s watch production, men are also honored this year. The first ever timepieces in the collection have made their debut with the 42mm Ocean Bi-retrograde Perpetual Calendar Automatic, white or rose 18K gold. The case shrinks from the usual 44 mm to a light feeling. The weekday (left) and date (right) retrograde counters provide a cool animation on the face and are easy to understand. The 12 o’clock month counter and the 6 o’clock moon phase counter provide an elegant balance point for the entire execution. The leap year appears in 12 very clear windows. These different details give the watch a sense of volume: the indicators at 2, 4, 6 and 8 are clearly marked on the brand’s logo, the brushed transparent disc on the central dial is decorated with the hypnotic Clou de Paris guilloche, SuperLuminova Tips provide transparent central time and minute hands. The drawing of the case was completed to another class. The balance of QP is further enhanced by the thin 18K gold indicator inlaid in the Emerald shape at 3, 6 and 9 o’clock.TAG HEUER CARRERA CALIBRE 16 AUTOMATIC DAY-DATE NISSAN NISMO replica watches

Harry Winston further demonstrated his originality by combining the new complex features of the Project Z and Zalium series, introduced 14 years ago. The Zalium series is Maison’s exclusive alloy. Two concentric and retrograde displays show the top few hours and minutes below the central arc. It creates a unique and unprecedented spectacle on the dial. The architectural openwork blue bridge – in its purest New York style – separates the hands that jump in the pleasant choreography every day. Fixed perimetric sapphire dials enhance this symmetry, where the luminescent material displays quantum by moving below its surface to illuminate the date.

The self-winding movement HW3306 has a 68-hour power reserve and is equipped with the house’s signature transparent platinum rotor. This exclusive timepiece features a calfskin strap, printed with a printed pattern reminiscent of denim, and a Zalium Adrion buckle with a folding safety buckle.CORUM ADMIRAL’S CUP SEAFENDER 46 DIVE replica watches




HUBLOT 2018 MP-09 TOURBILLON BI-AXIS 909.QD.1120.RX replica watch



Item Type Replica PILOT Watches
Movement Self-winding
Case Bronze,Round
Bracelet Nubuck Blue
Dial Color Blue
Diameter 40 mm
Thickness 12.95 mm
Gender men
BUCKLE Pin Buckle
YEAR 2018
GLASS Sapphire
FUNCTIONS Hours,Minutes,Seconds
Boxes common box
Model Number 29.1940.679/57.C808


Now that the dust has settled in this year’s two major watch fairs, it is time to look at the biggest trends and pick out the most exciting new watches of the year.

One of the major trends this year is World Time. These devices have the practical advantage of being able to resolve time in 24 time zones, where dual-time or GMT watches can only reference home and local time. If you leave air miles while you sleep, or if you work at an international company and need to refer to foreign markets at any time, this is a very useful feature. One of the highlights of the Basel watch fair is the new Breitling Transocean Chronograph Unitime (shown above), which is a handsome devil driven by the brand’s latest internal movement Caliber 05. In addition to the aesthetic advantages of the simple Transocean case in these delicate sewing times, the watch also has an important historical significance – the Transocean was originally launched in 1958 at the dawn of the jet era, according to the slogan at the time, it was designed for ‘People who believe in the strongest in the sky’.Richard Mille 2018 RM 11-03 MCLAREN FLYBACK replica watches

Pilot’s watch

Robust, clear and reliable. The introduction of the original pilot’s watch of the early 20th century was to make a timing device, and a chance could be read in the blink of an eye, regardless of whether he could trust the information passed to him. Subsequent masculine black steel watches played a key role in promoting watches. The style has never been outdated, but now it has become very big. One of the most popular flyboy timepieces this year is the Zenith Pilot Big Date Special, one of the pilot watch collections launched by the Basel watch and jewelry brand. Its large and clear number and date window is a good interpretation of this genre. Under the dial is Zenith’s El Primero calibre, the world’s most accurate serial chronograph. One of the coolest watches this year.


It is not hard to imagine that there is some fierce competition in the billions of Swiss Swiss watch industry. But it is hard to believe that any of these competitions are compared with the competition of watch brands competing for their own space in the late 1950s and early 1960s. In the end, when NASA chose Super Speedmaster to accompany the Apollo 11 astronauts to complete their successful lunar mission, this honor fell into Omega. But Omega put on a super power before World Standard Time on July 21, 1969 at 2.56 am on the morning of July 21, 1969, and then boarded the moon. On October 3, 1962, Wally Schirra became the first person to wear super fighter in space during his Mercury Atlas 8 mission. Omega has reprinted his watch this year to commemorate the 50th anniversary of this mission. Its 39.7 mm stainless steel case has a manual winding movement 1861, the same as the movement used in the ‘moon watch’. This is a great work that shows the durability of the design, as well as part of replica men watches



do you know? The first watch in space was Bulova; Switzerland’s first space watch was TAG Heuer; and the first and only watch worn on the moon was the Omega Speedmaster Pro.

Ladies’ compound

Somewhat like an old-fashioned golf club, it takes time for the watch industry to fully accept fairer sex. For many women, buyers will use the “small quartz men’s watch” to shoot a few diamonds. Some high-end watch brands have already accepted this point. In the past decade, they have started to produce complex watches that are aimed at those who like the right watch. Patek Philippe is a leader in this area and joined the Ladies Watch Machinery Ladies Watch Series this year, reference number 7071G. This is a hand-wound chronograph, set in a white gold case with white, black or blue (our favorite) dial. This dial has a diamond-set flange, but it is not a mark and the surfaces are complementary. The biggest sign of its success is that a man can watch this watch and feel awkward. It is not designed for his wrist. Bring it to the boy – this little beauty is for the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore replica watches


From the broadest point of view, luxury watches are made of steel or gold, but in recent years all materials and surface treatments have been used for manufacturing. One of the weird materials is bronze. Unlike Chanel J12 Chromatic or Hublot Magic Gold, bronze is not a revolutionary material for the 21st century, but its peculiar qualities make it an adoration for watch buyers. Last year’s Panerai ‘Bronzo’ got a lot of buzz and proved to be harder in the shower than holding a bar of soap. This year, U-Boat used the U-51 and cast bronze in its two-piece case, push-down dial, left watch crown and protective device. What is unique about bronze is the way it ages – within a few weeks of U-51, it will begin to change color, change color as the atmosphere reacts to the surface of the bronze, to produce patina that does not affect the performance of the watch, but It did give it a separate finish.ZENITH 2018 NEW PILOT TYPE 20 EXTRA SPECIAL replica watches

limited edition

No particular watch collection is complete – it’s like a rare retro piece or watch inherited from a favorite relative. Or perhaps it is such a limited edition TAG Heuer Carrera 17 Automatic Chronograph, which happens to be Jack Howard’s 80th birthday watch. Heuer is one of the legendary figures in the industry and launched the original Carrera in 1963 (launched in 1964), one of the best-selling luxury watches ever. A grey sun ray dial and two chronograph dials can be placed on stainless steel bracelets or perforated leather straps. The back of this strap is red, this kind of watch is very cool – Heuer uses it discreetly, giving the watch a sense of movement without clutter. The brand also insisted on its very successful retrograde TAG Heuer logo (also red), and enhanced its traditional style by adding the Tag Heuer badge and Jack Hoya signature on the back of the watch. It is limited to 3,000 pieces, which would be very unfair to anyone who missed it, but it is part of this watch that has become a collector. No one will be URWERK UR-202 replica watches


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Item Type: Replica Spirit of Big Bang Watches
Case Material: Titanium
Brand Name: Hublot
Water Resistance Depth: life proof water
Movement: Self-winding
Dial Diameter: 45 mm
Thickness: —
Dial: Skeleton
Glass: Sapphire
Clasp Type: Deployment buckle
Boxes: common box package without paper
Gender: men
Year: 2018
Band Material Type: Alligator
Functions: Hours, Minutes
Model Number: 601.NX.7170.LR


Art inspired watch

Although the cooperation path of watchmaking is less common than sports or cinema, the world of modern and contemporary art often finds its connection with fine watchmaking. In recent years, we have seen many interesting artistic collaborations as a one-time creation of the epic Geneva Only Watch auction (this year includes art collaborations between Armin Strom and Hunt Slonem, and artistic collaboration between MB&F and 15-year-old Cassandra Legendre). And other limited edition partners will enter the market through a series of interesting watch brands. At a higher level, the Audemars Piguet Arts Committee devoted a great deal of time and resources to supporting art and displayed large-scale installations at events such as the Art Basel worldwide. All in all, 2018 has been an interesting year in this category, leading us to study some of our favorite ideas and concepts that watch and art collide with each other.

Ulysse Nardin Freak Vision Coralbay by Damien Hirst
At first glance, the new Ulysse Nardin Freak Vision has been a bit of a visual and technical advantage. In short, it is a modern, almost conservative evolutionary (relatively speaking) boundary that promotes timepieces and sets a new benchmark for innovation in its heyday. When we were told to work with Damien Hirst to create two limited editions, we were eager to see what direction the famous British artist would take. Coralbay.1, produced as a limited-edition model, uses a gold-threaded technology to create a coral-like appearance on the Freak Vision dial (prices of 108,000 Swiss francs) and Coralbay.2 (priced at 108,000 Swiss francs). Red microscopic effect. Like the standard Freak Vison models, these two watches are flooded with a large number of patents derived from the groundbreaking Innovision 2 concept watch launched last year, including its two-way “grinding machine” automatic winding mechanism and silicone gear system. Given Hurst’s occasional use of the water theme in his work, this project with Ulysse Nardin is well-suited and well-executed.Replica BREMONT Americas Cup AC II watch price

Hublot Classic Fusion Aerofusion Chronograph Orlinski
This watch is made of titanium, gold, matte black ceramic and blue ceramic. This watch has a unique case design and is entirely designed by a talented French sculptor. Among its many features, the traditional circular shape of Hublot’s screw-in bezel has been modified to be a cruciform dodecagon. Given that many of Olinsky’s sculptures stand out in the world’s most socially-friendly hot spots, the partnership of Hengbao is logical. Olinsky’s works are often in this very multi-faceted geometry, from Paris, Courchevel, and St. Barthes. (Of course) is the Unico automatic chronograph that Hublot loves very much, through the bottom cover of the sapphire display and part of the hollow dial, part of which can be seen on both sides of the part. The latter is another sleek hollowing out of the brand and they have mastered this technology in recent years.

MB&F MAD Gallery
Although there is no mention of a particular watch, mention of the MB&F MAD Gallery in Geneva, Dubai and Taipei is definitely not to be underestimated when discussing the continuing relationship between the brand and the promotion of new art. The abbreviations in their names represent mechanical arts equipment; this term can be used very liberally to describe a wide range of art forms that have entered these three locations over the years. Over the years, we have seen dynamic sculptures, retro racing photography, insect-inspired mechanical sculptures, and even some very wild and ultra-top custom motorcycles rolling into the gallery, although in some ways these fancy choices can always be managed. Cohesion in space. In addition to all these peculiar ideas, you can also find the choice of MB&F timepieces and their many clocks to create together. Find a motorcycle to match your Legacy Machine, or the most exposed kinetic wall art you may have encountered? Odds are what you can find in the MAD Richard Mille RM 11-03 Flyback McLaren replica watch

Graham Silverston RS endurance 24 hours

The new Silverstone Endurance 24HR features a single-button movement with dual timing capability to measure endurance requirements.

In keeping with Graham’s noble style and bold ambitions, the Silverstone RS series’ new car inspired sources will undoubtedly draw attention, whether on the road or on the road.

The second measurement was performed by a secondary timer with a 24-hour timer with a flyback activated by a red pusher. The black DLC-coated 46 mm steel watch has a red dial, a date window at 9 o’clock and a timer at 6 o’clock and 12 o’clock, all surrounded by a ceramic bezel with a red tachymeter scale.

The tire tread inspired rubber strap (also with a leather strap) has a red illustration to complement the overall pattern. Inside is the G1751 automatic chronograph movement with a 48-hour power reserve. It can be seen through the smoked sapphire crystal back cover, there are 250 limited edition of this watch. In addition, the Silverstone RS Endurance 12HR has a measuring range of 46 mm and is driven by the G1735 automatic three-phase chronograph with second hand, 30-minute and 12-hour counter.

Like the orange bezel on the dial, bezel and strap, this watch is equipped with Incabloc shock absorbers, Endurance 24 and 46 hours power reserve. It can also use a rubber or black alligator strap.wholesale replica men watches

SilverstoneE RS Supersprint Steel Case The outstanding feature of the Silverstone RS Supersprint is a mirror scale around the dial to ensure accurate readings. When the red chronograph hands stop, due to the reflective surface, the time can be accurately read on a 1/8 second scale. The ergonomic case of the watch has a bezel of 44 mm, giving it an appearance larger than 42 mm.

Inside is the G1702 automatic chronograph, with the date and 40-hour power reserve visible through the rear cover. The black ceramic bezel has a grey tachymeter scale, the strap is black rubber, and the tire tread design.

The Silverstone RS Skeleton is inspired by the 46mm black DLC-coated steel and 18-carat gold wristwatch. It is equipped with an Incabloc shock absorber and a G1790 self-winding mechanical chronograph with a 46-hour power reserve. The bezel is made of black ceramic and is equipped with a speedometer scale to complement the vivid gold of the watch details.

The lateral porthole on the 10 o’clock case was designed to appreciate the operation of the escapement and the balance wheel, and the crystal case could be re-experienced with its grey, gold and hazy details and a hand-trimmed decoration.

The hour index and hour and minute hands are coated with white SuperLuminova. Integrated black crocodile leather strap, rubber injection molding, with greater strength, can put the watch on the wrist. Crown is 18 carat gold.

In keeping with Graham’s noble style and bold ambitions, the Silverstone RS series’ new car inspired sources will undoubtedly draw attention, whether on the road or on the FRANCK MULLER EVOLUTION replica watches







Brand Harry Winston
Item Type Replica HISTOIRE DE TOURBILLON Watches
Movement Manual Winding
Case White Gold,Round
Bracelet Alligator Straps
Dial Color Skeletonized
Diameter 46.50 mm
Thickness 20.84 mm
Gender Men
BUCKLE pin Buckle
YEAR 2018
GLASS Sapphire
FUNCTIONS Jumping Hours,Retrograde Minutes,Power Reserve,Tri-Axial Tourbillon
Boxes common box
Model Number HCOMTT47WW001


Based on the rhythm of football, the Big Bang 2018 World Cup Russian Football referee immediately demonstrated its unique spirit as an avatar specifically developed for the game and a series of “fans” dials based on the colors of each participating country. With multiple notifications, the Big Bang 2018 FIFA World CupTM announced the game 15 minutes before the start of the game, as well as yellow and red cards, player changes and goals. The Big Bang, the 2018 World Cup in Russia, vibrated and immediately showed GOAL every time the goal was scored. During the game, the dial shows the game statistics, including the score, the number of cards, the name of the goal scorer, bench player and match time. Tag Heuer 2018 Carrera Chronograph GMT replica watches

The digital world provides Big Bang with greater flexibility and versatility. This watch’s first Hublot manufacturing movement, the most unique, the boldest material, the most confident color – brought to the digital age by providing 32 dials and two neutral dials inspired by the flags of participating countries. Remodeling. It has an analog or digital version. Thanks to its patented interchangeable “one-button” strap, the watch can easily be matched to one of its two straps. Both watches are equipped with this watch, which is a sponge wristband that sports the 2018 FIFA World Cup badge, and Hublot’s black-lined natural rubber strap. To complement each fan’s suite, Hublot also expects to add a band to the color of their country. In a reincarnation of the dial, with your finger swiping, choose your team or pay close attention to your competitors. The Big Bang 2018 The FIFA World Cup RussiaTM has been carefully tested on the referee’s wrist during the FIFA 2017 Confederations Cup and the 2017 FIFA Club World Cup.

Benefiting from the Wear OS ecosystem, the 2018 Russian FIFA World Cup in addition to the competition features thousands of downloadable applications. In terms of synchronization, the Big Bang referee 2018 FIFA World Cup RussiaTM is compatible with all phones that use Android 4.4 and above or iOS 9 and above. When charging, the watch only needs to be placed on the contact replica watch for men

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In its latest limited edition masterpiece, Hengbao has brought the art of fusion to a new height. LaFerrari Sapphire is a manifestation of decades of fine clock traditions and the constant pursuit of innovation and development. The Unico movement exquisitely stands out thanks to the transparent case, which shows the essence of the Tourbillon watch.

The unique feature of this watch is its sturdy and magnificent features – Heng Bo sapphire watch cuts fashion and jewellery world from stylish sapphire, completely changing the world, retaining the precious and rare features of precious stones. This highly praised model will be manufactured in 50 pieces, combining the famous architecture of the Big Bang-known Big Bang model with its absolutely transparent design with the brand’s iconic Unico sport.


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The middle part of the case and the bezel and back of the Big Bang Unico sapphire are cut from scratch-resistant sapphire blocks. Only a small part of the watch’s spine is made of titanium. The skeleton dial reveals all the gears of the Hublot Unico special organic core and its complex surface treatment. The strap is also transparent to supplement the smart contour of the watch. LaFerrari sapphire is waterproof to a depth of 50 meters and has a power reserve of 72 hours. There are a total of 637 components that power spectacular watches.price replica Richard Mille RM 052 skull watches

Designed in a way that reveals all the inherent beauty and complexity of Heng Bo’s organic core – the new watch balances exquisite elegance and daring architecture in an outstanding manner. Its simple design evokes the beauty and aerodynamics of the Ferrari car silhouette. The 50-day power reserve has set a new world record for hand-wound tourbillon watches. PVD titanium seamlessly blends with sapphire and comes with a rubber strap.




Hublot Big Bang Sapphire Tourbillon

When it comes to coloring and forming the sapphire case, Hublot introduced a hollow tourbillon that was completely cut with this ultra-resistant transparent material.

The new Big Bang Sapphire Tourbillon is completely transparent, including the case, dial, strap and tourbillon movement. The disappearance of the crystal connection reveals the tourbillon mechanics of the tourbillon, where the cage is fixed by a sapphire-cut strip. When it comes to the use of sapphire crystals in the watchmaking industry, Hublot’s innovation and research once again broke through the glass ceiling.replica HUBLOT BIG BANG REFEREE 2018 FIFA WORLD CUP RUSSIA watch

“Sapphire is hard and brittle at the same time, opening up endless possibilities. In recent years, we have managed to industrialize it and dye it with original colors. We are now further perfecting this unique expertise: created from sapphire and high-tech polycarbonate. Detailed components. ”

This sapphire sapphire tourbillon is forged from sapphire and is the hardest and most durable material behind the diamond, creating absolute transparency. This is the first time that its skeleton movements and perspective connections have been shown “invisible,” with only a few metallic gears outlined. In the middle of the sapphire, the bezel and the back of the case appear to float like crystal machinery. The dial and its number, index and power reserve indicator are milky white and fly through the perforation.

This 99-year-old tourbillon represents a technological and aesthetic breakthrough in sapphire. In addition to the 45 mm case cut from the sapphire block, the tourbillon strap also features an almost indestructible design of the same material. The new Hengbao Big Bang Sapphire Tourbillon demonstrates the art of fusion between clarity and purity. On the wrist, the Big Bang Sapphire Tourbillon reveals a rubber strap invisibility while demonstrating the internal mechanism of the watch.replica HUBLOT BIG BANG REFEREE 2018 FIFA WORLD CUP RUSSIA watch



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replica Blancpain Villeret Tourbillon Volant Heure Sautante Minute Retrograde watch

Nice Replica Blancpain 2018 Villeret Tourbillon Volant Heure Sautante Minute Retrograde 66260-3633-55B watch

Case: Red Gold,round
Dial: White
Case diameter : 42 mm
Thickness: 11 mm
Movement: Manual Winding
Glass: sapphire
BUCKLE: pin Buckle
FUNCTIONS: Jumping Hours,Retrograde Minutes,Flying Tourbillon
Strap: Alligator
Size: men
Year: 2018
Model: 66260-3633-55B


Blancpain Villeret Grande Date Rétrograde

Blancpain introduced a new complication in the Villeret series: this week’s retrograde day. Provided by Villeret Grande Date Rétrograde, it is supplemented by the large date displayed in the two windows.

Classicism and refinement are the slogans of the new Villeret Grande Date JourRétrograde, reaffirming Blancpain’s attachment to real watch values. The hallmark aesthetic of the series is the double-layer (double pomme) bezel, thin profiles, and elegant low-key hands and indicators. In order to maintain a clean appearance, Villeret’s philosophy uses calendar adjustment features that require case dents, and Villeret’s philosophy utilizes Blancpain’s patented lug corrector. No pusher or tool is needed for the calendar instructions, because one day of the week can be set by hiding the corrector for ngertip and adjusting the date by the Harry Winston Watches replica

To ensure visual balance, the day of the week is positioned on the arc between 7 and 9 o’clock, while the large date window is placed between 5 o’clock and 6 o’clock. The complexity of the new Villeret Grande Date JourRétrograde is further emphasized. Large dates and day of the week will change immediately at midnight, and retrograde days will be skillfully returned from Sunday to Monday to begin this week. In addition to the calendar display, this new model also comes with a slim central second hand and a Blancpain acronym on the counterweight.


Nice Replica Blancpain 2018 Fifty Fathoms Bathyscaphe Jour Date 70 5052-1110-063A watch


The power of this Villeret model comes from the brand new Blancpain 6950GJ internal movement, based on the 1150 movement, and its two main barrels provide a 72-hour power reserve. The neCôtes de Genève finish and the honeycomb pattern can be seen through the clear case back.

The new Villeret Grande Date JourRétrograde comes in a variety of options: red gold with a silvery white dial, stainless steel with a white dial, and a crocodile leather strap or metal bracelet. All versions are 40 mm in diameter.wholesale replica watches on sale


Blancpain Fifty F Bathyscaphe Date Date 70s

Debuted in 1956 – Three years after the launch of Fifty F, the style of Blancpain’s Bathyscaphe evolved over time. The seventeenth century saw bold dial marks, Arabic numerals and windows in one day of the week, and dates at 3 o’clock. The new 500-piece Bathyscaphe Day Date 70s, which absorbs the current technological advancement of Blancpain, has attracted the charm of this model.

In the 70’s, Blancpain developed Bathyscaphe products and introduced some new aesthetic codes for diving watches. These styles use a silver-plated ring with a rectangular index and Arabic numerals arranged radially every five minutes. Today’s Blancpain was inspired by this unique style of the 50 F Bathyscaphe Day Date 70s. The dial of this new limited edition wristwatch uses a 70-year-old style dial and a day of the week and a 3 o’clock date display. Like retro works, this new model has a subtle, gradual gray color that is darker at the periphery and injects lighter tones into the center to create a more readable dial size.replica HYT H2 Hydro Mechanics 248-DL-00-GF-RA watch

Although the aesthetic of this new watch draws on history, the watch takes full advantage of the latest technological advances from Blancpain. The 43 mm satin finish case is equipped with a unidirectional bezel with a ceramic blade and its index is filled with Liquidmetal®.

Limited to 500 pieces, the Fifty Fathoms Bathyscaphe Day Date 70s can be paired with four different wristbands: vintage-style retro leather, sail canvas or NATO straps and steel bracelets.nice Movado replica watches

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Brand Zenith
Item Type Replica DEFY Collection Watches
Movement Manual-winding
Case Titanium,round
Bracelet leather strap
Dial Color Skeletonized
Diameter 44 mm
Gender men
BUCKLE pin Buckle
Thickness 14.85 mm
GLASS Sapphire
FUNCTIONS Hours,minutes,seconds
Boxes common box
Year 2018
Model Number 95.9000.8812/78.R584


Zenith Announces a Promised Future

Zenith is writing about his future… and the future of Swiss watchmaking. Yes, a brand with a guiding star has created a completely new mechanical precision dimension in the manufacturing sector!

This is the keynote of ZENITH’s press conference on the opening of the Basel Watches held on March 21, 2018, hosted by Jean-Claude Biver, President of LVMH Watch; ZENITH CEO Julien Tornare; and with recording artists and recordings Filmmaker Swizz Beatz and famous photographers, riders and brand friends including Dimitri Hublot Big Bang Brown Carat replica watches

The event was held on the stand and the stand was updated with more design and development. Visitors immediately used the daring visuals of Defy El Primero 21 to sway the dark modern shades, evoking the new impetus for the new series and brand’s future drive. In addition, a dedicated Defy Room invites them into an extremely dark universe with six portholes and a rapid rotation mechanism to create bright images. For any person within the range of approximately 1.5 meters, the sequence stops, so one of the six different models presented is lit and clearly visible in astonishing detail. This powerful sensory experience provides an effective stage for these attractive and optimistic timepieces, creating a unique dynamic and trendy atmosphere. The Defy Room track was specially designed by Swizz Beatz to complement the experimental urban atmosphere of Basel Art Fair that should not be missed. the brand’s new starting point, Julien Tornare said: “ZENITH has been bringing 150 years of style and substance to the wrists of watch manufacturers around the world. In the third millennium, based on the same DNA, but with new vitality, the brand is in Defy. The launch of El Primero 21 and Defy Lab opened the way for a fascinating new landscape in time measurement, with the former opening a world of hundredths of a second, a quantum leap in performance and engineering, and the Zenith heritage and tabulation. The perfect combination of the future; and the latter is the winner of the 2017 Geneva Grand Prix Innovation Award, with the most accurate mechanical watches to challenge the basis of traditional watchmaking. “replica Tag Heuer MONACO 24 CALIBRE 36 CAL5112.FC6298 watch

He continued: “In 2018, we continued to fight for the stars. Taking full advantage of our unwavering entrepreneurial spirit, the focus is on expanding our iconic Defy and Pilot series. This year, the DEFY series of futuristic DNA will appear in a In the complete series, there are several degrees of mechanical complexity, from the three hands to the Grand Complication model.Although the three defy Classics in the Ultray titanium alloy use ultra-light titanium to bring casual fashion elegance to a whole new level, But in the first embodiment, the new Defy Zero G with its miniaturized and optimized gyroscope “Gravity Control” module to resist the gravity law Futurist Haute Horlogerie. Aviator watch enthusiasts also look forward to our very popular PILOT Type Some of the new iterations of the 20th watch include the re-launch of the PILOT Type 20 Chronograph Ton Up and the latest result of the collaboration with the evil cigar brand Cohiba – a special edition.”



After the fascinating Defy El Primero 21 Swizz Beatz edition last year, the opening of Baselworld also provided an ideal occasion for the announcement of the launch of the Swizz Beatz capsule series this year. The famous hip hop artist and record producer Swizz Beatz is famous for his eclectic style selection and appreciation for watchmaking maturity. He has ushered in a limited edition of Defy El Primero 21, which was launched in December 2017 in New York City. The watch attracted many connoisseurs of watch lovers and music Richard Mille RM 025 replica watches

Enthusiasts are now receiving three colorful and attractive new special editions. Only three Defy Zero G Swizz Beatz will be on sale, featuring a 44mm diameter brushed titanium case with a hollow dial with orange accents on the hands, hour markers showing bright colors on the crown ring and vivid crocodile skin in white Rubber strap coating. Both the latter and the bezel are engraved with inspirational quotes from music illusionists in whole or in part: “Never let people tell you what you can’t do, because the sky is not the limit, it’s just the point of view.” In the two versions of Defy El Primero 21 There is also the same maxim: one uses 25 pieces of white ceramic material, and the other uses a unique five-jeweled set of white gold models, with 288 spectacular round diamonds, cut diamonds on the bezel. Three powerful tributes show what happens when key figures in the modern music world meet brands devoted to writing the future of Swiss watchmaking.

Selected by the Neuchâtel Regional Tourism Authority, Zenith presents its exciting motivation in other innovative ways to further advance the watchmaking industry. April 26th will see the launch of LE MONDEETOILÉDE ZENITH, inviting to explore the star-studded Zenith universe. For the general public, this is the first time a prestigious guide has been created to increase the image of the brand’s internal operations. There are about 80 watchmaking professions under the roof of the brand.

Whether synonymous with more artistic handicrafts or super-techniques, they were all engaged in the task completed by George Favre-Jacoot 150 years ago: to master every gesture and to create a mechanical miracle of freedom combined with noble systems. Table Tradition and Pioneer – Innovation. Watching this space in 2018, ZENITH once again became a star and unveiled its new face, dedicated to writing its own future… and the new face of Swiss watchmaking.GREUBEL FORSEY DOUBLE TOURBILLON 30 ASYMETRIQUE replica watches