Avenger Hurricane
Model Refer. XB0170E4|BF29|257S|X20D.4
Case carbon
Diameter 50 mm
Thickness 17 mm
Strap textiles
Dial Black
shape round
GLASS Sapphire
Year 2017
Movement Selfwinding
FUNCTIONS min / sec / hour / date
Size gent



Breitling Avenger Hurricane 12H watch

Breitling Avenger Hurricane 12H watch for Breitling 2016 Basel World Show, the brand launched a new Avenger, a 24-hour action set in a bulky 50mm “Breitlight” polymer case, its lightweight “Looks cool”, worth a smaller, more approachable treatment. So, for those who want this year’s program to bring wearable 44 or even 46mm variants, please wait – it’s not your watch. The new 2017 Breitling Avenger hurricane is still the same as the previous 50mm, but now with the Breitling company’s internal manufacture of Caliber 01 paired – this is a 12 hour chronograph movement, becoming independent of the Swiss Zenith DEFY LAB replica watch




Before we enter the new Breitling Avenger Hurricane 12H watch, we will be deeply rooted, we will immediately say: “Breitlight” hurricane may be Breitling super strong “dark side of the moon”, but at 50 mm, the audience by the door limit. Of course, the bright spot of Breitling is as much as possible to show its proprietary new polymer technology – in this case, Breitlight, despite its overall size impressive impressive feathery weight. Breitling Avenger Hurricane as Breitlight light when the illustrations, the flying colors came. But as a pioneer of the Avenger’s series, the public’s appeal, Hurricane tripped over the merits of its own evidence. Size complaints side,Wholesale HUBLOT TECHFRAME FERRARI replica watches



Breitling Avenger Hurricane 12 Hour COSC Certified Movement 01 is Breitling’s first internal manufacturing caliber – a modular 47 gem movement that was launched in 2006 after five years of development. Usually reserved for the Breitling limited or top Chronomat and Navitimer products, B01 is equipped with vertical clutch wheel chronograph, in the center of the chronograph to produce crisp pusher joints and butter smooth action.




sale Richard Mille RM 030 replica watches.Despite the size of this case and the internal content, the real story here is still its proprietary Breitlight polymer building, now in the Broadway Avenger set in the second watch. This proprietary polymer is three times lighter than titanium and nearly six times lighter than steel and is significantly harder and more scratch resistant than both. Of course, it is also anti-magnetic, shielded the movement, to avoid the wearer in the modern cockpit encountered any harmful magnetic field.

Breitling has a more reasonable size Hurricane is still involved in the sleeve for future release, the current form of the hurricane is still extraordinary in its very masculine aesthetic, military-style template numbers and ingenious texture Breitlight case The.







Breitling Bentley GT “Dark Sapphire” Edition

With the launch of the new Bentley Continental GT at the Frankfurt Motor Show, the Swiss partner Breitling has introduced a limited edition of 500 Bentley GT “Dark Sapphire” watches.

The most distinctive is a unique blue “Dark Sapphire” tone dial and matching with the Continental GT interior diamond pattern.



Interestingly, the movement for the chronograph watch B06 has a chronograph function of 30 seconds, indicated by a blue central chronograph, and a blue print chapter sounds 0-30. In addition to the 30-second counter, the 4Hz motion automatically has a 15 minute and 6 hour counter as well as a date function.perfect RICHARD MILLE RM 061 replica watches

The 48mm ultra-light case made from Breitlight® and Bently GT’s dark blue rubber strap completes the look.



Breitling Chronomat 38 SleekT contemporary style – women responsible

Breitling Chronomat 38 SleekT recognizes the clever spirit of the woman and its tenacious control of precision instruments. Breitling in Chronomat 38 SleekT female design to capture this tenacious spirit, this is a female contemporary elegant and moving

Breitling Chronomat first appeared in 1984, dedicated to meet the needs of elite international pilots. Breitling re-envisioned this precise model, to produce a stylish and elegant watch, to contemporary and popular style to attract female wrist.

Chronomat 38 SleekT Classic action takes off in a 38 mm diameter case with a double-sided glazed sapphire crystal, a high-tech, super-hard scratch-resistant smooth bezel made of tungsten carbide. The selection dial is provided in bold black lacquered or exquisite pearl dial, with or without diamond hour markings, and optional diamond inlaid steel bezel models. Dial with tungsten carbide bezel and watch satin polished steel case in harmony contrast, the case with stainless steel strap, strap elegant movement edge (also available gold leather crocodile belt version).Discount Urwerk replica watches



Chronomat 38 SleekT still offers the original precision performance through the well-known COSC-certified self-winding chronograph movement. Breitling designed this mysterious Chronomat 38 SleekT, suitable for those who with the time of the command, professional timetable and personal lifestyle professional women, these are exquisite fashion sports style.

Chronomat 38 SleekT (refer to W1331012 | A774 | 385A) Case: steel, dial: mother of pearl, bracelet: test steel

Chronomat 38 SleekT (refer to W1331012 | BD92 | 385A) Case: steel, dial: agate black, bracelet: pilot steel

Chronomat 38 SleekT (refer to W1331012 | A776 | A18BA.1) Case: Steel, Dial: Mother of Pearl and Diamond Hours, Bracelet: Croco Gold, Buckle:





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Breitling Chronoliner B04 Premium Edition

Breitling CHRONOLINER B04 BOUTIQUE EDITION replica watch.Swiss luxury maker Bentling took advantage of this opportunity to introduce their new Chronoliner series of new products, the brand yesterday in its official website launched the B04 boutique version.

The residential manufacturing Breitling movement B04, impressive blue Chronoliner has a convenient dual time zone system in a unique new face to ensure that the air chronograph has truly timeless aesthetic.

Breitling is well known in the pilots’ chronograph, and the new Chronoliner B04 boutiques continue to be proud of the tradition of the brand. The watch uses an automatic chronograph to facilitate reading of the 24-hour mode to show its second time zone, the ceramic high-tech rotating bezel can read the third time zone, or it can be in 24 seconds. Pilots can accurately measure flight time in global long journeys, while the brand positions Chronoliner as “official captain”


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The above-mentioned manufacturing Breitling movement B04 is entirely developed and produced by the watchmaker’s own workshop, and the COSC-certified movement has revolutionary user-friendliness. In order to change the main schedule to local time, the wearer only needs to rotate the crown in the way, and then change the time in one hour to ensure that the accuracy is not lost in minutes and seconds.

In order to emphasize the unique nature of the new high-performance Chronoliner B04, Breitling decided to combine the steel case with the blue bezel and dial, both of which have completed the silver counter. The blue pattern continues with the matching rubber Aero classic strap, which appreciates the brand’s watch straps in the 1950s and 1960s with embossed patterns reminiscent of

The Chronoliner B04 Premium Edition is designed to withstand the most demanding conditions. Steel shell provides up to 100 meters of water resistance, sapphire crystal on both sides of the anti-glare, in order to improve the legibility, scratch-resistant bezel with a star incision, even wearing gloves can easily rotate.



Breitling issue gorgeous limited edition Chronoliner B04 fine version

best HYT H1 replica watches.The Chronoliner has been one of the coolest models of Breitilng, and we think that while it gets much less attention than Chronomat and Navitimer. The big thing about the new Chronoliner B04 boutique edition is the fact that it presents a taxable blue tint instead of black. This version of Chronoliner, produced for the captain of the flight, also has the manufacturing Breitling movement B04.


In addition to aesthetics, the main attraction is enhanced GMT functionality, allowing the wearer to track three time zones at the same time: a red hand in the 24-hour mode to track the family time, while the high-tech ceramic rotating bezel marks the third Time zone, also 24 hours scale. If you plan to travel this summer, then perfect. Another clever feature of this watch is the dark blue “Aero Classic” rubber strap, similar to the typical Breitling metal mesh belt. Chronoliner B04’s case is only 100 pieces worldwide, waterproof performance of 100 meters (330 feet), sapphire crystal on both sides are anti-glare, and is equipped with a special vest, with antique-style aircraft “nose art” style And “special delivery” RICHARD MILLE RM 27-03 Replica Watch


In addition to B04 Chronoliner boutique version, Breitling also released another fine watch, although it does not have half the charm of the blue B04. The Chronomat 44 Premium Edition is manufactured in Breitling Caliber 01 Waterproof Depth of 500 meters (1,650 feet) to the Diver’s watch reputation. This version has a blue “Vietnamese” mother of pearl and a two-dimensional era of the little girl carved vest, also from 1 to 100. 100 years old and Chronomat line is very good, although we always like retro version. Chronoliner is a clear winner here.replica skeleton watches 520 LOVE Watch

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CASE: Stainless steel
STRAP: Stainless steel
Case Thickness: —
FUNCTIONS: Hours, Minutes, Seconds, Date, Chronograph
Dial: Black
Mechanism: Selfwinding
Year: 2016
Clasp: Deployment Buckle
GLASS: Sapphire
SIZE: men


Breitling Navitimer Cosmonaute Blacksteel Limited Edition watch you think of a space (and space planning) related to the watch, it may call the Omega Speedmaster, or Poljot Strela. Did you know that Breitling and a watch are associated with the great space race of the mid-20th century? It is, and Breitling is commemorating the 50th anniversary of flying watches into space.

May 24, 1962, Breitling Navitimer on Lt. Cmdr’s wrist. Scott Carpenter, who circled the Earth three times in an Aurora 7 capsule. What separates this watch from other wristwatches today is its 24-hour dial, which allows for easy division between day and night (which is not an easy task when you are traveling in Earth’s orbit). A few years ago Breitling released the limited edition Navitimer Cosmonaute to commemorate Mr. Carpenter’s mission (here). Now, in 2013, Breitling has released the Navitimer Cosmonaute Black Steel … in the Black Steel.

Replica Breitling Navitimer 01 Watches.Of course, this model back to the predecessor of fifty years ago. The new watch with 42mm black steel case, using carbon-based coating, scratch resistance. The same black shifts to the main and sub dials, then these features are red hands, and are illuminated along with white exponents and numbers so that the watch should be quite readable.

Driving all the functions of the watch, we have internal manufacture Breitling movement B02 movement has obtained COSC certification. This movement is a hand-wound, with a 24-hour scale, these two features, keeping the original model, this one commemorative. This high-motion (28,800 bph) also has a quarter-second chronograph, 30-minute and 12-hour registers. Seems to be a good, more high-end exercise, my specifications read.Replica ZENITH PILOT TYPE 20 EXTRA SPECIAL WATCHES


But back to the original reference, which includes case back engraving, which contains the Aurora 7 mission logo. Consistent with the Breitling Aerospace series, the watch has a sliding rule around the dial that allows any number of things needed to calculate the airborne navigation by rotating the bezel in both


As you would expect from a luxury watch, the watch comes with sapphire crystal; you may not expect a perforated rubber strap (though, if you test out a 30m WR rating, all straps will be handy). Overall, I think the style of this piece is very good to perform all that is put into the watch. In short, the “at a glance” of the readability should be possible once you put your mind around 24 hours dialing (they do some habits). As for the slide rules, I think it is one of those things that if you do not use it, it will fade the background.Replica URWERK UR-210 Black Watch Price

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Review Cheap Breitling BASEL WORLD 2016 AVENGER HURRICANE X124B89ARV Men watch

Model: X124B89ARV
Case: titanium
Cuts: 50 mm
Thickness: 16.97 mm
Movement: Automatic
Glass: sapphire
Strap: Military Rubber Anthracite/yellow
Dial: Black
Functions: second,minutes,hours
Clasp: Folding clasp


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Breitling Avenger Hurricane

Today, we have the opportunity to try the wrists of the Breitling Avenger Hurricane, a template to collect the US-American St. Soymia’s Avenger in new entries. It is clear that given a size, a large man’s watch blends the various Avenger’s lines, but with special features and features really worthy of attention.

The hurricane differs from its predecessors, as already mentioned, to the incredible size of the 50mm box, and then will fail or even completely wrap the most important wrist. However, despite its appearance as “heavyweight”, the clock seems to have a light weight (only 109 grams) due to the built-in Breitlight® in the case.replica men watch for sale



This material is made of Breitling’s patent, which is 3.3 times lighter than titanium and 5.8 times the steel; it has an incredible ability to scratch, impact, traction and corrosion; it is magnetically resistant, of course hypoallergenic and Equipped with thermal stability. While wearing it’s hot metal most of the line of sight, the slightly marbled effect gives it the original twist that deserves attention.

Now let’s highlight the beating heart of this spectacular watch. Breitling Avengers The beats within the hurricane: The clock is fitted with a B12 caliber, a machined caliber chronograph with self-winding chronograph. Caliber B12 directly from the Breitling Caliber B1, robust caliber and superior derivative performance.replica Bell & Ross Basel 2016 Watches


Chronograph with automatic chronograph movement by the column-wheel, the chronograph chronograph, make this wheel more precise decorative complications. The B12 caliber is COSC certified caliber (CONTROLE OFFICIEL Swiss Palace Observatory), which vibrates 28,800 times per hour, 47 jewels and about 70 hours of power reserve. The B12 caliber allows a 24-hour display, following the usual military and pilot watches.

In order to protect the dial magnificent black volcano with luminous hour markers and numerals are on both sides of the anti-reflective handle hemispherical sapphire crystal. Crown and timing buttons when wearing gloves, there can be knurling, anti-slip mats that provide the best handling and even.


Replica Richard Mille RM 011 Le Mans Classic Rose Gold Watch.The watch, despite its size, is still very comfortable when worn due to the extremely low weight thanks to the exclusive strap on the black fiber made of military black rubber on the outside and inside; the belt has a high resistance.

Avenger Hurricane Breitling B12 is 100 meters deep water, equipped with a one-way rotating bezel with a “free rider” that allows you to store the age. Created by Breitling Professionals, this new tool is a perfect blend of boldness, innovation and performance.

Designed for sporty and active men’s watches, ideally with those who will take on all the challenges on your wrist, whether it’s on land, on the sea or in the air; the counter is not suitable for people with too little slim wrist.Replica Richard Mille RM 011 Le Mans Classic Rose Gold Watch 2017 happen new year

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Review Cheap Breitling BASEL WORLD 2016 BENTLEY B06 MIDNIGHT CARBON M061B60FRB Men watch

Case: black steel
Cuts: 49 mm
Movement: Automatic
Glass: sapphire
Strap: Rubber
Dial: Black
Functions: second,minutes,hours
Clasp: Folding clasp


Breitling Bentley B06 Midnight Carbon

This is the new Breitling Bentley B06 midnight carbon, which is technically technically manufactured by its B06 chronograph and intuitively distinguished by its large diameter 49mm stainless steel case with an oversized 49mm watch, and an unusual The dark blue mother of pearl dial.replica Urwerk 106 watches

The following dial is a COSC-certified Observatory movement, seen in all Breitling watches, though, which is of course the caliber of the internal manufacturing. The most noteworthy is the unique “30 second Chronograph” configuration inspired by a Breitling patent dating back to 1926. It is distinguished by a central chronograph hand (red tipped over and re-marked with the Breitling emblem) and is able to sweep the dial completely after 30 seconds, instead of the typical 60 second scan, thus providing a second elapsed time accuracy of 1/8 (The more common 1/4 versus 60 second chronograph indication relative to the second precision).


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In addition, there are 15 minutes, 6 hours total, which is also unique, but the meaning of mathematics, when you consider the chronograph seconds hand is cut off, compared to the semi-standard, 4 Hz (28,800 VPH) chronograph (this happens exactly Other counters).replica Breitling BASEL WORLD watches

There is also a watch tribute, according to Breitling: “dial-up also shows Breitling as a Bentley instrument Another unique feature of the world:” variable speedometer “, based on the ring slide. Used in conjunction with the timer, the system is used The measured average speed regardless of elapsed time, distance covered or speed reached. The device ensures considerable superior operation with their limited viewing time of 60 seconds based on conventional line-of-sight meters.

These additional technical features are interesting, at least to say. Eventually, although the appearance of the timepiece is what will be seen first. The black matte steel case, inspired by the Bentley radiator grille, has seen the knurled pattern baffle on past Bentley models. The red and white printer fonts stand out against the mother pearl black

Waterproof is this part thanks to the screw locking crown 100 meters.

On the back, there is a 360 degree sculpture hammer to evoke a wheel and rim, visible through the sapphire case back. Bentley B06 Midnight Carbon can be fitted with a black rubber strap with Bentley signature or rubber and alligator strap.



Following the aerospace Eve night vision which was launched last year and powered by Superquartz’s digital simulation of the movement, Breitling announced that the Chronospace Evo Nights mission has a fully-analog monitor equipped with a Superquartz movement.replica Hublot Big Bang Ferrari watches

When operating a one-way bezel, increase the grip – zero, 15, as this is a collection of Evo Night Mission, titanium in the case, which is characterized by matte black satin scrub treatment and raised the mark (Knight) The carved bezel was made in 30, and 45 in the case of the Chronospace evolution was 43 mm in diameter, compared to 46 mm in diameter for larger aerospace. The case is 100 meters waterproof and features screw-in crown.

The rugged professional watch is powered by a caliber 73 Superquartz movement, which claims to be ten times more accurate than standard quartz, that is COSC Observatory Certifications. It is worth noting that the chronograph is equipped with two seconds hand which is part of a two-second chronograph function. There is also a fast time zone adjustment mechanism. Chronograph is accurate to 1/10 of the second.

Dial on the sailor blue, with a large luminous Arabic numerals, except at 12 o’clock where the number is not lume out, and at 6 o’clock there is only one index mark. Solid bottom cover. Breitling Chronospace Evo Night Mission has a strap with a black clasp with black dart Pro strap.replica RICHARD MILLE RM 003 watches

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Review Cheap Breitling BASEL WORLD 2016 CHRONOMAT 44 BLACKSTEEL MB0111C3|I531|262S|M20DSA.2 Men watch

Case: black steel
Cuts: 44 mm
Thickness: 16.95 mm
Movement: Automatic
Glass: sapphire
Strap: Rubber
Dial: Yellow
Functions: second,minutes,hours
Clasp: Folding clasp


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Breitling Bold and Black with Chronomat 44 Blacksteel Special Edition

Breitling has brought a new and sturdy performance to their iconic Chronomat collection

Obtain Breitling processing of aviation watches is very unpopular. Just take a guitar in the famous Chronomat series: modern, male and reliable high performance. Now gives a more sturdy metallic exterior to the more daring description of the Swiss watchmaker craft a stellar model opening the Chronomat 44 Black Steel Special Edition. The right form, the timer has the same sturdy cold and striking appearance, making the original a stapler, but now emits a solid authority in the deepest carbon black.replica Hublot Masterpiece Watches

Visually capturing and placing a powerful contrast in a dark dial with a yellow dial, a large 44mm diameter satin brushed steel case and a rotating ratchet bezel cut in dark, illuminated by a red hand and a black counter reminiscent of the cockpit Dashboard. Featuring the same cutting-edge accuracy, the Chronomat version features a powerful, certified Breitling Caliber 01 manufacturer with an unparalleled 70-hour reserve that can drive quarter-turn, 30-minute, and 12-hour subindicator displays. Completely customized to the core’s rugged impermeability, the screw lock crown and safety button ensure water resistance up to 220 meters, in addition to protection against shock damage.

This new chronograph with stylish sports design, Breitling Chronomat 44 Blacksteel Special Edition is “brave man.”



EWO Night Mission

Hit the blue and black spots
By contrasting with the rugged light-black titanium case framing the tone dial on the blue counter, the Breton electronic Chronospace Chronograph features a powerful yet original new character while maintaining its excellent quality as a professional tool.

The spirit of performance is the absolute power of black satin-matte titanium metal, finished by high-resistance carbon-based treatment, immediately detected by the combination of deep blue dial hit the original note. Like all of the Breitling “dashboards”, the instructions are distinguished by their best readability, with the luminous coating emphasizing large square numbers with pointers. The unidirectional rotating bezel ensures excellent grip thanks to its four rider labels – a Breitling signature – serving the secondary markings. The case is 100 meters (330 feet) and is equipped with a screw-locking crown to protect it from waterproofing.replica Harry Winston OPUS watches



The completely black simulation shows a significant exception in the professional range of Breitling, the Chronospace EWO Night mission conceals the best high-tech features, with SuperQuartz ™ mobile ten times more accurate than standard quartz. Certified by the Observatory of the COSC (Swiss Institute of Astronomical Observatories), this caliber 73 combines a variety of functions that are useful for pilots and adventurers. The chronograph features an additional central hand for measuring the mid-sec- ond time division seconds, while the fast time zone system ensures uninterrupted accuracy in minutes and seconds.

The tough and sporty nature of the model is exacerbated by embossed rubber straps with the Breitling signature.replica Richard Mille RM 027 Watches



Review Cheap Breitling BASEL WORLD 2016 CHRONOMAT 44 BLACKSTEEL M011B35ARB Men watch