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RM 67-02 launches new playground with ALEXANDER ZVEREV

Automatic movements can handle all situations of the highest level of exercise practice
Seventh House Richard Mille
Weighing 32 grams, including a “comfort” bracelet, making it the lightest automatic watch in the Richard Mille collection

Delicate, light, colorful, elegant and sporty, RM 67-02 is the guardian of all situations. Once unaccustomed, Richard Mille considers this model so that it can adapt to different sports disciplines from the very beginning. This is why several of the brand’s partners have already provided RM 67-02 in the color of their respective homes, which is a way to check the capabilities of this automated caliber in many other areas, not just track and field. . RM 67-02 Alexander Zverev will face a new battlefield today.

World No. 3 players will test their RM 67-02TPT®Carbon and QuartzTPT® Red in the face of repeated acceleration, and tennis courts around the world will become full-scale laboratories.



Although RM 67-02 Alexi Pintil went through the harsh harsh ski slopes and bumps against the pitch, one for the 5th World Rally Championship, Sebastian Ogil, accompanied by the Argentine rally line. But both retain the mechanical beauty of the variable geometry and special finishes of the CRMA7 caliber combined with grade 5 titanium white gold and bridges with platinum and TPT® carbon rotors. The comfort of the wristband and the processing of the housing’s composite TPT® resistors add a pristine aesthetic to each logo, visible in the Class 5 titanium alloy hand-painted dial. In order to complete the RM 67-02 dress, Richard Mille added their new comfort bracelet. In one piece, its enhanced elasticity makes it resistant to the wrist and adapts to each form.replica Hublot Classic Fusion Aerofusion Chronograph Orlinski Watches price

There are currently two unique prototypes of Formula 1 rookie Charles Leclerc and Alonso drive circuit 1 RM 67-02 that they are running, and they let the brand to test new models of its future models now.


Richard Mille has equipped his wrist since his first creation of a highly technical watch

The great sports champion – Massa in F1, Nadal and Alexander Zverev tennis, golf Watson, Alexi Pintil ski. Since 2013, the brand has seized the opportunity to develop with Jamaican sprinter John Blake, demonstrating a revolutionary ergonomic design of swirling carbon nanotubes, all in asymmetry. It must be said that one of the main melody from the very beginning of the active collabo-ration ration watch with their disciplined special partner is Richard Miller, who combines the movements of technology and sportiness.



Of the more than 70 current reference materials in the Richard Mille series, there is a watch suitable for regattas and other wristwatches designed specifically for rally driver Sébastien Loeb or polo player Pablo Mac Donough. The RM 67-02 automatic Alexander Zverev is part of this philosophy. Regarding the latter, Richard Mille’s desire was to develop an extra RM 67-01 to increase its rare elegance and very athletic character. One instruction in the development process is to give the engineer: Create a watch to ensure that every moment of the sport, shows that the true “symbiosis” of the required level is carried out, it is in his disciplinary practice. The well-known formula “less is more” is the symbol of Minimism advocated by Mess van der Rohe. He accepted this minimalism. It is also the best definition of RM 67-02. Essential excess: hours and replica PATEK PHILIPPE 175th Commemorative watches

TPT® quartz consists of 600 layers of parallel silica with a maximum thickness of 45 μm. They impregnated new resins (green and yellow) with the national colors of the athletes, developed specifically for the brand, and then inserted them through automatic dispensing systems, changing the orientation of the fibers between the two layers by 45°.

All wheels of the CRMA7 movement are optimized by using a set of teeth with a specific profile, resulting in a 20° pressure angle. These gear trains provide excellent torque transmission and optimum performance.



The seventh family Richard Mille, CRMA7 machined with Ti5. The caliber was extensively tested in our workshop for a long time to verify its performance.

All wheels of the CRMA7 movement are optimized by using a set of teeth with a specific profile, resulting in a 20° pressure angle. These gear trains provide excellent torque transmission and optimum performance.

These sawtooths, now marked by Richard Mille’s iconic movements, distinguish them from the lifestyle model while strengthening their structure.

This new “comfortable” elastic strap is specially developed by watches worn by Richard Mille family athletes. As an alternative to the Velcro® bracelet, its overall shape is lighter. Its enhanced elasticity makes it able to resist the wrist and adapt to each form, further improving the wearing comfort.

Innovation lies elsewhere because of its lightness and resistance, thanks to the means to produce it. The caliber is made of TPT®Carbon and Red QuartzTPT® – Richard Mille’s unique composites and guarantees excellent impact resistance despite the small thickness of the bezel/middle/bottom combination. 7.80 mm.


The core part of this watch is able to withstand all the extreme situations related to tennis, with the sharp lines, especially the tense lines, defeating the caliber of the seventh-generation CRMA7 home. Its TPT® carbon steel and gray gold rotor is a grade 5 titanium body, in which platinum and machined bridges are treated with black and grey DLC. After hundreds of hours of programming and machine tuning, it takes at least two hours of processing to achieve the final hollowing of a single platen.replica Rado HyperChrome Diamonds Watches review

By optimising a set of teeth with a specific profile, all gear arrangements ensure excellent performance in transferring drum power to variable inertial balance during a constant 50-hour walk. The line of movement is the same as the dial processed on a quarter-thick titanium plate, treated with a black DLC and colored with a hand-drawn athlete’s banner.

The quest for RM 67-02 is the origin of its new comfort bracelet, because if the watch does not meet the same requirements, the watch cannot be called “sports.” In one piece and non-slip, its enhanced elasticity allows it to resist wrist positioning to perfectly marry every form. This very lightweight bracelet also reduced the RM 67-02’s weight to 32 grams, making it the lightest automatic watch in the Richard Mille collection.



For Richard Mille, life not only has watches, but bracelets. To prove the last born team RM 67-02.

If the brand’s partners accumulate wristwatch performance on wrists for more than a decade, it is because they look at them like the second skin. And because the model’s ergonomics and wearing comfort are concerned every day.

Since the beginning, top athletes have been the core of Richard Miller’s R&D. Ergonomically, the materials used for fastening to the housing and brake composition receive special attention to ensure that they are resistant to the harshest conditions. The first “made to measure” bracelet was designed for Philippe Massa. He wanted rubber and left air as much as possible. This bracelet line features a well-designed wide opening function in the line with the shell and made from hypoallergenic materials without changing its strength up to 20 kg and its success has never been denied. A few years later, this double-strap Velcro® strap will be installed on the Rafael Nadal RM 027. Flexible, comfortable and shockproof, its fully reliable closure can also be adjusted for accuracy. These qualities will attract the attention of another partner, Roman Gross, who will be able to put on his suit in the Formula One replica watches for sale

The RM 67-02’s new comfort bracelet is Richard Mille’s answer to all top athletes who need maximum comfort even if they are fully committed. To meet this challenge, engineers studied an important part of their clothing: their shoes. The lightness, support, and sensation they provided, all the valuable information synthesized by Richard Miller, was innovated with this braided bracelet, so no closure was required. The specific weaving guarantees a high degree of flexibility, allowing the flexibility of movement. It also allows for optimal ventilation, thus avoiding any risk of the watch being exposed to strength. Difficult to manufacture lighter than this bracelet, no closure, and enhanced insertion of titanium metal in the casing.

Rubber, polyurethane and Velcro®, regardless of the material used by Richard Mille, their flexibility and reaction to temperature changes are systematically analyzed in every detail. For every champion she accompanies, whatever the rules she complies with, the brand guarantees the flexibility, comfort and hypoallergenicity of her bracelet.wholesale replica Chopard CLASSIC RACING watches


Platinum and Bridge at Tier 5 Ti
Grade 5 titanium and black DLC treatments provide rigidity and flatness to the platen, ensuring perfect gear train performance. The bridge, also grade 5 titanium, is a gray DLC treatment. All these components are satin, micro inserts and hand-polished.

Hollow platinum and bridges have been subjected to harsh tests for a long time to verify their perfect resistance.

Variable inertia balance
This balance ensures higher reliability in the event of impact and in the assembly and disassembly of the movement.
In the long run, accuracy has improved. The racket’s index is deleted. The finer and repeatable adjustment of the inertia is done directly on the balance with 4 adjustable weights.

TPT® Carbon and Grey Gold Rotors
Using TPT® carbon and gray gold rotors equipped with OneWay® inverter systems and ceramic ball bearings, the barrel can be effectively re-installed while maintaining the compact dimensions of the ultra-planar hollow movement.

Fast barrels (turn around in 5 hours instead of 7.5 hours)
This bucket has the following advantages:
The mainspring’s internal grip is significantly reduced, improving performance.
The mainspring has an excellent triangular curve and the power reserve is ideally balanced between performance and regularity.

The best outline gear
All wheels of the CRMA7 movement are optimised by the use of specially contoured gears, resulting in a pressure angle of 20°. This pressure angle promotes rolling and better supports the horizontal axis difference.

These gear trains provide excellent torque transmission and therefore have the best performance.

5-stage titanium spline screw for bridges
These splined screws provide better control of the tightening torque during assembly. They have a strong ability to assemble or disassemble and are not susceptible to aging.

Grade 5 treated DLC titanium dial and hand-painted

New “comfortable” bracelet

Movement size: 28.40 x 31.25 mm
Thickness: 3.60mm
Number of jewelry: 25
Pendulum: CuBe, 4 arms, 4 adjusting screws
Moment of inertia 7.5 mg cm2, lift angle 50°
Frequency: 28,800 vibrations per hour (4 Hz)
Spiral: AK 3
Shockproof device: INCABLOC 908.22.211.100 (transparent)

The bezel and bottom of the RM 67-02 are machined with a TPT® quartz machine. Because of its very regular wavy pattern, it consists of a multiplicity of parallel filaments, which themselves are obtained after silica filament spacing.
Quartz fibers are often used in very high performance applications because of their high temperature resistance, extreme resistance and transparency to electromagnetic waves.
These layers, with a maximum thickness of 45 μm, were impregnated with three special resins developed specifically for Richard Miller: the version of Wayde van Niekerk in yellow and green, and the version of Mutaz Essa Barshim in purple. Then stack them on specific machines and change their orientation by 45°. heating
At 120°C and 6 bar pressure, QuartzTPT® can be machined on CNC machines and processed at the Richard Mille Group’s ProArt factory.

The center is made of TPT® carbon material, which uses the same process as QuartzTPT® but uses carbon fiber wire.

Due to the two Nitril O-rings, the RM 67-02 is waterproof to 30 meters. It is assembled using 12-stage 5 titanium spline screws and 316L stainless steel washers.

5 Ti Spline Screws for Housing
Due to their shape, these screws can better control the tightening torque during assembly. Therefore, they are completely resistant to assembly or disassembly operations and are not susceptible to aging.

Upper flange
Made of carbon, the indicator is filled with approved luminescent material.

Grade 5 titanium treated DLC and hand-painted
Thickness: 0.40mm

Bezel side: Sapphire (800 Vickers hardness) anti-reflective coating (both sides)
Thickness: 1.00mm
Watch back: anti-reflective sapphire (both sides)
Thickness: center 1.00 mm, outer circumference 1.75 mm


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