Advantages of multi-functional sports watch

Audemars Piguet Sport watches

1. The multi-purpose sports watches are relatively thick (1 cm above), strong earthquake performance.
2. Can Can be waterproof 200 meters.

3. The multi-functional sports watch suitable for young people and all kinds of athletes, and some of the function of them can be used in more professional sports.

4. In addition to the basic functions of movement needs waterproof, shockproof, and electronic compass, barometric pressure prediction, altitude, heart rate four major criteria, the other value-added features are also likely to have the recording, anti-mud, magnetic, tidal chart shows, automatically light , temperature measurement, GPS and other functions;

5.It has a strong impact resistance and the appearance can withstand damage in daily use from shock caused by the still intact after long-term use.

Tissot Heart Ladies Series Watch

The dial of Tissot is very elegance. It is perfect match a unique bar with Arabic numerals together which surround a circular dial on top, with a complex pattern hollow roses complement each other, simplified appropriate.

No matter high character gold watch or a dynamic racing series, or entle touching lady watch. Every watches represents Tissot watchmaking skills and creative and enterprising spirit.

Tissot Heart watch is the first time put Tissot family crests rosettes into the  watches, at 12 o’clock watch quietly bloom, rose pattern hollow design to life, as if a flower fragrant flowers bloom in the wrist, flowers core insert made by the dazzling diamonds, highlights the understated luxury here.


A. Lange & Söhne 1815 Chronograph Platinum watch

The detail information as follow:

Case: White gold
Diameter: 39.5 cm
Crystal and back: Sapphire crystal

Dial:Solid silver
Hands: Hours and minutes in rhodiumed gold; seconds, chronometer sweep seconds and minute counter in blued steel
Strap: and-stitched alligator leather strap, dark blue
Buckle: White-gold prong buckle

Ferdinand Adolph Lange founded A. Lange & Söhne watch factory in 1845. This is a good foundation For Saxony in the 19th century when it became the center of precision watchmaking industry. To celebrate 200th anniversary of the brand birthday, A. Lange & Söhne introduced the new special edition platinum 1815 Chronograph watch in your store. Since 2010, 1815 Chronograph has become a fusion of classic design and advanced technology good example.A. Lange & Söhne 1815 CHRONOGRAPH Special Boutique Edition Ref. 414.026 1


What we should pay attention for our watch

The life of watches there are relative for Watch waterproof, shockproof and anti-magnetic properties. Not absolute! Generally, it can only play a role of prevention, even if the instructions writte, it has 10.00atm / 100.00m / 330.00ft WATER RESISTANCE, we still need to avoid watches into the water, don’t make our watch touch the magnetic and collisions, to avoid damage parts. The life of the watch will be related with the wearer who whether proper use and maintenance of the watch. Such as wearing bathing watches, swiss watches look dirty, strap is too long, harsh environments, etc., will make the watch easy to damage and shorten the life.

Hublot mp-5 watch 905.ND.0001.RX

If you do not wear a watch for a long-term, how to maintain it?

If it has a long time, you don’t wear Mechanical watch. It is best for you to Wind it once a month. Keeping watch round the lubricating gap. If it is quartz watch, you should be checked from time to time. If you find the battery runs out, you need to change the batteries or remove the battery, to avoid battery leakage and damage to the movement.

We continue to focus on how to maintain Watches!

swiss watches for sale

How to care for Our Swiss watches?

The life of watches are closely related with Wearer who Whether the proper use and maintenance. such as bathing wear watches, watches look dirty, strap length discomfort, and other harsh environments, are easy to cause damage our watch and shorten its life.

How to the proper use and maintenance watches, just see the methods / procedures as follow:

1.When you are wearing the swiss watches, our hands sweat on the case will be corrosive. Nickel-chromium alloy has good orrosion resistance. Semi-steel case is copper, when long-term contact with sweat, it will be easy corrosion. So you should always sweat wipe with a soft cloth or plastic table mat care to prevent erosion sweat.

2. Do not open the back cover, so as not to affect the movement of dust into the normal operation of the watch.

3. Do not put the watch within mothballs wardrobe, in order to avoid table oil deterioration.

4. Do not put the watch on the radio, television, in order to avoid magnetization.

5. Long-term storage does not wear a watch, should be winding once a month on a regular basis, so that the parts will not be long at rest, in order to ensure the operation of the performance table machine.

Hope all of these suggestion can help you.or you can click here to know about more detail information.

Handmade art warm independent watchmakers [map] _ mechanical watch watch watch _ _ fashion watch _ l

< p > no matter how the development of the world, regardless of the degree of mechanization is high, even if it is the whole of human life, are working on an automatic machine, there are still so some people — one part, they inherit the forefathers left skill, the charm of hand, through his creation and manual production, presenting a piece contains eye fine and fingertips sweat handmade quality; another part, they do not want to give up on hand feeling and luxury to enjoy, they are willing to pay more, trades that can be refreshing, full color art and traditional crafts handmade products. This has created a legend in the industrial age. The builders, along with this era has become a respected name. The artisans of the table, but also the hands of the hands of the best performing arts in human.

< p > the earliest human use of timekeeping instruments, clocks and watches, tabulation carpenter in cooperation with several types of craftsmen together to complete. He needs to cooperate with production tools division, artist, blacksmith, carpenter, coppersmith, Goldsmith gold engraved even enamel division. A delicate timekeeping small clock or a block has a fascinating enamel, complex function of gold pocket watch, may need to assist a watchmaker in other builders, spent a few months, or even years of time to made. Can imagine a small table contains the number of people’s minds and efforts, energy and strength. So before industrialization production of watches and clocks, can only belong to expensive commodity, and often only for the nobility of the Royal Palace and Chancellor of the exchequer, wealthy businessmen. The rise of industrialization, watches industry natural join, more table in mechanization to promote production, slowly the general public can also have the opportunity to have their own pocket watch and chronograph watch. The climax of the quartz clock and electronic age ten years watches even mechanical function has almost been eliminated, easy quantified production, even the pupils can also smugly has a piece of their electronic watch the.

The transparent hollow timepiece watch presents the beauty of [figure] a time _ watch _ auction _ fa

(GRAFF) hollow limited edition watch

Graff first disclosed a hollow tourbillon, will reveal the most incisive jewelry. This table highlights is rendered by a skilled engraver of hollow superb technology, minimize the use of metal materials, retaining only the key functional parts, creating a photo of the aesthetic effect of the people heart and soul.

< p > manual winding movement with a 72 hour power reserve, the tourbillon is located 48 mm facet of the case is the ultimate Graff diamonds craftsmanship accentuates. Watch is inlaid with 164 diamonds, total weight of more than 21 carats, the hollow structure of technology is very exquisite, only when after all diamonds can put in the movement, and once into will no longer be able to make an adjustment, because only in this way can we protect the diamond perfect form. Dial design to create a flawless clarity, combined by the diamond edge sapphire crystal case times can foil watch inside the exquisite craft.

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About three or four years ago, a weekend afternoon, a few friends drink and chat, Tom said: You know curren three vulgar?. What three vulgar? We are very curious. Tom university living on the French luxury goods management reading, after often and from all over Europe, but we have a few good purchasing. Is Christian Louboutin rivet shoes, Hermes belt and MMJ skull ah. Well, in addition to better identify it did not feel particularly where to go. Since Tom words, my Hermes tie at the waist belt on the pressure of the bottom, never touched.



Dealing with the luxury goods so many years, I consciously buy luxury goods are divided into four categories. The first class of the luxury goods as expensive commodity, comfortable to buy. The second category is the favorite luxury beautiful, nice buy. The third type love fashion, popular buy. Anyhow, these love the true value of these items, or comfortable, or beautiful, or popular, regarded as a true love. And to show off with luxury goods face, dressed them out to tell others: Hi, I have money, I can afford. This is not necessary.