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Review: HYT Skull AXL Rose

HYT partnered with a famous singer to launch SKULL. Title read with loud applause. Axl R0se is one of the founding members of Guns N’Roses, perhaps one of the most respected rock artists in the past 30 years and a well-known friend of the brand. Now, this contemporary watch brand completes their love of each other with a blue dial SKULL on a pierced strap.

This watch uses DLC titanium material, the use of micro-crack finish. It is 51 mm in diameter and 17.9 mm high. As part of his design work, Axl chose two side panels (9 and 3), decorated in Parisian style and decorated in blue PVD. This piece has a rock-solid feel and a bold strap with a clear blue line. In order to show the movement, HYT uses a design similar to Hublot Big Bang Limited Edition, and uses the Guns N’Roses logo to express its respect for the rock idol. Watch equipped with a metal sapphire case singer signature.

The blue skull is made of Damascus steel and is treated with blue PVD. Damascus steel is a past part. It comes from Syria, aware of steel-like waves of water. It is said that this is due to carbon deposits added to the steel mixture. In the outskirts, sat a gray hour-dial with a black hour dial; the weird part is its appealing hand-painted look.discounts replica Chopard MILLE MIGLIA Watches


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At the center of the dial is the crux of the “problem.” The gray matter in the skull infiltrates into the eyes rather than without reason. The left eye hides an almost invisible second hand dial rotating continuously. The right eye is a power reserve indicator. In both cases, a subtle cellular pattern provides the background and increases the depth of the eyes.

HYT is proud to be the first modern mechanical watch to use liquid to express time. HYT does this all by using a capillary tube, which carries liquid as an hour marker. The 35 jewels feature a vibration frequency of 28,800 hph and a frequency of 4 Hz. The bridges are hand-chamfered and decorated with Geneva ripples. Corrugated rhodium plating, running time of 65 hours. An elaborate hydro-mechanical movement, it features cotes de geneve finish and polished fishing. Movement and finishing were done under the supervision of Jean-François Mojon.

HYT SKULL AXL ROSE Limited 25 pieces. There is no doubt that this watch is conceptually iconic and interesting. But one thing is for sure, it will only appeal to those who are “Rose” or “Alex Rose” quality replica watches

Skull Axl Rose

Case: DLC titanium with microblasted finish

– Diameter: 51 mm

– Height: 17.9 mm

– Rubber sheath spiral DLC titanium crown

– 6 o’clock black DLC titanium dome

– Side panels (3 o’clock / 9 o’clock), blue PVD Clous de Paris decoration

– Round sapphire crystal mirror, anti-reflective coating

– Tighten metal sapphire case with Guns’N’Roses logo transfer

Axl Rose

– Waterproof 50 meters.

Function: black retrograde fluid hour; second

Movement: mechanical manual winding, unique HYT caliber

– 28,800 Vph, 4 Hz, 35 jewels

– chisel ramp, Geneva corrugated with chrome bellows (Côtes de Genève)

– 65 hours power reserve

Dial: Untreated, Rhodium Plated Paris Stud Pattern, Matte Blue Physical Gas Chromatograph, Fluid Indicator Hours

– Damascus steel blue PVD treated skull

– Black hour dial with gray indicator

– second hand (left eye)

– Power reserve indicator (right eye)

Strap: Black leather, adjustable cuffs, blue solid lines, black DLC ring buckle Ref.: 151-DL-47-NF-BV



The traditional diameter of the H2 is 48.8 mm, the case height is 17.9 mm, showing a huge percentage and may intimidate some potential buyers. However, before dismissing the watch, give it a try. Surprisingly, this watch is very comfortable. I use the words “surprising”, but to be honest, I’ve felt the friendly embrace of several HYT timepieces before and have always admired the comfort of comfortable wearables this model brings.

Part of the secret to achieving a pleasant fit between the wearer and the watch can be attributed to the tendency of short lugs and integrated tapes to be aimed downwards, apparently eager to encircle the wrist.great Replica Richard Mille RM 053 Tourbillon Pablo Mac watch

Case made of white gold and titanium. It has a reassuring people, not bulky. The casework array includes polished, microcracked and satin-polished surfaces that coexist harmoniously to provide excellent synergy. Please wear the case close to the case, watch the dial through the sapphire crystal glass. The lateral view provided entices the curious eye to study the various components presented within the dial area.


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The crown is located at 2 o’clock and has a knurled knob that tapers near its leading edge and terminates in a vertical plane. Similar to the case, the crown is large, but does not touch the wrist. The size of the crown is useful when winding watches or placing hands. On the back of the watch, the showcase lets the wearer see more action.

H2’s traditional “unique caliber” is identical to the manual winding movement in the HYT H2 Full Gun, though in this case it has a different surface finish, including the more diamond guilloche above. The bridge is stainless steel with a microflasted and polished finish mix. This material is very difficult to use, making the perfect surface inside the bevel of the hand even more impressive.

The V-shaped bellows arrangement inside the H2 is conceived by the creative talents of HYT and Audemars Piguet Renaud and Papi. Surprisingly, it provides a stunning 192 hours of power reserve despite the need to move two bellows pumps.HUBLOT BIG BANG FERRARI UNICO 402.QF.0110.WR replica watch


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Discussions about contemporary and classical aesthetics extend to the HYT H2 tradition. On the one hand, the bellows pump shows its originality and enviable technical strength. On the contrary, the guilloche pattern on the motherboard and the clear edge design draw on the Swiss tradition of Haute Horlogerie expertise.

While the H2 tradition shares a lot of mechanical knowledge with Brother’s H2 machine gun technology, its appearance is very different. H2’s traditional pistes styling combines modern and classic.

The risk of embracing the thinking of the blue sky boldly is that in order to pursue uniqueness, the function can be compromised. Thankfully, despite its unusual risk, H2 Tradition is a practical proposition for ownership, ideal for everyday wear.


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Dialing is easy and instinctive reading. The wearer’s comfort is excellent, allowing the wrist to move freely. Perhaps one of the most impressive aspects of my H2 tradition is the finishing of stainless steel bridges. They need more time to chamfer brass or silver surfaces but provide a unique look that can be more effectively refurbished.

“Tradition” brings comfort and “modern” brings excitement and creativity. In this case, HYT cleverly combines these seemingly different characteristics and create an extraordinary HYT H4 RC44 151-CB-03-BF-RN replica watch


Model: HYT H2 Tradition
Ref: 248-TW-10-BF-AB
Case: titanium and platinum; diameter 48.80 mm; height 17.90 mm; waterproof 5 bar (50 m); front and back of sapphire crystal.
Function: Hours; Minutes; Small second crown position indicator.
Movement: exclusive HYT diameter; frequency 21,600 vph (3Hz), 28 gems; power reserve 192 hours
Strap: Blue crocodile leather strap, displayed on the titanium display rack.


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