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UR-210 – part is human

UR-210: There will never be a clock showing such feedback and attachments to its owner. In URWERK’s UR-210 watch, URWERK’s first watch highlights and monitors the symbiotic relationship between human and mechanical watches. Although the UR-210 features the original URWERK time display, the same reason – is the UR-210’s personalized communication with its owner. If the UR-210 shows precise timing accuracy while timing, it will play an emotional card when it echoes your life rhythm: “The UR-210 embodies the symbiotic relationship between man and watch. This quasi-biological machine It may be more revealing about you than any other object you have, “explains Martin Frei.

The UR-210’s dial has a traditional power reserve indicator at one o’clock. In the mirror near 11 o’clock, we found similar signs. No, it is not a repetitive failure protection, but an important factor that deserves our full attention because it is actually the world’s first complication that illustrates the efficiency of windings over the past two hours. luxury cheap URWERK UR-210 BLACK PLATINUM watch


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When you sit comfortably in an armchair, the indicator light will tend toward the red area, telling you that the UR-210 is not entangled enough by the automatic rotor and is storing energy. However, if you are moving vigorously, the indicator light will point to the green area, which means that you are replenishing the watch with new energy. This new indicator does not measure the mainspring torque, but calculates the difference between the mainspring energy consumption and the power generation energy.

Once you have mastered winding efficiency and available power reserve knowledge, you can now intervene. If your UR-210 shows insufficient energy supply, you can set the winding efficiency selector (located on the back of the watch) to “FULL”.

The rotor then converts the slightest movement into stored energy. In this configuration, the turbine connected to the rotor provides smooth and unobstructed power. However, if you are more active then you may provide more power than needed and wear out the mechanism unnecessarily. In this case, you need to set the winding efficiency selector to “reduce” to engage the rotor damping system. The air turbine compressor mounted on the ruby bearing rotates and generates internal resistance – sufficient friction to slow or inhibit the automatic winding of the rotor. In “Stop” mode, the automatic winding system is completely deactivated and the UR-210 runs on standby power and may need to be manually wound cheap Richard Mille RM 11-03 AUTOMATIC FLYBACK watches


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Back in dialing, the UR-210’s retrograde minute satellite complexity is very primitive and completely explosive. The main features are high-tech, super-large, three-dimensional retrograde minute hand. Its function is to surround the hourly satellite and indicate that time spans 0 to 60 minutes. This one-hour journey traces an arc of 120°, smooth and smooth. However, the authenticity of this work was revealed at the end of the 59th minute. Then a clear “click” indicates that the minute hand returns to its starting point. In less than 0.1 seconds, the hand returned to the position where it docked with the next hour’s satellite. This lightning-like retrograde system is based on three key elements:

The central axis set with ruby bearings provides excellent stability for satellite/retrograde complications. The cylindrical ocean chronograph spring moves vertically about the axis and produces the optimal tension required for a retrograde minute cheap BREITLING watches

One minute also constitutes an hourly satellite framework that displays time in an extraordinary way. From aluminum milling to tight tolerances of about 3 microns, the total weight of the entire structure is only 0.302 grams and is balanced by the weight of the brass. This three-dimensional cage provides rigidity because it transfers energy from the cylindrical flyback spring in the center of the top of the Carrousel to the underlying double-star gear.

The double coaxial star cam regulates the retrograde mechanism by its transmission and its rotation defines the trajectory of the minute hand. When the minute hand reaches 60, the binary star jumps over a hockey stick spring (one of them) under the mechanism, thus liberating minutes to fly back to the satellite for the next hour at 0 replica watches for sale

“As far as the evolution of satellites is concerned, I think the UR-210 has reached the peak of what we can do with this complication,” explains Felix Baumgartner. “After our complex UR-1001 Zeit device was released, we wanted to try again on a grand scale. The UR-210 heart’s minute hand is not only great, but it’s great! However, it has brought us considerable challenges. Because it requires a delicate process, it surrounds the hourly satellites and requires extremely fine processing.”

Martin Frei added: “The UR-210 is more eye-catching than any other URWERK product. The eyes are inevitably wound up to the winding efficiency indicator…it’s almost a magnetic attraction. UR -210 is not a real watch, but a vivid mechanism grafted onto the wrist.We nicknamed UR-210 Malta Falcon because we think it is an integral part of dreams.

The UR-210 represents a major achievement of URWERK. This timepiece opens a new chapter for the evolution of our complexity. It not only measures universal value in a completely original way, but also begins a real dialogue between the watch and the wearer. The UR-210 shows your personal activities; this is yours, someone else’s.GRAHAM LONDON 2CCBK.B07A CHRONOFIGHTER OVERSIZE SUPERLIGHT cheap watch


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Arpal One, Partner Laurent Ferrier & URWERK is the only watch

Arpal One is the name chosen for this spectacular crea tion born between Urunk and Laurent Ferrier for the only viewing collaboration in 2017

One of the major surprises in this edition of Only Watch is the collaboration between Laurent Ferrier and URWERK. The aesthetic lines of the two independent companies are different. It seems unthinkable that these companies should work together. The first is the quintessence of the most traditional and artisan classicism, the second is a bold expression of the creative power of the future that has broken the mold in recent years. In this result is Arpal one of the impressive clocks, when we determine that it was born in the factory Baumgartner and Frey, the hard mechanism to identify Laurent Ferrier’s contribution, focusing on the design of the Hublot Mp 05 LAFERRARI 905.NX.0001.RX Watch

Take the URWERK UR-105 TA, undress it and give it the art of expressing itself by Laurent Ferrier. The shape to be inspired by the curves and the aerodynamic lines of the car gives it the creative simplicity of presenting it with its simplicity and sophistication. The basic form of URWERK shared, on the other hand, is evident through the spectacular satellite architecture of its caliber, the box is designed with rounded and sharp shapes designed to be lighter, resulting in a more elegant and delicate watch from the normal Electric URWERK aesthetics.Buy Richard Mille RM 11-02 Le Mans Classic cheap watch

Manufactured using 60.80 40.90 X mm and a thickness of 20.70 mm, as the name implies, our Arpal + stainless steel alloys include up to 75% precious metal with wear and scratch better than gold or steel. As usual in the Laurent Ferrier watch, the box shows a completely polished look, as we can see, avoiding any straight lines or acute angles. The crown was logically located at 12 hours and also showed its more curved shape and narrow groove reminding me that the crown “translucent tissue” showed creation from a small manufacturing located in Pranghaite, Geneva. internally defeated the UR5.03 caliber, which features the passage of time through the already sophisticated URWERK satellite complex, this time under four discs already in use in the UR-105. There is a three hour index in each index and the disc rotates on a pivot placed on one of the arms of the hidden carousel. The only visible time disc will mark minutes by more than the traditional 6 hour ratio. The power reserve of this automatic lift mechanism is 42 hours and its lift is controlled by two friction-providing turbines, depending on the position we determined in the rear selector, to avoid excessive contribution of energy and unnecessary Wear mechanism.

Undoubtedly one of the most interesting watches in Arpal and the fantastic 2017 version can only be watched as one of the watchmaking industry’s future avant-garde and demonstrators more classic and traditional can have their own meeting point at the same time.Best cheap Bremont JAGUAR MKIII watch


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Model: UR-210 Dubai
Case: Stainless Steel & Titanium,Rectangular
Case diameter: 43.80×53.60 mm
Thickness: 17.8 mm
GLASS: Sapphire
Dial: Skeletonized
Movement: Automatic
FUNCTIONS: Hours,Retrograde Minutes,Power Reserve
BUCKLE: Deployment Buckle
STRAP: Metal
Year: 2017


Hands-on with URWERK UR-105M Dark Knight


Urwerk’s latest creation UR-105M triggered a wide variety of reactions when it first appeared to you a few months ago. However, from the moment we saw the watch, we knew it was worth closer to. It combines the classic Urwerk satellite display with a slightly different case shape, with several indicators on the side of the case, and a “dashboard” on the case that makes it a great representation of Urwerk Sexual example. Here, we will work together with the UR-105M Dark Knight.

If you are not yet familiar with Urwerk, the Dark Knight may be the first to cause some empty attention. Yes, this is actually a 100% mechanical watch. Yes, this is actually to be worn on the wrist. Let us first take a look at how the Dark Knight told time, after no more URWERK UR-210 Replica watches

One of Urwerk’s most distinctive innovations is the satellite time display, consisting of four rotating cruciform support wheels. Each wheel comes with three numbers and can rotate on its own axis. When you cross-scan a satellite at the bottom of a box, you will find it spanning 60 minutes. The numbers on the dial represent hours, with a small tick below the hourly number that points to the current score. Once you realize what you are looking at, this is a very easy and quick way to tell time.

The UR-105M adds a “canopy” to the satellites. This is made of a special material called PEEK (PolyEtherEthercetone), making it very lightweight and capable of proper finishing. If the material is too heavy, it will give the mainspring an unnecessary burden, which consumes too much power. The four holes in the center can see rotating satellites, and have incisions at the edges to allow the passage of the current hourly satellites. Curved shapes and rounded textures add depth to the entire system, which definitely helps Urwerk’s armor look here.

Before we dive into the armor’s impact, let’s see what the UR 5.01 movement can do. When the canopy is in some position, you can see the small second hand in the lower right corner of the dial. If this does not work for you, just rotate the box and you can see the number of seconds it has been running on the box. Of course, this is not the most practical way to display it, but it’s there when you need it, looking great through curved sapphire replica men watches

In addition to the number of running seconds, you can see the power reserve displayed on the side through the curved sapphire window. Watching these things from your wrist is fun, but as long as you tie the Dark Knight to it, it can get tricky. Made from aluminum, these discs, like the PEEK used in the ceiling, reduce the power reserve.

Finally, turn the UR-105M over and you will find Urwerk calling it a dashboard. This allows the wearer to monitor and adjust the watch’s performance without having to visit the watchmaker. On the one hand is the trim mechanism, which includes a red and green +/- scale to show you whether to adjust the rate rise or fall, this adjustment can be done with raised screws.

There is also a more practical power reserve indicator and an “oil change” dial, shown to you when your UR-105M needs servicing. Please note that the red area here is after 3 years – Things to consider when buying. The replacement actually helps you to know when the watch is repaired, the oil change dial is a bit poetic and shows a longer interval than we usually consider using a Replica Harry Winston Watches

Now about this situation. The UR-105M was inspired by medieval armor, so Urwerk adopted a familiar shape and added a large baffle intended to recall a shield or armor plate. In the UR-105M’s “Iron Knight” version, this is a brushed steel bezel, while at The Dark Knight we are here a black AlTiN bezel that sprays to a soft finish. The large oval-shaped screws gave it an industrial look and remain too definite historical references.

Although this does not occur in the range of 39.5 mm by 53 mm by 16.65 mm, Urwerk has done many things to make the UR-105M wearable. First, the case is made of sturdy titanium, so it does not make your wrist light weigh. Especially for this heavy situation, too much weight may cause the watch feeling about to fall off.

Ergonomics have also been carefully considered. Case tapers to the bottom (minute scale position), and the thicker the closer the crown is. The bottom of the box is also a little curve, here provides some additional help.

UR-105M manual winding, with 42 hours of power reserve. At first, the big crown may look very large, but you will be grateful if you put the UR-105M on your wrist. It is very easy to use for the department and the crown feels smooth and substantial.wholesale Replica Richard Mille watches




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Case: Stainless steel & Titanium,Uncommon
Cuts: 39.50mm x 53.00mm
Thickness: 17.30 mm
Movement: Self Winding/Automatic
Glass: sapphire
Strap: Alligator
Dial: Openwork
Functions: Hours, Minutes, Seconds, Power Reserve
Clasp: Pin Buckle
Year: 2017


Urwerk UR-105 T-Rex watch

Founded in 1995 by brothers Felix and the Thomas Baumgartner, Urwerk has earned wide acclaim over the years for its unusual and boldly designed watches. The first major version of them was UR-103 in 2003. The UR-103 features a combination of hundreds of years of roaming time complexity and a truly avant-garde design that is completely different from the rest of the time. The UR-103 will provide the basis for the later UR-105 and the Urwerk UR-105 T-Rex to be seen there later.wholesale Richard Mille RM 011 replica watches

Over the past few years, the Urwerk UR-105 has become the canvas for some of Urwerk’s most interesting watches. In 2015, we saw the Urwerk UR-105 TA, which has a variety of colors. Recently there are UR-105 Raging Gold watches. However, Urwerk UR-105 T-Rex may be the most interesting and intriguing among all the different variants of UR-105.



A large part of it is related to the case. The case shape of the UR-105 is quite traditional, but the Urwerk UR-105 T-Rex takes the bronze look a step further, and it looks like the Parisian model popular in Paris. Texture originated in the small triangle at the top of the case, with the pattern becomes larger and larger downward, finally forming a small flat-topped pyramid. But it did not stop there because the bronze case was then deliberately decorated and handcrafted to create a very sturdy and shabby look. It is understood that this process is laborious and requires machining, shot peening, sandblasting and oxidation steps, all of which require extensive manual processing.

In the flesh, the Urwerk UR-105 T-Rex is a visual capture watch. This is a rather large watch, from 39.5 mm wide, 53 mm from the ear to the ear and about 17 mm thick, but the beautifully finished bronze case is the real highlight. After extensive hand-finishing, the bronze case presents a dark greenish hue with a green hue, which is very special, unlike any other bronze color I have ever seen. This reminds me of the tarnished brass incense pot sometimes seen in Buddhist temples.



In my eyes, the name of this watch from where? The unique pattern of studs instantly evoke the scales of Tyrannosaurus rex, or at least I imagine the “Tyrannosaurus” look. From a distance, the raised pattern resembles reptile scales, but more importantly, it is a very unique and appealing HYT H4 Watches replica

Time passes through the hole in the bottom of the box. Digital and minute tracks are painted in bright green Super-LumiNova. Displaying time on a roving satellite pointer can be easily read by looking at the position of a rover’s time satellite associated with a minute’s orbit. For example, in the above photo, the time is about 10:17. Once you have mastered the time, it is easy to know the time.

The back of the Urwerk UR-105 T-Rex is rather less exciting, looking more or less like a standard UR-105 watch. But keep in mind that your standard UR-105 watch still does not look like any other watch. Here, the back of the case is made of black ceramic coated titanium. And next to the big crown can also see two turbines, by the way, this turbine features the same with the bronze shell. Near the bottom is a winding rod, used to adjust the winding efficiency of the watch.GRAHAM LONDON 2OVGG.B26A replica watch

There are three settings: full, red and stop. All means that the auto-winding mechanism will run at maximum efficiency, so the watch will self-wind up even if you are relatively inactive. Red is for more positive individuals. Stopping is self-evident. To be honest, this function did not achieve the real purpose, but ostensibly to protect the movement from any intense activities. Owners may like to use curved levers to find out how active or inactive they are.

The only thing I’m so angry about the Urwerk UR-105 T-Rex is that most of the Caliber UR 5.02 movement is obscured, unlike the other UR-105 models whose satellite system is exposed at the top to allow the wearer to enjoy it. However, I think this is a small sacrifice for the weirdly brilliant bronze surface of the UR-105 T-Rex. Urwerk UR-105 T-Rex.FRANCK MULLER replica watches for men






URWERK UR-1001 Zeit device

URWERK UR-202S EDITION SPECIALE replica watch.Time measuring instruments have marked an important era for thousands of years. Six thousand years ago, the shadow of Ur in the Sumerian city revealed the passage of the sun. Two thousand years ago, the ancient Greek astronomers used the Antikythera mechanism to calculate the positions of the sun, the moon and the planet in the sky. In 18 Century, John Harrison’s H4 clock makes navigational safety accurate.

URWERK, the Swiss luxury watch maker, now brings its own time-defining time for the 21st century – the German Zeit – measuring instrument: the UR-1001 Zeit unit.

In our fast-paced lives, we often describe time as “ephemeral,” and our timepieces reflect this feeling by measuring relatively short intervals of time (in terms of geology or astronomical scales – seconds, minutes, and hours) . Some watches take longer to observe and track, days or even years, and some even leap years. But few watches measure the cosmos billions of years fairly – just like real Zeit devices.

The UR-1001 is a true space-time device: it is a huge complex measurement and quantification era as a whole, from a single second to an astronomical millennium. UR-1001 From a hard metal carved out of the power, in seconds, minutes, hours, day and night, date, month, year, 100 years of the passage of time, 1000 years!best Richard Mille RM 027 replica watches

There are a series of instructions inside the space-time equipment, including retrograde orbit satellites and comets. Dials, springs, satellites, carrousel, retrograde coil springs are manufactured in-house by URWERK, as are most of the components of Zeit Device’s complexity and indications.

AlTiN UR-1001 is AlTiN titanium-treated steel, limited edition 8 pieces.

Dialing party
1. Hour satellite complex
The complexity of the hourly satellite Zeit device is a “flying” design because no Carrousel is supported by the top bridge. The mechanism only needs a bottom support, which makes the largest satellite hourly appreciation and retrograde minor complications.

These include a revolving central merry-go-round supporting three-hour satellites with four-hour figures on each of the four sides of each cubic satellite. As the turntable rotates, satellites that do not know the time rotate on their vertical axes so that their top numbers have a new time to replace the old ones. Hours and minutes can be reversed without affecting the calendar function.

2. retrograde minute hand
The retrograde minute hand is fixed on the spring ring around the satellite complex. Hour satellite pushes the ring along the rail. The Carlsbad Swan neck spring on each arm meshes with two coaxial star cams, which slide along the rail with minute hands. When the minute reaches the end of the orbit at 60 minutes, the star cam trips to release the minute hand, and the minute hand returns to zero at the beginning of the dial that meets the next satellite hour.

A small piece of platinum on the coil acts as a counterweight to the counterweight. The safety device ensures that the minute does not rotate within 63 minutes, even in the case of an impact.

3 day and night and power reserve indicators
Day / night indicator is a rotating disc, marked with the night of the Black Super-LumiNova, white brushed ruthenium daylight and twilight / dawn stripes mixed. The day / night indicator itself is useful when setting the calendar mechanism to ensure that the date changes at midnight instead of midday.



The Power Reserve Indicator monitors power up to 39 hours and provides a red alert when the Zeit unit needs refueling to alert owners.

4. Rotate the satellite calendar
Rotating satellite calendars are an ingenious technique of original technology and graphic calendars fully developed internally by URWERK. Visually, it compliments the hourly satellite complication of replacing hours and retrograde minutes in the same home, month and date. However, the hour rotates at the constant 60-minute timing and the month changes the last date of the calendar-based complication automatically based on whether there are 30 or 31 days.

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At the end of the 30 days – April, June, September and November, the date is automatically advanced to the first day of the following month. The date wheel has 93 teeth, three months later with a three-armed carousel. Install three Maltese crosses on the date wheel, each cross corresponding to a four-month satellite on the other end of the date wheel. At the close of a few months, a finger on Maltese cross interferes, bringing the date two days in advance to next month.

Turn UR-1001 and turn over the protective cover, you can see in front of a longer time mark. The main characteristic of the back of the display is the bright black ruby bearing against the black surface beneath the hourly satellite complex and retrograde minutes mechanism. Oil Change, 100 and 1000 are long-term indications under the protective cover on the back of the Zeit device and are driven by the movement’s operation. 1. Oil change indicator

The shortest time interval measured on the back is the 5-year oil change indicator to the right of the center, alerting users when services have expired when the dial changes from white (1 to 3 years) to red (3 to 3 years). Fives). When the watch is repaired, the counter is reset to zero.

2. Centennial indicator
The Centennial indicator is growing at a five-year pace, acting like a car’s odometer. When the odometer of the car tracks the total distance of the vehicle has been driven, the UR-1001’s 100 and 1000 indicators register the total running time of the sport.

3. 1000-year indicator
When the hand reaches 100 years, the small pointer at the bottom of the left-hand millennium indicator is a little smaller for the Zeit device but a huge leap forward for humans – unknowingly 100 years old But deliberately entered the new millennium.fashoin Alain Silberstein replica watches

The case of UR-1001 is AlTiN coated stainless steel. AlTiN – Aluminum Titanium Nitride – is an industrial surface treatment originally developed to reduce tool wear on machine tools. Making AlTiN suitable for industrial applications such as enhanced oxidation resistance and hardness, combined with its semi-matte black color, make it an ideal high-tech coating for protecting Zeit devices.

Delicate finishes and finishes, the dials and components of the Zeit device combine contemporary and traditional, combining the best solid foundations found in traditional timepieces with the essence of URWERK 21st century watchmaking. The circular lines engraved on the top of the box imply that the shape of the Zeit box is actually a trimming circle. The dial on the Clous de Paris guilloche provides a rich surface texture and indications of the flat. The satellites and their hands all have a rhombic slope that reflects light during the day, while the embedded white Super-LumiNova reads clearly at night. Behind the clocks and watches of the Paris Watch Company, the distorted veneer of Paris in Paris continues into the home of URWERK,

URWERK is one of the very few watch brands – perhaps the only one – ARC ARC is widely used in their timepieces. ARCAP alloy is a proprietary alloy that contains no iron and therefore does not contain magnetism. They have very high tensile strength and are resistant to oxidation – unlike commonly used copper plating – chemically resistant, cold and stable with temperature changes. Compared with brass, ARCAP is more stable in machining, does not maintain tension, so you can process a higher accuracy. ARCAP’s advantage is not free, it’s machine five times higher than brass. In the UR-1001, ARCAP motherboards, backplanes, turntables, satellites, dials, bridges, retrograde coil springs and retrograde U-shaped springs are all in ARCAP.

Showcase Zeit’s automatic winders and showcases are polished, hard walnut and buffalo-lined. Case can be placed on the table, the dial remains completely vertical (push) state. Every 10 or 15 minutes – the time interval is adjusted based on whether the watch needs to wind up quickly or keep winding – the Zeit unit is rotated 185 ° and rests slowly, causing the winding rotor to charge the mainspring. Maintaining the winding of the Zeit device in this manner minimizes the necessity of resetting the calendar function after the move has stopped.fashoin Alain Silberstein replica watches

technical details

Caliber: UR-10.01
Gems: 51
Escapement: Swiss leverage
Balance: single metal
Frequency: 28,800v / h, 4Hz
Balance spring: flat
Power: Single winding
Power reserve: 39 hours
Winding system: unidirectional winding rotor
Time mechanism: Double star retrograde aluminum ring and platinum weight
Calendar mechanism: 93 gears, 3 Maltese cross
Retrograde minute: Earthquake safety device
Retrograde micro-spring: 6.5-turn screw, measuring 174.4mm x 0.1mm x 0.3mm, with a movable piston (adjustable pin). Long length ensures a smooth torque curve
Boards and Bridges: ARCAP backplane
Screw: Non-oxidized titanium
Finish: Round texture, Geneva ripple and DLC processed motherboards and backplanes, chamfered and polished screw heads

Rotating satellite hour complication
Retrograde minutes
Rotating satellite calendar with month and date
Day and night indicator: Black Super-LumiNova at night, white ruthenium during the day, dusk / dawn mix
Power reserve shows a red low power zone for 39 hours
Run the second hand: three-hand display, 120 ° dial shows 3 x 20 seconds
Geneva sparkling reservation indicator dial

“Oil change” indicator (5 years)
Runtime indicator 100 years
1000 year linear run time indicator

Surface treatment:
Sand blasting carousel
Main plate, base plate, dial and satellite complications for PE-CVD and DLC treatment
Satin polished and diamond polished satellites
Super luminous treatment on the mark

Set up and wrap
Three crown
Position 1 Confrontation Case: Winding
Location 2 a key: the month and date
Location 3 two clicks: Set hours and minutes

The AlTiN UR-1001 Zeit unit is a limited edition of eight titanium alloys processed with titanium.
Material: AlTiN steel containing titanium
Chain: hand-crafted, heated dark steel link with custom URWERK clasp and carbine closure
Size: 106 mm x 62 mm x 23 mm
Glasses: sapphire crystal mirror, anti-reflective coating
Waterproof: Pressure test up to 3ATM
Surface treatment: micro sand blasting



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Watch: Hublot Big Bang Ferrari Las Vegas

I unfortunately can not access them, but all I know to share this special atmosphere so that you want to spend time there and browse the amazing collection. Some people also stand out and make it an absolutely unforgettable “je ne sais quoi”.

I can mention the beautiful Miami boutique, which can be shining between the various luxury shops in Bar Harbor, an impressive independent boutique at Beverly Hills, showing off from a competition team in the same street Watch brand, or cute boutique Chourchevel 1850 has a more intimate atmosphere, but full of snowy charm. I can also quote those popular people, such as the Harrods Prestige Village, a very privileged location in the center of Porto Cervo Marina. The waterfront boutique at the Four Seasons Hotel in Mauritius is the legend of the Paris boutique. “And the shops of Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands Shopping Urwerk 110 replica watches

Despite these excellent real estate lists, I can not hesitate to tell you that my favorite Hublot boutique is still located in the “entertainment capital of the world” (Las Vegas). In this iconic Caesar Palace forum store, the Yu-ship embassy and a multi-brand boutique paired, certainly not as before in the location, architecture, interior design or atmosphere cited as amazing. Its irresistible attraction in other places: In short, this is Hublot’s flagship, so far, has produced the most amazing boutique version!

best Urwerk 110 replica watches.Other boutiques have had great special versions of the past. If I insist on my personal preference, I can mention the port of Aero Bang Bal, some king of the power of aviation models such as Bar Harbor, Beverly Hills or London, as well as a beautiful Big Bang Ferrari Beverly Hills. However, it is fair to say that last year’s Las Vegas boutique released two King Power watch are not a surprising performance.



Some people may remember my last December article
Exquisite watches
The Equipped with HUB 1240 Unico chronograph movement, they use monochrome metal Appearance: titanium alloy shell or titanium alloy shell with fine cut diamonds, silver gray crocodile leather strap and with a red “Las Vegas” instructions Rhodium-colored skeleton dial 11 o’clock to 12 o’clock, Arabic numerals single hour mark, “7”, set with brilliant ruby. Twenty-one titanium plates and ten-piece pavé models are available. These works were very successful, and Nyon manufacturers had been able to offer leaflets before they were sold out!Tag Heuer Senna Special Editions watches replica

On the basis of this business success, the Las Vegas boutique is now proud to present the same magnificent Big Bang Ferrari Las Vegas, limited to 21 sheets. This beautiful watch is the same color code as last year’s King Power model. Case and bezel are made of titanium, to create a full silver appearance, through the hollow dial visible rhodium color HUB 1241 movement to strengthen. In addition to “7”, the Ferrari horses and all hour markers are also rhodium-plated. Like last year’s King Power models, Lucky numbers have set up brilliant rubies. With the upper left corner of the “Las Vegas” inscriptions, in other monochrome dial to bring a little red.



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wholesale RICHARD MILLE RM 50-03 replica watches .Like last year, Hublot produced a fantastic strap to complete the style of this watch. This time no silver gray crocodile sewn on black rubber, but a stunning silver gray Schedoni leather with contrast red stitch. The watch is also equipped with a red Schedoni strap, with a gray stitching, because the quick replacement system allows you to easily switch the strap as long as you want the watch to look different. Again, the black rubber on the back of the strap comes with the inscription “High Roller”, but unfortunately, this big bang Ferrari Las Vegas is not great on its back of sapphire “Welcome to the wonderful Las Vegas “Logo transfer.

When some boutiques chose orange, purple or red to represent them, the harbor Las Vegas went to the very elegant silver-gray. With lots of restraint and subtle red, they managed to create one of the most surprising big bangs of the Ferrari models so far, and taking into account how beautiful they are, that says a lot.




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Urwerk offers UR-105 CT Streamliner

sale replica Chopard Mille Miglia range watches.A party for Urwerk so let’s take you to ride! As early as March 1997, Martin Frei graduated from the Lucerne School of Art and Design in Switzerland. Soon after, he moved to New York, where he joined other Swiss artists and established the Swiss Joint Artists Association. He was living in Brooklyn, in a loft, and soon became a creative center. Felix in Geneva and Martin across the Atlantic Ocean. Their creativity, URWERK, has been born, but is trying to take the first step. Now 20 years later, they presented the UR-105 CT Streamliner.



Since UR-101 and UR-102 are well received, the company is not viable. As a result of growing doubts, its founders managed to keep it above the surface. What is the future of URWERK? Should they insist on the dream of eating all the savings? Taking into account these problems, Felix travels to New York to join his friends by plane. Felix Baumgartner is 22 years old, Martin slightly big. They wandered together in the streets of the dream, enjoying images of New York, red brick houses, decorative art skyscrapers and sparkling subways. These pictures fill their minds and never leave them.replica Urwerk UR-105 CT STREAMLINER watches


Twenty years later, URWERK is a mature niche brand. Their dreams have been formed and become reality. When Martin Frei and Felix Baumgartner reviewed those days, their memories returned on the drawing board and on the workbench. Their American dream is also UR-105 CT Streamliner.


Decorative arts influence
UR-105 CT is first a beautiful object, close to the palm of your hand. Its unique shape is a significant octagon, along its length has a deep groove. The influence of decorative arts is evident in terms of its geometric angle and symmetry. As explained by Martin Frei, “Streamliner has a minimalist design with almost no frilly and clean lines.” In the initial drawing, I thought of the architecture of the Empire, Chrysler and Comcast That ‘s why its vertical structure seems to always exist.

best Richard Mille RM 011 Le Mans Classic replica watch.You must slide the top of the box to show the mechanism of the UR-105 CT. This is a new roaming hour indication based on a hollow turntable, which carries four satellites, each with three numbers. The time is continuously swept through the minute scale for analog and digital display. According to Felix Baumgartner, Streamliner is the name for this watch. “UR-105 CT is a flexible design watch. When it is closed, it looks very strict, only time indicator visible. Open the shield, you will find a very cold metal environment, but you are aware of the concept of speed And the efficiency of the effort. The Streamliner’s turntable has been completely redesigned, becoming lighter, stronger and more effective.


Automatic turbines
Power reserve indicator and digital seconds indicate the rest of the information displayed on the dial. Numbers seconds are significant because they represent tens of seconds. The mechanism is made using a lithographic process, and each mark is open to make it as light as possible. So it weighs less than a tenth of a gram.HUBLOT CLASSIC FUSION TOURBILLON replica watches

The back of the two pneumatic turbo control automatic winding speed, you can use the lever to set. In the FULL position, the slight movement of the wrist is used to rewind the spring. Turn the lever to the STOP position to disengage the automatic winding system and use the crown to wind the UR-105. If you are particularly active, the intermediate position RED (for reducing) is engaged with the turbine to contain the winding rotor and avoid excessive winding.


In the “Streamliner”, Felix Baumgartner and Martin Frei lead you to New York youth, into a different level of the city, from the top of the highest skyscrapers to the depths of the subway.ZENITH PILOT TYPE 20 ANNUAL CALENDAR replica watches

Technical specifications
Case Material: Titanium with mirror polished steel or black PVD carbon steel
Size: 39,5 x 53 mm
Movement: UR 5.03 with automatic winding system and twin turbines
Power: Automatic winding up to 48 hours
Water resistance: 30 m / 30ATM
Dial: Hollow rotation time display
Strap: black rubber black crocodile leather coating
Buckle: titanium double discount
UR-105 CT Streamliner


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Introducing the spectacular Urwerk UR-105 “Frenzy Gold”

sale Cheap Urwerk UR-210 ALTIN Men watch.Urwerk was founded in 1995 and is one of the world’s most avant-garde independent watch brands. The brand’s new UR-105 “Raging Gold” is not as good as Urwerk uses a milestone, but it still has a gold bezel that looks great. Urwerk UR-105 “angry gold” forgets a girl’s best friend and reminds us all about immorality of gold, which complements this amazing chronology of miracles.

Large 4N red gold bezel has been carved to create a complex Paris pattern, while the rest are plated with PVD coating. Like the standard Urwerk UR-105, if we can call this incredible watch, then the Racing Gold version is ultra-light, it can easily handle 30 meters deep waters, to prevent you like wet The

Time is beautifully displayed on this watch, using a rotating satellite, which seems to be Urwerk’s calling card, always shocking and awesome to everyone. For this new watch, the Swiss brand also improved the UR 5.02 movement, an impressive mechanism hidden in our eyes.Cheap Richard Mille RM 015 watches price

But on the titanium case, you will find the turbine that adjusts the watch’s self-winding mechanism, while the 48-hour power reserve can back up all the features. It is worth mentioning that the Urwerk UR-105 “Fury Gold” is limited to 22 units.


The new Urwerk UR-T8 is a real-time chronograph

If you do not know, then the famous avant-garde watchman Urwerk in 20 years ago in the Baselworld (Baselworld) published its first watch, and to commemorate this moment (and anniversary), they put forward A very special watch, called Urwerk UR-T8, comes with an interesting

You will see that this new Urwerk watch allows you to flip its case, looks like a reversing watch, the titanium surface is displayed up, while hiding and protecting the bottom of the dial. This means that the people around will never get what they are looking at, even though they will certainly drool.

The unconventional Swiss watchmaker said it was their first deformable watch, and we were also – maybe Optimus Prime was reading the book, but we were skeptical.

The URWERK UR-T8 also said to show off the brand’s most complex merry-go-round configuration until today, and it is certainly gratifying to see it in such a cool watch application. The 60.23mm chassis offers three waterproof ATMs, while Urwerk’s Diameter UR 8.01 is a mechanical self-winding movement with a 39 hour standby power supply.

Looks like a bold and mechanically interesting timing miracle, this watch is definitely the best way to celebrate this innovative watchmaker. Urwerk UR-T8 will use natural titanium or black PVD coating, limited to the initial operation of 60 pieces.Cheap Audemars Piguet Watches online



BRM and Makrolon reported Mak 44 Watch

The BRM watchmakers in France are re-listed and have the world’s lightest chronograph. Led by President Frederick Garcia, they unveiled the Mak 44 watch – the name comes from Makrolon, which is a lightweight and rugged material used to make watch case.

It is actually transparent or opaque plastic, polycarbonate, impact resistance and weatherability, able to withstand extreme temperatures, is quite noticeable. Bayer MaterialScience products, the name Makrolon is already a registered Cheap Hublot Big Bang Unico Watches

Although the name of the plastic sounds strange, it is usually used to make DVDs, CDs, corrective glasses, racing windshields, goggles, sports helmets, kettles and many of the things we all use.

Considering that it does have a chronograph, the watch weighs surprisingly 48,8 grams, which is very low. One of the world’s lightest watches, Richard Mille’s Rafael Nadal’s RM027 weighs 20 grams, with no straps of 13 grams, but by contrast, this watch does not meet the chronograph.

The most important thing is that it looks amazing – strange material, Makrolon, gives him a cold look. In addition, Valjoux 7753 titanium alloy movement increased weight loss.


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Hublot classic fusion watch

How do you create a classic? This statement itself does not apply to the long-term development of classic things. This “real-time classic” just attracts many people’s good designs. What I’m talking about is really making a real classic when most people simply develop their products. I can not say that I fully understand, but Hublot’s Jean-Claude Biver in a few years time to Big Bang’s watch line into a classic, but he did.

In 2004 almost no one heard of Yu ship. Suddenly we saw the birth of a phenomenon. Literally a big bang “big bang”. Now, about 5 years after the launch of the product, you can not expect the crowded party on all the fingers of the number of big bang on the model. Every new watch has something in common is a pure sense of connection. Each of them has the same different DNA, and this brand will be the core design imposed on a classic Hublot Classic Fusion fake Watches

At the 2010 Basel World Expo, Hublot launched Hublot Classic Fusion. Based on Big Bang design of the classic watch, itself is a modern watch. The only viable way is to let Yu ship giant itself become a classic figure. Again, ironically, the Big Bang watch itself is modern and aggressive. In addition to the classic so Yu Yu is able to be from the classic of the nonclassical.

Classic fusion works. Hublot uses the core Big Bang look, simplifying it. Think it was a deprived big bang king – a large explosion of the chronograph version of the chronograph. Classic fusion has a thinner form factor and a simplified dial. What you have is the classic porthole design, powerful hand and hour markings that make the big bang so famous. Box with steel or red gold, bezel for the ceramic, with a drawing edge, polished surface in the carbon fiber dial version, and matte dial is equipped with gold or steel baffle. The rubber band with thin vertical lines reminds us that the first big bang watch appeared a few years ago – but it seems older because of the big bang before the


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Classic Fusion is available in two sizes. I believe the case is 44mm and 42mm. In the above image, the plate on the mattress dial plate version larger, while the gold case is slightly smaller. In addition to the more flat matte dial, Hublot also offers sporty carbon fiber dial options. I expect there will be more versions in the future. You can even use the classic complications of thinner parts such as calendars and moon phases – all of which are twisted with the ship.

Watch is very thin, watch is very comfortable, easy to adjust. These days the rubber band’s high-end watch has a system in which the extra rubber band rolls in your wrist position instead of turning over the outside. I did not get pricing information or specific usability, but would like the classic Fusion watch coming soon. Oh, if you want to know the name of the “Fusion” part, Mr. Biver that the original Big Bang watch is a “fusion” of the material. For him, this is the collection point. So here, the idea is to return to this “fusion” feeling of the classic feeling.fake Urwerk watches price



Brand Richard Mille
Movement Hand-winding
Case Gold,Tonneau
Bracelet rubber
Dial Color Skeletonized
Diameter 39.70mm x 48mm
Gender Men
Thickness 12.25 mm
Year 2017
GLASS Sapphire
FUNCTIONS Hours, Minutes
Boxes common box
Model Number RM 035 FULL GOLD



Into the watch industry

I started tabulation at the age of 18, when I accidentally discovered Urwerk’s incredible UR-202. The holy grail of the watchmaking industry is a seamless network of engineering and art, and in my opinion, Urwerk performs a very good idea. These watches appear at high prices and are still college students, and that’s not part of my budget. Although I am disappointed, I will not be able to have this work in the near future, but inspired me to try to create. As a mechanical engineer, I think from these great watchmakers there to learn a better way, rather than using 3D CAD software to rebuild my watch on my computer. Now that I know it’s not an easy thing, but my enthusiasm for tabulation and engineering overcomes any second idea,

After two years of design and development of the prototype, I finally created a UR-202 of my own work to pay tribute to these great watchmakers. Then I have the opportunity to record my journey from the sketch to the final prototype in the following article fake Breitling watches

After the article was released a few weeks later, Urwerk contacted him and told me they liked the article and were interested in seeing me personally. They sent me a ticket, before I knew, I was starting to Switzerland to Sharon International Senior Watch (SIHH) with them out to play. It is a dream to come true and to know Urwerk’s team is absolutely honored and honored. Once I arrived in Switzerland, they opened my arms and greeted me and were happy to share all the latest novelty with me. I was most impressed by the warm hospitality I had received there. Co-Founder Felix Baumgartner and Martin Frei are very busy during the SIHH meeting with investors and customers, but they only need 2-3 hours a day Sit down and talk.

When I returned to California, I quickly began to draw out a lot of unique time to show the complications until I finally set a design. After months of CAD software refinement and design, I finally got my first prototype.







URWERK -UR- 210 “Amadeus” Titanium and steel

PRICE URWERK UR-210 AMADEUS REPLICA WATCH.For the 20th anniversary, URWERK began a retro experiment. This new watch is far from becoming a nostalgic movement, that is, watchmakers despise the ordinary watch caused by the kind of opposite and provocative statements. The experimental center is one of the URWERK flagship UR-210. This futuristic watch collides with the time particle accelerator, clashes with the past, and becomes a gorgeous time error.

“The pure baroque style of the 18th century watches have a proud position in the workshop, which is one of my father’s first collectors – it’s a powerful, lots of artwork, elaborate. , Its attraction lies in its luxury, because of the extreme appeal, “URWERK co-founder of the watchmaker Felix Baumgartner announced. The memories of these first moments are certainly inspired by the new UR-210 Amadeus – Amadeus of course pointing to the great Wolfgang. “Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is certainly the pioneer of the punk culture,” said Felix Bogart. “He should read his biography. He is a rebel and URWERK, sure to share the spirit.” Click to see the big size. “URWERK co-founder Felix Baumgartner announced.

The memories of these first moments are certainly inspired by the new UR-210 Amadeus – Amadeus of course pointing to the great Wolfgang. “Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is certainly the pioneer of the punk culture,” said Felix Bogart. “He should read his biography. He is a rebel and URWERK, sure to share the spirit.”SALE RM 27-03 TOURBILLON RAFAEL NADAL WATCH

“Said Felix Baumgartner, co-founder of URWERK, whose first remembrance of the watch is certainly inspired by the new UR-210 Amadeus – Amadeus, of course, pointing to the great Wolfgang.” Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart must be the pioneer of the punk culture, “said Felix Bogart.” Should read his biography. He is a rebel and URWERK, sure will share the spirit. “Click to see the big size. URWERK co-founder. These first moments of memories are certainly inspired by the new UR-210 Amadeus – Amadeus of course pointing to the great Wolfgang.” Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is certainly the pioneer of the punk culture “said Felix Bogarta.” Should read his biography. He is a rebel and URWERK, sure will share the spirit. ”

URWERK co-founder. The memories of these first moments are certainly inspired by the new UR-210 Amadeus – Amadeus of course pointing to the great Wolfgang. “Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is certainly the pioneer of the punk culture,” said Felix Bogart. “He should read his biography. He is a rebel and URWERK, sure to share the spirit.”2017 best replica watches

The memories of these first moments are certainly inspired by the new UR-210 Amadeus – Amadeus of course pointing to the great Wolfgang. “Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is certainly the pioneer of the punk culture,” said Felix Bogart. “He should read his biography. He is a rebel and URWERK, sure to share the spirit.”

The memories of these first moments are certainly inspired by the new UR-210 Amadeus – Amadeus of course pointing to the great Wolfgang. “Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is certainly the pioneer of the punk culture,” said Felix Bogart. “He should read his biography. He is a rebel and URWERK, sure to share the spirit.”



“Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is certainly the pioneer of the punk culture,” said Felix Bogart. “He should read his biography. He is a rebel and URWERK, and will certainly share the spirit.” Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is certainly the pioneer of the punk culture “said Felix Bauer.” Should read his biography. He is a rebel and URWERK, sure will share the

For this retro and future move, the UR-210 is changed by the fingers of the talented craftsman Florian Güllert. Baroque is a concise description of this new work. Florian commented: “The decoration is the 17th century after the Renaissance, but a firm modern structure.” This style of cyclone model is best suited to this style, contrary to the angle of the watch. We combine cases, crown protection and bracelets into a unit to create a special part. I got the whole watch work and I gave it to the steel design. “This hard work took more than 260 hours to complete, ensuring that design continuity was the main goal and greatest difficulty of the sculptor.” This is a lot of work. These themes must be complementary, complementary, and not superfluous. This is of course one of my most proud creations, “Florian concludes.

For Martin Frey, the future of the collision with the past stressed his time and space between the flow of the front view. “In URWERK, we have evolved out of a compelling contemporary concept that shows the time, but it is based on the concept of the seventeenth century. I think it is a continuum, not a contradiction, in the eternal and universal of thought and thought Since the beginning of our beginning, I have been questioning the idea of the time period described. Some people may see restrictions and rigid classification, I see invisible bridges and links in an infinite process.

The UR-210 with retrograde minutes of satellite complications are both highly primitive and completely explosive. The main features are high-tech, large, three-dimensional retrograde minute hand. Its function is to surround the hourly satellite and indicate the time to spanning the ratio of 0 to 60 minutes.

This one hour journey dates back to 120 ° curvature, smooth and smooth. But the true nature of the work was revealed at the end of the 59th minute. Then a clear “click” indicates that the minute hand returns to the starting point. In less than 0.1 seconds, the hand back to the next hour satellite docking position. This high-speed retrograde system is based on three key elements:

The torus bearing center axis provides excellent stability for satellite / retrograde complications. The cylindrical marine timer spring runs vertically around the axis and produces the optimum tension required for retrograde minute GRAHAM LONDON CHRONOFIGHTER replica watches

A minute hand is also the frame of the hour satellite, showing the time in an extraordinary way. From aluminum to about 3 microns, the total weight of the entire structure is only 0.302 grams and is balanced by the weight of the brass. This three-dimensional cage provides rigidity because it transfers energy from the cylindrical bogie spring at the top center of the turntable to the following twin gears.

The double coaxial star cam adjusts the retrograde mechanism through its gear, which limits the trajectory of the minute hand. When the minute hand reaches 60, the binary jumps between the three units (one of the hockey sticks), releases the minutes, and returns to the next hour in 0 minutes.

The UR-210 S dial has a traditional power storage indication at one o’clock. At 11 o’clock near the mirror, we found a similar indication. No, this is not an important fail-safe, but more importantly worthy of our full attention because it is actually one of the world’s first complications that shows the efficiency over the past two hours.

The rotor then converts the slightest movement into stored energy. In this configuration, the turbine connected to the rotor provides smooth, unimpeded power. But if you are more active, then this may provide more power than needed, and unnecessarily wear the mechanism. In this case, you can position the winding efficiency selector as “reduced” to engage the rotor damping system. The air turbo compressor mounted on the ruby bearing rotates and generates internal resistance – sufficient friction to slow down or inhibit the automatic winding rotor. In the “STOP” mode, the automatic winding system is completely deactivated and the UR-210 runs a backup power supply and may require manual winding.

Has your recent activity been sufficient to supplement your UR-210 energy level? If so, the winding efficiency indicator will emphasize the point to the green area. If not, you have been using more energy than you produce, and the winding efficiency indicator will point to the red area.REPLICA U-BOAT CLASSICO SKELETON 8060 watch

Model: – UR- 210 “Amadeus”

Material: titanium and steel
Size: 43.8 mm wide, 53.6 mm long, 17.8 mm thick
Glasses: sapphire crystal
Water resistance: 30m / 100 ‘/ 3ATM
Surface treatment: satin; beads sandblasting
Strap: URWERK used with Maspoli for development deployment of buckle metal bracelets
Caliber: UR-7.10
Gem: 51
Escapement: Swiss lever
Balance single metal
Frequency: 28,800 v / h, 4 Hz
Gossamer: flat
Power supply: single barrel
Power reserve: 39 hours
Winding system: Automatic winding is coupled to the turbine
Plate in ARCAP P40 rhodium-plated; 3 minutes with aluminum alloy with brass counterweight; spring steel center cylindrical spiral; aluminum hour satellite; center carousel and titanium alloy five
Surface treatment:
Round scrub, sandblasted, round and straight satin panels; satin and diamond polished satellites; cut and polished screw heads

Patented rotating satellite complications, which are associated with hovering hours and three-dimensional retrograde hands; power reserve indicators; patent winding efficiency indicators
Super LumiNova treatment mark, dial, indicator, hand,