We have many options, including their Swordfish diving watch, Chronofighter pilot watch and Silverstone racing watch. Each collection has an original oversized design that uses high-end materials to handle anything that can be thrown in any summer.

Silverstone wagon
The size of this 48mm silver stone is very large, but still retains the classic fashion sense. This beautiful blue dial features a steel case and plenty of space for a timed dial. Of course its highlight is the “T Tourbillograph”, which is Graham’s internal “Motoric Tourbillon”. With the Incabloc damping system, this tourbillon is very precise and very rugged. This sport is impressive enough to win the 2012 Technology Design Award for Technology Excellence. It features an alligator strap and a sapphire case that provides a widescreen view of the winning movement.

Trackmaster Black Tourbillograph
Next is another sport to watch their wagon. It is made of stainless steel and weighs 47. The movement is made of black PVD carbide and black gold. It comes with a “tire tread effect” rubber strap and a black ceramic buckle. It also includes a chronograph function and a sapphire case back.Graham Chronofighter oversize GMT Blue Steel 2OVGS.B26A replica Watch

Chronofighter Trigger Flyback
All black watches are definitely popular with Graham London fans or oversized watches. Another typical example is the Chronofighter Trigger Flyback, which features a 46 mm stainless steel case and a black PVD coating. The dial is not only black, but also has a smoked sapphire back cover on the back. Yellow detail is then introduced under the dome sapphire cover for visibility and style. It features a dual compax flyback chronograph function with Graham’s signature “trigger” button.


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Chronofighter Oversize Diver Turbo
Here we have a brighter timer for diving. It is available in stainless steel 47mm with a black rubber diving shoulder strap or leather dress. The dial features yellow and black accents, a chronograph function and a rotating bezel edge to measure decompression time. It features a hemispherical sapphire shell and the same dual-composite movement, but with a sturdy bottom cover that contributes to a 1000 ft / 330 m waterproof Franck Muller Watches replica

Graham Swordfish Booster
Due to its erroneous design, Swordfish is easy to become Graham’s most well-known series. With a chronograph function, it has two small dials to enlarge two portholes. It is available in 48mm stainless steel with a sapphire case and a black rubber strap.

Silverstone Stowe GMT Chapman
Designed for the famous British car designer Colin Chapman, this wide watch creates the lotus, so you will see plenty of it in this wide 48mm steel watch. Racing influence. It features a classic Lotus F1 color, yellow and black “British Racing” green. For modern F1 racing watches, carbon fiber is used for the dial. Most importantly, they installed a racing tire tread band and yellow racing stripes (also including a steel bracelet). The large dial includes not only the timing function, but also the date display and the second GMT time zone around the outer ring. The dial is fitted with a convex double-sided anti-reflective sapphire case, and the sapphire case is also used for the bottom cover.

Vintage Silverstone Stowe Red 60 Red Line
This Silverstone features a more traditional and cleaner cut. It features a smaller (Graham) case, a 43 mm stainless steel case and a polished bezel. The dial is equipped with two chronograph dials, a very small second hand, date display and a tachometer. It includes a tire tread rubber strap with a red racing stripe and a stainless steel Richard Mille RM 011 Le Mans Classic Watch replica

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Graham Swordfish Watch – Now Selling

In our third feature of the Graham Watch Sale, we are looking at their outstanding Swordfish collection, whose large porthole magnifier is instantly recognizable for amplifying a complete small dial, as opposed to Rolex’s iconic Cyclops date display. Please note that the small dial has no bumps, so the main hand is still visible as it passes. These are just some of the highlights of our sales. There are more Swordfish and other Graham timepieces to choose from, just click on the link at the bottom to browse everything.

Swordfish black knight
A limited edition of 500 pieces is made of PVD and has a 46 mm stainless steel outer casing. The black dial features unique hands and bright yellow-green details, and the porthole magnifies the chronograph dial. The red R in the middle indicates the crown and the chronograph button is located on the right side of the dial. It comes with a matching black rubber strap and comes with a sturdy PVD back cover, steel crown and anchored top. It is water resistant to 100 meters / 330 feet.replica watches for men

Swordfish booster rights
This sporty Booster model features a 48mm large stainless steel case, brushed finish, polished and engraved buttons and crown. It has a timing function that contrasts sharply with the blue dial, white small dial and orange hands. It has a transparent bottom cover, a black rubber strap and is also waterproof to 100m / 330ft.

Swordfish booster silver left
This version of the Booster model uses the same 48 mm stainless steel case, but has a crown and buttons on the left side. The dial is silver-plated and the blue is now replaced with a chronograph dial for comparison. It also has a transparent bottom cover, a black rubber strap and is also waterproof to 100m / 330ft.

Swordfish Grillo Alert GMT
This Grillo model mixes it with the rarely used alarm function and the unique GMT. The alarm is marked by a long red pointer and the GMT aperture is at 9 o’clock. The disc is used to display the 24-hour time in the second time zone. The alarm clock is set to the crown at 4 o’clock and the date display is magnified at 3 o’clock. The 46 mm dial is made of stainless steel, polished and fitted with a brushed dial. It comes with a black rubber strap that is water resistant to 100 meters / 330 HYT SKULL Watches replica



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