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Brand Hublot
Item Type Replica BIG BANG MP Watches
Movement Manual winding
Case Carbon,Titanium,Round
Bracelet Rubber
Dial Color Skeleton
Diameter 45 mm
Thickness —
Gender men
BUCKLE Deployment Buckle
YEAR 2018
GLASS Sapphire
FUNCTIONS Hours, Minutes, Power Reserve
Boxes common box
Model Number 911.QD.0123.RX


Celebrate HUBLOT for 10 years

Ten years ago, in April 2006, Hublot leapt and created a completely black watch. This means that all the markers are black, even the dial and hand.

Watches allow you to show off your personal style. Jean-Claude Biver designs all black to express his personality. He was inspired by the jeweler Carlo Cerlatti of Monaco to create these elegant and dynamic watches.

Hengbao all black styles over the years

Big explosion black
The first black release of the work was the iconic Hengbao explosion. This work was released in 2006 and is limited to 250 pieces. This watch has caused an uproar in the watch industry, and its surface has barely a clear surface. 44.5mm black ceramic case with black hands, black dial, black hour markers and black date window.Richard Mille 2018 RM 11-03 McLaren replica watches

Bigger explosions all black
Following the 2006 release, the all-black 2007 Bigger Bang was released. This is the world’s first cylindrical chronograph equipped with a tourbillon. The black ceramic case surrounds the black hollow dial with black markings. This all black limited edition 50 pieces.

Big Bang Aero Bang
Similar to the hollow dial on the Bigger Bang, Aero Bang uses a skeleton dial to display the black motion of the chronograph. The watch is powered by the Hub 4200 movement. This 2008 release is limited to 500 pieces.


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Big Bang Black II
Re-reviewing the release of the first Big Bang All Black in 2006, Hublot followed up on the 2009 version of the Big Bang All Black II. This watch uses a full ceramic bracelet and black PVD-coated bezel screw.luxury replica watches for sale

King Power Alinghi
In 2010, Hublot celebrated their cooperation with two American Cup champions, Alinghi. This large, 48mm non-woven ceramic case has a chronograph that can be seen through the skeleton dial. The all-black watch has a faint red in the Alinghi logo, with a limit of 333 pieces.

Classic Fusion Chronograph
The Classic Fusion series is another series that offers all black styles. Classic Fusion Chronograph All Black full black ceramic case launched in 2011. This version is limited to 500 pieces.




Classic Fusion Chronograph 2012
Unlike the standard all-black watch, Hublot released the black and blue classic fusion chronograph in 2012. This release shows that full black watches can be combined with another color while still mostly black dials. Hand and index are designed in dark blue instead of black.best replica BRM R12-46 watches

Big Bang Ferrari Black
In 2013, Ferrari was sold in black and limited to 1,000 pieces. This black all uses the red features of the Ferrari chronograph and a bright yellow date window. This model is equipped with Hublot internal chronograph movement HUB1241.

Big Bang Unico all black
The 1242 Unico, developed and manufactured by Hublot, was all released in black in 2014. This version is limited to 500 pieces of 45 black ceramic case.

MP05 LaFerrari all black
From the typical shape and design of the Hublot watch, the black version of MP-05 La Ferrari released in 2015 was launched. This watch is equipped with a vertical tourbillon. This tourbillon is not only unique, it has 11 barrels inside the watch, guaranteeing 50 days of power reserve. This unique watch features a black PVD-coated titanium shell that resembles a car engine and is limited to 50 pieces.PATEK PHILIPPE 2018 GRAND COMPLICATIONS 5208R replica watches

Celebrating 10 years
To celebrate the creation of a unique all-black watch for 10 years, Hublot released a limited edition Big Bang Unico full black sapphire. This work is made of sapphire crystal glass, coated with metal and reinforced in black. The unique sapphire maintains transparency while maintaining a completely black design.


Luxury Hublot MP-09 Tourbillon Bi-Axis Titanium 2017 cheap Watch


Sapphire black represents the essence of the revolutionary concept. With this watch, the full black becomes completely transparent while maintaining confidence on the wrist. It uses its transparency to make buildings and movements fully visible and observable.

Just 10 years ago, Hublot launched a watch, which created a necessary statement for the watch and triggered a new trend in watchmaking. These designs use a black dial with black markers to highlight the idea of visibility and invisibility. With the latest version of Hengbao full black sapphire, the brand now not only sees how black absorbs light, but how it will also create another layer of mystery.PATEK PHILIPPE 2018 GRAND COMPLICATIONS 5208R replica watches


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Cheap Hublot Big Bang Ferrari USA 60th Anniversary 45 mm Men 401.QX.0123.VR.FSX14 watch

Model: 401.QX.0123.VR.FSX14
Case: Ceramic
Cuts: 45 mm
Movement: Automatic
Glass :sapphire
Functions: Hours, minutes, seconds, date

Big Bang Ferrari Watch Review

Ferrari cars and Hublot watches … Partner timing, but how well the two brands work together? Lovers have been asking this question since Hublot announced 2011 as the official high-end watch maker for the iconic sports car maker in Italy. The exciting news is that virtually no one has actually seen Ferrari’s partners, let alone most of the car + watch companies do not really succeed. So why is this relationship so important to Hublot? What did they do?

I know the best brand less than Hublot. Most people totally love or completely hate Hublot. Of course, there are some people in the middle, just because they found some Hublot watches they love them completely, but they totally dislike others. The polarization of the brand is almost legendary at this point. As a modern brand (though it started in the 1980s), Hublot is the brand manager (we will call him) Jean-Claude Biver. Mr. Biver brought Hublot big bang to the world, arguably the most productive and noteworthy form of modern luxury watch advertising. This is Jean-Claude Biver keen to catch up with Ferrari, and he thinks only Hiab can make the relationship between car and watch work.shopping Audemars Piguet ROYAL OAK OFFSHORE Replica Watches


Hublot Big Bang Ferrari Texas Titanium watch 401.NM.0123.VR.TEX13


Hublot’s appeal is attracting the wealthy Ferrari owners around the world and even desperately for the owner’s attention. If you buy a limousine, often you will want accessories, even though these accessories are sometimes a serious investment. By working with Ferrari, Hublot not only enhances its image but also instantly acquires a whole new world of potential customers who may never be aware of or know about the brand. Biver’s strategy for making this relationship work is to produce a range of watches that, while Hublot is thorough in terms of branding, is unique in the brand’s portfolio. His words are simple to me; the mistake most other companies make when working with Ferrari is simply to adapt existing products to the Ferrari brand. The key, he said, is to respect the relationship and create something totally unique to the partnership. Within a year of launch, Hublot appears to indicate that more than 10% of sales come from Ferrari watches.

In 2012, when I first saw the then-present new Hublot Big Bang Ferrari, I was impressed immensely. I happen to be an open modern watch enthusiast who has always enjoyed great value with Hublot’s efforts. What do I think about Hublot’s improvement in quality? Yes. Do I think Hublot and the limited edition watch are overkill? Yes. Sometimes I think Hublot is too expensive? Yes, sadly, so do most other brands. However, at the last minute, Hublot is launching new products at an unprecedented speed, and there is an impetus that others can not match. A momentum that may cause the brand to move on, spill, or trip on its own, pick it up where it’s left, and hope for the best.


Fake Hublot Big Bang Ferrari King Gold REF: 401.OX.0123.VR watch

Now in 2014, I provided a comment a few years after I first became interested in the Hublot Big Bang Ferrari series. I am reviewing one of the Hublot Big Bang Ferrari Limited Editions, produced specifically for Beverly Hills, a Los Angeles Hublot boutique run by retailer Westime. This special color scheme may not be my favorite, but it’s fun, mostly blue accents and red accents. As you can see, the Hublot Ferraris have two shoulder straps, and I believe they all did. In addition, Hublot also uses the Big Bang Ferrari to launch a new feature in the Big Bang watch – the quick release of the belt.perfect Replica MEN watches

You can release the strap by pressing the simple button in the case of the lugs. This means that wearers can easily and safely change their belts – the feature I hope most luxury watches have. If you have a series of straps to see, this makes sense. On the other hand, this means you can not use any belt you want because the connector is proprietary. In addition, Hublot’s tape is tapered and has other features that are not easily found in aftermarket tapes. Let me put it this way, if you take high-end sports watches and belts seriously, you will need to find a very serious custom belt manufacturer …


Earlier in 2014, I spent more time discussing newer versions of the Hublot Big Bang Ferrari, and more were unable to take pictures. The success of this series has introduced a series of versions, not only colors, but also materials – this is the core of the “fusion” concept behind the Hublot design. Jean-Claude Biver himself ordered an order that a stone in Hublot’s wristwatch catalog would be a fusion of materials. This special Blue, Red and Black Hublot Big Bang Ferrari combines titanium and ceramic, as well as rubber and anodized aluminum.

On other models, you’ll find numerous other ways to perform countless ways such as 18K gold and carbon fiber. The Hublot Big Bang Ferrari, measuring 45.5mm, was the first to substantially upgrade its big bang since its introduction in early 2004. Hublot increased its width from 44mm to 1.5mm, adding more overall masculinity and modern look. Design like this is the core of the intersection between two aesthetic preferences. Some people like clean, introverted, classical lines, and those who like avant-garde, modern, some intense design. Hengyu, like any other voice, will inevitably attract people’s attention to itself and thus compliment and complain.Luxury Replica Corum watches


Heading Hublot Big Bang Ferrari is a comfortable, though daring, experience. With most of Hublot, you will always notice that people noticed your watch. Wearing most of Patek Philippe’s work, everyone except the watch radar will miss the wrist. The design of Hublot watches draws attention – whether you agree with this philosophy of lifestyle or not, it is their intention. The question is, then how do you do that?

From an ergonomic point of view, I like to not twist into the crown, but with a simple twist of the spring to lock and open. In many ways, the angular chronograph buttons are in many ways cooler than the simple round buttons, and the dial is clear on most Hublot Big Bang Ferrari models – even though this Beverly Hills premium blue cheek The red mark for the black hour does not represent a particularly good idea. Hublot Big Bang Ferrari is easy to read on the right model – it’s an asset to the collection.

Big Bang Inside the Big Bang Ferrari is a sport designed and built by the “UNICO” family. Hublot spent more time than originally expected to finally release UNICO, and I’ve always liked the result. The aesthetic design of UNICO is not only integrated with the theme of Hublot, but unlike the movements of other watches. Hublot was criticized for most of the Big Bang watches using the Swiss ETA Valjoux 7750, so there are some differences Hublot places on the more prestigious Big Bang watches as a long-term priority.NEW Replica Tag Heuer Monaco Gulf CAW211R.FC6401 watch

Specifically, the Hublot Big Bang Ferrari is equipped with a UNICO caliber Caliper 1241 automatic caliber inside, incorporating some interesting aesthetic features and some functional compromises. Visually speaking, the exercise is very good. It offers enough “industrial” appeal to feel the modern but only enough “traditional” appeal to make it feel “Swiss.” The details of the exercise are good, but do not go looking for things like the traditional Swiss finishing and polishing. With modern themes, exercise is complicated but retains a suitable finish that looks better than antique furniture in a car.

Hublot Big Bang Ferrari dial only the time, date and chronograph. The counter is designed to track 60 minutes, but this means no hours or seconds running time. This is not a big deal, but I can see that some people are dialing as much information as possible, which is annoying. The less-powerful feature you get is an art skeletonized and Ferrari logo palette. For all the gorgeous Ferrari, its name is only shown twice on the watch (not on the dial), and its logo is relatively elegant on the dial. I think Hublot understands that it is an unwise decision to put two brands on the dial.

While blue and red Hublot Big Bang Ferrari watches will not be my number one choice, the overall collection is appealing and enjoyable. Hublot knows that it does not want all consumers to have access to it, and there is a certain amount of “overdone” when Hublot enters the room. This is part of the brand’s emotional experience and does not appeal to all collectors or even to every Hubble owner. Having said that, brands like Hublot seldom capture the feeling of having a traditional mechanical watch in such a daring modern way – for which reason they must be commended. I do not think Hublot is everyone’s brand, but Hubble’s Ferrari Ferrari is undoubtedly a matter of concern if it is yours.buy RICHARD MILLE RM 011 BROWN SILICON NITRIDE Replica watch




price Richard Mille RM 070 replica watches




Brand Richard Mille
Item Type Replica RM 070 Watches
Movement Manual Winding
Case Carbon,Tonneau
Bracelet Rubber
Dial Color Skeletonized
Diameter 49.48mm x 54.88mm
Gender Men
Thickness 17.65 mm
Year 2017
GLASS Sapphire
FUNCTIONS Hours, Minutes, Power Reserve, Tourbillon
Boxes common box


Line in the building movement

If the design of the building and the clock have similarities between it? Compare the story.

Located on the banks of the heart of Shanghai’s Bund Finance Center, inspired by the traditional Chinese theater, Foster + Partners Tower boasts an incredible dynamic look with multi-layered curtain-type bronze tubes.

In addition to similar curves and perspectives, Richard Mille’s RM 67.01 automatic ultra-flat panel at Shanghai’s Bund Financial Center and the Fosun Foundation designed by Foster + Partners all share the same aesthetic sense of movement, both literally and figuratively That’s all. Glimpse from three angles.

A changing aesthetic
Built at the heart of Shanghai’s Bund Financial Center, the Fosun Foundation Building, designed by Foster + Partners Architects, faces the challenge of bringing a truly appealing look to the place. Its shape like a bronze tube curtain, its shape can recall a row of bamboo stalks, elevation by several layers of independent movement. This fluid swirling movement alters the building’s surface and depth through attractive lighting effects. Sporty reminds RM 67.01 Automatic Extra Flat watch. In this model, the time flow shows very clearly through hour and minute hands, and the date indicator appears in a cautious 5-point window.Hublot CLASSIC FUSION AEROFUSION replica watches

The technical complexity of mirroring
The successful renovation of the façade of a building destined to remain static reflects the architectural vision firmly anchored in the twenty-first century. This technique of replacing various bronze pipes with wavy movements shows great modernity and new construction methods. Like the building built by Foster + Partners, the RM 67.01 automatic ultra-flat watch demonstrates the unanimous pursuit of technical complexity. Extremely thin art requires very specific expertise. Nonetheless, Richard Mille highlighted the volume and invited her gaze to the depths of her perspective, through the aesthetics of the complex case applied to 215 different machining operations, as well as the Super-LumiNova® reinforced perforated dial.

Classic heritage as the cornerstone of futurism
Fosun Foundation and the era completely fit the facade, not to deviate from the surrounding cultural roots. The use of bamboo aesthetics illustrates the determination to uphold tradition. RM 67.01 The Automatic Ultra Plate, in line with all of Richard Miller’s work, evokes the tradition of watches without missing futurism and extreme technological maturity. Traditional Haute Horlogerie crafts showcase hollow mechanical movements, partially represented by the most symbolic elements of wheels, rotors and screws, giving the classic Haute Horlogerie a vivid reminder that innovation can not abandon the heritage of technology.swiss replica watches for men


Richard Mille RM 67-01 Automatic Extra Flat
Case : grade 5 titanium
Dimensions : 38.70 x 47.52 x 7.75 mm
Movement : skeletonized mechanical self-winding ultra-thin, Caliber CRM16, 50-hour power reserve
Functions : hours, minutes, date, function selector
Caseback : sapphire crystal



What is a chronograph?

Although you may never be able to use it for more complicated times than boiled eggs, chronographs are one of the most complex and complicated issues in the Swiss watchmaking industry.

Sea Head Bullhead Rio 2016 Watch
The Omega Seamaster Bullhead Rio 2016 uses the colors of the Olympic rings to capture the Carioca spirit (£ 6,075).
Chronograph is essentially a watch with a built-in stopwatch. A look at the OMEGA Bullhead Rio 2016 graphic illustrates this blend as well as reminding us of the sport heritage. As the timer transitions from a handheld device to a wrist timer, the thruster moves sideways from the top of the box, allowing us to see the modern chronograph that we are all familiar with, even if not all of them are fully certain of its usefulness.

Display your advanced knowledge through a chronograph that recognizes the Observatory. Chronographs usually have extra buttons, usually at 2 and 4 o’clock. Achilles’ heel is simply a measure by an outside agency that can easily lead to confusion. The timer can also be a precision chronograph watch.replica Ulysse Nardin Complications Triple Jack Repeater watches

How does the chronograph work?

Press the top button at the top of the crown, the thin, pointed center-scan pointer at 12 o’clock beats and the tick marks on the inner edge of the stopwatch are clocked. On a normal watch this is the second hand that is always active. Minute and hour accumulator discs – usually at 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock respectively – allow you to take more than a minute. Click the button at the top again, hand stop, let you note the reading. Click the bottom button and all three chronograph hands (central scan, minute, and 30-minute accumulator) quickly return to their resting position.

The reason men love chronographs is that, like LEGO, they offer many different combinations and variations on common old timing functions. The most immediate chronograph has a modular movement, which means that an extra module has been placed at the top of the main timing mechanism to create a mechanical sandwich, which is why the chronograph is on the stout side. More traditional Zenith El Primero more sophisticated models, such as the world’s most sophisticated automatic chronograph, as well as stopwatch function.

For those who pay more attention to the time, the second hand flyback lever on the left side of the case will restore the second hand to the neutral position during the flash time of the flyback Chronograph 1950 Panerai Luminor submersible 1950. Of course, each such refinement will increase the price. Prior to ergonomics, early chronograph promoters were in this position because it was considered a more comfortable location and they would not dig the wrist.MICHELE SIGNATURE DECO MWW06P000108 replica watch

Many of the leading watch brands, including TAG Heuer and Omega, have been the makers of precision stopwatches in the last century and are vital to both sports and industry. They are mass-produced, perhaps because they are cheap, functional and sturdy, making them still attractive to men.

Lois Moinet invented the first chronograph in 1816. An updated version of Time Racing developed by Nicolas Mathieu Rieussec in 1820 includes a minute and second disc with a drop of ink marking the exact time – hence the name Chronograph.

Modern variations of chronograph aesthetics to a new height include the Bulgari Octo Velocissimo titanium, as well as the sleek black DLC coating, Parmigiani’s stainless steel Tonda Metrographe, and dials combined with the delicate dial and shape of the case. Ralph Lauren’s car chronograph models the dashboard of the Bugatti classic car up to the tree details, while the Tambour Regatta Navy in Louis Vuitton uses a water meter, including a 10-minute countdown and voice signals.

Perhaps the best moment of the chronograph is due to the era of Omega Speedmaster, when a catastrophic system failure was encountered in 1970, Apollo 11 astronauts used the Speedmaster to make important calculations to safely return to Earth. That is why, even today, NASA is installing astronauts a mechanical Omega Speedmaster chronograph because if all high-tech equipment fails, a sturdy mechanical watch will not Let them down.

But again, maybe the reason men like chronographs is much simpler: they like buttons. HARRY WINSTON HISTOIRE DE TOURBILLON replica watches



replica Greubel Forsey watches price




Brand Hublot
Item Type Replica BIG BANG CALAVERAS Steel Watches
Movement self-winding
Case stainless steel
Bracelet Rubber
Dial Color Black
Diameter 44 mm
Thickness 14.6 mm
Gender Men
BUCKLE Folding clasp
GLASS Sapphire
FUNCTIONS Hours, Minutes, Seconds
Boxes common box
Model Number 316.SX.4310.RX.MEX17


Hublot classic Fusion Fuente limited edition watch

Hublot and cigar maker Arturo Fuente once again join hands to launch a limited edition Classic Fusion Fuente watch. As early as 2012, the two brands decided to become partners to show excellence. The Alliance has produced several watch series (Hublot Classic Fusion ForbiddenX, Classic Fusion 45mm Fuente 20th Anniversary Special Edition) as well as various charity events to help Dominicans through the Fuente Family Foundation. Now, a new creation pays tribute to this common interest in fine craftsmanship.

Hengbao Classic Fusion Fu Ente limited edition watch will have three limited edition for sale: King Gold (limited edition 50), Ti (limited edition 100) and Bronze (limited edition 100) limited edition.buy Richard Mille RM 011 replica watches

The classic fusion 45 mm diameter case is made of King Gold, a unique alloy developed by the Hublot family that combines gold and ceramic. Case and crown are crafted to pay tribute to Fuente. The case features a leaf of tobacco that bears a motif reminiscent of the ceramic tiles of the old colonial houses in Havana and contains the letter X of the Fuente family. The back of the watch is engraved with an illustration of the Güines of Havana, which has taken root in the Fuente family history. Clock dial engraved with wine red.

The second change is the magnificent titanium brushed. It has the same good quality as the King Gold model and the blue tone of the dial and strap. The third version uses bronze, a fine alloy whose reflections change over time in perfect harmony with the green hues the watch band and dial select. All three versions will be equipped with HUB1112 movement, automatic movement of the operating frequency of 28’800 A / h, power reserve of 42 hours. They will be officially unveiled by Hublot CEO Ricardo Guadalupe during the special Asia Tour.fashion replica watches for men



Richard Miller RM27-03 Rafael Nadal flywheel shock watch off

Richard Miller and tennis star Rafael Nadal again. Passionate tech lovers have introduced the limited edition watch Richard Mille RM27-03 Rafael Nadal Tourbillon Shock Resistance. Vivid and sport will be only 50 pieces, each with a huge price of 750,000 US dollars.best Audemars Piguet Royal Oak replica watches

Richard Miller RM27-03 Rafael Nadal Tourbillon Shockproof capacity demonstrates the Spanish player’s ability to withstand and resist shocks of up to 10,000 grams. This result is achieved through countless hours of testing, especially the Pendulum Impact Test, which simulates linear acceleration due to sudden movements or impacts.

Stunning red and yellow hues of the Quartz TPT case watch tribute to Rafael Nadal, native Spain. According to a patented process developed in Switzerland, the color is laminated to a silicon dioxide of only 45 μm in thickness, which is then heated to 120 ° C. and laminated in layers according to a patented process developed in Switzerland, Strong color burst. The dial features large black hour markers and hands, which are partially painted in super LumiNova.2017 HUBLOT BIG BANG UNICO GOLF replica watches

Luxury Hublot Classic Fusion Fuente Limited Edition 45 mm Bronze 511.BZ.6680.LR.OPX17 cheap Watch


Richard Mille first removed the middle of the case. The bezel and case are assembled directly on the floor, which is called “all-in-one” – a racing structure that ensures maximum rigidity and increased impact resistance. The carbon fiber TPT’s monocoque base, the 5-stage titanium bridge, and its strategic centering caliber reinforcements contribute to the rigidity of the Richard Miller RM27-03 Rafael Nadal tourbillon anti-shock watch. V-shaped mechanical tourbillon reminiscent of a bull’s head-up – a symbol of Spain and Rafah, and beat at 3 Hz and 3 Hz. Caliber of hand-polished cone angle and satin. It also provides 70 hours of power and water resistance up to 50M.


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Hublot opens its first Canadian boutique and launches the Classic Fusion Timing Canada Special Edition Watch

On September 26, 2017, Swiss luxury watchmaker Hublot celebrated the grand opening of its first Canadian boutique in Vancouver and opened its doors on the 15th in North America. And world-renowned pianist and brand ambassador Lang Lang jointly held a ribbon-cutting ceremony, cocktail reception, limited edition watch exhibition.

International phenomenon and superstar Lang Lang performed in concert with the top orchestras in the United States, Europe and his motherland China and performed in collaboration with metal band “Four Knights” and jazz band Herbie Hancock and Domingo’s tenor . Lang Lang represents outstanding achievements in his industry and continues to be an ambassador for influential art and pioneers in classical music.buy Richard Mille RM 011 Le Mans Classic replica watch

In the afternoon, international and local press briefings began with Jean-François Sberro, managing director for North America, and Lang Lang, the brand ambassador for the brand, held on the second floor privately in the store, A cocktail reception was held by two gentlemen and boutique operator Oleg Minchenko where they mixed with performers and found the new Classic Fusion Chronograph Canada Canadian watch.

Situated on Alberni Street in Vancouver’s “luxury district”, Known as one of the best North American retail streets, the new Heng Po Vancouver boutique features two floors – the only retail space in the area, with lounge upstairs and open The style of the windows allows guests to indulge in the fresh air. The boutique will house a limited edition Classic Fusion Chronograph from Canada.

Classic Fusion Chronograph Canada is a special version of the Canadian market watches, dedicated to the Vancouver boutique grand opening. The dial has a red detail dial, dial and crocodile leather strap to commemorate Canada’s national colors and national flag, the back of the case decorated with iconic Canadian maple leaf carved in polished ceramics and displayed in a custom maple box. This piece will be sold for 30 pieces and sold exclusively at Hublot Vancouver boutique.wholesale replica watches for men

technical details
Model: Classic Fusion Chronograph Canada Special Edition
Reference: 521.CM.1423.LR.BHV17
Limit: Special Edition XX / 30

Satin finish and polished black ceramic
Diameter: 45 mm
Thickness: 13.05 mm
Bezel: Satin polished and polished black ceramic
Bezel: red composite resin
Screw «H»: polished titanium
Glass: Sapphire anti-reflective treatment table
Crown: Polished black ceramic, engraved with HUBLOT logo
Putter: polished black ceramic
Case: Polished black ceramic engraving “SPECIAL EDITION” + N ° XX / 30 table
Back glass: Internal anti-reflective sapphire + “BHV17” logo
Waterproof: 5 ATM (50 meters)

Black satin finish with “BHV17” logo at 3 o’clock
Polished rhodium-plated appliques
Pointer: polished rhodium-plated pointer

Movement Hublot HUB1143
Type: Self-winding chronograph movement
Size: 30 mm (131/4 inch) diameter; thickness 6.9 mm
Date: Window 6.00
Number of parts: 280
Gems: 59
Frequency: 4 Hz (28’800 A / h)
Power reserve: 42 hours

Red rubber and black alligator white stitching
Buckle: black PVD stainless steel buckle


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Hublot Classic incorporates the 45-millimeter Gennady Golovkin Limited Edition

On September 17, 2017, after celebrating this weekend with Mexican boxer Canelo, Hublot celebrated the opening ceremony of its second Las Vegas boutique, Crystal Shops, with ribbon-cutting ceremonies, cocktail receptions and branding Ambassador Gennady “GGG” Golovkin made a special appearance at Alvarez in the T Mobile Arena.

Gennady “GGG” Golovkin, a professional Kazakh boxer currently is four different leagues: WBA, WBC, IBO and IBF Middleweight World Champion. Hublot also introduced a limited edition Classic Fusion 45mm chronograph “Gennady Golovkin” to commemorate the welterweight world champion and brand ambassador.sale HUBLOT MP-09 replica watches

The new Hublot boutique in Crystals showcases a more modern, luxurious design with an entire private lounge seat and a full bar behind the shop for guests to enjoy. Crystal stores will also launch a limited edition all-black and black diamond Big Bang Las Vegas special edition last month, the Las Vegas market exclusive sale.


Watch with polished black ceramic 45 mm case, with automatic winding movement, power reserve up to 42 hours. Gold cushions, hands and screws flowing against a black background, Gennady Golovkin’s acronym appears proudly at 12 o’clock and his logo – two gloves knocked together – is located at 3 o’clock. Black crocodile leather strap and black rubber stitched together – this is a Hublot logo, and a yellow and blue stitching symbol of GGG Kazakhstan native and his uniform color.replica HYT H2 HYDRO MECHANICS BLACK watch

technical details
Reference: 525.CM.0189.LR.GGO17

Black ceramic polished and polished black
Diameter: 45 mm
Thickness: 13.40 mm
Waterproof: 5 meters (50 meters)
Bezel: Polished and polished black ceramic
Bezel: Black composite resin
Screw «H»: polished gold 3N watch
Mirror: Sapphire anti-reflective treatment table
Crown: polished black ceramic
Putter: polished black ceramic
Case: Polished black ceramic engraving “SPECIAL EDITION” + “N ° XXX / 100” table
Back glass: Internal anti-reflective sapphire + “GGO17” logo

Sapphire dial
Polished gold-plated appliqué + “GGO17” logo at 3.00
Hands: polished gold-plated hands; polished gold-plated and blue lacquered seconds hands

Hublot HUB1155 caliber
Type: Self-winding chronograph movement
Size: 30 mm (131/4 inch) diameter; thickness 6.9 mm
Date 6.00 window
Number of components 207
Jewelry number 60
Frequency 4 Hertz (28’800 A / h)
Power reserve 42 hours

Black rubber and black alligator with yellow and blue stitching
Buckle black PVD stainless steel buckle buckle


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New 2017 Hublot watch series

Hublot is still a relative newcomer to the world’s luxury Swiss watch, which was recently established in 1980. However, in the past few decades, their watches have become the world’s most sought after part, and highly anticipated to create a “fusion art” brand new version.

Hardware frame
Perhaps the most newsletter of this year’s catalog is the Techframe Ferrari Flywheel Chronograph, which was designed with the Italian car company Ferrari to commemorate its 70th anniversary. There are three versions of the watch – King King, PEEK Carbon and Titanium.fake HYT H1 Graphite 148-NG-21-GF-RU watch

This watch uses a new design, rather than redesign, and has a building and bridge design. Driven by the internal HUB6310 manual winding movement, with a single-button timer function and flying tourbillon. However, it is a limited edition model, each version of each version of each model only 70.

Big Blue Unico Red Blue Sapphire Limited Edition
In 2016, Hublot launched a translucent watch, entirely composed of sapphire, known as Big Bang Unico sapphire. This year, the series has been updated with color versions, making these watches the first. The two colors are now blue and red.Shopping fake RICHARD MILLE RM 50-03 watches

The use of sapphires to achieve uniform color is a complex process because both sapphires are exactly the same colors that are very rare and because of its strong nature, the material is not the easiest to use. Therefore, these models are also limited edition, each color is only 250 kinds available for public use.



Big Bang sapphire spirit
Keep a similar theme, this year’s big bang spirit has become the latest Hublot model, to reshape from sapphire, despite no color. This means that, like last year’s Big Unico sapphire or its previous MP-05 “LaFerrari” sapphire, the model now becomes translucent and more scratch-resistant.Review fake Urwerk 110 watches

The basic design elements of the Big Bang spirit remain in place, including its unique barrel-shaped shell shape. Of course, switching to a translucent housing allows the vanity watch to show off the internal work of the watch, powered by a self-winding HUB4700 movement with a 50-hour power reserve.

Big Bang hit Italy independence
The Basel world also saw the Yu-ship table showing a new ladies watch – Big Bang a little Italian independence, combined with ceramic, diamonds and velvet to create an obvious female costume watch. Again, this version is very unique, with only 100 of each model being released for general sales.

Watches with round shell, a total of 42 diamond decorative bezel, while the choice of blue, black or purple velvet. This velvet is not only in the strap, but also in the dial itself, to help make each watch more cohesive, fashion beauty.reviewbestselling.com

MP-09 Tourbillon biaxial
Finally, one of the most exciting new products this year is certainly the MP-09 Tourbillon biaxial, which is the first multi-axis Tourbillon watch. This new watch uses a new shell, 49 mm in diameter, has been carefully designed to show off the interior.

The watch is powered by an exclusive internal movement, the HUB9009, which also has an impressive five-day power reserve. At the same time, due to the large opening of the 6 o’clock position, the tourbillon itself is clearly visible, the left side of the watch has a simple date adjuster, you can quickly change the date.buy Hublot Spirit of Big Bang fake Watches


Replica Hublot Spirit of Big Bang Titanium and Black Ceramic Watch 601.NM.0173.LR

Case: Ceramic Titanium
Dial: Skeletonized Sapphire with Rhodium Accents
Cuts: Diameter 51.00 x 45.00 mm
Crystal: Sapphire with Anti-reflective Treatment
Movement: Self-winding Skeleton Chronograph Movement
Water Resistance: 10 ATM or 100 meters
• Central Hours and Minutes
• Off-Centred Sweeping Seconds
• Date by Window
• Chronograph


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Longines Avigation Big Eye L2.816.4.53.2

Guide column wheel chronograph operation by Longines archives. More 1971 watch watch. Longines ring big eyes inspired by the 1971 military / pilot watch from the Longines file. Brushed stainless steel case size is reasonable, across the 41mm, with a large putter and the history of the correct closed bottom cover.

Black dial is useful, 30 minutes of the big counter adds a style, again by the 1971 original. Internal is outlined L688 movement, which is a self-winding, train wheel chronograph operation. It is listed in our database as having a date, but this feature is very sorry for this watch.replica Richard Mille RM 016 Watches

We have a lot of top copy watches sold online, the best copy of the watch, such as copy Yu ship king, Omega, Breitling, Panerai, TAG Heuer.


Bell and Ross BR-X1 Black Titanium

Bone chronograph with high-tech appearance.

Bell & Ross’s signature scheme usually has two flavors – the simplest fashion and the highest technology. BR-X1 Black Titanium belongs to the latter category.

Made of titanium, 45mm in diameter, black ceramic frame. The timer pusher is integrated in the housing, with one end pivoted, like a rocker, the trademark features of the X1 line.



www.reviewbestselling.com.Like other X1 watches, there is no dialing. In its position is a gray sapphire crystal, showing the following timer module, as well as the opening date wheel. Because the internal BR-CAL.313 movement is modular and consists of an ETA 2892 with a Dubois-Depraz chronograph, the entire timing mechanism is visible from the front. Chronograph module has been hollowed out, the center has an X-shaped bridge, you can show as much as possible movement.

Bell & Ross BR-X1 Black Titanium 2

Although BR-X1 black titanium is not BR V1-92 by the same manufacturer to provide value proposition, but the price tag from the skeleton movement and G & FChâtelain production of complex cases. G & FChâtelain is a subsidiary of Chanel (Paris boutique also owns Bell & Ross), is also MB & F and Richard Mille and other cutting-edge brand components.Hublot MP-05 LAFERRARI TITANIUM 905.NX.0001.RX replica Watch



Introduction Urwerk x Laurent Ferrier Arpal One only for 2017 years

Two brilliant watchmakers to work together to create a inspiration from the 1930s car fashion streamlined watch.

Independent watches and clocks, the prominent name, have a very different style, Urwerk and Laurent Ferrie r has been together to create the Arpal One, which is a unique watch for charity auction. Only watch 2017 years. Although Urwerk is famous for its avant-garde watches – even the iron man wears his latest film – Laurent Ferrier’s watch is heavily dependent on the early and mid-term classical watchmaking of the second century.

Quot; UR-103.01, one of the earliest Urwerk watches, is basically Urwerk designed by Laurent Ferrier, so it has a rotating satellite roaming time display, which is the signature of Urwerk (found in UR-105), but the case Is a stylish building, reminiscent of the classic car; Ferrier himself was in 1979 to participate in Le Mans 24-hour racing racing driver.2017 TAG HEUER MONACO CALIBRE 11 CAW211R.FC6401 replica watch



Made of Arpal +, an 18k gold alloy, which is much lighter than ordinary platinum and even steel, and its Arpal streamlined case provokes a harder Laurent Ferrier Galet watch, which features an elegant, rounded form through a Inspired galet, French pebbles.

In order to match the mirror polished case, the time display trajectory is dull gray, while the satellite’s thermoplastic cover is dark gray and covered with thick patterns.

The internal UR5.03 movement is self-winding, power 48 hours, and the width of 40.9mm, length of 60.8mm, greater than UR-105.http://www.watch4umen.com




replica Hublot SPIRIT OF BIG BANG watches


Hublot Spirit of Big Bang Review

On the luxury watch brand, hublot  has been repeatedly criticized for many years. Since it was alleged that no original design was completely condemned as a simple marketing machine, it was precisely the production of watches that had repeatedly operated defamatory gloves, and somehow was always impeccable.

To a certain extent, this highly reviewed review is due to Hublot’s ubiquitous marketing approach. The brand and its unique watches can be seen everywhere. This is certainly not a simple coincidence, this is a well-planned, superb implementation of the strategy. As Hublot’s former chief executive officer and industry legend Jean-Claude Biver once told me; “… no matter where our customers go, he must meet Yu-ship. Our goal is to make the customer feel that we belong to him The world, his way of life, his emotions and dreams.Richard Mille RM 27-02 RAFAEL NADAL replica Watch



It is this mentality to allow the brand not to doubt their own brand prosperity. In fact, sometimes I think they even like it, after all, as Wilde once said; “The only thing that is worse than talking about is not being talked about.” Whether this way of thinking will be on the aircraft ship decided earlier this year Time to publish its first large-scale modeling of large explosives decision has an impact, I believe we will never know. One thing is yes, absolutely someone speaks.

The soul of the emperor
To be honest, when I first saw the original news picture, I do not particularly like the new “Big Bang spirit”. There is no reason why I just do not like the combination of dial and case, and think the watch looks beautiful over design. Having said that, I think this is an interesting alternative to the brand, and at least worth a look. So I made the necessary arrangements, patiently waiting for the new models to New York, and then to do “hands” task.http://www.reviewbestselling.com

The first thing I noticed was that, despite the obvious changes in the shape of the case, the new “Tyrannosaurus” star was as large as the original big bang and was as much as the statement on the wrist. This is not necessarily a bad thing, depending on your personal taste, but be careful, especially if your wrist is more slender variety. That is to say, the slight curvature of the big bang’s soul means that it is a little more flush on the wrist, which I like very much.



In addition, the new “skeleton” type shell also has many of the original big bang with the same touch, such as the bezel on the six H-shaped screws and the shell side of the contrast rubber side and the crown of the rubber, promoters. Similarly, gold-plated, baton’s hand and index are also symbols of Yu-ship, ensuring that the spirit of the Big Bang still offers considerable level of readability.sale replica Greubel Forsey watches

The dial is completely open, allowing uninterrupted viewing of the following actions. This design decides to draw an unfair comparison of what I think is about Richard Mill’s watch, which is usually also equipped with a ton-shaped case with an open dial. Although there are certainly some similarities, no one will mistakenly think that the spirit of the big bang is on your wrist for Richard Mill, nor is it thought that the intention of the ship is beginning. On the contrary, the idea is to highlight the following skeleton automatic chronograph movement, also known as HUB4700 movement.



Based on the modern master of the automatic El Primero and Zenith chronographs, the frequency of this new movement is 36,000 vb / h, which has been refined in strict accordance with strict standards. Its high visibility makes the watch a very technical, almost industrial feel, and honestly requires a little bit of habit. Even if the date wheel is all visible, although clever use of contrasting colors can easily identify the current date. Personally, I think the design is a bit too much for my taste, but I believe that many people will find its rugged structure fascinating.

buy replica Tudor HERITAGE BLACK BAY Watches.The back of the automatic movement, including the skeleton rotor, can be seen through the sapphire bottom cover and is also well done, though not extravagant. Depending on the model you choose, the watch will be mounted on a crocodile and rubber strap with a deployment button that matches the housing material. The rubber on the inside of the strap makes it very comfortable on the wrist and also ensures that your leather strap will not wear off too much, especially in the summer heat.



The new combination of the three great springs will be available; King King, King Gold + Ceramics, Titanium and Titanium + Ceramics. According to Hublot, King Gold’s 18k gold case consists of 5% platinum, which is said to have been higher than originally. The price ranges from King Gold Ceramics entry-grade titanium alloys from about $ 24,000 to approximately $ 47,000.

In general, I had to admit that I liked the spirit of Yu-tai’s great fortress over I thought I would. Its production and production is completely different, enough to make it stand out in the Big Bang series. Having said that, I’m not sure whether this is a good thing, or just to pave the way for a brand new wave of limited edition watch, based on a ton shape case, not a round. We only need to wait and see that.HYT H1 Red2 148-TG-02-RF-RG replica watch




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Richard Mille RM 27-02 RAFAEL NADAL replica watch



The new Chronospace Evo B60 features a rugged, lightweight titanium housing, the first simulated quartz movement developed by Breitling: the SuperQuartz ™ chronograph with 24-hour timer, central minute and minute. An example of what happens when the performance is satisfied independently?

In the professional context, Breitling synonymous with high-tech, Chronospace Evo has become the only equipped with a pointer-type display of the electronic model. Now, by becoming the first decoration by the brand fully developed and produced by the simulation shows the quartz movement of the Breitling model, it is now more powerful. The “engine” developed and produced in Switzerland, which joined the Caliber B50 with analog and digital displays, was equipped with a dedicated feature for aviation; and Caliber B55, an avant-garde chronograph – not to mention a wide range of machinery manufacturing Breitling.best 2017 new Breitling CHRONOSPACE EVO B60 replica watches



Buy Cheap Breitling Professional CHRONOSPACE EVO B60 REF. EB601010|BF49|152E watch


In the creation of Caliber B60 electronic movement, Breitling has a professional instrumentation of all the necessary conditions into them. In addition to ten times the standard quartz movement, this highly calibrated SuperQuartz ™ movement, certified by the COSC (Swiss Official Observatory Test Institute), has passed the unparalleled functionality and readability of the chronograph. A tenth of a second is shown in a counter between 2 and 3 o’clock. Two central chronograph hand – a red second hand and a white minute – for reading the measurement time, completely clear, regardless of the visibility condition. They are equipped with a 24 hour counter, between 9 o’clock and 10 o’clock, dedicated to a full day of work.

Another key asset in terms of efficiency is by pressing the putter at 4 o’clock, the user can stop the chronograph pointer to measure the split time. And then press further on the same pusher so that the hand can “catch” the correct position and continue the ongoing timing operation. It is necessary to track the success of several competitors to participate in the game, or continuous measurement during the mission several times.wholesale replica men watches



Breitling-Professional Collection-Co-Pilot-561 watch


On the new Chronospace Evo B60, the readability of the display is further enhanced, with large white glowing hands and hour markers standing on the dark dial background. The unidirectional rotating bezel ensures good grip because its four rider tags are used to mark the time. Titanium shell, waterproof to 100 meters (330 feet), with a protective reinforcement for its screw-locked crown.

The new Chronospace Evo B60 has two dial models, one black, with a gray gray counter, another blue with a black counter, with a titanium alloy strap or leather or rubber strap. A strong and original face, below which can accommodate the new 100% Breitling engine.


replica Hublot Big Bang Minute Repeater 304.QX.1140.HR watch



The new Superocean 44 Special rugged steel case, ultra-thin dial and rotating high-tech ceramic bezel safely deep into the depth of 1,000 meters (3,300 feet). This special series with technical and original style has a black or blue version.

Under the land, the air or the ocean: Breitling shares the spirit of expression, no matter where the great expertise is. Since 1957, the Superocean series has been dedicated to the best technology for diving professionals and water adventurers.

In all Breitling instruments dedicated to conquering depth, the Superocean 44 Special features a rotating bezel made of ceramic, superhard and scratch resistant material designed for extreme tasks. The black or blue bezel matched to the dial is provided with a steel case with a satin finish and polished on the surface. Steel bracelets with extremely rugged construction, or black or blue rubber straps, with raised center patterns, Breitling signs or rows of holes, keep men, technology and strong look.buy Chopard CLASSIC RACING replica watches

In other respects, the Superocean 44 Special has all the features of a truly professional diving watch. Water depth of 1000 meters (3,300 feet). Double washer screw locking crown. A safety valve for balancing the pressure difference inside and outside the housing. Large luminous instructions ensure excellent clarity. Baton hands clearly distinguish between time and minutes. The different shapes of the hour mark are five minutes apart, four minutes and twelve o’clock. A baffle with a unidirectional rotating system avoids unintentional extension of the dive time, as well as the ratchet contour, ensuring that the operation is simplified even with gloves. A red tip of the second hand and a small luminous triangle at a glance, check whether the movement is running at any given time.

Within this instrument, it has an excellent temperament and is the ultimate mark of accuracy and reliability through the mechanical automatic chronograph certified by the COSC (Swiss official Observatory Test Institute).sale replica B.R.M V12-44 watches






Hublot Classic Fusion AeroFusion Chronograph Special Edition Ibiza

Ibiza is the third largest island in the Baltic region, 41 km north and south, 15 km west to east. The world-famous “Eivissa”, known for its beaches, crystal clear waters and vibrant nightclubs, attracts thousands of strong travelers in the summer. Ibiza is known for its bold and innovative spirit of freedom.

With that in mind, Hublot has proposed a special edition called “Hublot Classic Fusion AeroFusion”, a combination of Ibiza and UshuaïaTower, which is a fashionable place and an undisputed hub on the island.hot BRM V12-44 MARTINI RACING NAVY DIAL fake watch

Hublot HUB1155 automatic movement in the sky blue skull dial below 42 hours of power reserve.



In the 45mm watch case and bezel in a new blue ceramic evoke the Mediterranean, the sky and the ocean are presented in color. At three o’clock in the second, rather than the typical hand, there is a famous symbol of peace, representing the sixties of the 1960s will reach a large number of hippies, is now a symbol of the island.

The watch presents a 50 edition of a limited edition, numbered “50 1”, and with Henber Love on the bottom of the shell engraved with sapphire crystal Ibiza symbol.sale PORSCHE DESIGN MONOBLOC ACTUATOR GMT fake watches



Brand Hublot
Movement Self Winding/Automatic
Case Ceramic,Round
Bracelet Alligator Straps
Dial Color Skeletonized
Diameter 45 mm
Year 2017
Gender men
Thickness 13.40 mm
BUCKLE Deployment Buckle
GLASS Sapphire
FUNCTIONS Hours, Minutes, Seconds, Date, Chronograph
Boxes common box
Model Number 525.EX.0170.LR.IBZ17



Hublot classic fusion of aviation chronograph special edition concrete jungle

Hublot’s new watch “Classic Fusion Aerofusion Chronograph Concrete Jungle” is the brand’s first watch. It is a tribute to New York City, designed by visionary street artists and former New Yorker, Tristan Eaton.www.greatwatcheshere.com

To celebrate the partnership, Jean-FrançoisSberro, general manager of the US-run board, hosted a three-part event in downtown Manhattan to unveil a new watch with the artist.

At the top floor of the Robinson Hotel, Hublot welcomes journalists and art educators to the Lower East Side of Manhattan, where many famous artists have found a safe haven for work. It is surrounded by Eaton’s works and images of concrete jungle watches, and guests enjoy themselves on the artist’s body. Then guests were invited to the recently opened CaféMedi Café for a dinner party followed by an “underground” lounge, in order to celebrate the real “no sleeping city” late at night. Guests enjoy the music provided by DJ Doug Rand and celebrate throughout the evening.


Best Hublot Classic Fusion Aerofusion Chronograph Mykonos Edition 525.NQ.0120.LR.MYO17 Cheap Watch

Through the evening cocktail, Jean-FrançoisSberro joined a question and answer session on Tristan Eaton’s stage to discuss the origins of the collaboration, the first specific watch of the brand, and the creation process of Eaton.fashion MB&F fake WATCHES

Hublot is committed to one of the most representative cities in the world and continues to fulfill its mission of “congenital, differentity, uniqueness” by developing watches with realistic mixing elements into the borders. We are very honored to be working on this watch with Tristan Eaton, he with the back of the signature mosaic art technology to enhance the “concrete jungle” watch. Limited to 50 products, the brand is pleased to be able to provide a group of special buyers to enjoy the vitality, resilience and inspiration of New York City.

The event is also showcase the “classic fusion of aviation chronograph” special edition “concrete jungle” of the occasion. The table will include specific realistic elements of the baffle. The back of the watch uses Eaton’s signature collage technology, creating a colorful theme of the Statue of Liberty.Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Concept GMT fake watches