Big bang singing Bleu

swiss replica watches.Located at the top of the New York City Museum of Art and Design, Robert – overlooking Central Park and Columbus Circle – Jean-Francois Sberro, General Manager of American Yuzhan, Swiss tattoo artist MaximeBüchi, introduced a new limited edition collaboration hublot watch clock called ” Big bang “.

For a little background, Maxim’s cloth was set up in Samburu Magazine in 2006 – Fusion Art, Fashion, Literature, Sociology, and Tattoo. Eventually led to the formation of 2014 Sang Bleu London Tattoo Studio, which includes more than a dozen A-list tattoo division. It is worth noting that Buchi’s most famous clients include Kanye West and Adam Lambert.

Big Bang Sang Bleu is a 45mm titanium alloy shell with a unique carved geometric pattern, drawn by Buchi, the same as the design tattoo.


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The bezel has a hexagonal shape that matches the metal sculpture at the center of the dial. Matte black dial with black satin round flange, covered with an hour. Just inside is a plus plus a ring. Interestingly, the number created for this work is done by Maxime’s font design company SwissTypefaces SARL.replica Hublot Big Bang Sang Bleu watches

Time is displayed by three octagonal discs. Hour indicated by the outermost disc. Minutes by the disc in the disc. The second is marked with a black disc on the center marked with Habo’s H and Sang Bleu-style hourglass.

Sib Bleu’s limited edition of 200, powered by Unico’s action, has been completely redesigned with no chronograph function to show time through three dishes. The weight of the swing is characterized by the “triangular code” of the Samburu logo. Complete this work is engraved on the back of the calfskin / rubber band Sang Lan logo.replica Breitling AVENGER BLACKBIRD watches

Working with a watchmaker outside of the watchmaker to create a unique watch is nothing new, but the concept is very interesting, especially considering Hublot’s choice of tattoo artists. And in fact, they redesigned the center of the tattoo statue around the watch mechanism, which is actually quite innovative. Art and tabulation of the unique fusion, if you wish.



Watches and cars: TAG Heuer Monaco and racing pedigree

In this watch and car new products, we will once again see some of our favorite watches for racers. In 1971, a …

In this watch and car new products, we will once again see some of our favorite watches for racers.

In 1971, a film named Le Mans was released and starred in the name of Steve McQueen. He sounds like a cool person. The film was criticized as the main racing scene, there is no dialogue, but this is our car

However, this is a very accurate description of the racing movement of the times. Now it has an cult follower, not only for the car order, but by the legendary Steve McQueen and his iconic TAG Heuer.

I used to write about Monaco, but I thought you would never get too much. Movement 12 Monaco is a legendary Monaco Grand Prix race named square surface automatic chronograph. It has some different tastes but gets Caliber 12 with blue face, just like McQueen’s movie.

Watches and cars go well together, but many racing inspired watches the problem is that this often looks very im head. Like Chopard’s rubber strap, it looks like a tire tread, it looks cool for a minute, but eventually it seems like a g head to me. However, Monaco does not have this problem. It looks like an appropriate chronograph and exquisite watch. Looks very cute There are also many nice square watch, unfortunately.replica Tag Heuer MONACO 24 CALIBRE 36 watches

TAG Heuer also has a racing spectrum. Not only in the film, but also in real life. Some of the drivers who wear Monaco are KimiRäikkönen, Lewis Hamilton, the incredible Niki Lauda and the immortal Ayrton Senna. So Monaco is not a racing watch, in the jewelry section of Macy’s to attract boring husbands.

If you are interested in the car, because I assume you do, or you will not read this, then you may appreciate the exquisite watch. Monaco is the perfect table for gearboxes like ours because it is elegant enough to be respected by yourself, but it also has enough real racing pedigree to be treated by car nuts.replica Richard Mille RM 052 skull watches

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