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Bremont Wright Flyer – Bad communication story about ‘insider’ sports

“Lessons learned from your mistakes” – and what your competitors are doing – should be in Bremont’s handbook. but it is not the truth. 2009 Remerber, TAG Heuer Caliber 1887 after the release of a large-scale discussion. TAG Heuer claims to be an in-house sports company based in essence on the Seiko ebauche, as modified by TAG Heuer. There is no big deal in terms of product and quality (many brands use external sources of action), but there is a substantial loss of credibility and poor communication. You think this lesson is printed in the minds of every brand. error! Brett’s New Light Leaflet Limited Edition also made the same mistake. – Official statement from BREMONT updated

Bremont is an aerospace-inspired British watch brand specializing in chronographs. If you’ve read monochrome longer, you’ll see our coverage of its chronometer and our review of the Supermarine 500.cheap Hublot MP-05 LAFERRARI 905.NX.0001.RX Watches

Often, brands rely on the external motivation of companies such as ETA to drive watches. But a couple of days ago, they introduced a brand new and exciting watch, a limited edition watch inspired by the Wright brothers and the world’s first aircraft. The first unique element of the watch is the rotor, including the small fabric used on the 1903 Wright Flyer wing. The second and main hobby is the movement used in this watch.


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This is the first time a brand claims to use a self-designed movement and make its own product in the UK. From the official press release, we read that “many of its components are also made in the studio at Henry Thames.” This movement 33.4 mm diameter, self-winding ability, more than 50 hours of power reserve and 25 jewels. From the official photos, we can see the Geneva strip, the bevel on the bridge and the rotor similar to the aircraft propeller.cheap fake watches for sale

The limited edition Bremont Wright Flyer features a 43mm case in retro pilot style. Available in 3 versions: a stainless steel black dial, a rose gold white dial and a platinum white dial. At first glance, this is a great Bremont watch and a big step toward the brand’s first internal movement. But this is only a visible part of the iceberg.



Brands, please note that some potential customers and collectors know almost everything about watchmaking, specs and brand history than all of us. When our own colleagues in Hockinski released the first story about the Bremont Wright leaflets, some readers questioned the ‘internal’ qualifications of the movement. People also noticed a problem with the sport at the forums and other websites. Looking closely, it is clear that Bremont’s internal movement is based on the caliber of La Joux-Perret.cheap Tag Heuer MONACO 24 CAL5112.FC6298 Watch

La Joux-Perret, a well-known manufacturer of La Chaux-de-Fond (Switzerland), creates sports for brands such as Arnold & Son. Given the shape and movement of the bridge, the relationship between Bremont’s movement and Arnold & Son’s Caliber 6003 is clear. Even Bremmont’s actions have been modified, nor are they designed and developed entirely by them. Yes, the name of the brand is engraved on the movement bridge, the rotor is customized for the movement, but the base was developed by La Joux-Perret.

Speak to Bremont and admit to working with La Joux-Perret to develop a unique sport. So the base (gear train, self-winding mechanism (except the rotor) and main spring bucket) is consistent with the movement of Arnold and Son. On the Arnold & Son DSTB, it has hours and minutes of eccentric display as well as the second module of an infinite loop. At Bremont, the hour and minute hands are centrally located, with a slightly off-center small second sub-plate.shopping cheap Porsche Design watches

What’s the problem here? In tabulation or quality, we can not blame the use of external source of action or brand development activities with external partners. Especially when talking about La Joux-Perret! Developing and manufacturing the entire sport is a complex, lengthy and expensive process. Bremont said in a statement that the sport was developed by Bremont and La Joux-Perret, some of them were purchased from La Joux-Perret and others were made by Bremont.

As the British say, they’re “cocked up” and on a massive scale! In addition, there was a slow response, (again) ambiguous statements, and lack of clarity. If Bremont can clearly state who did what, we would praise it. Again, we are not saying that exercise is not good. We do believe it could be a very good exercise, to be honest, we like the Breiten LaLay flyer and Bremont AND La Joux-Perret’s Mutual Design BWC / 01.best RICHARD MILLE RM 068 cheap Watches



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