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Brand Hublot
Item Type Replica BIG BANG ONE MILLION $ BLACK Watches
Movement Manual Winding
Case White gold,Diamond,Square
Bracelet Rubber
Dial Color Black
Diameter 44 mm
Gender unisex
BUCKLE Deployment Buckle
GLASS Sapphire
FUNCTIONS Hours, Minutes, Tourbillon, Power Reserve
Boxes common box
Model Number 302.WX.9100.RX.9900


Hublot big bangs Ferrari watches

Hublot collaborated with Ferrari to design a new watch in the Big Bang Ferrari, their Big Bang collection. In the design, technology and mechanics of the amazing cooperation, the Big Bang Ferrari watch will make you fascinated.

Sports large 45.5mm case, cylindrical bezel and sapphire dial show internal work, big bangs Ferrari Impressive style and dramatic feel. Hublot uses Ferrari inspired features, such as the Ferrari interior with a sound stitching wrist strap and with a watch and mark the minute counter, reminiscent of the Ferrari dashboard. The minute clock of the dial is located at the 3 o’clock position next to the round yellow date window. Taking into account the Ferrari, Prancing Horse features at 9 o’clock position. In fact, all the innovations on the watch emphasize the relationship with the Ferrari world. The idea is that the watch is more streamlined and the machine creates a new signature brand.

The Big Bang Ferrari offers a new material from the Hublot table, called Magic Gold. It was a scratch-resistant 18-carat gold, Hublot developed in its early foundry in early 2012. Watch also has satin finish titanium. This case is equipped with six Hublot countersunk head H-shaped screws.

Developed a new quick replacement system for the strap, allowing two interchangeable straps. This concept originated in the Ferrari security seat belt institutions. Strap with black rubber or black rubber crocodile with black rubber trim.

Hublot’s partnership with Ferrari began in November 2011. In fact, the agreement between the two states, Hublot Ferrari is the exclusive brand image and business activities of the exclusive tabulation partners. Quite accomplished. Hublot in Japan in March 2012 at the Ferrari Racing Day Suzuka first opened the watch. It was auctioned to support the Ishinomaki Harry Winston THE PREMIER COLLECTION watches

Taking into account Hublot is a born in 1980 the brand, they have made a very fast reputation. They are committed to the quality and superb craftsmanship, making them the leading watch brand rankings. Where the creation of unique materials and used for their own brand and Swiss watchmaking tradition with 21 mixed “fusion of art” concept ST century watchmaking art has led to Hublot’s world-renowned reputation. The Big Bang Ferrari watch is another advance for their excellent journey.

Review Hublot King Power Unico Titanium 48mm 701.NX.0170.RX men Watch

Hublot “Air Bomber Lee” is designed with social conscience

Hublot table added to its iconic big bang to collect aviation bangs jet Lee, which is not only bold and gorgeous sport, it’s designed with social conscience timepieces. This watch design, through its charity, the One Foundation (also known as the Chinese Red Cross), celebrates the 30 years of famous international star Li Lianjie’s martial arts performance and his humanitarian efforts to address issues related to the environment, poverty, education, health and Disaster relief work. Hublot worked with Lee at Aero Bang Jet Li’s design and created a watch with a humanitarian beating heart, which allowed sales profits to donate to Lee’s Foundation.

Aero Bang Jet Li’s stylish features include a 44.5 m micro black ceramic case and bezel, 6 H-shaped black PVD titanium screws are countersunk head, black rubber and black rubber crocodile texture wrist strap red stitching is a patriotic and symbolic Chinese flag MB&F HM3 FROG watches

Aero Bang Jet Li’s eye-catching features include skeletal cutting grid design on the dial and dial, very similar to the round metal lattice window found in the Chinese Shaolin Temple. This gorgeous detail embodies the aesthetic design of the watch, as Lee’s classic training in martial arts and Buddhist doctrines of the temple, his devout practice so far.


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Aero Bang Jet Lee may not have a well-trained martial arts warrior movement; it has Hublot’s signature campaign HUB4214 – automatic mechanical Aero blast chronograph that argues its position. Watch case open, on the crystal shows a yin and yang symbols, which is Lee’s signature. Yin and yang is a Taoist visual symbol, dark and bright complement each other.

The introduction of Aero Bang Jet Li is considered part of Hublot, aimed at entering the Chinese market to attract buyers’ attention and dollars. This may be true, because Hublot already know that the most discerning Chinese consumers actually go to Switzerland to buy watches. Hublot hopes that by gaining insight into this market, it will allow them to better customize luxury watches to attract Chinese consumers directly from Hublot to purchase Swiss watch manufacturers. Aero Bang Jet Li may be Hublot at the door of the sales foot, can be said that with the social conscience sales method, hope that the Chinese fans will tempt the purchase of Lee’s watch with their contribution to Lee’s charity, a foundation of knowledge.

Hublot certainly wants Aero Bang Jet Li’s sales to tell us the story of a profit for a while, which will achieve a “big bang” in Richard Mille RM 055 watches



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Porsche Design Clock 1 and Timing Titanium Limited Edition

Porsche design not only makes leather products and sunglasses. “Watches” appears in our blog name, and if we are going to talk about Porsche design, this is their interesting timepiece. Black themes and chronographs are always part of the Porsche DNA. In order to keep the spirit of life, there are two new loyalty versions, Porsche Design Clock 1 and Timing Titanium Limited Edition.

A little history lesson is no doubt that Ferdinand Alexander Porsche is a century of twenty really great designers. He envisioned one of the world’s most famous and legendary sports cars; Porsche 911 Porsche FA or Butzi, as he also said, from graduating Hochschule dedicated to Gestaltung (HFG) Design School in Ulm, by Max Bill Bauhaus A school founded by Dresdner students. The Bauhaus movement in art concentrates on the aesthetics of everyday items, reducing the decoration to a basic and pure geometric shape. The Bauhaus course returns to the basic material, including symmetry, subtle and consistent. Beauty lies in the unknown and practical aspects of the function, which seems to be based on Butzi’s design mentality of the cornerstone of the idea. Butzi left the company in 1972 and had a family dispute with Dr. Ferdinand Piech and set up a Porsche Design Studio in Stuttgart. His first product is a watch, chronograph is strange to see, unique, and incorporates all the design attributes he loves.

copy Richard Mille RM 016 watches.Chronograph is the first time I have violated the traditional design of the chronograph table. It becomes a classic definition of style, because of its appearance: it is black, never seen anything. Porsche chose to complete the case using an industrial process called PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition). PVD has been found primarily in military applications and was originally designed to reduce friction and wear on metal parts. The PVD coating in the watch is usually used to improve hardness, abrasion resistance and oxidation resistance. Chronograph I have a black coating fixed in the case and bracelet, in addition to its invisible and unique appearance also brings anti-glare properties. The first encounter in the watch industry is undoubtedly a trend that many people follow (such as Hall). But it is not only the color of the watch is ground breaking. This is the whole watch itself. Butzi Porsche owns Bauhaus Aesthetics designed a high-functional watch, its function and aesthetics mixed in the same degree of mixing. Nothing is decorated. High-performance situations enhance comfort and dial also added to this purpose. The movement used is Valjoux Cal.7750 a new chronograph movement that is reliable and reliable.

At first, Butzi Porsche chose Orfina watch company to produce watches. They are very cool, very sought after in the 1970s. The Porsche name on the dial made the company flourish, while in 1978 Valjoux cal.7750 changed the Lemania cal.5100. The more sturdy caliber is designed for hard use, and the open market is quite large, with the most striking military contract with the Federal Defense Force and the Venezuelan Armed Forces. Also launched a special version (Tiger, NATO, Royal Navy) while other PVD colors are available (Khaki Green, Royal Blue, even in some prototype Camo). Retro Orfina Porsche design and its variants will be reviewed in future articles at Monochrome.copy GREUBEL FORSEY watches for sale

When Butzi decided to work with IWC in 1978, the Orfina chapter ended. Butzi Porsche has met the ideal partner at IWC and his professional CEOGünterBlümlein (producing a sign like OCEAN 2000). Following the purchase of the prestigious Swiss brand Eterna, the Porsche family began a new era in 1998. However, in the last months of 2014, the Porsche design decided to continue production of watches designed entirely by Porsche. The watch is the first fully internal development and continues based on the legendary chronograph design principles.copy Hublot Big Bang Skull watches

Porsche Design Clock 1 and Timing Titanium Limited Edition
Nothing is just for decoration. The watch case, dial and overall design reflect this purity. These two automatic chronographs are fully developed by Porsche Designs in Solothurn (Switzerland) and have been manufactured in Switzerland. These two watches are made of titanium alloy case, diameter of 42 mm. The black case of the watch 1 is subjected to sandblasting and then coated (PVD) to make the matte black surface more durable. On the technical characteristics, both models are equipped with mechanical Valjoux 7750 timing mechanism, power reserve 48 hours. The black sapphire crystal table bottom cover shows the exclusive, energy-optimized Porsche design of the rotor’s internal work, which is a real eye-catching. Porsche design with a black rubber strap and a Chronograph Titanium limited edition with a black calfskin strap for 50 meters (5 ATM).






Case: Stainless Steel with Black PVD,Round
Case diameter : 45 mm
Movement: Quartz
FUNCTIONS: Hours, Minutes
Dial: Black,Black Skull
STRAP: Leather
Buckle: Deployment Buckle
GLASS: Sapphire
Thickness: 11 mm


Jacob & Co. Dual Turbine Dual Axis Triaxial Tourbillon Repeater Watch

At the Basel Watch Fair, Jacob & Co. Continues to impress the new version of its amazing and sophisticated Astronomia series, but the real novelty of the new “wonders” watch is the twin-wheeled dual-axis triaxial tourbillon Minute repeater. There is a name, Jacob & Co. Twin Turbine Biaxial Triaxial Tourbillon minute repeater is the best of an exotic watch because it exists as a surprising answer, no one seems to have ever asked. The question is, why not a three-minute tourbillon watch with a double three-axis tourbillon?replica men watches

For the sake of brevity, I will refer to Jacob’s twin-turbo biaxial three-axis tourbillon minute repeater as a “twin turbocharger” so that you have to continue reading the long name of the watch to show – cloud Need at least one (maybe two) to pause to breathe. This is only the novelty of the spectacular and sophisticated watches of Jacob Alabo. What purpose does it serve it? good question. I comment on why Jacob’s continued production of this fascinating watch is constantly providing new, encouraging, and truly unorthodox to his clients. Love it or hate it, Jacob & Co. Twin turbocharger exists in a small Pantheon of the timepiece, keep us so loving wild, in the high end wrist wear machine alive.

I was easy to admit that the original Jacob & Co. Twin-turbo watch on my wrist, bottom up. It is not immediately obvious that the wedge super watch is to have a double Tourbillon facing you and the dial a little longer time. Alas, Jacob & Co. The concept of a twin-wheeled watch is to keep both three-axis tourbillers from you beginning like weird animated eyes at any time.replica HUBLOT ONE MILLION watches

Exclusive design and production for the Swiss Jacob & Co. The new caliber JCFM01 manual winding movement consists of the 572 part, operating at 3Hz (21,600bph) and the power reserve for 72 hours (3 days). Mainly made of steel and titanium, the movement through the front and rear of the watch can be seen. What you see here is an unfinished prototype, according to Jacobs, something like dial transparency and crystal AR coating has not yet been completed. It is very common that even after the watch movement is completed, there will still be a lot of adjustments and adjustments to complete and other design elements before the final watch is delivered to the customer.

replica JACOB & CO. SKULL WATCHES.JCFM01 movement only indicates minutes and hours of time. Tourbillon uses a sequence of non-60 seconds, so you can not really read the stopwatch. And then again, why are you? Each of the tourbillons adjacent to each other rotates on three axes, and each is a “flying” point, meaning that the bridge is not involved. The first tourbillon shaft for each rotation of 40 seconds; second, every 8 minutes; third, every 3 minutes. There are differences between the two tourbillers, which means that their timing rates are averaged.

There is no tourbillon to increase the value or precision of the clock. If there is anything here, the impressive element is that, despite having two three-axis tourbillons, the movement is still able to indicate the time. Then there is an impressive three-story style of the cathedral style. Two hammers hit the unique shape of the gong with a decent level of resonance thanks to the large shell cavity and most of the titanium structure. Even more interesting is that the triple repeater is a decimal repeater instead of a quarter repeater. This means that when the hour is indicated, the bell rings for 10 minutes instead of 15 minutes. This is to help three times when the time is easier to read. At least that’s the idea.

The handmade mechanical movement is in stark contrast to a very modern case and dial design, which clearly feels “racing world inspired”. The red flange ring and the modern font used for hours numbers are not what you expect to find on this complex and similar watch. It is said that I think the complex enough to follow the profound classic design of the watch, so it is nice to see more watches with more complex sports, so more modern visual appeal. Like the Jacobs double turbo biaxial three-axis tourbillon minute repeater clock to help round the market, on my concern.replica URWERK UR-110 ALTIN MEN watch

Jacob & Co. Dual Turbo Triple Axle Tourbillon Repeater Watch is 51mm wide, 57.3mm high, 16.9mm thick. It is made of 5 grade titanium and carbon fiber, and there appears to be a texture cross section of the vulcanized rubber on the side of the shell. The crown for winding motion or setting time is folded like a crank bar. Unfold it to roll up the movement and pull out a gap to set the time that you will move with any other. The case is waterproof 30 meters, it is not surprising. Too much box material, from three times the bell will be too much time.

Jacobs tend to produce a variety of versions of the new exotic watch series. This black and red accent of the titanium version of the Jacob & Co. The twin-wheel biaxial three-axis tourbillon minute repeater will serve as the limited edition only 18 pieces to start the new collection. Since this is Jacob’s company, I am looking forward to more precious metal models as well as potential diamonds in the future. Jacobs has taken its own exception to keep expectations high and in some of the world’s most demanding watch buyers. It is nice to see him meet his goals on a regular basis.replica MAURICE LACROIX FC BARCELONA COLLECTION WATCHES





Case: Pink Gold,Round
Case diameter : 47 mm
Movement: Manual Winding
FUNCTIONS: Hours, Minutes, Seconds, Day & Night Indicator, Tourbillon
Dial: Skeletonized
STRAP: Alligator
Buckle: Pin Buckle
GLASS: Sapphire
Year: 2016





CASE: Stainless steel
STRAP: Stainless steel
Case Thickness: —
FUNCTIONS: Hours, Minutes, Seconds, Date, Chronograph
Dial: Black
Mechanism: Selfwinding
Year: 2016
Clasp: Deployment Buckle
GLASS: Sapphire
SIZE: men


Breitling Navitimer Cosmonaute Blacksteel Limited Edition watch you think of a space (and space planning) related to the watch, it may call the Omega Speedmaster, or Poljot Strela. Did you know that Breitling and a watch are associated with the great space race of the mid-20th century? It is, and Breitling is commemorating the 50th anniversary of flying watches into space.

May 24, 1962, Breitling Navitimer on Lt. Cmdr’s wrist. Scott Carpenter, who circled the Earth three times in an Aurora 7 capsule. What separates this watch from other wristwatches today is its 24-hour dial, which allows for easy division between day and night (which is not an easy task when you are traveling in Earth’s orbit). A few years ago Breitling released the limited edition Navitimer Cosmonaute to commemorate Mr. Carpenter’s mission (here). Now, in 2013, Breitling has released the Navitimer Cosmonaute Black Steel … in the Black Steel.

Replica Breitling Navitimer 01 Watches.Of course, this model back to the predecessor of fifty years ago. The new watch with 42mm black steel case, using carbon-based coating, scratch resistance. The same black shifts to the main and sub dials, then these features are red hands, and are illuminated along with white exponents and numbers so that the watch should be quite readable.

Driving all the functions of the watch, we have internal manufacture Breitling movement B02 movement has obtained COSC certification. This movement is a hand-wound, with a 24-hour scale, these two features, keeping the original model, this one commemorative. This high-motion (28,800 bph) also has a quarter-second chronograph, 30-minute and 12-hour registers. Seems to be a good, more high-end exercise, my specifications read.Replica ZENITH PILOT TYPE 20 EXTRA SPECIAL WATCHES


But back to the original reference, which includes case back engraving, which contains the Aurora 7 mission logo. Consistent with the Breitling Aerospace series, the watch has a sliding rule around the dial that allows any number of things needed to calculate the airborne navigation by rotating the bezel in both


As you would expect from a luxury watch, the watch comes with sapphire crystal; you may not expect a perforated rubber strap (though, if you test out a 30m WR rating, all straps will be handy). Overall, I think the style of this piece is very good to perform all that is put into the watch. In short, the “at a glance” of the readability should be possible once you put your mind around 24 hours dialing (they do some habits). As for the slide rules, I think it is one of those things that if you do not use it, it will fade the background.Replica URWERK UR-210 Black Watch Price

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Luxury watches showcase a seat for young brands the past 25 years, the International Luxury Watch Fair in Geneva, Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie is a long history of luxury brands such as Cartier, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Van Cleef & Arpels (Cie.Financière Richemont SA ), And Audemars Piguet, Richard Mille and Greubel Forsey.

So some surprise in the world of watches last January, the annual exhibition decided to give the start-up luxury watchmaker a seat on the table.

The show, called SIHH, shows the watchmaker Carrédes Horlogers, a space dedicated to independent luxury brands, also known as adoring, niche or artisan brands, depending on your Preferred name.

Young design
With SIHH on the high-end watch the importance of the world’s clear, some observers believe that Carré may represent its future. In their view, the new luxury watch brand used by the unusual design and sales methods will soon be more widely accepted, especially when new buyers to enter the market.replica Hublot Big Bang Minute Repeater watches



Luxury Replica Greubel Forsey Signature 1 5N red gold watch Sale


A few things distinguish Carré’s residents from their more traditional counterparts.

Most of SIHH’s traditional brands were established in the 18th or 19th century. For the Carré brand, 20 years old is old. The prestigious brands have their own traditions. The newer brands boast no legacy, and are free to explore non-traditional designs, and even new forms of basic mechanical watch movement for nearly three centuries.

From the brand MB & F established in 2005, Horological Machine No. 7 or HM7- “Aquapod” was adopted. The HM7 is priced at $ 98,000 for Titanium and $ 118,000 for Red Gold, rising the traditional watch design, which resembles Jellyfish and “Star Trek” docking Bay. MB & F founder Max Busser, his watch can reach as high as $ 230,000 in the high price, he thinks his business is a “creative laboratory”, not a brand.replica Versace MEN Watches

“We do not consider any customer to create our works,” he said. “We are interested in exploring, pushing boundaries and expressing ourselves, and we want to do what no one has ever done.

Another traditional contemptuous watch from Urwerk, founded in 1997 by watchmaker Felix Baumgartner and designer Martin Frei. Its new UR-T8, like many previous models of the company, from design clues (or more precisely, the Millennium Falcon from the “Star Wars” series), and uses a unique rotating display called the satellite system rather than The traditional hand. It sells for about $ 100,000.

MB & F and Urwerk prove that in the world of mechanical watches, the traditional design and luxury is no longer exclusive to bedfellows.


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Close to customers
There is more to understand Carré luxury. While most mature brands produce thousands of watches each year and offer limited editions to ensure exclusivity, the Carré brand achieves the same goal by limiting production to 30 to 300 watches per year.replica Richard Mille RM 011 Le Mans Classic watch

Even the French watchmaker Christopher Red, who under the confidentiality contract, created for many watch brands originals, constrained the clock bearing itself to 120 years. Mr. Claret established his studio in 1989, although his brand of the same name did not appear until 2010.

Grönefeld was founded in 2008 by Dutch brothers Bart and TimGrönefeld, producing only 30 to 40 watches per year. Grönefeld watches may look milder than the other watches in Carré, but the brothers always design innovative watches to attract viewers.

The inevitable result of low production is the ability to approach customers. Carré brand often avoid traditional retail stores, which means that the owner of these watches can be said: “This watch is I know people made for me.”replica Greubel Forsey Invention Piece watches

Fabienne Lupo, managing director of the SIHH Foundation, says it is important for brands to really meet their end customers and bring them to their products. This is one of the reasons why the exhibition is open to the public.

The question is whether traditional watch brands need to be in the low production (which means a more limited version), close to customers, stunning design and mechanical innovation – to attract new luxury buyers, stole some new children’s clothes?

According to Mr. Busser, even those elements may not be enough. “You have to have a different product, an interesting story, and then people are interested in you.replica HYT NEW H1 RC44 148-TT-61-BF-RW watch








Reference: 361-TC-01-BF-AW
CASE: Titanium & Ceramic,Rectangular
STRAP: Alligator
DIAMETER: 62.00mm x 41.00mm
Case Thickness: 16 mm
FUNCTIONS: Retrograde hours, Retrograde minutes, Power Reserve
Dial: Skeletonized
Mechanism: Manual Winding
Year: 2017
Clasp: Deployment Buckle
GLASS: Sapphire
SIZE: men


HYT H3 hands: 2016 best watch

Now that 2016 is coming to an end, I’ve been asked many times about “your favorite year’s watch?” This is a good question – especially for those who absolutely refuse to choose the favorite. With that said, from the past 12 months a considerable number of watches have a certain impression to me great, such as HYT H3.replica Audemars Piguet ROYAL OAK SELFWINDING watches

In 2016 Basel Watch Fair launched, opened HYT H3 look here. When we finally see the watch in a few weeks time, it is as easy as I thought it was impressive. Very expensive and production, at present, in this version as a limited edition only 25 pieces, HYT H3 titanium and platinum is a miniature of a niche luxury watch. It also happens to be an unbelievable element, and it’s working very well on the wrist. Now, if only watch collectors more easily worn on the wrist with a horizontally long rectangular watch.

In fact, I think one of the biggest assets of H3 (case shape) is also one of its biggest damage. I think a lot of people will be automatically biased to consider this watch, because “non-classic” and often “nerd” people can feel this shape is. It is not exactly the classic elegance of the definition, which makes only the right wearer can pull something away. You need to really have the design, the same thing as the HYT H3 is definitely not the kind of watch that is easy to integrate into most personal styles and wardrobe choices.replica MB&F HM3 WATCHES

The groundbreaking modern, extravagant, horizontal rectangular watch for me is the MB & F HM2. Since then, there are others, but HM2 opened the door of things, like HYT H3, just a few years later, feeling like HM2 left, I think this theme should continue.

While these wide rectangular watches look a little strange, they have a lot of ergonomic significance, because they occupy the space on the wrist, without any other use. This means that these watches do not need to be too thick, it will not leave your wrist. For example, the HYT H3 is a full 62 mm wide, and if this is how tall it will be too long for the length of the size. The HYT H3 is 41 mm high and has a maximum thickness of 16 mm. On the wrist, it is very wearable, and in this version, finishes and titanium and solid platinum part of the mixture makes it look perfectly sexy to the meat. Depending on your taste, it will look sexy to your wrist or sexy just sitting on the table. I mean, I believe that most people can appreciate the design, but not everyone can pull it to wear it.replica Franck Muller CONQUISTADOR Watches

Although this case is very wearable for a given design, this is not why anyone would drop almost 300 clocks in a clock. They will do so because of the sexual attraction of the sport – which in my opinion is very real. More importantly, although HYT released everything is original, but I think HYT H3 case and dial design will be combined to bring the original to a new height.

HYT is all about the use of liquid display hours, although they previously used a bend tube in other “H” watches, HYT H3 uses a linear tube. It also uses an interesting retrograde style to indicate minutes, as well as an exposed balance wheel on the dial. No tourbillon here, I like it. Flip the watch and you will find a handy power reserve indicator on the back of the manual winding movement. terms of performance, HYT H3 movement to 3Hz running up to 170 hours (7 days of power reserve). It is a good time between the wind and I hope the movement is further designed to maximize accuracy. Easily, the most satisfying (and fascinating) element of the HYT H3 watch is the adjustment time. The ability to move forward or backward to see the green liquid moving gracefully through the “capillaries”, along with the retrograde minute hand’s fascinating action is the pure joy of any watch enthusiast.

The hour display is based on a 24-hour format that uses six cube placed adjacent to each other and rotates consistently when the row hours are ready to be replaced by the next hour. The time provided is entirely 24 hours format is a limited factor sure, but it certainly helps to HYT H3 more personality, I personally do not mind when to wear.replica Graham Chronofighter Watches

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replica RESSENCE TYPE 1.2 watches


Fashion Replica RESSENCE TYPE 1.2 2017 NEW – T1.2N NIGHT BLUE men watch

Case: Stainless Steel
Cuts: 41mm
Thickness: 11.50 mm
Movement: Self-winding
Glass: sapphire
Strap: Blue Alligator leather
Dial: Blue
Clasp: Ardillon Buckle
Functions: Hours,Minutes,Seconds,Day of the week
Year: 2017


Ressence Type 1 Watch hands-on

replica Breitling BENTLEY SUPERSPORTS B55 2017 watch.Ressence Type 1 Watch hands-on practice The aBlogtoWatch team Benoit Minitens, the founders met the Ressence watch, the day in 2014 Basel Watch Fair was particularly busy Benoît than other schoolmasters The last man-to-man ending is still in the “Palace “The tent. He is not doing well with Far East clients trying to land another big account, nor is another member of his team. Benoit in his modestly but cleverly designed booth, showed us that his new Ressence Type 1 (type I) watch has long since most people will.



Benoit actually built a secure system on his booth and showed us as the middle of the table folding out to reveal the watch. We listened carefully as he explained last year the situation in the vacuum cleaner running in the background. Benoit, a Belgian resident in Antwerp, explains the complexity of building a watch brand that uses parts from a very small number of other watches. Obviously his idea of a novel clock was a headache, but that did not stop him from risking his life mission, entering his third large collection, confusedly called Type 1.


replica HYT 2017 New SKULL POCKET watch.Ressence other main mode, now is 3 categories. His first major watch, (we just called the Ressence watch), was successful, but was no longer produced, as he finished running. Recall that Benoit admits he may have entered the “limited edition” thing a little hurry, but like a good student, he has been keen to learn from the watch industry.

Type 3 is the flagship model of the brand now filled with liquids, a bit more complex compared to type 1. Go hands-on with the Ressence 3 watch here. At first glance, it’s easy to confuse type 3 with type 1, but there are a lot of differences between the two. Type 1 is somewhat simpler, has no date dial, and is not filled with liquid. However, it does bring a sleek shell sandwiched in sapphire crystal, which lacks the traditional crown.



In the wrist, type 1 is difficult not to love. It has such a modern, elegant feel, and we almost want to make a poster about modern watchmaking, with Ressence’s work as the core. Ressence did not invent a new movement or complication, but rather a new concept that showed time and how the case looked. Not only is the Type 1 watch and Ressence overall a futuristic brand, but it envisions a utopian future, things are beautiful, simple and compelling. This is a refreshing prospect, and today’s futurism is often a revelation.replica watches for sale

At 42mm wide and 13mm thick, the five initial versions of the Ressence Type 1 each have a titanium box. The middle part and the protrusions are titanium, technically speaking, most of the visible cases are actually two dome-shaped sapphire crystals. Earrings are quite good and are “ring-shaped” but do not leave a huge gap between the strap and the case. Such little things show a special concern to the details that anyone who spends $ 20,000 in watches should receive their purchase.



The “Ressence concept”, if you want to call it, is about how to display the time. Benoit has developed a cooling system for non-overlapping discs that move together. There is an auxiliary dial for hours, one week, one for seconds, and the main one for minutes. The effect of not having an overlapping disc is that the dial looks flat and as if it were the same as the crystal. Of course, it’s not entirely surprising that the “flat” type 3 watch is full of liquid, but it is quite neat appearance.replica watches for sale



First discussed here is the Ressence 1 watch here where we David spent a healthy amount of time discussing the construction of the case and movement, as well as a comprehensive collection. We were surprised at Type 1 and then got some hands on, and we felt it was a very solid “entry level” Ressence. The problem, of course, is that in a world of limited production clocks, entry levels usually mean that most consumers can not touch.

The sad thing about Ressence is that it’s far more attractive than most people’s budgets. It is not a proud luxury item, but a well-designed hobby engineer’s project. It really focuses on functional and formal equality, which is very rare to say that a watch, especially the one that enters this industry, has such a big impact, just continually improving its own ideas in a totally unthinkable way.



The core of the Ressence 1 is a basic Swiss mechanical automatic movement, which you can imagine is a major modification by Ressence. Benoit felt it was difficult to get the right parts and said that most money Ressence was making to get back to the brand. His goal is, of course, to purchase the machinery needed to produce the parts in-house. This is an important lesson for ambitious young watchmakers – production and supply tend to be more circuitous than design and distribution.





Review Hublot BIG BANG SUGAR SKULL BLUE COBALT 311.CI.1190.VR.AKS16 Replica Watch

Model Number: 311.CI.1190.VR.AKS16
Case Material: ceramic
Brand Name: Hublot
Water Resistance Depth: life proof water
Movement: Automatic
Dial Diameter: 44 mm
Case Thickness: —
Dial: Skeleton
Clasp Type: Deployment Folding Clasp
Boxes: common box package without paper
Gender: men
Band Material Type:Alligator,Leather,Rubber
Functions: Seconds, Minutes, Hours, Date


Hublot big bang sugar skull

– Hublot table changed to winter time, introduced two new models and snowboarding by AK skiing.wholesale replica watches

Taking the mountain as the background, a new friendship story has begun, unifying Hublot, Bischoff and AK SKI. The exquisite Saint Gall Embroidery and its ancestral art, produced by the Swiss flagship company Bischoff and AK SKI, cut the rubber in the spirit of fusion, starting from now on the Hublot skull badge.

Francesca and Marco Kuonen have always maintained the vision and passion of their father, Aldo. As a fine material lovers, as a true aesthetics, Kuonens’ time was set by the Big Bang. At that time Francesca contacted Ricardo Guadalupe to make the snowboard was perfect for nature. Nine months later, when the first snowflakes came, the Big Bang sugar skull limited edition and their self, the black strip cut flowers Arabian pattern from the block, colored base and their various poles, just came out of the workshop. AK Skiing has become the first manufacturer to use rubber on its skis, revolutionizing the world of winter sports. It is very elastic and has an unparalleled stretch factor and resistance.

From Nyon to St. Gall, through Nidwald, Switzerland combines excellence, tradition and modern values together to give 100 capsules a collection of watches. Their 42 hour power reserve will give you all the time you need, almost craving, skiing or walking between Zermatt’s Hublot Chalet-Boutiques and Courchevel.replica Hublot BIG BANG SUGAR SKULL watches



Review Hublot CLASSIC FUSION VENDOME New 511.NX.0630.VR.VEN16 Replica Watch

Item Type: Replica CLASSIC FUSION VENDOME Watches
Model Number: 511.NX.0630.VR.VEN16
Case Material: titanium,Round
Brand Name: Hublot
Water Resistance Depth: life proof water
Movement: Automatic
Dial Diameter: 45 mm
Case Thickness: 10.95 mm
Dial: Genuine Bronze, Polished rhodium-plated appliques
Clasp Type: Stainless steel deployant buckle clasp
Boxes: common box package without paper
Gender: Men
Year: 2016
Band Material Type: Black rubber and vintage brown calf with brown stitching
Functions: Hours, Minutes, Seconds


Hublot table classic fusion series Vendome
– Hublot released a special edition of Classic Fusion “VendômeCollection” at its boutique in Place Vendôme.replica Tag Heuer CARRERA MIKROGRAPH ANNIVERSARY Watches

This special edition exclusively displays at the same name as the Hublot boutique, for a period of three months, which is a glorious tribute to the Vendome Square, which is Hublot’s boutique five-year-old background, H’s boutique itself.

As a tribute to the classic fusion “Vendôme series” dial decorated with bronze – a real technical expertise. In fact, this copper and tin alloy, commonly known as “verdigris”, is particularly volatile due to its green and gilded marble pattern. It is naturally exposed to corrosion and oxidation endangers its life – even within the watch. This is why the manufacturer’s watchmakers will be enclosed in sapphire capsules in order to limit its contact with air, thereby stabilizing the alloy.replica Richard Mille Felipe Massa Watches

Classic fusion “Vendôme series” typical fusion philosophy of the brand, providing the French capital of the traditional re-interpretation of innovation. The Vendome has really stood the test of time. The 44-meter-high Paris landmark, dating back to 1810, is inspired by Trajan’s pillars, covered with a bronze veneer, according to legend, taken from enemies, decorated in reliefs depicting French trophies and victories and spiraling 280 meters Cylinder to the top, which itself was crowned by a destroyed, now reconstructed statue of Napoleon.
As a perfect tribute, in order to justify the plate around the manor, the classic fusion “Vendome set” case is made by Titanium. Dial and case with a “retro” black rubber and brown calfskin strap, showing the integration of traditional and modern Hublot.

Classic fusion “Vendôme series” in Vendome Hublot boutique opened in the brief set, dressed in black, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the concept of black invisible time display. Thanks to the interactive carpet, visitors can walk through all the decades of the concept, step by step revealing all the key black models made since 2006.Michele SIGNATURE SEREIN replica watches




replica Ulysse Nardin Forgerons Minute Repeater Watches




Ulysse Nardin Triple Jack Minute Repeater
Item No.: 739-61/E2
Case: platinum
Diameter: 42 mm
Strap: croco
mechanism: automatic
Size: men


Ulysse Nardin, Switzerland Le Locle was born in 1823, was the first to be acomplished by his father, Leonard Frederick Nardin’s next well-trained watchmaker, who later refined his skills with two watchmakers , Frederick Wilhelm du Bois and Luis de la Viza Uncle Bressel.Ulysse Nardin of Ulysse Nardin, the company was founded in 1846, and in 1876, remained under the control of Ulysse Nardin until his death , His 21-year-old son, Paul, succeeded David Nardin.wholesale replica watches

Since its inception, Ulysse Nardin is well known for its high quality and high precision craftsmanship, so that they become the world’s most famous marine astronomical clock, the most accurate mechanical clock ever, to achieve precision one-tenth of a perimeter per day.


Review Replica Ulysse Nardin Forgerons Minute Repeater 716-61/E3 watch


Until 1967, one second was defined by the Earth’s rotation, and precisely because of this, a competitive observatory watch was calibrated and certified at an observatory. The Deutschecht in Taichung was the main Swiss observatory where such certification was made, and in 1975, when the accuracy of mechanical watches became irrelevant, the advent of quartz watches, which released on the timer Performance, published in 1846-1975: Awarded in the 4504 certificate of the period, 4324 went to Ulysse Nardin Nardin.replica RICHARD MILLE RM 056 sapphire crystal watch

In 1983 Ulysse Nardin was bought by Rolf W · Schneider, whose current president headed a group. Mr. Schneider brought Dr. Ludwig Oeclin, a scientist, inventor, historian and watchmaker with whom he designed and developed complex wristwatches that never existed before. The first example of this is the Sagittarius, launched in 1985, with Copernicus (1988) and Teller Kepler (1992) as part of the trilogy of time.Urwerk UR-203 watches replica

In the Ulysse Nardin Astrolabe, the record of the Guinness in 1989, with 21 complications made the most complex watch, indicating the sun, the moon and the stars at any given time the position of the sky, There are sunrises and sunsets, dawn and dusk, moon phases, moonrises, eclipses of the sun and moon, months and weeks.




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Fake Patek Philippe NAUTILUS REF. 5711/1P 40TH ANNIVERSARY LIMITED EDITION NEW 5711/1P watch for sale at






Case Material:Platinum,Cushion
Brand Name: Patek Philippe
Water Resistance Depth: life proof water
Movement: Self Winding/Automatic
Dial Diameter: 44 mm
Case Thickness: 12.16 mm
Dial: Blue
Clasp Type: Deployment Buckle
Boxes: common box package without paper
Gender: men
Year: 2016
Band Material Type: Platinum
Functions: Hours, Minutes
Model Number: 5976/1G


Patek Philippe Nautilus 40th Anniversary 5976 / 1G watch 49.25 mm wide and 18k white gold

GRAHAM LONDON Chronofighter watches replica.In 2016, Patek Philippe Nautilus watch series at least 40 years old, and many brands of fans have been wondering the importance of luxury Swiss watch will come up to celebrate. Today we know the answer to this question, which is very large, gold, with diamonds, and surprisingly not the price more than $ 100,000. For those who appreciate Patek Philippe for its mainly conservative size and low profile design … you may have to wait another anniversary. This limited edition product watch This is all about celebrating the new era of luxury watches – which means luxurious dating, large size, sporty look, and never apologize for the pomp. So without much delay, here is the much-anticipated Patek Philippe Nautilus 40th Anniversary 5976 / 1G. British GQ watch jewelry was given early hands to see here.




You already have the right to read the title, Patek Philippe Nautilus 40th Anniversary 5976 / 1G will be on a massive, 49.25mm wide, 18 carat white gold case – it will be limited to 1300 pieces. 50mm wide, no matter how you look at it, is big not just a Patek Philippe watch, but any modern luxury watch. The thing and considering this is a reasonably reasonable 44mm case 10 to 4 point diagonal measurements when looking a bit different, while the ear-to-ear measure of 5976 / 1G 49.60 mm. This is the kind of ear to ear size that most 42mm all-wheel watches have, so the abrasion resistance should be sorted ok – but the wrists still exist more than substantial (and unmatched by most other Patek Philippe watches)

Of course, the nautilus name and the nickname “Giant” do go hand in hand and since the mid-1970s, but at a diameter of nearly 50 mm, the new Patek Philippe Nautilus 40th Anniversary 5976 / 1G takes it to a new level. In other words, when Patek Philippe launched its first reference to the Nautilus in 3700 / 1A in 1976, its size 42 mm quickly earned its nickname of “Treasure” – because that was the time of the huge watch.



Its purpose is the theme of follow-up Audemars Piguet Royal Oak (1972) started the era of luxury steel movement table. Both the famous Royal Oak and Nautilus were designed by the late iconic watch designer Veneral. Yes, we know this watch is not in steel, but it certainly would not have given nothing to Patek Philippe trying to do with it.replica watches for men

Design decisions Speaking of hardcore Patek Philippe fans may object to the design of the dial and its “1976-40-2016” text reminiscent of the junior middle school mathematical equation, the middle of the relief is too explosive to subdue the subtle Patek Philippe Geneva brand only below 12 The index of the point. It is a design decision that we really can not fall in love, but at the same time I do not think it will be a taboo for a fan who wants these bad boys.



replica Hublot BIG BANG BRODERIE watches.A brief but confusing historical lesson: 10 years ago, Patek Philippe launched the 30th anniversary of the Nautilus Chronograph Reference 5980, based on its calendar of 5960 years – but has removed the calendar feature. For this 40th Anniversary, the new Patek Philippe Nautilus 40th Anniversary 5976 / 1G seems to be based on the watch (pictured above), updated after 5960. The key difference to note is that the sub-dial at 6 o’clock is 12 hours of hours The scale has been moved to the periphery of the sub-disk, while the 60-minute counter is on the inside. Compared to other nautilus chronographs, you will find the opposite is true.



Limited Edition of Patek Philippe Nautilus 40th Anniversary Campaign 5976 / 1G is the Patek Philippe CH 28-520C flyback chronograph movement, automatic winding, and date at 3 o’clock position. The CH 28-520C running at 4 Hz provides 45 to 55 hours of power reserve, complemented by a 21K gold automatic wound rotor. A little-known fact is that this caliber is modular, but like most other chronographs with date: here the basic caliber (ie 5.2 mm thick) features basic chronograph and chronograph functions placed on top 1.43 Mm thick calendar module. The sub dial and date window also cut some of the bread index by half, leaving it to the little princess-style cut diamonds to fill the remaining space.replica Breitling Bentley Mulliner Tourbillon Watches