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Urwerk UR-111C watch hands

This Urwerk UR-111C is the latest watch of our favorite “Optimistic Futurist” Geneva brand. In the future of their Utopia, everyone can afford more than $100,000 per watch. I want to live in the future of Urwerk. Part of the future includes wearing these delicate steel pieces in a smooth but technical shape such as the UR-111C. I call it the “Little Cobra” because it is the subject of Urwar’s previous UR-CC1 King Cobra watch. Both share a “linear” time indication indicating the minute controlled by the rotating drum behind the dial with a curved bright green line.

When Urwerk announced the UR-111C, they kept mentioning their satisfaction with the compact size. I have to say that this is one of the most wearable Urwerk watches ever made – although I don’t think Urwerk usually makes non-wearable watches. Other brands are even more guilty about this. The UR-111C is said to be 42 mm wide, 46 mm long and 15 mm thick. It seems to be smaller than its size, otherwise it means. Urwerk will manufacture two limited edition watches, both made of steel. This is a natural finished steel, while the UR-111C case also has a darker bronze version.

In the typical Urwerk fashion, the case fit and surface treatment is excellent. In addition to looking good, the case parts have excellent tolerances and are very suitable. This is impressive given the variety of shapes, surface finishes and materials of the UR-111C case and movement. However, the rear lug structure is not hinged – even if it looks like an intent. At this price, with this design, I hope to see some lug clarity actions in progress.Review Richard Mille RM 011 FLYBACK CHRONOGRAPH ORANGE STORM replica Watch

Another complaint I have about watches is legibility. In my opinion, there is simply not enough focus to indicate the time, the hour window on the left and the minute on the right (again) using the thin metal plate application inside the sapphire crystal to create the dial/marker. These elements reflect too much light and it is difficult to see where your eyes need to go. You may have got used to it, but I think this is a detail that can be used in future versions of the watch for better refinement. The minute is displayed twice. First use a straight indicator in the center of the case and then flip the drum on the right side of the table. There are no luminescent paints for numbers or indicators – it’s a shame, because it’s great to let these elements shine on the UR-111C in the dark.

At the top of the UR-111C is a second indicator, unlike anything you’ve seen before. This is also the first time I have seen ulexite for advanced tabulation. Some people may remember urgency when they are still children (often called TV rock or TV crystal). Put it on anything, it seems to project an image below its surface. The two opposite discs rotate like a gear under ulexite, and the visual effect is very cool. The view through ulexite can be understood as “milk white”, but it can form a neat visual effect – is this not the point? I think the display system of the watch is a bit too “more than the physical style” in the UR-111C. Other Urwerk watches really prove that you don’t need two hands to make a circle to quickly and efficiently indicate hours and minutes. The UR-111C is very cool, it’s very inspirational, but it doesn’t seem to help prove that this is a tool – even a fantasy tool. Other Urwerk models often feel like futuristic tool watches – we really like them. This is more about being designed to impress and present some novelty. I am not sure if Urwerk really solved any legibility issues in the product. But then, this watch does have an excellent energy saving advantage.

Another real trick here is how you watch the watch – this system is actually the most innovative thing about watches. It just raised a question, almost $150,000 worth a neat winding experience? The crown of the watch is actually a wide roller that sits on top of the steel case. Hold it with your finger and push it back to the back of the case to wrap it around. When you pull out the lever on the right side of the chassis, the wheel crown enters the time setting mode. The cute thing is how to print the “set time” in lowercase letters on the metal rod. However, it seems to me that in order to wrap the watch, turning the roller requires only too much torque. It can still be used as an interesting annoyance device, but I think if it is at least 20% or easier to rotate, the twisting process will be more satisfying from a tactile point of view. The drive solution inside the case can achieve this goal. It will reduce the winding efficiency, but the watch movement is automatic anyway – so the tactile experience of this product is not more important?
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In the above debut article about Urwerk UR-111C, Zen Love did a great job talking about the more technical elements of the UR-111C, such as the details of the movement and watch making. The practical evaluation of this Urwerk UR-111C is more about its feel and function. I wore it when I was writing this article, I was impressed with its wearing comfort and style, but I hope Urwerk will do something different for the second time. The final question about the UR-111C is that for Urwerk, the bottom case is relatively bland. No windows, no complications, no interesting design. For a well-known brand, their watches have a lot of detail and design, and the UR-111C bottom cover seems to be a minimalist study. It does have some contrasting lines that blend in with the lines at the top of the case, but I wonder who else thinks the UR-111C bottom cover is a missed opportunity. What, no turbine?

Urwerk placed the UR-111C on the brand’s standard black tapered crocodile leather strap, which is very smooth and comfortable. It looks beautiful, but I also think this watch really benefits from custom bracelets. This is unlikely, but Urwerk used to make bracelets and they might do it again. Overall, the Urwerk UC-111C performed well and was a satisfying new member of the brand’s larger product line. However, it is not an instant classic, it is not my favorite Urwerk. I think it can be said more from the perspective of value proposition, but it is not particularly cheap. Selling at half the price will make this a major commodity for collectors this year. The Urwerk UR-111C is still a watch-and-seat cushion-type rotator with a rich and watch-like tendency. Urwerk made the UR-111C as a limited edition of 25 pieces (each piece) made in two different steel finishes.

Richard Mille RM 11-03 McLaren Automatic Flyback Chronograph

Look, the Richard Mille RM 11-03 McLaren automatic flyback chronograph marks the debut of top watch suppliers. I’ve been reporting Richard Miller – and other equally unorthodox watches – for so long, sometimes my mind’s immediate reaction when seeing them is not awe, but for those watches that I simply can’t enjoy. Fans sympathize with these watches. Still, I can’t help but like these watches. If there is an MRI around me, I believe it can prove that I like these parts of my brain, just like the ones from the colorful G-Shocks. .

Since the efforts of me or Richard Miller (although you, basically do not exist) are not enough to change the minds of hardcore traditional watch lovers, why am I still talking about them? I finally asked myself the same question and asked for an answer. Perhaps this is a natural thing. If you like something, you sometimes want others to get what you like. Anyway, talking about this watch (and brand) is not what, let’s take a look at the new Richard Mille RM 11-03 McLaren automatic flyback replica Audemars Piguet ROYAL OAK CONCEPT watches


RM011 has been around for a long time, and at that time it has become the most obvious Richard Mille – it’s their Porsche 911, the only difference is that it is more expensive than most 911. Over the years, RM011 has seen many different changes, most notably those that have progressed in detail and marked this progress by adopting a brand naming scheme. Therefore, although RM 11-03 has been launched for some time, it is by far the most advanced 11 series Richard Mille.

Before we talk about the appearance, let’s take a look: the RMAC3 movement has a flyback chronograph, a 60-minute countdown timer at 9 o’clock (actually an inverted 60-minute chronograph) Accumulator, but you win ‘see anyone pointed out, really), 12-hour accumulator, and “oversized date” and month. RM011 used to be an annual calendar, but this feature is not mentioned here – I think it may still exist somewhere.

If there is one, Richard Miller’s rather lively aspect, I want to point out how challenging they seem to be, they seem to offer their own technical specifications. I haven’t seen Richard Mille’s product page on their website, or have a press release that contains all the basic information, and there are no confusing elements that look like some incredibly weird details. Some important specifications are Write on the post – note, put in the blender, and arrange anything in the PDF. In this case, the basic function of the RMAC3 movement is discussed below. It says: “Size: 49.94 x 44.50 x 16.23 mm.” I mean, our nerd, we know this is a case, but we circle Anyone outside should not do this to cover this watch, they don’t know.

I still like to read interesting details such as “Balance: Glucydur®, 4 arms, Moment of inertia 4.8 mg.cm2 lift angle 53°” or “Shock protection: INCABLOC 908.22.211.100 (transparent)” or “Barrel cutters – In AP 20 Steel. “It’s just completely random, completely intimidating and basically incomprehensible. I absolutely believe that they fully understand that there is no impact on the minds of the people who buy this watch – maybe not in isolation, “cool intimidation” – And if that’s not marketing stuff, then it must be.

The bottom plate and the bridge are still made of grade 5 titanium, which is an impressive feat – made by Vaucher, with APR&P providing the movement for Richard Mille; although I have seen the site at Richard Miller Some work has been done, but it is impressive in itself, because even their most basic moves have some cool and rare quirks. The bridges and plates of the RMAC3 movement are made of 90% grade 5 titanium alloy, 6% aluminum alloy and 4% vanadium alloy. The end result is a watch that feels feather light on the wrist, with an unusual but neat weight balance, which greatly improves wear resistance.2018 best replica watches

Having said that, I should add that yes, the design may not be for everyone, and pricing is hardly suitable for anyone – but Richard Miller’s egg head is sure to teach wear resistance to large industries. One or two things for comfort. Richard Mille watches I have a chance to wear – including some long tests, such as the RM033 here, or the RM011 here – are the most comfortable watches I have ever worn. In the absence of an in-depth discussion of this topic, I would like to add that unless you spend the first 1% of the top 1% (I am not), according to my experience, no one, my meaning is definitely in reality. No one in the world recognizes Richard Mille’s watches, so some of the big flaunting factors associated with six-figure price watches are completely unfounded.

The shell size we are already familiar with is a mixture of carbon fiber TPT and quartz TPT, which are matched by two unique materials, flaws and appearance. Since a myriad of 45 micron thin parallel filament layers are obtained by splitting carbon fiber or silica wires, the surface exhibits regular undulations. The layers were impregnated with resin and then woven on a special machine that changed the direction of the weft by 45° between the layers. The quartz TPT layer was then saturated with orange resin and developed specifically for Richard Miller, you guessed it, matching McLaren’s orange. Heated to 120 ° C under a pressure of 6 bar, these materials can then be processed on CNC machines at Richard Mille’s case factory. The RM 11-03 housing is water resistant to 50 meters and is secured by two nitrile rubber O-ring seals. The case is assembled from 20 grade 5 titanium alloy spline screws and 316L stainless steel wear washers.

The end result is a case of taste. Richard Mille is right, they, like several other brands, understand that people who buy a McLaren have been overwhelmed by the products they own – I am sorry, but they wear The only reason for a flat, sleek, discreet, compact, simple watch, when they drive, is because they like the way to contrast with all the technology in the car. So, in this sense, this watch is very well matched with McLaren, McLaren recently launched the Senna and Senna GTR, 720S and P1 a few years ago.

If I have all the money in the world, will I have RM011? You bet – if it meets my strict lift requirements, that is! Will this orange and yellow be this? Maybe not. Still, I think the latest RM 11-03 will perform very well because it is very good with McLaren and its privileged customers.Patek Philippe 2018 Nautilus Perpetual Calendar 5740-1G-001 replica Watch

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Selling Tonino Lamborghini 100ssb Spyder men now watch.

Tonino Lamborghini 100ssb Spyder Men’s WatchTonino Lamborghini 100ssb Spyder Men’s Watch Detail: This unique Swiss Made watch collection takes fashion to the top. Just look at the shape of this dreamy timepiece. This movement is a precision Ronda 5050B chronograph. The carbon fiber of the face gives it a sporty look. The Lamborghini Shield is translated into the shape of a watch to provide you with a piece of art. The water-resistant depth of this watch is 100 meters, which will really make you feel dizzy and stop traffic!

Almost all consumer reviews show that the Tonino Lamborghini 100ssb Spyder men’s watch is a high quality product. In addition, it is a very good price product. This is the best for people with tight budgets. However, these are minor issues that can be controlled and easily fixed. In general, it is an excellent product, we definitely recommend it!

Tonino Lamborghini – News 2017

Tonino Lamborghini launched several watches in 2017. In particular, the Spyder Skeleton is a watch that celebrates the tenth anniversary of the series of the same name and is the hallmark of the brand. This model uses the Swiss-made MS20 movement. “These watches are one of my favorite accessories, on the one hand because its movement reminds me of the mechanical heritage of my home, and on the other hand, since the beginning of my brand, the design for the watch industry is my one. Great enthusiasm. – Lamborghini said – my watches are dedicated to the lovers of four wheels: the shape of the counter to the counter, the material and color of the crown design, is the luxury of the world sports equipment features recalled by the sports car.replica Richard Mille RM 038 Watches price

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In 2007, with the support of the Corporate Style Center, I designed a model inspired by the family coat of arms, which included the famous “charging” bull. Over the years, the Spyder has become our best-selling model and today represents the Tonino Lamborghini Swiss Watch collection. The biggest buyers and admirers buy it at our corner stores in the Middle East, Russia, Asia and the United States. The Spyder Skeleton (priced from 1,550 to 1,850 euros) features a black steel case with a visible dial on the organic core. Imperviousness guarantees up to 10 atmospheres.

The GT4 represents another interesting novelty, a sporty chronograph with a specially shaped case made of black steel. The bezel is secured by six hexagon socket screws, encircling the black dial and red details. In the latter, we found 12 and 6 small seconds, 6 small seconds and 3 dates. The movement is quartz Ronda, red stitching and a waterproof leather strap guarantee up to 10 atmospheres.

Tonino Lamborghini Centenary Collection

Inside the centennial collection, showcased to celebrate the centenary of the founder of Lamborghini, the carmaker of the same name, they were placed with a few examples, some of which were animated by quartz movements. . Centennial with Ref 0903 (1900 Euro price) is characterized by blue PVD handling cash; crown, button, baffle (carved collection) and crown structure name protection (47 mm diameter made of steel). The blue hue is also part of the hand (with luminous treatment, as well as index) and movement, which is visible from the side of the dial and protected by sapphire Tonino Lamborghini replica watches

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Regarding sports, it is a self-winding Swiss-made body, caliber Kronos 1152 waterproof up to 10 atmospheres, this centennial paired with leather strap with folding buckle. Quartz with a two-color shell can be seen in Centenary quartz (Ref. 1010). This watch features a 44 mm satin steel case with bezel, movable lugs, crown and crown in black PVD. It is worth noting that in the baffle, the presence of 11 decorative hexagonal screws as well as the sign of the house, in the red enamel, to 6. on the dial, which is characterized by the pattern of the gears of the reproduction mechanism, located in the figure 6, Dart.

Made from the Ronda RL 515 calibre (made in Switzerland), it is water resistant to 10 atmospheres and costs €1,200. For its part, the Centenary Engine series was inspired by the bonnet of a super sports car engine. In this case, the movement used is a manual winding machine, ETA / Unitas 6498-2 movement, which can also be seen from the bottom. The 100-year engine (priced at €2,300) is available in four different versions, with a satin steel case or black PVD, rose gold or gold.

Each variant is produced from a limited and numbered series (back) of 75 pieces. Some of them were placed in the crown, with a slit in the protective structure of the scissors in 1916 (the birth year of the late Lamborghini), and partially emptied in the sapphire glass in the dial protection. The case is 47 mm in diameter and is guaranteed to be waterproof to 10 HYT H1 replica watches

Tonino Lamborghini – GMT Grand Prix 01

The self-driving car of the Tonino Lamborghini Grand Prix showcased engravings and discontinuous lines, alternating between luster and satin finishes. The black dial has large Arabic numerals, 6 and 9, respectively, and the date window is 3, with additional lenses. The clock is equipped with a GMT function, in which the reading is through a lancet with a triangular tip wide-width red, adjusted by the control box to 4. Red ensures a second hand, on the upper surface of the crown, with the personalized “Lonino Lamborghini” “L” And the suture of the strap. At the center of the back is the globe, surrounded by the names of major international cities and their time zones. The heart of this model is a mechanical self-winding movement with an ETA 2893-2 movement.

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Tonino Lamborghini – Collection 1947

Collection 1947, respecting Lamborghini, the birth year of the company’s eponymous founder, has been enhanced by the number (1 to 150), equipped with an automatic chronograph movement, caliber DD 2025 (28,800 vibrations per hour, 42 hours of power reserve). The timing indicator on the dial uses a shield pattern: the chronograph hour is 6, the chronograph minute is 9, the continuous seconds is 3, and the center is seconds. The date is 12 o’clock. There is a tachometer scale on the tachometer. The case is made of steel to ensure that it is water resistant to 10 atmospheres.

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Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Selfwinding
Let’s face it – gold is the way of this Spring Festival. Or every Chinese New Year, for that matter. Even better, if it’s gold, because you know it will make those who absolutely love this color happy. This self-winding option from Audemars Piguet features an anti-glare sapphire crystal that gives you a clear view of the silver ‘Grande Tapisserie’ dial, a symbol of the brand’s Royal Oaks.Buy Replica Watches For Sale

HYT H1 all gold
In addition to the obvious fact that the case and lugs are made of a seasonal rose gold case, the dial of the HYT Classic H1 gives you time to read in an unconventional way thanks to the use of opaque black liquid in one hour. Capillary. In addition, the transparent bottom and unstructured dials provide front seats for viewing hand-wound movements, beautiful CôtesdeGenève bridges and rhodium-plated bellows.

Franck Muller Vanguard Gravity
We know that the Spring Festival you really want is black, you are a small rebel. So this is your free prison card: this iconic Franck Muller watch has a sexy black sheen that gives you enough red to pass you through your grandmother’s front door. Sporty and avant-garde, this watch features Franck Muller’s typical Cintrée Curvex case with an unusual oval tourbillon.

Bulgari Lucea II Giardino Paradiso
Ladies, this watch has everything you need at this time of the year: red, gold, bling, flying feather friends (you know, year of the chicken and all), oh, just a little at 6 o’clock The flywheel helps you start talking to relatives you haven’t seen in 12 months. Or, if you find yourself being shocked by all the frenzy around you, take a break and sit back and get lost in the beautiful art dial, with vibrant colors on the gorgeous blue mother-of-pearl base.Review best Franck Muller replica watches


Review Replica Richard Mille RM 07-02 AUTOMATIC PINK SAPPHIRE watch

Review Replica Richard Mille RM 07-02 AUTOMATIC PINK SAPPHIRE watch

Brand Name: Richard Mille

Item Type: Replica Richard Mille RM 07-02 AUTOMATIC PINK SAPPHIRE watch


Case Material: Sapphire,Tonneau

Case Diameter: 46.75mm x 32.90mm

Case Thickness: 14.35 mm

Movement: Self Winding/Automatic

Strap : Rubber

Dial Colour : Skeletonized

Functions: Hours, Minutes

replica Tag Heuer Carrera Watches Recently, TAG Heuer announced the signature of a global partnership with GULF, one of the most iconic sponsors of the motorsports world – most of us can easily recall the light blue and orange racing liveries. This resulted in the creation of a special edition Monaco Calibre 11 (ref. CAW211R), which was reviewed here – with the iconic GULF colours printed on its dial. As if that was not enough, there is another one coming soon in stores, the TAG Heuer Monaco Calibre 11 Gulf 50th Anniversary CAW211T. And if it looks 90% identical to the other model, you’ll have to be fast as we’re talking about a very, very limited edition here.Another Monaco/GULF watch in addition to the already existing CAW211R (special but non-limited edition) that is found in the current collection? What for…? Certainly, the watch that we’re presenting today is nothing extraordinary in terms of product itself and remains close to what TAG can already offer to watch enthusiasts. Yet, with the CAW211T, we’re in front of a true collector’s watch, a watch that has a solid collectable interest, as we’re talking about truly limited production.

Buy Replica BREMONT JAGUAR MKIII watch After looking at new territories, like regatta, with the watches dedicated to the America’s Cup (Bremont is the official Timekeeper), or antique cars, with the Bremont x Jaguar editions, the brand now goes back to what made them famous, military, vintage-oriented pilot watches. Paying tribute to the de Havilland Dh-88 Gomet, Grosvenor House, the aircraft that broke the England to Australia flight record in 1934, the Bremont DH-88 Comet Limited Edition is the latest of the collection. And not only Nick and Giles English (the founders) incorporated a part of this soul in this watch, but they literally put something from the aircraft in the watch… And that’s rather cool.With this heritage in mind, Bremont developed a watch that could easily be worn for such intercontinental flights – so you won’t be surprised to know that the Bremont DH-88 Comet Limited Edition is a Chronometer certified Chronograph with GMT function. The 282 pieces in stainless steel and 82 pieces in 18k pink gold have a generously sized 43mm x 16.2mm case. The lugs are short and curved, the surfaces are polished and the crowns, one for setting / winding, the other to actuate the inner 24-hour scale, are showing a vintage diamond shape (inspired by antique pilot watches). The case also has nice contrast, with a central barrel black DLC coated.The dial shows strong legibility and high contrast, with its large Arabic numerals on a black face and contrasting white sub-counters. However, it is not void of a certain elegance, as the face remains rather clean and the hands, even if legible, are thin and harmonious. The layout is classical: hours and minutes on the central axis, small second at 9 (in black too, so not disturbing the legibility), 30-minute counter at 12, 12-hour counter at 6 and finally, a GMT hand with a 24-hour scale on the rotating inner bezel – which can be turned via the crown at 8.

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Item Type: replica Bremont Jaguar watches

Case Material: stainless steel

Brand Name: Bremont

Movement: Automatic

Case Thickness : 13mm

Case Width : 43mm

Clasp Type : Pin Buckle

Bracelet Strap: Calfskin

Dial Color: Black

Functions: Hours,

wholesale Jacob & CO Ghost watches one of the most impressive things I strapped to my wrist at Baselworld 2015 was the completed Jacob & Co. Astronomia Tourbillon watch (as well as the diamond-set Jacob & Co. Astronomia Tourbillon Baguette). There was a very real and very wide smile on my face as I gazed into the enormous sapphire crystal-wrapped mechanical planetary system on my wrist that, according to some people, has no business even existing because it is just so over the top. It is an insane watch, which is Jacob & Co. at its best – a watch and jewelry company that I think deserves a lot more attention than it is getting from watch lovers. I’ve written a lot about Jacob Arabo over the years and his controversial life and company. Let’s face it, he is in the business of dazzling the world’s rich and famous. That’s a tall order, and people need to appreciate that with so many companies trying to wow the world’s money, it isn’t easy to get the attention of people whose lives are often spent avoiding attention.

Patek Philippe replica Aquanaut Watches The watch brand Patek Philippe has introduced a new line of limited edition model Calatrava Ref. 5960, issued specifically to celebrate the opening of its first mono-brand boutique in Moscow in the summer of 2013.The new line, presented in a limited quantity of 100 items, is the first version of the Calatrava Ref. 5960 in white gold. The watch runs on the base of the manufacturing automatic caliber CH 28-520 IRM QA 24H, equipped with chronograph functions and the annual calendar.
At the top of the blue dial is placed the aperture of the day, date and month. At the 6 o’clock position are set a 12-hour and 60-minute chronograph indicators and the “day / night” indicator. Dial quiet colors contrast with the central chronograph hand, made in red.The model comes on a black crocodile leather strap, stitched by hand.

To buy the Calatrava Ref. 5960 will be available in late September.Watchmaker Patek Philippe presents a new women’s model Calatrava Réf. 7200, made in the classic style.The novelty has a round polished case in diameter of 34.6 mm in 18-carat pink gold. The watch water-resistant – 30 meters. The crown, placed at the 3 o’clock position, is decorated with the brand’s logo. The cream dial with a fine finish has applied with Arabic numerals and two central hands in 18-carat pink gold. The Patek Philippe’s logo adorns the dial at the 12 o’clock position. A slightly convex sapphire crystal protects the dial.

Replica Jacob & Co Astronomia Flawless AT125.80.AA.SD.A watch

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Item Type: Jacob & Co. Mechanical Complications watches replica

Brand Name: Jacob & Co.

Case Material: sapphire

Case Dimension: 50.00mm

Case Thickness: 25.45mm

Movement Type: Manual-winding mechanical

Dial Colour: Skeletonized

Strap: Rubber

Buckle type: Pin buckle





Brand Richard Mille
Item Type Replica RM 050 Watches
Movement Manual Winding
Case Carbon,Tonneau
Bracelet leather,canvas,satin
Dial Color Skeletonized
Diameter 44.50mm x 49.65mm
Gender Men
Thickness 16.10 mm
Year 2017
FUNCTIONS Hours, Minutes, Power Reserve, Chronograph, Tourbillon
Boxes common box


RICHARD MILLE – RM 50-03 Tourbillon McLaren F1

Unremitting technological innovation, the pursuit of perfection and a constant desire for progress are common factors in the connection between McLaren-Honda and Richard Miller.

The new Richard Mille movement, produced in collaboration with the famous Formula One builder, is a technological masterpiece that provides off-site mechanical performance. RM 50-03 Tourbillon Separate Chronograph Ultra-light McLaren F1 weighs less than 40 grams – including the new strap – which makes it the lightest mechanical chronograph ever. This milestone is achieved through the use of cutting-edge technology materials. The design not only uses Titanium and Carbon TPTTM, but also introduces a new material in the watchmaking world: Graph TPTTM, commonly referred to as graphene.

The new application of these materials was derived from a study by the National Graphene Institute, established at the University of Manchester in 2015. This is where graphene was first separated from the first time in 2004 by Professor Andre Geim of the School of Physics and Astronomy. Six years later, the discovery won the prestigious 2010 Nobel Prize in Physics for his author, along with his colleague Professor Konstantin Novosov.



Thanks to a partnership between the University of Manchester, McLaren Applied Technologies and Northern Thin Film Technologies (NTPT®), Richard Mille has successfully produced a watch case in a modified form of carbon TPTTM. .Hublot Black Tutti Frutti Dark Blue Carat 341.CL.5190.LR.1901 cheap watch

The introduction of graphene significantly improves the physical properties of carbon. Graphene is a revolutionary nanomaterial that is 6 times lighter and 200 times stronger than steel. McLaren Technology Group and McLaren-Honda are currently working to integrate graphene into their Grand Prix racing car, which makes it possible to consider this material to significantly reduce the density of carbon composites while increasing their resistance. means.

We are convinced that graphene brings incredible advantages. Our engineers worked with North Thin Ply Technology staff to envision the practical application of new materials and how to incorporate them into carbon TPTTM.

Carbon TPTTM is known for its beautiful surface and undulating stripes, consisting of parallel filaments – in fact, the maximum thickness of 600 layers is 30 microns. They were impregnated with a super charged resin containing graphene and then machined by a CNC machine that moved the orientation of the fibers by 45 ° between layers.



The composite was then cured by heating it to 120 °C under a pressure of 6 bar. McLaren Applied Technologies has conducted extensive control and verification tests, making it possible to develop a solution that can produce Graph TPTTM, which is the exclusive material used by Richard Mille in watchmaking. At the Richard Mille manufacturing facility, our team focused on mechanical components and chassis processing turned their attention to manipulating Graph TPTTM – spending many long time creating and programming cutting tools suitable for achieving micron accuracy.

The resulting three-piece case is ubiquitous, both highly resistant and extremely light, while retaining a perfect ergonomic design and a uniquely eye-catching appearance.

For its part, the 7-gram movement is completely worthy of being ‘ultra-light’. The secret of feather weight is the use of grade 5 titanium and carbon TPTTM as the base plate and bridge, as well as the extreme skeletonization of the components. Similarly, the density, stiffness and low thermal conductivity of titanium make it the preferred material engineering program for the McLaren F1, not only for mitigating and reinforcing chassis and aerodynamic elements, but also for the production of gearboxes, connecting rods and valves. Audemars Piguet ROYAL OAK OFFSHORE cheap watches



The entire movement can be found in watchmaking expertise, hand-made brushed, polished, satin-finished and soft polished surfaces. For example, each 5-grade titanium dial requires 3 hours of angle and polishing in our workshop to highlight its edges. Other components, such as barrel rollers, minute wheels and small and large medium wheels are rounded on top and bottom, then hand-tilted and rhodium-plated transverse cages before cutting the teeth, inspired by carbon TPTTM from McLaren – Honda Formula 1 c’s wishbone suspension structure, attached to the case and supports the entire RM50-03 caliber. By eliminating the casing ring, this unusual structure provides a perfect fit between the movement and the case. Together, these technical solutions provide tremendous resistance to complex movements. In fact, the casing has withstood an impact load of 5000 grams in our own workshop – and survived.

The RM 50-03 McLaren F1 achieves perfect timing: it combines the tourbillon escapement and the minute-second function. In order to execute without failure, combining these two complexities within a single mechanism requires a perfect energy transfer. The consequent need to reduce friction has led to research on how to improve the profile of the teeth on the barrel and gear train. The result is extremely balanced torque and optimized production.

The performance of the movement and the energy quality of the output can be easily read by means of a colour indicator representing the 70-hour energy reserve and torque sensor. The hollow button on the chronograph represents the intake line of the McLaren-Honda, while the shape of the crown comes from the racing wheel rim used by the British team.

The design of the new minute-second mechanism and extensive research on the work of the minute-and-second clamp have allowed the 50 chronograph to reduce energy consumption by a percentage while reducing the friction of the shank. The 6-column wheel controls the minute-and-minute function of the various joysticks to ensure perfect synchronized motion, clean function locking and highly stable settings.

The extraordinary properties of graphene prompted us to pursue other developments with our watchband supplier BIWI SA and to add this nanomaterial to the RM 50-03 rubber strap to increase its elasticity and wear resistance. These different applications of graphene represent an important technological advancement, which is important for both Richard Mille and McLaren-Honda.

The RM 50-03 McLaren F1 will produce 75 pieces in a numbered limited edition and will only be available for Richard Miller boutiques. In the 5-foot model: each watch will be accompanied by a McLaren-Honda racing car in the promotion of the 2017 double world champions Alonso and Stowe Wandorn.

Main features CALIBRE

Manufactured Calibre RM50-03 hand-wound tourbillon movement with hour, minute, minute and second chronograph, 30 minute accumulator, power reserve, torque and function indicator. Dimensions: 44.50 mm x 49.65 mm x 16.10 mm. POWER RESERVE is approximately 70 hours (±10%) and is displayed on the digital scale at 11 o’clock.Zenith PILOT TYPE 20 ANNUAL CALENDAR 03.2430.4054/21.C721 cheap watch

Ultra-high gyroscope in titanium and carbon TPTTM

The RM50-03 caliber only weighs 7 grams. This record-breaking weight is achieved by using high-tech materials and hollowing out its components as much as possible. The base plate and bridge of the 5-grade titanium alloy are highly resistant to corrosion and very strong, making the gear train work effortlessly. The alloy (90% titanium, 6% aluminum and 4% vanadium) enhances the mechanical properties of the latter. Some of the bridges of the minute-second chronograph are made of Carbon TPTTM, which together with the lateral supports support the entire movement as well as the barrel and tourbillon bridge. The bracket is mounted on the case strap and does not require a sleeve ring to ideally integrate motion into the case. All of these technical solutions give this complex movement, with a very high weight-to-drag ratio, impressive resistance, and tested a 5000 gram impact in our workshop.

New split system

The RM50-03 caliber introduces the latest generation of two-second mechanism Richard Miller engineer. The new column wheel operates the different joysticks of the minute-by-second function and optimizes the operation of the chronograph. While the previous Richard Mille chronograph traditionally used eight rows of wheels, the RM 50-03 model now has only six columns to ensure optimized synchronized motion, maximum functional locking and greater adjustment durability. An in-depth study of fixture functions has also led to new fixture designs. The coil spring was also replaced by a blade on the RM 50-03 split seconds wheel, a technical decision to reduce torque variations when the minute-second function is activated.

All of these developments have greatly improved the timing performance of this tourbillon movement and reduced the energy consumption of the chronograph by half, while reducing the friction of the trees. Use the button at 8 o’clock to start or stop the second hand of the chronograph. The button at 4 o’clock stops the minute hand and allows the intermediate time to be read when the chronograph is turned on. When the pusher is pressed again, the second hand grabs the chronograph hands and continues its travel. The 10 o’clock button resets the hand.

Torque indicator

This function represents the tension of the mainspring and optimizes the winding of the watch. Below 53 dNmm, the spring is too slack. However, when it exceeds 65 dNmm, excessive tension may affect the operation of the mechanism and may even damage the mechanism. (These indications appear on the digital scale on the right side of the barrel).

Functional indicator

When the crown is pulled out, the hands indicate the winding, manual setting or neutral position, similar to the gearbox on the car. The selected mode is displayed at 4 o’clock: W (winding) – N (neutral) – H (manual setting).

Free spring balance with variable inertia

This type of balance ensures greater reliability during collisions and during assembly and disassembly of the movement. Therefore, the long-term accuracy of the watch has been improved. The regulator index has been removed and now you can use four adjustable weights for more precise and repeatable inertia aaa quality cheap watches sale

Fast rotating bucket

This type of barrel has the following advantages: The periodic internal mainspring sticking phenomenon is significantly reduced, thereby improving performance. An excellent triangle with a main spring curve of the power reserve ideally balances performance and regularity.

BARREL PAWL has progressive recovery

The device achieves significant winding gain (approximately 20%), especially at the beginning of the winding. It also helps to properly distribute the internal tension of the mainspring. The central involute profile of these teeth exerts a pressure at an optimal angle of 20°, which increases the efficiency of the gear train and compensates for any potential penetration variations. This results in excellent torque transfer and significantly improved performance.

The design of these screws allows for better control of the torque applied during assembly. Therefore, these screws are not affected by physical manipulation during assembly or disassembly and are well aged.

Other features – Movement size: 31.10 mm x 32.15 mm – Thickness: 9.92 mm – Tourbillon diameter: 12.40 mm – Balance diameter: 10 mm – Number of jewels: 43 – Balance wheel: Glucydur, 2 arms and 4 setscrew – Moment of inertia : 10 mg.cm2, lifting angle 53° – Frequency: 21,600 vph (3 Hz) – Balance spring: elivvarbyNivarox® – Shockproof: KIF Elastor KE 160 B28 – Nickel-free Chronifer (DIN x 46 Cr 13 + S) barrel shaft, Has the following characteristics: stainless steel – anti-magnetic – suitable for tempering

The back of the bezel and case is made of Graph TPTTM, a carbon TPTTM that has been significantly improved in physical properties by injecting graphene, a revolutionary nanomaterial that is 6 times lighter than steel. Resistance is 200 times higher. Thanks to a partnership between the University of Manchester, McLaren Applied Technology and Northern Thin Film Technology (NTPT®), Richard Mille has successfully produced a watch case with a modified form of carbon TPTTM. Numerous control and verification tests conducted by McLaren Applied Technologies have made it possible to develop solutions that can produce Graph TPTTM, the material that Richard Mille uses exclusively in watchmaking.

With its unique wavy pattern structure, Carbon TPTTM consists of 600 layers of parallel filaments obtained by separating carbon fibers. These layers are each up to 30 microns thick and are impregnated with a graphene-containing resin. They are then assembled using a specific machine that stacks the layers by changing the orientation of the fibers between the two layers by 45°. The composite was then hardened in a kiln heated to 120 ° C under a pressure of 6 bar.

Richard Miller specializes in processing movement parts and case manufacturing plants – with the processing of the TPTTM, spends a lot of time developing programs and producing suitable cutting tools to make the machining accuracy accurate to the nearest micron. Due to the two Nitril O-ring seals, the RM 50-03 housing is water resistant to 50 meters. The case is assembled from 20 grade 5 titanium alloy spline screws and 316L stainless steel wear washers.

Spline Screw for Grade 5 Titanium for Case This allows for better control of the torque applied to the screw during assembly. Therefore, these screws are not affected by physical manipulation during assembly or disassembly and are well aged. TORQUE LIMITING CROWN This extra safety system prevents accidental over-winding, which can result in damage to the upper chord or extreme pressure on the main barrel. Upper and lower flanges Fill the carbon TPTTM with an approved luminescent coating. DIAL grade 5 titanium, black plated. Panel window and bottom cover bezel side: sapphire crystal (1800 Vickers) and anti-reflection treatment (on both sides) Thickness: 1.10 mm Case back: Sapphire crystal with anti-reflection treatment (on both sides) Thickness: 1.00 mm rubber watch With INJECTED, thanks to GRAPHENE, thanks to Richard Mille’s collaboration with BIWI SA, a Swiss company specializing in high-precision vulcanized elastomer molding, injecting graphene into the rubber band of RM 50-03 to improve its rubber-like properties and improve its wear resistance. .

Mobile – Hand Polished Bevel – Hand Polished Locking – Sapphire Microgrinding – Lap and Polished Contact – Polished Pivot Steel Parts – Brushed and Miniature Surface – Hand Polished Bevel Wheel – Concave Chamfer with Diamond Tool – Round The front surface of the decoration – rhodium plating (before the cutting teeth) – minimal correction of the wheel to maintain its geometry and overall performance.wholesale BREMONT cheap watches price






Brand Richard Mille
Item Type Replica RM 067 Watches
Movement Automatic
Case Carbon,Tonneau
Bracelet Blue Textile
Dial Color Skeletonized
Diameter 47.25×38.70 mm
Gender Unisex
Thickness 8.7 mm
Year 2018
GLASS Sapphire
FUNCTIONS Hours, Minutes
Boxes common box
Model Number RM 67-02 Automatic Fernando Alonso


Richard Mille Launches Fourth Edition Ultralight Raphael Nadal Tourbillon

The RM 27-03 Tourbillon Rafael Nadal is yellow, red and shock resistant.

There is no doubt that Rafael Nadal wore a Richard Miller wristwatch on his right wrist – the Spaniard left-handed – even during the big game, he was on the court. Richard Mille has just launched the latest timepiece for tennis champion RM 27-03 Tourbillon Rafael Nadal.Tag Heuer MONACO 24 CALIBRE 36 CAL5112.FC6298 replica watch

Just like last year’s time, only RM 35-02 Nadal, the new Tourbillon has a palette of red and yellow, nodded to Nadal’s motherland, and the spherical yellow crown is modelled on tennis.

Made of quartz TPT (a carbon composite material), the case is made of a resin used to bond carbon fibers in the material. The case is 40.3 mm wide, 47.77 mm long and 12.75 mm high. It is slightly wider than the previous RM 27-02 Nadal Tourbillon.

The sports floor is made of a similar composite material and is a novel “one-piece” structure. The soleplate and strap are one-piece constructions. This is the first use of the RM 27-02. The front corner of Titanium Bridge is a stylized bull head, Nadal’s personal logo, is also a symbol of Spain.

Like all Tourbillon movements by Richard Mille, the movement is produced by Renaud & Papi, a movement specialist under Audemars Piguet. This is manually wound 70 hours power reserve.HUBLOT BIG BANG FERRARI 401.NM.0123.VR.TEX13 replica watch


Richard Mille Facelifts Best Seller RM 11 Chronograph

Richard Miller’s fans entered the second generation at RM 11-03, which is more similar to the avant-garde.

Among Richard Mille’s timepieces, the bestsellers were the most, and the RM 011 chronograph was redesigned to maintain the same basic requirements, but with some aggressive technical styling. Richard Miller watches has always been about car inspiration, and RM 11-03 is like a dynamic racing computer game.

The RM 11’s shape and size are very popular, insisting on the brand’s iconic barrel shape, but the ratio has changed slightly. The new RM 11-03 is shorter but wider than its predecessor, 49.94 mm long and 44.50 mm wide, but it is exactly the same height at 16.15 mm. Another new case feature is the same case sidebar as the ultralight RM 27-01 Rafael Nadal, giving the case a more sculpted and angular appearance.Ulysse Nardin Complications Forgerons Minute Repeater replica watch



Other aesthetic adjustments include new rubber crowns and putters, as well as a redesigned skeleton dial with sub-dial and beveled edges accented with colored accents and depressions. One less obvious but significant change is the seven-point model name on the dial. Although the first generation label is “RM011-FM”, the latest is only “RM11-03” regardless of the version. This is because RM011 was originally designed for Brazilian Formula One driver Philip Massa, who will retire at the end of the 2016 season.

Through the dial you can see the titanium substrate RMAC3 of the movement, equipped with double barrels and 55 hours power reserve. The self-winding movement is manufactured by the movement expert Vaucher with the same mechanical properties as the first generation RM 11. With the annual calendar function, which means that it can record the month within 30 or 31 days (thus it needs to be set once a year in February), RMAC3 also has a flyback function, which means that the chronograph can be instantly reset and restarted with a single button. .top luxury copy watches

The movement experienced a major cosmetic overhaul, brushed titanium bridges and redesigned variable geometry rotors. Simply put, the rotor has adjustable flaps to change the efficiency of the automatic winding to suit the wearer’s activity; this adjustment must be done by the watchmaker.



Richard Mille Launches Micro Graffiti Art Tourbillon

Richard Mille hired artist Kongo to spray paint on RM 68-01 Tourbillon Kongo to create graffiti art for the wrist.

Paris graffiti artist Cyril Phan, better known as Kongo, is a creative inspiration behind the variety of RM 68-01 watches. RM 68-01 Tourbillon Kongo Tourbillon Kongo is a microcosm of graffiti art with a custom spray gun spray movement, asymmetrical.

Drawn by Kongo alone, each action has a different decoration. The back of the sport is also painted with spray paint, and the bridge is shaped like a paint splash. Like many Richard Mill movements, this movement is made by the parallel expert Renaud & Papi, whose bridges and bases are made of titanium. This is a manual winding movement with a tourbillon regulator.BREMONT ALT1-C CLASSIC CHRONOMETER ALT1-C/RG replica watch






Brand Richard Mille
Item Type Replica RM 067 Watches
Movement Automatic
Case Carbon,Tonneau
Bracelet Red Textile
Dial Color Skeletonized
Diameter 47.25 mm
Gender Unisex
Thickness 7.8 mm
Year 2018
GLASS Sapphire
FUNCTIONS Hours, Minutes
Boxes common box
Model Number RM 67-02 Automatic Alexander Zverev


In 2004, when Richard Miller released Felipe Massa’s RM 006 Tourbillon at the start of the F1 Grand Prix, few thought it could withstand a single lap. However, after two seasons, the brand’s first partner Philip still proudly wears his watch on the track. With this tremendous achievement, the Richard Mille watch became an excellent entry into the extreme sports world, thanks to the unprecedented processing of RM 006 substrate carbon nanofiber composites, an extraordinary material of rigidity and toughness. Pairing it with another Tier 5 titanium in the brand’s flagship material can be designed to demonstrate the calibre of hitherto impossible physical properties and demand respect for the brand’s ability to approach traditional watchmaking areas.

A few years later, when it was necessary to produce the new watch RM 009 developed with Felipe Massa, Richard Miller’s engineers accepted a new challenge – to alleviate this situation. Despite the difficulties in machining, ALUSIC®, a proprietary acronym for aluminum, silicon and carbon alloys, was previously used for satellites to protect the titanium tourbillon movement.replica Tag Heuer MONACO 24 CALIBRE 36 CAL5111.FC6299 Watch

The RM 009 weighs 30 grams and is the lightest watch of its time. Today, the RM 27-01 holds this title, halving the previous record to 18.83 grams, including the strap and the carbon nanotube case. These new materials, as well as later added materials such as CarbonTPT® and QuartzTPT® used in RM 67-02, are internally processed by Richard Mille and are ideally suited for watches that are affected by extreme forces.


BEST NEW LUXURY RICHARD MILLE RM 67-02 Automatic Alexis Pinturault Replica Watch For Sale


Custom innovation differentiates the brand’s other works, including its sports watches, which are much like racing cars and are all about necessities. The functions determine the form and are consistent. Their larger and more complex calibers provide a lighter, more open appearance while maintaining the shock resistance. The three-dimensional quality of the skeleton exhibited at RM 38-01 Bubba Watson and RM 27-03 played a decisive role in rigidity and compactness. For example, the RM 27-03 can withstand 10,000 grams.

With their lively lines, the case of our latest sports watch more clearly shows their dynamic qualities, and their curves have been updated without losing their character in any way. The RM 27-01 welcomes a new era in Richard Mille with its ultra-thin and ultra-dynamic lines. Designed to structurally reinforce its shell, the extended portion around the screw that first appeared on the model quickly became a hallmark feature of the brand’s sporty part. At the same time, the shapes of the barrels are often reinterpreted to meet the specific operating conditions of the sport in which they are worn. This includes the asymmetrical RM 59-01 Yohan Blake, armored RM 053 Pablo Mac Donough and extra RM 67-02.wholesale replica Hublot King Power watches

In Richard Mille, every motivation for aesthetic development is a specific technical requirement. RM 67-02 witnessed the technical and artistic development of the series just as it reflected our daily research and development with our sports partners.

Comfortable band, a real game changer

For Richard Mille, life is more than watch. There are also straps – witness the latest of these, complete RM 67-02.

For over a decade, Richard Miller’s partners have accumulated amazing performance records in the process of wearing watches, many of which are due to these watches. In addition, the ergonomics of the watch and the comfort of the wearer are always the brand’s constant concerns.


BEST NEW LUXURY RICHARD MILLE RM 67-02 Automatic Fernando Alonso Replica Watch For Sale


Since the brand was first introduced, athletes have been at the heart of research and development work. The ergonomics of the belts, how they are placed on the boxes and the materials used to make them are all unusual reviews, ensuring that they can withstand the harshest penalties. The first ‘tailored’ strap ever designed for Philippe Massa, he wanted a rubber strap that maximized the air flow. The elegant design of this accessory made of hypo-allergenic material presents a wide shutter that responds to and extends the case’s lines without compromising its mechanical resistance of 20 kilograms, and has proven to be a lasting success. A few years later, Rafa’s RM 027 will receive a Velcro® strap. Flexible, comfortable and vibration resistant, its completely reliable closure makes custom t. These traits caught the attention of another Richard Miller partner, Formula One driver Roman Grossgian, who released him to wear his watch outside his overalls.Luxury replica BOVET Watches

The new comfort wristband is Richard Miller’s response to all those high-level athletes who think they have the right to expect the greatest comfort in the sport. To meet this challenge, engineers studied one of their key accessories: shoes. Lightweight, supportive and sensuous delivery – Footwear research yields valuable information from Richard Mille’s handling, providing innovations for this seamless woven bracelet that can be closed without the need for a buckle. Special weaving guarantees high elasticity and adapts to various sports. It also provides optimal breathability, avoiding the risk of the watch being subjected to violent forces that cause slipping. Finally, the band is lighter and thinner than this titanium-free buckle. The titanium buckle adds a case.

Rubber, Polyurethane, Velcro® and More… Every material used by Richard Mille has been scrutinized because of its flexibility and its response to temperature changes. We should work together for every champion who works side by side with us. Regardless of their training, we can guarantee the flexibility, comfort and hypoallergenicity of the strap.


Grade 5 titanium substrate and bridge
Grade 5 titanium treated with black DLC has a very high rigidity on the base plate, and has an accurate surface flatness, which is crucial to the perfect function of the gear train. The bridge is also treated with grade 5 titanium, grey DLC. These components are satin polished, micro-cut and hand chamfered.

Hollow soleplates and bridges have been individually and extensively verified to ensure optimal strength.

Free spring balance with variable inertia
This mechanism ensures greater reliability in the event of impact and in the process of moving assembly or disassembly, resulting in better timing results over time. The regulator index is eliminated and more accurate and repeatable adjustments can be made due to the 4 small adjustable weights located directly on the replica watches for sale

Carbon TPT® Rotor and Platinum
Relying on a rotor made of carbon TPT® and platinum, and a OneWay® winding system with a ceramic ball bearing, it is possible to effectively wind the barrel while maintaining the compact size of the ultra-flat skeleton movement.

Gear profile
The entire running power train (the main transmitter of power) utilizes special contour gears throughout the entire exercise. The wheels developed specifically for the caliber CRMA7 maintain a 20° pressure angle.

The system is able to balance any differences that may occur between the center of each wheel, such as differences in thermal changes and normal use, and promote excellent torque transmission to the balance wheel, thereby supporting excellent timing characteristics.

Grade 5 titanium spline screws for bridging
This allows better control of the torque applied to the screw during assembly. These screws are not affected by physical operations during assembly or disassembly and do not age.

Movement size: 28.40 x 31.25
Thickness: 3.60mm
Gems: 25
Balance: CuBe, 4 arms, 4 setscrews
Moment of inertia 7.5 mg. Cm 2, lift angle 50°
Frequency: 28,800 vph (4 Hz)
Balanced spring: AK3
Impact protection: INCABLOC 908.22.211.100 (transparent)

The front and back frames of the RM 67-02 are made of QuartzTPT®. This material with a significant mosaic surface consists of a parallel filament layer obtained from separate silicon wires.

Quartz fibers are often used for very high performance applications because of their high temperature resistance, their strength and their transparency to electromagnetic waves.

The fibers are arranged in layers not more than 45 microns thick and are saturated in three new resins developed specifically for Richard Mille: Wayde van Niekerk versions are green and yellow, and Mutaz Essa Barshim versions are dark red. The layers are then stacked using an automatic positioning system to change the fiber orientation between each layer by 45°. After heating to 120°C and a pressure of 6 bar, they were processed on a CNC machine at Richard Mille’s production facility.

The case is manufactured from CarbonTPT®. This material is produced using the same process as QuartzTPT® but uses carbon fiber.

Thanks to two Nitril O-rings, the entire tank structure is waterproof up to 30 meters and 12 splined screws are assembled on grade 5 titanium and 316L stainless steel replica Franck Muller AETERNITAS/MEGA watches


Richard Mille RM 011 watch RM 011 Carbon at

replica richard mille rm 038 watch price


Richard Mille: Bubba Watson gets RM038!

I posted a new Richard Mille RM038 ultra-light “golf” watch here on Monday, followed by some “would wear it” people meditating on Twitter. Well, it turns out that Bubba Watson is a man. Having won the 32nd place on the 2010 PGA Tour, “Who is Bubba?” is a fair question for you. In fact, if you are not a golf fan, you may never have heard of Bubba Watson! Phil Mickleson, Lee Westwood, Jim Furyk, or even Tiger Woods might think of you. But peeling off the onions a little bit, the reason for such an alliance becomes clearer. As one of the few “left-handers” in the tour, Bubba Watson is known for its long drive, thus providing Richard Mille with high-tech/physical standards for designing watches.

Ultimately, my opinion on the new RM038/Bubba Watson partnership is that, just as Mille and Rafael Nadal’s breakthrough cooperation has shocked the tennis world, his partnership with Bubba Watson will be against the professional golf world. Have a similar effect. Despite this, I do hope that Bubba Watston can “stay here,” or else it could quickly fail. Even so, this is a very cool partnership and I like Mille to tend to associate himself with seemingly ordinary, humble guys who are better than 99.9% of other players. So, yes, I like this option and props to Bubba Watson. He hopes to get rid of this kind of vigilance on the golf course devon watch replica

The case of RM038 is made of a very strong lightweight AZ91 magnesium alloy consisting of magnesium and aluminum and zinc and other trace metals. The resulting magnesium alloy is not only the sum of the components, but also provides a light and very strong material with a dendritic internal crystal structure that makes it suitable for extreme applications in the aerospace, telecommunications and automotive industries.

After prolonged and precise processing stages, the case was given an electronic plasma treatment called Titalyt II®, covering a layer of white crystalline ceramic oxide with a high proportion of wear-resistant composites.


Richard Mille RM 016 RM 016 Sertie Or Blanc watch

Raphael Nadal’s Watch: The New Richard Mille Tourbillon 27-02 with Quartz TPT Case

Wow. Just wow. Richard Mille raised the bar again. In the 114th French Open, Richard Mille launched the new RM 27-02 Tourbillon, a watch made for tennis superstar Rafael Nadal. Nadal will compete for his tenth championship in the French Open while wearing the new RM 27-02. This is the fifth watch that Mille and Nadal have collaborated on, starting with RM 027 in 2010, followed by RM 035 in 2011, RM 27-01 in 2013, and RM 35-01 in 2014 (my hands -on). But I must say that the new 27-02 will have them all up. The bezel and case on this watch will make you eye-opener – unique and exotic … signature Richard Mille.replica Hublot Mp 02 Key of Time 902.OX.1138.RX Watch

The bezel and case are made of NTPT carbon and Quartz TPT, a pioneering new material developed by Richard Mille in collaboration with North Thin Ply Technology. The QTPT consists of 600 multi-layer parallel filaments, which are obtained by separating the silicon wires. These layers, which do not exceed 45 microns in thickness, are saturated in a white resin developed specifically for Richard Mille, and then inserted between the NTTP carbon layers using an automatic positioning system to change the fiber orientation between the layers by 45 degrees. It was then heated to 120 degrees Celsius and subjected to pressures of 6 bars in an autoclave similar to that used to make aerospace parts before the materials were ready to be processed on a CNC machine at Proart (Richard Mille’s case factory). Machining randomly introduces various TPT quartz layers to ensure that each machined part is Urwerk replica watches


Richard Mille RM 35-01 “Rafa” Hands-on

Last weekend, I spent a period of time with the good people of Richard Miller, during which I must look at the new RM35-01 “Rafa” (Rafael Nadal) watch. The RM 35-01 is invaluable. The most impressive thing about this watch is that it is weight. Or lack, more appropriate. Highly hollow high-tech sports weigh only 4 grams. Together with the ultra-light NTTP carbon case, I still approach this watch because it is equivalent to a small pile of paper clips. Even with Velcro webbing. serious! An impressive achievement, no doubt.

Richard Mille RM 35-01 “Rafa” Watch

49.94mm x 42.00mm x 14.05mm NTPT carbon case, manual air frame caliber RMUL3 (approx. 55 hours power reserve through 2 barrels)

The NTPT Crate (first published in October 2013) consisted of several 30-μm thick parallel carbon filaments, which were then impregnated with resin stacked on a specific machine that changed the 45° fiber orientation between the two layers. After heating to 120°C at a pressure of 6 bar, NTPT can then be processed on a CNC machine at the Proart case factory in Richard Mille. Spline screws are made of grade 5 titanium and are equipped with 316L stainless steel watches replica

This NTPT technology can not only provide excellent rigidity in all directions, but also can slowly appear during the milling and finishing of carbon on the satin surface by corrugated shape and random visual recognition, providing a unique identity for each case. This is particularly noticeable at the point of curvature of the housing, for example at the edge of the top of the housing.

The moving floor, bridge and balance cock are made of grade 5 titanium – providing structural rigidity while reducing weight. The free-floating balance with variable inertia provides greater reliability in the event of shocks and improved timing (the regulator index has been eliminated and can therefore be guaranteed to be more accurate with 4 small adjustable weights placed directly on the balance. Repeatable adjustment).best replica brm gulf watch



Replica Jacob & Co. 2018 Grand Complication Masterpieces – ASTRONOMIA TOURBILLON BLACK CERAMIC watch AT100.40.95.KN.SD.B price

replica Jacob & Co. 2018 ASTRONOMIA SKY BLACK GOLD AT110.31.AA.WD.A watch


Luxury Replica Jacob & Co. 2018 Grand Complication Masterpieces – ASTRONOMIA SKY BLACK GOLD watch AT110.31.AA.WD.A price

Item Type: Replica Grand Complication Masterpieces Watches
Case Material: Black Gold and Sapphire ,round
Brand Name: Jacob & Co.
Water Resistance Depth: life proof water
Movement: Manual Winding
Dial Diameter: 47 mm
Thickness: 25 mm
Dial: Skeletonized
Glass: Sapphire
Clasp Type: Deployment Buckle
Boxes: common box package without paper
Gender: Unisex
Band Material Type: Alligator strap
Functions: Hours,Minutes,Tourbillon
Year: 2018
Model Number: AT110.31.AA.WD.A


Jacob&Co. Astronomia Tourbillon Clarity Octopus … luxurious but mechanically charming

Obviously, this watch is far from conventional in terms of elegance and proportion. Obviously, this is not the average horizon of a classical timepiece. However, the Jacob&Co. Astronomia Tourbillon is worth a look, especially from a technical point of view. This is bold but mechanically charming. This year, Jacobs introduced a new version of its super-complex Astronomia Tourbillon Clarity Octopus.Hublot Key of Time 902.ND.1140.RX replica watch

Introduced in 2014, Jacob&Co. Astronomia is a luxurious and super-complex timepiece that demonstrates the poetic world of the celestial world. Each element is constantly moving and is under the control of a three-axis tourbillon regulator. This epicly-complicated latest work brings us to the mythical world of Jules Verne between 20,000 miles (and its giant octopus) and Earth to Moon.

The Astronomia Tourbillon Clarity Octopus is built around a 3D octopus with its tentacles extending over the movement and spinning on the central axis every 10 minutes. The four planets on the four arms indicate that the movement is balanced: the hour and minute indications; the three-axis tourbillon that regulates movement; a globe that rotates once every 60 seconds on two axes; and a round diamond, each two axes each 60 seconds to rotate around.wholesale replica watches for men

In addition to the complexity of the three-axis tourbillon and other rotating planetary elements, one of the key challenges of such an ambitious sport is how to manage energy to drive movements. Given its huge size, it is necessary to handle the inertia and balance of movement.

This sport shows a delicate craftsmanship. All parts are hand polished and chamfered, and the barrel bridge is made of sapphire. The spotted octopus is made of titanium and weighs only 2.90 grams, hand-carved, painted and painted. Earth is a magnesium-coated globe that rotates on two axes every 60 seconds. This one-carat spherical diamond is a Jacob&Co. special cut light from its 288 Audemars Piguet Watches replica

This mechanical miniature is protected by an impressive high-dome sapphire crystal with an anti-reflective coating. This is a veritable technical expertise. The case has a pink gold design and is equipped with multiple sapphire crystal windows, allowing you to view complex movements from all angles. Diameter 50 mm, thickness more than 25 mm, no visible crown. The movement is wound and fixed by two foldable crowns at the back of the watch.

The Jacob&Co. Astronomia tourbillon Clarity Octopus is paired with a crocodile leather strap with a folding buckle. The quick release spring bar system allows you to easily change the strap.

As you can imagine, this spectacular watch makes a statement on the watch with its strong personality and oversized dimensions. However, this is not just the existence of the “look at me” wrist… From a technical point of view, this very sexy watch is impressive and is a true haute horologe. This is a unique work that cannot be Richard Mille RM 67-01 AUTOMATIC EXTRA FLAT Watch Replica







Case: Titanium,Round
Case diameter : 43.50 mm
Thickness : 16.14 mm
Dial: Skeletonized
Movement: Manual Winding
FUNCTIONS: Hours,Minutes,Seconds,Power Reserve,Day & Night Indicator,Second Time Zone,Tourbillon
BUCKLE: Deployment Buckle
GLASS: Sapphire
STRAP: Alligator


Greubel Forsey GMT black

In the sixth year of SIHH, Greubel Forsey introduced the GMT Black, an ADLC-coated titanium case in a 22-piece limited edition watch.

For the second time, Greubel Forsey explores contemporary timepieces with titanium case. Adopting vacuum-deposited ADLC (amorphous diamond-like carbon) treatment, this dark black coating gives the watch a significantly higher surface hardness than natural titanium, in addition to its striking appearance.

With the movement of the motherboard and black veneer bridge, color palette more restrained. This helps to show the contrast between the different textures and surface finishes of each widget decoration.

However, the relatively strong colors are used to cleverly highlight all the time and technical information. The various dials and indicator areas seem to float in the space around Earth, evoke the night sky, and the stars flare in orbit.wholesale Richard Mille RM 032 replica Watches

Greubel Forsey This invention will make you a fan of time equations

Greubel Forsey unveiled its seventh invention, a watch calculator called “ComputeurMécanique” that accurately indicates periodic calendars. Its first application uses the QPàEquation (a calendar with a time equation display), with unprecedented read simplicity.

Although neither the concept nor the watch, but this is just a concept watch! The seven inventions through the high Perfus is in fact a mechanical weirdly weaker clock in the French translation presented as “Computeur Machinery Company.”

Although this invention is being introduced into the perpetual calendar mode, La Chaux-de-Fonds in series warns it may appear in other manufacturers’ creations.

Tame cyclical phenomena

The main responsibility of this calculator / computer is to provide an accurate indication of the calendar’s instructions, which is highly variable in nature. The ranking of these signs of repeated infatuation by watchmakers is an equation of time, but the most important thing is the leap year and its aftermath. The latter includes, in particular, the need to ensure an extra day – February 29 – Do not postpone the summer solstice until June 22, second! In short, this calculation module can decompose variables and represent them in a simple replica watches on here



Watchmakers always pay attention to readability. Many of them eventually made permanent calendars with catastrophic, illegible overbroad dials that have succumbed to the temptation of TMI (Too Much Information). To solve this problem, Greubel Forsey divides the data into two groups: the traditional almanac indicator appears on the dial side; and the equations for time, season, solstice and vernal equinox are shown later.

The back is really where the magic of this model really weaves its spells. No usual hand shows – 15 / + 15 time equations indicating traces. Although undoubtedly useful, this pointer only works: Show positive or negative equation differences. This means that in order to show that all other variables, such as the season, winter solstice and vernal equinox, it must be accompanied by a series of other apertures – and thus fall into the trap of an overloaded perpetual calendar dial.Replica Tag Heuer CARRERA CALIBRE 16 Watches

To avoid this, Greubel Forsey came up with a clever device that can tell everything through a stunning iris shape. This information is provided by two superimposed sapphire discs that move at different speeds. The equation for checking time turns into a child’s game as it reads at the intersection of vertical minute scales with vertical fractional scales. The red line on the flower indicates that the difference is positive, while the blue line indicates that it is negative. At the same time, the tip of the flower simply indicates the solstice or vernal equinox, which shows unique seasons of the four seasons along the circumference.

Like all great ideas, this iris seems like a self-evident interpretation. All of this is for good, because it is the intention behind it. Inattentive observers are still blissfully ignorant of the intense thinking process that preceded their development and which provided yet another eloquent proof of etiquette through the Perpignan, which has just celebrated its impressive cultivation of 10 acres of cultivated land anniversary.replica Porsche Design MONOBLOC ACTUATOR watches

In terms of dialing, Greubel Forsey takes the same approach of optimizing readability and clarity. A full calendar occupies most of the dial, shows the date and the month of the day, and a significant date of obvious use in everyday life as this is the most frequently inspected indication. This is indeed based on the same spirit – based on the premise that even the most absent-minded owner knows at least this year that Greubel Forsey has simplified this dial-out layout by moving this particular instruction to the back cover.

Of the typical features of these manufacturers, three stand out. First, the 7 o’clock caution window is used as a 24-hour display. Second, on the other side of the dial, the power reserve at 3 o’clock has a red zone at the end showing the remaining time during which the isochronism of the model is no longer guaranteed. The third and last one below which a cautious “QP / HM” signal indicates whether or not a single crown is activated so that the watch does not interfere with the smooth running of the calendar when it only takes a few minutes to adjust.

In addition to this major invention, Greubel Forsey also introduced two versions of the GMT: a 5N rose gold movement, the other with a black best GREUBEL FORSEY GMT replica watches


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Graham Chronofighter 1695.

The choice of the honorable man — with the relentless pursuit of elegant details, the spirit of innovation forever, GRAHAM always brings amazing watch design. However, the field of clock technology seeks to combine the most complicated mechanical structure with the simplest design. Over the years, GRAHAM, sui generis, from British steadfast and elegant footsteps, developed a series of carry on the achievements of British manufacturing watches, to watch the market into a fusion with both modern and traditional British flavor. Noble gentlemen, call your Windsor knot and discover the legend of devon replica watches

The way of life in the 1930s saw a change of times. With the establishment of the BBC, the first television programme was successfully launched, and the media began to play a major role in the spread of entertainment. When Graf Zeppelin managed to operate the first British and American passenger jet, the Englishman frank whiter invented the first turbojet, and the British tea bag was born in this age! People’s desire for new knowledge and mechanical art is constantly being practiced and satisfied. The pioneer spirit of the 1930s pushed the world’s technology and culture forward.

Chronofighter1695 is a new classic of GRAHAM’s design. It is a 42mm gauge, fully automatic chronometer from the sophisticated Swiss movement. The 6-o ‘clock timer and the 3 o ‘clock position display window is GRAHAM’s unique representative configuration. 18K rose gold watch case, show elegant noble

GRAHAM brand George GRAHAM, the founder, George GRAHAM) is timing clock technology and columnar tackled longitudinal system opening, to promote the development of clocks and watches industry has a great contribution, for the Swiss watch modern tackled longitudinal technology lay the foundation. Table back at the royal Greenwich observatory is carved by hand painting of a panoramic view, table back the lower circular sapphire crystal glass window, can see the precision of the balance wheel and tackled vertical organization, the elegant and exquisite design is to the status of the British tabulation history extremely master George graham, salute.



The 1930s saw the emergence of new technologies in all fields of the world, most notably flying and early racing timing. The unique crown design on the left side of Chronofighter1695 enables the timing control function to be achieved with the thumb. Silver-white dial design is exquisite, the arch design of the surface reflects the style of simple and gorgeous in the 1930s.replica Graham London Chronofighter Oversize GMT 2OVGR.B16A watch

Chronofighter1695 continues the exquisite craftsmanship of GRAHAM, designed for the adventurous spirit of the world.

The main features

18 k rose gold case, 47 mm in diameter, G1747 automatic chain machine, automatic timing clock, 25 jewel adornment, balance wheel vibration frequency vibration of 288000 times per hour (4 hz), power storage for 48 hours, shockproof, sapphirine crystal (double refraction), 18 k rose gold watch case, watch back for the royal Greenwich observatory, sapphire crystal bottom cover, a brown alligator strap. Stainless steel, with different table – back engraving and dial for replica Hublot Big Bang Unico Watches

GRAHAM’s history began in 1673-1751, when George GRAHAM, the London watchmaker, was considered the father of modern watch manufacturing. At the same time, because of the invention of the beginning and end of the meter, George greenhan was also known as the father of the timer. His outstanding contributions include the use of a mercury pendulum to counteract the effect of temperature on the pendulum of the ratchet device of the escapement and cylinder escapement. He also made the clock for the royal Greenwich observatory, the clock in the 18th century for timing of work most of the time, but also for many time to astronauts and physicist science facilities. GRAHAM was revived in 1995 and is now privately owned by Swiss watch companies.

GRAHAM SA created and manufactured la chaux- DE fonds in Switzerland.

Model: Ref. 2cxap.s03a.

Function: time and display; Timing (second hand, 30 minutes); The date display window is at 3.

Machine core: Calibre G1745, automatic timing machine core, 28 ‘800A/h (4 hz), Incabloc buffer, gem number 25; 48 hours power storage.

Case: 18K rose gold, 42 mm in diameter; The right side of the case has a quick start/stop lever and restart button; 18K rose gold watch ring; Curved double-sided anti-reflection sapphire crystal mirror; 18K rose gold watch with hand-carved Greenwich observatory design and sapphire glass window (you can see the wheel structure in the core)

Waterproof depth: 160 feet / 50m /5 bar.

Dial: curved silver-white dial, embedded 30 minutes small dial;

The gold needle is marked in time.

Strap: brown alligator strap, 18K rose gold pin buckle.


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