How to care for Our Swiss watches?

The life of watches are closely related with Wearer who Whether the proper use and maintenance. such as bathing wear watches, watches look dirty, strap length discomfort, and other harsh environments, are easy to cause damage our watch and shorten its life.

How to the proper use and maintenance watches, just see the methods / procedures as follow:

1.When you are wearing the swiss watches, our hands sweat on the case will be corrosive. Nickel-chromium alloy has good orrosion resistance. Semi-steel case is copper, when long-term contact with sweat, it will be easy corrosion. So you should always sweat wipe with a soft cloth or plastic table mat care to prevent erosion sweat.

2. Do not open the back cover, so as not to affect the movement of dust into the normal operation of the watch.

3. Do not put the watch within mothballs wardrobe, in order to avoid table oil deterioration.

4. Do not put the watch on the radio, television, in order to avoid magnetization.

5. Long-term storage does not wear a watch, should be winding once a month on a regular basis, so that the parts will not be long at rest, in order to ensure the operation of the performance table machine.

Hope all of these suggestion can help you.or you can click here to know about more detail information.

Handmade art warm independent watchmakers [map] _ mechanical watch watch watch _ _ fashion watch _ l

< p > no matter how the development of the world, regardless of the degree of mechanization is high, even if it is the whole of human life, are working on an automatic machine, there are still so some people — one part, they inherit the forefathers left skill, the charm of hand, through his creation and manual production, presenting a piece contains eye fine and fingertips sweat handmade quality; another part, they do not want to give up on hand feeling and luxury to enjoy, they are willing to pay more, trades that can be refreshing, full color art and traditional crafts handmade products. This has created a legend in the industrial age. The builders, along with this era has become a respected name. The artisans of the table, but also the hands of the hands of the best performing arts in human.

< p > the earliest human use of timekeeping instruments, clocks and watches, tabulation carpenter in cooperation with several types of craftsmen together to complete. He needs to cooperate with production tools division, artist, blacksmith, carpenter, coppersmith, Goldsmith gold engraved even enamel division. A delicate timekeeping small clock or a block has a fascinating enamel, complex function of gold pocket watch, may need to assist a watchmaker in other builders, spent a few months, or even years of time to made. Can imagine a small table contains the number of people’s minds and efforts, energy and strength. So before industrialization production of watches and clocks, can only belong to expensive commodity, and often only for the nobility of the Royal Palace and Chancellor of the exchequer, wealthy businessmen. The rise of industrialization, watches industry natural join, more table in mechanization to promote production, slowly the general public can also have the opportunity to have their own pocket watch and chronograph watch. The climax of the quartz clock and electronic age ten years watches even mechanical function has almost been eliminated, easy quantified production, even the pupils can also smugly has a piece of their electronic watch the.

The transparent hollow timepiece watch presents the beauty of [figure] a time _ watch _ auction _ fa

(GRAFF) hollow limited edition watch

Graff first disclosed a hollow tourbillon, will reveal the most incisive jewelry. This table highlights is rendered by a skilled engraver of hollow superb technology, minimize the use of metal materials, retaining only the key functional parts, creating a photo of the aesthetic effect of the people heart and soul.

< p > manual winding movement with a 72 hour power reserve, the tourbillon is located 48 mm facet of the case is the ultimate Graff diamonds craftsmanship accentuates. Watch is inlaid with 164 diamonds, total weight of more than 21 carats, the hollow structure of technology is very exquisite, only when after all diamonds can put in the movement, and once into will no longer be able to make an adjustment, because only in this way can we protect the diamond perfect form. Dial design to create a flawless clarity, combined by the diamond edge sapphire crystal case times can foil watch inside the exquisite craft.

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About three or four years ago, a weekend afternoon, a few friends drink and chat, Tom said: You know curren three vulgar?. What three vulgar? We are very curious. Tom university living on the French luxury goods management reading, after often and from all over Europe, but we have a few good purchasing. Is Christian Louboutin rivet shoes, Hermes belt and MMJ skull ah. Well, in addition to better identify it did not feel particularly where to go. Since Tom words, my Hermes tie at the waist belt on the pressure of the bottom, never touched.



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Longines brand is good or not good

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Longines watch is not good, but where?

Longines brand was founded in 1832, belongs to the world’s largest watch manufacturers and distributors of Swatch group (Swatch Group). Has received a series of international awards, including a record 10 times to get the Greenwich grand prix. The average retail price: $500015000 yuan. At present, the company owns Jia haze, Day Vina, collection,, Beja, magnificent, the flag, the law ya, Mingjiang, Longo,, style, Comcast and other series. Longines is the elegant name! sale hublot watches on here< p > Longines watches often walk in the forefront of the development of science and technology, in 1905 declared to produce the first gold watch, made the world’s thinnest electromagnetic watches in 1960. In 1969 developed global first gold electron magnetism quartz table – Longines Ultra-Quartz super quartz watch. Next year, held in St. Moritz (St. Moritz) downhill skiing World Cup (downhill skiing World Cup game, Longines watches first to digital signal dispenser time to electronic transfer mode displayed directly in the world on the TV screen. In 1979, Longines watches and other brands of watches and clocks cooperation developed “Feuille d ‘or’ watch and become the world’s thinnest quartz watches, followed by in 1984 launched the famous conquest watch,, equipped with a highly accurate movement (very high precision). sale hublot watches on here< p > all Longines table watch series are a blend of precise and elegant body, Longines watches as ad “elegant attitude? Really I character message. No wonder the ad carefully selected two legendary charm star participation: Audrey. Hepburn and Humphrey? Bogart. You can also see the elegant demeanor of other Longines watches in the web page of the “Longines watch image ambassador”.

(LONGINES) haze Diamond Classic couple table sale hublot watches on here

Rolex men’s watches have the price of the price ah Cheap

        all of the price? What are the cheap points of the style of the ah? This version does not support Chinese English translation, if necessary, please purchase Premium Edition Rolex is 10 watches Mens steel price at 4W to 5W about gold in 6W to around 7W gold watch more than 20W platinum the price? What are the cheap points of the style of the ah? This version does not support Chinese English translation,, if necessary, please purchase Premium Edition Rolex is 10 watches Mens steel price at 4W to 5W about gold in 6W to around 7W gold watch more than 20W platinum and platinum is more expensive, above 40W Rolex watch traditional style,
Breitling watch, workmanship exquisite, fine quality, is on behalf of the Swiss watch brand cheaper 4 to 5 million. Or to buy OMEGA bar,, a relatively high cost.

Maintenance method — article steel strap

maintenance method — Part steel strap  or perhaps it is the relationship between technology level, for the whole watch, strap the attention are often less movement, but in fact, it is the “watch wearing” a most important part. Strap can be simple to distinguish for chain belt and a belt. The refining zone because of the rugged and durable and unique metallic luster become many table fans preferred, however, if improper maintenance, to easy maintenance is known for mixing with is on your appearance is penalized.

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1! How to do a scratch? Under the brilliant light shows the color of God moving, smooth smooth refining zone is many table fan favorite. However, it also because of the impressive qualities, as long as the strap appeared a little scratch. The whole table is pale many. How to do a scratch? You can to watch shop to buy “gold wipe table cloth” (or magic cloth to wipe, if the scratch is deep can be removed, or wait until the regular maintenance again by repair master a clean-up,, but if the injured heavier is to deal with by the master. sale hublot watches on here

We exhort sale hublot watches on here

1. in the cleaning process, no matter how careful,, still have water seepage, if because clear strap and let the surface water can be more harm than good or love table commission by the master and sale hublot watches on here

2. metal strap if wet (water, perspiration etc.) without rust easily. Metal rust or dirt easily by joint effusion dirty clothes, and even cause skin allergies, so remove the table or water washing, please remember cloth will wipe the seams and then put on. In addition to the diving table “ashore” to flush with water, using chemical agents but easy to cause sale hublot watches on here

3. K gold material mixing zone due to the softer material, subjected to impact or improper touch easily lead to scratch. In addition in the life of the traffic exhaust, swimming pool chlorine or human sweat will let K gold watch discoloration. Let the strap